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SummerWorks Performance Festival: Peachy Coochy at the Performance Bar

I subscribe to the Say Media blog and truly love the Venn diagrams that come every Friday morning. This one is from one of my favourite books “Steal Like An Artist”.

Tomorrow night, 9:30pm at The Lower Ossington Theatre, a Peachy Coochy performance will grace the stage at the Performance Bar as part of the SummerWorks Theatre Festival. The name comes from the Japanese ‘Pecha Kucha‘ where each presenter has 5 minutes to deliver 15 slides with only 20 seconds for each slide. I know these as Ignite presentations, people do them at conferences sometimes.

The cast will be sharing Venn diagrams in a form that is  ‘smart and playful, sweet and earnest, with a healthy dose of cheek’.  See the description on the SummerWorks site. I creeped YouTube for Peachy Coochy and there’s some funny ones. I’m looking forward to this!

Performance Details:

  • Date & Time: Thursday August 16, 9:30 pm –
  • Location:
  • Ticket: Pay-what-you-can


  • Philip Akin: Artistic Director, Obsidian Theatre Company
  • Tara Beagan: Artistic Director, Native Earth Performing Arts
  • Ravi Jain: Artistic Director, Why Not Theatre
  • Matthew Jocelyn: Artistic Director, Canadian Stage
  • Laura Nanni: Festival Director, Rhubarb Festival
  • Richard Rose: Artistic Director, Tarragon Theatre

Cost is PWYC so if you are broke as a joke or rollin’ in dough you can still go and have some smart fun. I’ll be there and hope to see some familiar faces so we can laugh together.



Media Preview: X-Men: Gordon Smith Exhibit at TIFF Bell Lightbox

[insert Jaws music]  It’s coming! TIFF is a super exciting time of year for the city of Toronto. So many international people, celebrities, films, events, and business deals. I’ve got a few things in my calendar already as it’s less than 25 days away.


Today I went to the media preview of the X-Men: Gordon Smith Exhibit at TIFF Bell Lightbox. It was so cool! I’m a big X-Men fan despite not talking about comics that much.

Tried to get a good 360 for y’all to see the exhibit but it was dark and there are restrictions on what you can photograph. Looks like this but bigger. If you click on the photo it will take you to 360 website for an interactive view.

Gordon Smith is an Ontario native and thirty-year veteran in the film industry who has worked on some MAYJAH films (X-Men, Platoon, Natural Born Killers) . His Imdb is stacked. Mine will get crazy one day I hope!


The contact lenses, so much variety.


Skin of Mystique uses silicone prosthetics that could be applied directly to the skin. Has a life-like texture.


It took 12 hours for each shooting day and four makeup artists to glue them onto Rebecca Romijn’s skin, then apply paint, powder, and makeup. This is the pattern.


Nightcrawler had plaster moulds and they used computer graphics paired with real actors wearing 3D silicone prosthetics to make the characters life-like.


The scarification on his skin, which represents his sins used Maori moko tattoo as inspiration. I always knew I had a special connection to this movie. Maori are native New Zealanders and Gordon Smith is Canadian. Anna Paquin who plays Rogue is  Kiwi/Canadian like me too!


I love Wolverine. Such a babe. They used plastic blades for most the movie but these are actual metal and super sharp/dangerous.


 Those were my favourite things along with the full body Mystique mannequin but we  aren’t allowed to publish take those photos.

The exhibit opens Friday, August 17th and runs through March 2013 and it is FREE! It’s up on the 4th floor  of the Light Box. If you are into comics, makeup-artistry and or the X-Men movies, go see it.

Now, if I was a super hero, what do you think my skills would be?

Today’s Special: @Pinterest, @NastyGal, @SummerWorks, @DigitalJournal

These are some of my Pins from this week. Pinterest has become part of my daily routine. I love style so much and I’ve been pinning everything I want from Nasty Gal. I want everything. It’s torture.

Their ads stalk me on many every single website and their email makes me drool. They’re hip on social and have a beauty of a blog with new lookbooks all the time.


Today Catherine posted an interview with Michael Rubenfeld, Artistic Producer of the SummerWorks theatre festival. Her and I chatted at the VIP Soiree last month and she included me in her article (see below).

August 7, 2012: Digital Journal – Toronto blogger Casie Stewart (L) chats with journalist Catherine Kustanczy before the SummerWorks Soiree in early July. Stewart, who worked as the community manager for MuchMTV Group at Canadian broadcaster CTV and received mentions in the Wall Street Journal and Mashable (among others), is in charge of the festival’s blog this year. Read more.

July 9 2012 – Casie Stewart (left) and Catherine Kustanczy at the SummerWorks Summer Soirée held at the Great Hall in Toronto. Photo by Della Rollins for the Globe and Mail

The second photo was taken for the Globe & Mail but not published. (I don’t think??) My most recent post on the SummerWorks blog is about Hawksley Workman and one of his songs I love. He’s performing as part of the festival on Saturday.

Off to Thompson Hotel roof for fashion soiree. Have a great day/night/morning wherever you are!

#OSHEAGA! Day one!

Hi guys! Matt here, live from Osheaga in Montreal for casiestewart.comThe festival has been great so far. Lots of sun, some clouds, good food (but looooong lines), and most importantly, unreal music! And now, I present to you:

OSHEAGRAM: Osheaga by instagram – The festival told through nice photos.


Rue St. Cathrines. Super festive. Reminds me of Church Street in Toronto.


Watching fun. from the side! The crowd knew every word and head banged to Some Nights.


This is Yukon Blonde jamming out. Such a solid indie rock group. Definitely a highlight.

This is me drinking beer. Enough said.




Down With Webster was my favourite part of the day. Those dudes know how to bring it. They tossed beer cups into the crowd and got us jumping to every beat.


Franz Ferdinand! I’ve been waiting to see these guys for years and they did not disappoint! Playing a combination of new & old tunes they were a blast and a half.


And finally – Justice. What can you say about two dudes who make such awesome music and put on some of the most amazing shows ever?  Can’t do ’em Justice. (lololololol)


The sun started setting and Sigur Ross came out. Their smooth, dreamy melodies had everyone in a daze. Such an experience.


Here’s to hoping day 2 is even better than 1.Check out my Twitter and Instagram feeds (matttnificent) for live Osheaga updates!

Cheers n beers,


Sunday Funday Festival & Friends