Day 429: Meet Me in The Park

A couple of years ago I was doing yoga almost every day with Sandy at Yoga Yoga in the Junction. I hadn’t seen her in ages and this morning to text me about going for a walk together. It was perfect timing as I didn’t have plans and Sean was back at the cottage. She said ‘Meet me in the park‘ and we decided to hang out on the grass at Sarauren Avenue Park. Idk why I’ve never really hung out there as it’s such a nice park. Bellwoods has been really busy lately, this week there was someone with a gun, and people keep leaving garbage there. Nice to discover a clean & safe place right around the corner from our house.

One of my fav sunset views is this one along Dundas West right at the top of Sterling Ave. It’s not exactly spectacular but idk, I just like it. I biked home feeling energized and inspired. It was so nice to laugh with Sandy again.

In other news, I ordered THE CUTEST set from Aerie. I posted to my Story and ended up sending the link to a bunch of friends when they asked about it. I ordered another similar set in blue. It fits so nice and the material is very stretchy, kind like a swimsuit.

Week is off to a great start! I took a vacation day on Friday so it’s a short one! Weeee!

Day 428: Family Day at the Cottage

Lovely family day at the cottage. We all worked together to get the place ready for summer. Emily spent a chunk of the day power washing the concrete and it looks so nice. I set up a herb garden in our new planter box that Sean out together. Decided my garden gloves were too boring and added a few Hayley Elsaesser iron-ons to make them a little more fun.

We set up one of the patio sets near the woodpile for another sitting area. I started listening to Seth Rogen‘s new book ‘Yearbook‘ on Audible. It’s so funny! Highly recommend.

Absolutely LOVE this Hinza Tote I ordered from The Curator’s Shop. My sister’s childhood BFF Leah Mackie started The Curator’s Shop with a friend and they have all kinds of boxes you can order filled with gifts.

We’re heading back downtown tonight so I can be home for work tomorrow. Emily has been doing school at her mum’s so we’ll drop her off on the way.

Here’s to a good week!

427: Sun’s Out!

Had a nice run this morning, I love running in the woods! I am obsessed with my Apple Watch and love the notifications and positives vibes from Nike Run Club. Sun’s out! Spent some time reading in the sun and working on my tan. It’s amazing how this weather can make your mood.

Sean, Em and I worked artound the cottage getting it ready for summer. At night we had a nice fire, listened to music, and roasted marshmallows as the sun went down. I am living for this weather!

426: Happy Friday to You!

Biked over to see April last night and walked almost 5km in the sun. It was so nice. Charged my batteries up for a great day today. Spring is finally here! We’re heading up north and I am so ready to read my book in the sun and work on my tan. I hope it’s warm enough for that, ha!

Talia gave me this jumpsuit over the winter and I was so happy to wear it today. Bring on cute spring outfits, I am here for IT!

Sending you love through the internet. Have a great good today and a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday to YOU!

424: Cold Day in May

Went for a run this morning and it was so windy I cut it short and turned back. I am really hoping those warmer temps show up later this week. Another cold day in May, I’m over it!

Went for a nice walk after work and found this huge heart on the wall. Mum and I always send hearts to each other and it makes me so happy. Amazing how a little text from mum with love can brighten your day.

Hope you are having a good week. ❤️

423: Take It Easy

Had a nice bike ride today after work then went for a walk. Called Keri for a catch-up and it was so nice to laugh together. I think that’s the thing I miss most, laughing with friends and hanging out.

Saw this mirror on my adventure, took it as a sign to go with the flow, take it easy. Sometimes you just need to stroll.