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Suffer for Your Art | Sunset Canoe Ride

Last night we went for a romantic sunset canoe ride. It was so incredibly beautiful. Took these with my GoPro. Jumped in the lake before calling it a night. It’s so great to be back up at the cottage. The weather this weekend was pretty nice except the bugs were HORRIBLE. I really ‘suffered for my art’ as Sean calls it because I got about 20 nasty bites while on the canoe ride. Mostly on my bum! The little buggers got me right through my Lululemon pants!

This week is gonna be great! Today is the warmest day of the year. We’re about to launch some AWESOME stuff at work and today I’ve got a NXNE site visit for our festival sponsorship. The Jays are doing great and Thursday I’ve got a double date with Lauren and our BFs to sit in the Bacardi Best Seats for the game. We went last year and it was awesome.

Here’s to a wonderful week and warm sunny days! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen 🙂


Summer, I Missed You So ☀️





Sum Summa, Sun Sunna


You know the saying when it rains it pours? Well, today I am so freaking busy! I can’t even! So many cool things coming up and near projects with my own brand and a HUGE project with my job at GelaSkins and summer and cottage and like everything all at once.

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<3 Love youououououuu CASIE