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My Job Rocks! TV -The Blogger Episode

Late last year I was asked to be on an episode of a teen-oriented tv show called My Job Rocks and the episode is out! It aired this week on WinHD TV and was available on Rogers Cable Channel 672 and Bell Fibe Channel 679. The show introduces Canadian youth to potential and trending career paths they otherwise might not know exist. I always like to remind younger people to follow what they love because the job they end up doing might now exist yet. Thanks to technology, so many new and unique jobs are being created in new industries. Social media didn’t exist when I was in school but the things I’m doing now, writing, photography, travel, marketing, are all things I was into back then. The show is actually pretty funny! I loved sitting down to chat about my work. There are 3 hosts and one of them is a little…

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My Job Rocks: It Finally Happened, I’m On A Kids Show!

Ok so, for years Sean and other friends have said I’d be great on a kids show. I’ve never disagreed and this weekend, although it was only a one episode interview, I was on a kids show! I love doing tv. It’s so fun and being on camera is something I’ve always been into. A post shared by CASIE |Writer Speaker Director (@casiestewart) on Oct 28, 2017 at 12:27pm PDT You might not know I was first on stage at 5 years old and pretty heavy into dance competitions growing up. I performed heaps as a kid then spent a few years as a teen model before shooting my first commercial in high school. Watch the Video: My Job Rocks – S2 E8 The show is called My Job Rocks and it’s on Rogers and Bell Fibe. My episode will be out in March and I’ll keep you posted when I…

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Your first job?

I started thinking about my first job after reading Neil Pasricha blog 1000 Awesome Things. You know it? It’s awesome. He wrote some funny stories about people things they say in their first job interview. Here’s one I quite enjoy: Me: Can you tell me about a problem you had while working with a group and how you resolved that problem? Her: Um… (giggle) Me: It’s okay. Take your time. Her: Okay. (30 seconds pass) Okay, one time in marketing class I didn’t like my group so I did something else. Me: You mean you left the group? Her: Yeah. I asked the teacher if I could leave the group and she said yes. So I did some report or something. Me: Oh, okay. And how did the rest of the group feel about it? Her: I don’t know. They all stopped talking to me. Me: Oh… okay. Well what didn’t you like about working with them? Her: They were…

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rockstar hotel – spoke club #junos

Was at the lovely Spoke Club last night for a super fun Juno party. Olympus XZ is a great party cam. Loved seeing my MuchMTV family & all the other friends. Good people, great time. Ashley & Kingsley lovely beauties from MuchMTV. You may recognize this guy from CBC Q, The City or about a zillion other things. Can someone remind me of this guys name? I have a terrible memory. Remember Ryan? He was my intern at MuchMTV last year. He’s at Universal now, way to go bro. You’re awesome. The ever so lovely & beautiful Shera Bechard, Playboy’s Miss November 2010 and star of the film Sweet Karma. The one & only George Sully. Add him on FB here, he’s doing some cool stuff with his brands and I just might be showing up on the pages of his magazine TCHAD in the near future. Tash & I used…

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Interview with Peter Bergman (aka Jack Abbott, The Young and the Restless)

I’m not sure if you are aware but I have been watching the Young and the Restless since I was born. I PRV it every single day and watch it religiously. About this time last year I got the opportunity to interview the ONE AND ONLY Victor Newman but was flying out to Costa Rica on a surf trip. I was heartbroken, but sent Barbie to conduct the interivew and it went off with flying colours. Her and Kevin even got a message from Victor for me. He said he missed me. This year at the National Women’s show, Peter Bergman, aka Jack Abbot was in town and I was given the opportunity to interview him. Unfortunately, I was flying to Calagary for a fashion trip and could not do the interview. AGAIN! GAHHHHHH! Below is an awesome interview done by Barbie when she met the REAL Jack Abbot. Please enjoy &…

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I’d have over 80,000 if I had a dollar for each Tweet I’ve sent since I joined May 5, 2008.  Twitter has been a huge part of my life since 2008. I’ve met many of my best friends, found jobs, taken my career to the next level and formed lasting relationships. I average about 100 tweets a day and Tweet about a variety of things. I was curious to seek out some stats about my own tweets but guess what, without paying for a fancy service. It’s kinda hard! Tweetstats are out of date I feel but Tweetreach was kinda interesting. Check out the reach on 50 of my Tweets sent last week. Over 100,000! Twooler informed me my most common word used is LOVE.   When someone says something nice about me or gives a sincere compliment about my work, I add it to my favourites. I’ve gathered a…

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About Casie Stewart

Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling.

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