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End of August Thoughts & Things

End of August Thoughts & Things

This week has everyone talking about how summer is ‘over’ but tbh guys, there’s still a bunch of nice days left. It was so hot out yesterday. It’s that perfect time of year when the days are warm, nights cool for sleeping, and there are NO bugs. As I mentioned the other day it’s a great time to ditch old habits, clean out that closet, and make a new routine.

I really need to get my ass in gear when it comes to what I’m eating and exercise. Maybe I just need to workout more? People always said that after 30 your metabolism slows down and damnit they were right! 

We hadn’t planned to be at the cottage this past weekend but in a twist of events, it was vacant so we jumped in the truck and hit the road. We never stop for anything but burgers (Webers!) on the way up BUT Sean asked if I wanted to go to the 400 Market. It’s just before Barrie on the 400 HWY and neither of us had ever been.

WELL, it’s a sight to be seen. Before we event went inside the building I fell in love with this fur coat. Sean tried on an awesome leather biker jacket with a half-naked lady on the back. I wish I took a photo but only posted it on Snap. 🙈 Sorry! Follow me over there: casiestewart.  There were so many treasures in there. We got some amazing hot sauce, samosas, a couple sausage rolls, sunglasses, and a few other knick knacks.

SUMMER OVER? 💁🏼WHATEVER. ✌🏼️ New jacket from market. 📷 @weare1188 💘 #furbaby #winter #cottagelife

A photo posted by 👻 C A S I E S T E W A R T (@casiestewart) on

This weekend we are back up at the cottage for the last hurrah of the ‘summer’. September weekends are some of the best though, everything is a little more calm. Except for TIFF, next weekend! I’ve got the gifting lounges and parties for days. I can’t WAIT. BEST part of September!  📽

I’ve been doing TIFF for a few years now, it’s so fun. Check out some previous posts here. If you’re keen to know what goes on behind the scenes for PR, photographers, journalists, bloggers, I’m one of the leads in Behind The Red Carpet, a documentary about the Toronto International Film Festival. Get it on iTunes, Google Play, etc.

There must be something in the air bc I’m feeling really jazzed about everything right now! 



Weekend Roadtrippin’ w/ Enterprise CarShare

Weekend Roadtrippin’ w/ Enterprise CarShare

Last weekend I had my first Enterprise CarShare experience. I applied for a membership a couple weeks before, then downloaded the app for iPhone, logged in using my Member ID, and started browsing cars and dates.  In my experience it’s nice to have a small car for city driving that’s convenient to park and good on gas.

enterprise, carshare, carshareTO, casiestewart, blogger, toronto

Mini Countryman booked w/ Enterprise Carshare App

Once my car was booked in the app I was ready to roll. I scheduled pickup for Friday at noon and arrived at the pickup location shortly after. Tapped my card on the windshield sensor and it was unlocked. Spent the afternoon running errands in Queen West then popped over to visit my sister in the Beaches. It took a few tries to get used to locking and unlocking the car but it was a breeze overall (instead of using the power locks you tap your member card to the windshield sensor). View Post


2016 MTV VMA Twitter Takeover w/ @dippitydogel 📹🔑💁

I really love award show tweeting. I joined Twitter in 2008 and since then my experience watching almost everything on TV has been enhanced. Hello, The Bachelor? In 2009 I joined Much/MTV Canada as their resident social media wizard and tweeted award shows, Jersey Shore, MMVAs, MMVAs and everything in between.

givin' a kiss to an MTV Award at MTV Canada in 2010

givin’ a kiss to an MTV Award at MTV Canada in 2010

This weekend I’m doing a Twitter Takeover of the Dippity-Do Gel account for the MVT VMAs. They have heaps of fun hair chalk I’ve been using since last year to make my hair violet, pink, blue, etc. It’s great bc washes out with shampoo. 👍🏼

View Post


Sometimes You Just Need a Break

Sometimes You Just Need a Break

This weekend I’m taking a little drive to Cambridge to visit my parents for a few hours and I’m so stoked.  It’s hard to believe the summer is almost over! I love September, it feels like a little reset, opportunity to move forward, ditch old habits, and set new goals.

mum picking flowers for me in her garden

mum picking flowers for me in her garden

I talk to mum almost everyday but haven’t seen her since before my birthday in May. She spends most of the summer on her boat and I’m at the cottage most weekends. It’s also been ages since I’ve seen Dad! Neither of my parents have seen me since my BR surgery in June, so I’m quite keen to visit. I’ve arranged a car that can fit both parents and their partners so I can take the whole gang out for brekky!

It’s not THAT far away but since I don’t own a car it’s a bit of a hassle to get there and back, especially for a short visit. I’ve booked a carshare for Saturday morning and it’s pretty affordable & managed in an app.


I’m totally guilty of being ‘busy‘ all the time and the rest of the time I feel like I’m tired. Sometimes I just need to sit on the couch and do nothing or tweet alongside something like The Bachelor to give my brain a break.

On that note, I’m making more time to exercise, I’m looking to try just about ANY workout class that gets me off the couch right now. Since my surgery I feel A LOT better in workout clothes, I was REALLY self conscious before. Was gifted a 30 day membership to justtryit.ca so my plan is to try 10 classes at 10 gyms. I’ve gone to a few more aerial yoga and reformer pilates classes since my class last week. My two week pass is up on Tuesday. I really like reformer pilates I need to commit to that with my wallet and my intentions.

☀️ Sending you sunshine and warm wishes for a wonderful weekend.

We’ll be at the cottage Saturday afternoon and the weather looks great. Summer is NOT OVER!



Money Hacks for Millennials: Have You Saved for a Rainy Day?

Coincidently I am writing this post on a rainy day, and despite always hearing this expression, I didn’t know exactly what it meant. “Save for a rainy day?” more like “save for a rainy three to six months” in case you lose your job, break a limb, or god forbid some other unexpected life moment goes down.

Over the past two years I’ve written a few posts with money tips for millennials. If you missed those, let me give you a little background on my situation, in 2005 I returned from Australia, tiny, tanned, and educated. I brought something else home with me tho, a HUGE debt. I owed over $30k in student loans and credit cards! 😰  It was a tragic look at reality when all the bills started rolling in and I’d barely started my first full time job in Toronto making under $30k/year. It seemed literally impossible to dig out of the hole I was in.

Not long after that I was on a TV show called Maxed Out where I got some solid financial advice, consolidated my loads, and began my journey to financial freedom. It wasn’t easy but by the time I was 30 I’d paid back everything, boosted my credit rating, and could set new financial goals.

solo trip to Mexico at 30

solo trip to Mexico at 30

In this post, I’m breaking down that age-old advice and putting some measurable ‘money hacks’ out there. According to a recent TD survey, the top three pieces of advice millennials get from parents/guardians are:

  1. Don’t live beyond your means 55%
  2. Saving a percentage of every paycheque 52%
  3. Save for a rainy day 47%

Although this advice is useful, it doesn’t realllllly give us a blueprint of how to get out of debt and build that nest egg. With the help of Shirley Malloy at TD Canada, it’s time to turn those old money tales into measurable things you can implement.

Money Hacks for Millennials from Shirley Malloy at TD

“Don’t live beyond your means” What that means: “Don’t mistake credit for cash”

  • – Malloy suggests credit can be a valuable tool when used responsibly, and reminds us that not all debt is bad. 
  • – A mortgage or student line of credit can be considered an investment that helps generate income in the long term and increases overall net worth. The key is to have a plan in place to pay it back. MAJOR KEY 🔑
  • – TD’s money management app, My Spend, can help track expenses and keep essential and discretionary spending in check.

“Save for a rainy day” | What that means: “Save for a rainy three to six months”

  • – Everyone should aim to set aside three to six months’ income to provide a financial buffer against any unexpected life events.
  • –  Plan to save a two month buffer this year, and increase to four months once you’ve reached your goal.
  • – The Simply Save program is a great tool to help build savings. Every time you use your TD Canada Trust Access Card for debit purchases or ATM withdrawals, an amount of your choice is transferred into your savings account.

“Save a percentage of every paycheque” | What that means: “Save 10 per cent of EVERY paycheque”

  • – Malloy suggests that 10 per cent of every pay should be the goal, but start small if that figure isn’t realistic.
  • – Set up an automatic transfer of $50 to a savings account. Then, set a bi-monthly meeting to revisit the budget.
  • – Challenge yourself to reach your goal of saving 10 per cent each paycheque over time.

If reading this gives you a bit of anxiety, that’s ok. It’s uncomfortable to deal with things that take you out of your zone. Something I’ve learned is that the sooner you face this stuff head on and make a plan, the better you’ll feel about it. After a few months or years, you can look back and see how far you’ve come. Once you’ve got saving down to a science, start setting bigger goals! 


* Post sponsored by TD Canada, debt story and lessons learned all mine!


You Know That Feeling, The One Like You’re Flying

Last night I went to an aerial yoga class at Fly Fitness . It was a media class and my first time trying it. Small group, couple friends in there, but MY GOD did I need that. I feel so fucking good! Seriously. I don’t usually swear (sorry mum) but that’s really how I feel.

This summer has been a life changer, having the BR surgery, recovering, reading, thinking, and setting some goals has really made me feel good. I’ve spent a lot of time cottage chilling but September is like a fresh start, a new start. Last night took me back to sitting at opening circle at Anamaya in Costa Rica. We all sat around together and had an uplifting talk about intentions, positive thoughts, it was so wonderful. We connected and smiled and tbh thinking about it makes me feel all warm inside. Yes, it’s a bit cheese but if you were there, or you have been in a moment after a great class like like that, you know what I mean.

Thank you Lisa Simone Richards for the invite. They studio gave me a 2 week unlimited pass so if anyone out there in the world wants to join me for a class I’m gonna give it a go. I’m going back for hardCORE reformer pilates tonight after I pick up Em from school.

I’m really keen to get fit again and want to keep this momentum! Also, not having to wear multiple bras makes it that much better. Ha! 

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The 8th Wonder of the World, Beautiful Niagara, Ontario

The 8th Wonder of the World, Beautiful Niagara, Ontario

When I was growing up, visiting Niagara Canada was something we did a few times a year. My parents are from New Zealand, so the wonder of the falls and all that surrounds them was something we wanted to show ALL overseas visitors.

Now that I’m a grownup, (yay adulting!) I’m looking to visit for a nice relaxing weekend of togetherness. A few years ago we went to Niagara for vacation and it was so fun driving around and discovering new things. There’s heaps of attractions in the Niagara Region, so I’m making a list of fun, couple stuff we can do together. It’s a great getaway that’s not too far from anyone living in Ontario or just over the USA border. 🚙  Road trip time! 

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This month, Niagara Canada is stating their claim as The 8th Wonder of the World. The region has so much to offer – it’s truly one of mine and Sean’s fav places to escape for romantic couples getaway. 💘  And of course, those falls are a massive 176 feet with 150,000 gallons of water crashing down per second, now that truly IS a wonder.

Niagara, romantic, getaway, casiestewart, blogger, toronto, travel

Fun Couples Things to Do In Niagara, Ontario

🌘 Nightlife – I really love casino carpets and stage shows so we definitely want to pop over to the Fallsview Casino Resort and check out one of their amazing presentations. We both love theatre so I would love to attend the Shaw Festival. They’ve got a bunch of packages that include dinner and a show. The 2016 playbill features Alice in Wonderland!  I would also be down to check out Yuk Yuk’s for a few good LULZ; or one of the many shows at the FirstOntario Performing Arts Centre

🍝  Food – Narrowing down a few choice places to eat is hard, there are so many options! I’m looking at The Rainbow Room by Massimo Capra21 Club Steak & Seafood at Fallsview Casino Resort, and Windows by Jamie Kennedy Fresh Grill and Winebar which serves farm-to-table. Wellington Court in St. Catharines is another spot I really want to check out – and get all dressed up with my guy for a fancy date night!

I love visiting farmers markets when we’re in cottage country so before heading home I want to visit one of the MANY farmers’ markets and maybe pick up a couple pies from The Pie Plate.

❤️ Romantic Adventure – I would love to take a helicopter ride over the falls with Sean – a great chance to cozy up up to my honey and take in the beautiful views from up above!   I’ve seen some amazing photos and although it might be kinda scary, I’ll do it for the ‘gram. You can also take a Whirlpool Aero Car, aka. antique cable car over the Niagara River. 

Niagara, romantic, getaway, casiestewart, blogger, toronto, travel

🍷Wineries – The Jackson-Triggs Winery has a summer concert series and their amphitheatre looks beautiful. I’ve never experienced the wineries of Niagara-on-the-Lake (NOTL) and Twenty Valley so I’m definitely planning to check out a few.  If you’re looking for a wine tour, there are numerous companies in Niagara that do this and you can find them here. Some highlights include Crush on Niagara Wine ToursGrape Escape Wine ToursGrape & Wine Niagara Tours and Niagara Vintage Wine Tours. Now Twenty Valley is little bit off the beaten path, but I’ve heard it’s well worth it. Not only is it where half of Niagara Canada’s wineries live but it also has the most beautiful escarpment views! For a full list of Twenty Valley wineries click here.

Niagara, romantic, getaway, casiestewart, blogger, toronto, travel, cabo mexico, travelblogger

💆🏼 Relaxation – I would love to have a relaxing day at some of the amazing beaches along the North shore of Lake Erie in Niagara’s South Coast. Earlier this year we visited Cabo and Costa Rica. On the last day of each trip I arranged for us both to have massages, such a nice way to wind down before returning to work. There are SO MANY spas in Niagara.  I’ve always wanted to go to  100 Fountain at Pillar & Post and depending where we stay I’ll look into other services.

For more info on our 8th Wonder of the World, right here in Ontario, check out visitniagaracanada.com. On Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram follow @Visit_Niagara. If you’ve got recos for romance or other fun things, please LMK!

Niagara, romantic, getaway, casiestewart, blogger, toronto, travel

Brought to you by Niagara Canada and The Co.



This Week Has Been Chill AF

This Week Has Been Chill AF

We’ve had great food, heaps of naps, swam in the lake, daily boat rides, relaxed, and caught up on work. It’s amazing what a week away will do for your health, hair, skin, creativity. Still have a few more days then back to the city by Tuesday. Our weekend guests bailed so it’s just the two of us enjoying the cottage to ourselves. 

I’ve got an interview on Zoomer Radio Tuesday morning then my first aerial yoga class. Here’s to a few more days of paradise! ☀️ ILY Canada! 🇨🇦


5 Books to Read This Summer & The New RECO App

5 Books to Read This Summer & The New RECO App

When I was a kid my summers were spent playing outside or at the library. Each year mum had us join the Summer Reading Club where we would read a bunch of books, play with the other kids, talk about books, and at the end of the summer, a Teddy Bear Picnic. 🐻📚🐻 I have such fond memories of reading but over the last few years I hadn’t read many book, this year I set a goal to read more.

A couple months ago I got an ereader a couple months ago and since then I’ve read 10 books. More than I’ve read in five years! Here’s my top 5 summer reads that will leave you wanting more. Download the new RECO app from Chapters Indigo and read reviews of all the books I’ve recently read. Reco is about inspiring your friends to read great books more often, so on that note, here’s my fav five I’ve read recently.

5 Books to Read This Summer

This list is a mix of light summer reading and suspense drama. I like to switch it up! I love books that take me on an adventure and leave me thinking about the characters when I’m going about my day. Safe to say I loved each one!

  1. She’s Not There by Joy FieldingThis is my most recent read.  Darling daughter Samantha (2) is kidnapped from their hotel room in Mexico while Caroline Shipley and her husband are celebrating their 10 year anniversary. This book is a suspenseful thriller and has a few twists as the story unfolds. I couldn’t wait to finish this one,  was left wondering what would happen next every single time I put it down. 
  2. You by Carolyn KepnesI was sent a copy of this from Simon & Shuster and it was SO GOOD. A twisted tale of love and murder with Joe and Beck. I loved the modern language and social media references. I had a few WTF moments, some laughs, and the rest of the time I was biting my lip with suspense while turning the page. Follow this up with Hidden Bodies by same author, amazing book that was a little more creepy. I read them in the wrong order but they were both great. 
  3. The Girls by Emma ClineI read this because it was on all the summer reading lists and it lives up to the hype. Evie Boyd is only a teenager when she meets Suzanne and starts hanging around the cult like crew of misfits in a rundown compound. It’s the summer of 1969 and a seemingly sweet girl starts her summer all innocent and by the end there’s sex, drugs, and murder mystery she can’t seem to escape. 
  4. Sweetbitter by Stephanie DanlerIf you’ve ever worked in a restaurant you’ll instantly connect with this book. Tess moves to NYC with big dreams and wide eyes for a new more exciting life. After getting a job as a ‘backwaiter’ she begins to experience food, wine, partying, and all kinds of of experiences that shape her life.  There’s a bit of romance, a love triangle, and no shortage of ups and downs. 
  5. Dark Places by Gillian FlynnThis is the story of Libby Day who was only seven when her mother and two sisters were murdered in “The Satan Sacrifice” of Kinnakee, Kansas.” There’s a cult following of the murder and Libby discovers the Kill Club, who hopes to find evidence that will clear her brother Ben from the murder conviction. It’s a dark twisted thriller that’s incredibly well written. This book has been made into a movie w/ Charlize Theron but I’ve not seen it, reviews are meh! Same author as Gone Girl which, if you haven’t read, i’ll reco you do that too. 

Runners up to this list include Sweetbitter by Stepahie Danler, The Nest by Cynthia D’aprix Sweeney, Eight Hundred Grapes by Laura Dave, and Where’d You Go Bernadette by Maria Semple.

The RECO App

This app is designed to give you recommendations from people you know an allows you to follow authors and other influencers on book choices. The app is easy to use and nicely designed, simple interface FTW. Reco is the first stand-alone digital experience from Indigo since they founded Kobo in 2009

Things to note:

Connect & Share: Share your fav books easily, write quick recos, make lists peole can follow

Discover: Find great books based on your interest, subscribe to curated lists from experts, personalization reminds me of Apple Music a bit with the topic selections,

Capture: Keep track of books you wanna read or have finished, make purchases from Indigo and Kobo in Canada, and iBooks, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo in the US and internationally.

Discuss: Discuss great books w/ your friends, connect w/ people who have common interests

Reco is available in Canada and the USA on any iOS device (iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad) from the Apple Store. Download it here.  Read my recos on the app here.

Read anything great lately? Love to know your recos in the app.

I’m sitting here wondering WHAT DO I READ NEXT?!





The Boxed Water #ReTree Project & Brands That Give Back

The Boxed Water #ReTree Project & Brands That Give Back

It doesn’t seem that long ago I was at WayHome North of Barrie. It was a lot more Coachella-ish this year with the huge ferris wheel. Aside from going to the festival, I spent a bunch of time in the lake at the cottage because it was SO HOT. I kept hydrated with Boxed Water and paired that with my TOMS sunnies & shoes for comfort & style, all while doing a bit of good for the world. 🌎 🤗

I love when brands adopt a business model that gives back to an organization or cause. If you read my recent post on Skincare Stuff You’ll Find in My Summer Bag you’ll know that Boxed Water donates 2 trees for each mention of #ReTree on social.


This summer alone, Boxed Water has planted 250,000 trees with the help of people like us. Their goal is to plant 1 million! 

How is Boxed Water helping the environment?

  • – 74% of packaging is made from trees, a renewable resource
  • – They ship boxes flat to their filler, lowering our carbon footprint
  • – They use a thin foil barrier for freshness and HDPE for the waterproof liner and cap
  • – The entire carton is recyclable and 100% BPA free
  • – Trees used in their boxes come from well-managed forests
  • – As a member of 1% For The Planet, Boxed Water commits at least one percent of their total sales annually to reforestation


The Biz Model of Giving Back

I’ve gotten a few compliments on these shoes and glasses (above) and would you believe they’re TOMS? They’ve moved on from those canvas shoes we were all wearing a couple years ago to more fashion forward items that adopt their one-for-one model. It started with shoes and now the company provide glasses & sight surgery through eyewear, improved access to water, and more.

TOMS paved the way for the buy-one give one model, inspiring others along the way. Canadian company Mealshare provides one meal for each meal sold and to date has given 832,321 meals across Canada. Another great company I’ve written about a few times is Me To We and their beautiful artisan jewellery and products, see here. 

The Boxed Water motto is to ‘inspire a better tomorrow by rethinking packaged water today‘.  Join in the Re#Tree campaign in Canada, pick up some Boxed Water at Loblaws or Sobeys.

ALSO, if you’re looking for a CUTE DIY with the boxes, try repurposing one as a planter. 🌱 🌸 🌼 I’ve got a little tiny tree in one of mine. 🌱 Check out this great post by Kaylee on The Blondielocks.

kaylee, the blondielocks, planters, blogger, DIY, boxed water

Here’s to making the world a bit better 🙂 Stay hydrated out there!





Being Your Own Boss Has Its Perks – Cottage Workation!

Being Your Own Boss Has Its Perks – Cottage Workation!

This week we are working form the cottage.☀️😎✌🏼  I find I’m really productive up here. It’s a nice mix of working hard, writing, and taking breaks, snacks, and naps.

I usually spend the day writing and doing blog biz things then after 2pm, I go down to the dock, float in the lake, or read on my Kobo. I’m about to finish She’s Not There by Joy Fielding today. 📚📚 📚 This will be my 10th book since April, summer goals ✔️!!!

Today is Sean’s 40th birthday! I know, he looks so young, what a babe! I baked a layered red velvet cake yesterday for later and we opened presents this morning. We’ve got some friends joining us end of the week to celebrate together.

casiestewart, boyfriend, california, disneyland

Us at Disneyland in California a couple years ago 💘

If you’re following my Snapchat you’ll have seen these photos and the MASSIVE WATERMELON I got the other day. It’s seriously the biggest one I’ve EVER SEEN. I might cut into it this afternoon. 🍉🍉🍉


In other news, SEAN GOT ME A CLAWFOOT TUB. I’m in love with it. It’s SO BIG. It’s not set up yet but it will be eventually. I’ve dreamed of having one of these and I’m absolutely over the moon. I sat in it, inside the garage for about 20 minutes yesterday, with no water. It’s MASSIVE!

Andrea Claw-Foot Tub With Silver Medici Feet

Sending you sunshine from cottage country, here’s to a great week!



Simple Summer Hosting Hacks for Outdoor Dining

Simple Summer Hosting Hacks for Outdoor Dining

Last weekend at the cottage Emily helped me put together lunch for the fam. It was so fun to do this together, she’s 8 now and a great little helper! She was also quite stoked to help with the blog. 🤓

Scroll down for a few ‘hacks’ we can up with using stuff you just might find around the house, the kitchen, or the garage.  It was all pretty simple and not too expensive, BUT when we put it together, it looked great! I guess that’s why they’re called HACKS.

On the Menu

We made mini sushi-style BLT wraps, a hot dog bar,  and mini bacon grilled cheese using products from Butterball Canada we picked up at Loblaws.

Simple Summer Hosting Hacks for Outdoor Dining


  1. Make an outdoor table using an old door. butterball turkey blog casie stewart hosting hacks8
  2. Use wrapping paper to decorate the table. Makes for easy cleanup! butterball turkey blog casie stewart hosting hacks7
  3. Organize your napkins or cutlery with Washi Tape. There are HEAPS of colours/prints!butterball turkey blog casie stewart hosting hacks9
  4. Freeze lemons to use in cocktails. 🍋🍋🍋 No need to water down those drinks with ice! butterball turkey blog casie stewart hosting hacks2
  5. Use a muffin baking tray for condiments.  butterball turkey blog casie stewart hosting hacks6
  6. Raid the dollar store for plastic plates and stack them. These same items were more $$$ at houseware stores. enlight1-6.jpg
  7. Baking cups inside little mason jars for sauces. Heaps of colours in these making mason jars even cuter. butterball turkey blog casie stewart hosting hacks5
  8. Put skewers in watermelon for easy snacking. I put them in the freezer so they were MAD CHILL. ☃️butterball turkey blog casie stewart hosting hacks1

If you loved this post LMK! Was fun putting it together. It was my first time trying turkey bacon which is 50% less fat than using bacon from pork. Found that it cooked a bit faster and made our meal a *little* healthier. The following day we used some leftovers to make cracked pepper maple bacon  that I’ll share in another post soon!

casie stewart, autograph, famous, blogger, canada, toronto

  * post sponsored by Butterball Canada but Emily and I totally did this all ourselves!

Fam Ting @ Cabana Pool Bar + Au Revoir Automobile! 

Fam Ting @ Cabana Pool Bar + Au Revoir Automobile! 

Hung out w/ some of the coolest cats around yesterday at Cabana. Untitled & Co. hosted the fam and brought their own DJ.  IT WAS HOT. 🔥🙏🏼

View out there is so nice. ☀️⛵️🌊 If you’ve never been, Cabana used to be The Docks nightclub, it’s now transformed into a daytime club environment. 🍸🍻 I prefer the weekday crowd, it gets realllllly crowded on the weekend. 

My Chevrole Cruze Platinum was picked up shortly after this. I really liked driving it. Was great on gas, had a sunroof, and the tan leather interior gave it a luxurious feel.  

When I drove home this week for a meeting I cruised the highway singing the top of my lungs to XM radio and iTunes. I love having a car! I’m yet to own my very own vehicle but I really do enjoy the freedom it gives. 

Here’s to a GREAT weekend. 10 days at the cottage STARTING NOW. ☀️✌🏼️😜


Christmas in July is Fun

Christmas in July is Fun

I love the holidays and yes I know they are months away BUT that doesn’t mean we can’t think about decorating or throw fake snow in a 360 camera rig. 🎄🎁🎅🏼 I went to holiday events for Hudson Bay, Sears, and Canadian Tire recently and they were all quite lovely.

The Sears preview at Story’s Building smelled like Christmas when you walked in and had live music from Kat’s band Lady be Good. They had a holiday house setup with different rooms filled with all the housewares from Debby Travis, new clothes in the Jessica line, and a kids room filled with toys and clothes. I took at seat at the art station for kids and left a pretty pink holiday drawing. There was a lot of nice stuff especially the housewares, its been a loooong time since I checked out a Sears and this was a nice nostalgia

The HBC preview was at Arcadian Court and little less interactive but there was heaps of stuff I’ve added to my wishlist. HBC has some great stuff coming for the holidays and late September they’ll have toys in store. There’s a whole collection of new items added to the traditions HBC stripes including puffer jackets and jammies. I was really feeling the Wrap Me paper you can have customized at HBC on Queen Street with your own images.

As soon as I walked into Canadian Tire’s Christmas in July I could smell all the trees and it was lit. As in there were heaps of lights, y’know. We always get a real tree so it was kinda cool to compare real and fake trees. Some of the artificial ones smell real, crazy. They had a 360 camera rig (The Big Freeze) setup and since it was not my first time in this thing I knew exactly what to do. Grabbed some snow and threw it into the air as the circle of cameras snapped and VOILA!

christmas 360

CT 360 christmas

The setup here was pretty neat, also different room setups, the living room was bright and casual and the tablescape for dinner was filled with rose gold. So into this trend for the holidays! My one true love here was the tree dress, it wold be heavy but amazing AF to wear! 👏🎄

All this really has me thinking I’d love to have a Christmas in July part at the cottage next year.  

In other news, Michaels AND Dollerama have Halloween stuff.




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Sister of Mine
Magnetic Lashes
This is so nice.
Market Tote
I love the smell of this.
Heart balloons!
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Have this one!
Love my Kindle.
For good skin.
Support your girl gang!
The best travel pillow EVER.
Old favourite!
Love this thing. Use it a couple times a week.
Gold!  I have the black ones.
These are the ones I have!
I have two of these.
Just ordered these and they’re great.
Get $40 at Booking.com
Amazing coverage, long time fav.
I wear these all the time.
Travel essential for the 10+ years!
Love love love.
Soft, quick dry, travel towel.
Instant Pot essential!
My favourite shoes.

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