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Events | Woodbine Racing 2015 Season Comes to an End

Events | Woodbine Racing 2015 Season Comes to an End

This weekend, before heading to the cottage Garret, Sean and I stopped by Woodbine for the last big race of the season, the Breeders Cup. Over the past few months I’ve attended a bunch of great times there with friends. Almost everyone I took this season came home with $$.¬†I’m still working on my luck!


One of my fav events of the summer is the Queen’s Plate. Carla had never been to the races so I took her as my date. It was a nice sunny afternoon and we started with the Hats & Horseshoes party. All season, Woodbine hosted¬†a selfie contest with a¬†$1,000 gift card prize. It was easy to enter, snap¬†a selfie with the racetrack in the background, post to Twitter or Instagram with #OfftotheRaces and you were¬†in.

Aside from the Queen’s Plate¬†there’s Woodbine Oaks, the Pattison International, and Breeders Crown. Before Dawn moved back to Scotland I took her for an afternoon at the races. Woodbine Oaks was a fun one for us as there were¬†rock n’ roll bands playing for us to jam out to.

My sister Carynn was the big winner of the summer with a near whopping $100 for the day. We went in the middle of October and it was an absolutely¬†gorgeous day. We dined at Futures where they offer a sit down lunch, private viewing area, and full buffet. They also make some pretty good cocktails here! ūüėČ

I’d like to thank¬†Woodbine for a fun summer. It was great sharing my #offtotheraces experiences and taking friends for the first time. My Grandad really¬†loved the races and I feel like he’d be happy to know I’d been going.

Until next summer horses! Have a safe & happy winter ūüôā


casiestewart autograph


This Is My Life | Weekend Cruising in an Audi A7 TDI

This Is My Life | Weekend Cruising in an Audi A7 TDI

I really loved driving this car. I picked it up Friday in Ajax, cruised back to the city then spent a couple days in cottage country. It was beautiful to drive on the highway and also be a passenger in.

Two features I really loved were heated seats w/ several massage options and the fast accelerating. I fount it a bit long for city driving/parking but it was v. luxurious. I feel an Audi would be a good car for us, I think the Q5 or Q7 is next on my test drive list.

The exact car I had was equipped with $20K in upgrades including a $5k Bang & Olufsen sound system that was pretty amazing. You can bet 100% I was cruising to Drake and them singing along and crying to the new Adele.

I really love test¬†driving new cars. I grew up in the garage and around my dad’s hot rod shop, so I’ve always been around¬†lots of different¬†ones. Connecting to the nav system with my phone is something I like to test out right away, no issues with the A7. It was great to take calls through the speakers or use Google Maps via my phone to navigate.

Thanks Audi Canada for letting me take this beauty for the weekend. We had a great time together!


4 Companies Offering Great Customer Service

One of the things I really love about Telus is their commitment¬†to customer service. They feel great customer service starts from the ground up and they’ve made a commitment to telling Canadians they need to Expect More from their telcom providers.

Today I’m sharing a couple other great customer experience stories from other companies putting customers first.

Little Burgundy РBroken Boots

Near the end of summer I purchased a killer pair of boots designed by Jeffrey Campbell from littleburgundyshoes.com. I’ve been wearing them¬†regularly¬†but recently the cool cut-out heels broke. ¬† I didn’t want get stuck on the phone ringing customer service so I sent a tweet with some photos to @LittleBurgundy and they replied within about 30 minutes. It took about 5 min to fin d a new pair of booth in store and the return was easy.

I really love when a company is socially connect and able to help their customers over Twitter. ¬†Nice work guys! Now I will check out the sales and probably buy more. ūüôā

Go Daddy – Server Upgrade

I’ve been with GoDaddy¬†for my website hosting since switching over to WordPress from Blogger.com years ago. I’ve had nothing but great customer service from their team. I’ve had them renew my domain (until 2022!) help with a hacking situation (on the 1st day of TIFF!) and more recently with a server upgrade.

GoDaddy recently changed their hosting and the plan I was on no longer had analytics. As a blogger and online business owner, the stats are important to me. I had considered switching to another host when their help team offered to look into my situation. Instead of just saying ‘you need to upgrade it will cost $X amount‘¬†they backdated my server upgrade and back dated my hosting to save me money.¬†¬†It made me feel like they really valued my business and me as a customer.

Uber Canada – Lost Wallet

I’ve been using Uber since they arrived in Canada and have had nothing but great experiences. A couple months ago, on a¬†busy day I left my wallet in an UberX car before dance rehearsal. I didn’t realize until about 2 hours later when it was time to head home. I sent a DM to @Twitter_Canada and within minutes they had contacted the driver and found out he was still on the road. The driver got in touch with me then drove to my house to drop it off. I was seriously impressed and despite him trying to refuse, gave him a big tip.

Great customer service doesn’t¬†always need to cost a lot of money or take heaps of time, it’s really about listening to what someone needs or being smart about solving problems. Over the last five years I’ve lost/broken a number of phones or needed to replace my SIM card and Telus has gone over¬†and above to help me out. Earlier this year I joined the¬†team as an official Telus advocate with their #TeamTelus program. To check out the whole team of 15 visit their blog here.



Blue Skies 

It’s beautiful up here today. Had the fireplace warming up the place last night.  
New boots recently gifted from Geox. Weatherproof, comfortable + cute.   
Driving an Audi A7 this weekend and it’s so nice. Great for Sunday cruising back roads. 

Most the leaves have changed and fallen. I’m making a Pavlova this afternoon for a dinner tonight. 

Soak up some of that sunshine today!



This Is My Life | Yesterday Felt Like a Day and a Half

Yesterday was an action packed day that started with me picking up this beautiful¬†new pink iPhone 6s. THANK you Telus! I was due to get a new phone and my old iPhone 6 has been cracked for at LEAST a month. I’ve been using my new Samsung tablet heaps for drawing lately and totally love it.

Spent a couple hours at the office before heading to Roy Thompson Hall for a private sit down with with the Indigo Girls. This was the first in a new series of events called HALLer w/ eOne Music and Roy Thompson Hall & Massey Hall. It was pretty rad!

Next was a SS16 fashion preview with Swarovski at the Four Seasons then a foodie event with Elle Cuisine catering. ¬†This week has been awesome and I’ve got 4 things to go to tonight. Tomorrow night is no exception, Sean and I are hitting up Buffer Fest’s opening night gala. Buffer is a YouTube festival.

Tonight I’m heading to fashion week and wearing an outfit similar to this but different designed by Rachel Sin. My outfit is from her SS16 collection. Never a dull moment!¬†

Look what came in the mail today! This is amazing. I can’t wait to take it home!

[vine id=”eVei3EgWxVI”]

Been colouring ¬†my hair all week with these fun little Dippity Do chalks. Today’s colour is violet!

Ok, I’m running behind, and have spent too much time on the internet once again! Have a wonderful night. If you are looking for entertainment¬†I’ll be Tweeting from¬†back stage and front row at the fashion week tents!



Giveaway | It’s Your Turn to Have a Pringles Party! #VivaTortillas

Remember that Pringles¬†fiesta party I had the other day? Pringles sent over a case of their¬†new tortilla crisps for me to snack on. Since I can’t¬†shouldn’t¬†eat them all myself, I shared with the office.¬†They’re¬†long gone now but I’ve got something for YOU this round. ¬†Scroll down for details!

Pringles has put together a prize pack perfect for chip lovers everywhere. I want YOU to experience the playful fun only Pringles can deliver, now in their delicious tortilla crisps. Imagine, you could be the office hero too!

The new chips come in three flavours – Nacho Cheese, Zesty Ranch, and Original. The nacho cheese ones are my favourite. Check out their Facebook page to see some of the fun vides they’ve made with the luchador crew.

Tweet to Win!

It’s pretty easy to enter and you can do so once a day. Winners must follow both me @casiestewart¬†and @PringlesCA. Contest closes on October 27th. Open to Canada but sorry no Quebec. ūüėČ

a Rafflecopter giveaway



Cottage Life | Video + Wood, Boats, Dock, A Fall Beard

Cottage Life | Video + Wood, Boats, Dock, A Fall Beard [youtube id=”uEihYSAjbKA”]

This weekend we did a few big jobs involved with closing up the cottage. On thanksgiving morning we took the big boat out of the water (which involved me driving the truck with big trailer attached). Add that to my skills! Once the boat was away we stacked HEAPS of wood.

Was pretty exhausted after so Sean and I¬†took a break and I did a festive thanksgiving take on the ‘flower beard’ we did in Calgary this summer. So cute. We stacked HEAPS of wood.¬†It’s was big job but the weather was nice, worked up quite a sweat. Last task of the day was taking out the other small boat and the dock. We put on wetsuits and went for it. I think we were both surprised¬†we did it¬†by ourselves (and my strength!). Sean is strong, my muscles are not as good for heavy lifting.

Over the winter I’m planning to work on my editing skills so I can make more + better videos. I would love if you¬†subscribe! Kowing you’re subscribed motivates me to work harder and produce more entertaining things for you. I’ve also signed up for Skillshare, if you use this link you can sign up for a free month.¬†I figure this year I should learn some new skills/perfect old ones instead of just sitting on the couch or Netflix & chilling. ūüėõ


This is My Life | Is it Friday Yet?

Oh man yesterday was¬†one of those days…I was trying to get something done ALL afternoon and every. little. thing. was distracting me and before I knew it,¬†the day was almost done. I’m ready for the weekend.¬†You?

We’re heading up to the cottage and I seriously can’t WAIT. It’s amazing how I’ve become so addicted to silence and the wilderness. I love staying home, sitting, reading, relaxing. I guess that’s what happens when you get older?!¬†

Yesterday¬†I had to turn down an offer to go on a press trip to Tulum, Mexico because timing¬†conflicts with another job. A bunch of friends are going and I was pretty bummed. I’ll just have to plan another trip! This winter I’m determined to get away 1-2 times. Sean and I both worked so much last year we didn’t go on vacation.

I’m not tooooo¬†crazy¬†about the stars but Mercury is in Retrograde ¬†ūüĒģ¬†until the 9th and I’m ready for the switch back. Kiwi blogger Gala Darling who lives in NYC now has written a few posts about Surviving¬†Mercury Retrograde. Read her 10 tips here¬†ūüėé

A few of my favs from her list of Ways to Make the Most of Mercury Retrograde:

  1. Clean out your closet. (Me today)
  2. Forgive and Forget ūüéÄ
  3. Rejuvenate your living space! (See Pinterest!)
  4. Work on your CV or personal mission statement.
  5. Read old journals. (Or Old blogs ‚ěě 2013, 2011, 2010, 2009)


Events | Weekend Dining at Woodbine Racetrack

This weekend I’m taking my sister Carynn on a date to Woodbine Racetrack for her very first time. Instead of eating at the concession, we’re getting a lil’ fancier at Favourites Dining Room (located on the 2nd Floor, west end).  It IS Thanksgiving weekend after all! Thanks Woodbine!

If you’re just tuning in or don’t recall, I’ve partnered with Woodbine for the entire racing season. See my previous adventures with Dawn at Ricoh Mile, the Queen’s Plate w/ Carla, and the first race of the season, Woodbine Oaks w/ Sean.  

  The racing season goes until November so you’ve still got time to plan a little outing. If you are a smoker, you’ll be happy to know there’s smoking areas and you can actually smoke beside the track. Crazy I know. 

Woodbine has an #OffToTheRaces contest running the entire season where you can win $1,000 Woodbine Racetrack gift card just by snapping a selfie at the racetrack and post to Twitter/Instagram w/ the #OffToTheRaces hashtag.

Get more info on Woodbine and upcoming races by visit their website at woodbineentertainment.com.



Travel | Sky High in Cottage Country – My KD Golden Noodle Adventure

Travel | Sky High in Cottage Country – My KD Golden Noodle Adventure

Last weekend I went on an epic cottage adventure. If you were following Twitter or Snapchat you’d¬†have seen a bunch of tweets from myself and Lauren as 2 planes landed on our lake and took us flying around Muskoka for the afternoon. My guests included Lauren, Steve, Sean, and one other special guest…a golden KD noodle. Ok so you’re thinking what? A Noodle? Yes, a NOODLE!¬†


KD is celebrating the love it’s fans have for it in a way¬†that‚Äôs truly worthy, ¬†WITH GOLD. Until October 5, Canadians have the chance to win a 1-LB 24K Gold Noodle, worth approximately $30,000 CAN. To enter pop by your local grocer and pick up a limited edition box of KD Gold. Next, enter your unique PIN, found inside specially marked 4 and 12 pack bundles of KD Macaroni & Cheese, at kdgold.ca. ¬†No the noodle is not in the KD box!¬†It’s pretty heavy! ¬†You can also win hundreds of instant prizes, including gold-plated KD cuff links, sunglasses, flip flips, or a gold plated coin.

If you’re wondering how I like my KD, I like to switch it up, sometimes ketchup, maybe hot dogs, other times a healthy dash of black pepper. As a side note, I didn’t actually try Kraft Dinner until I went to college. My parents are from New Zealand and they don’t have KD there. Thankfully my college crew introduced me! It’s one of those things¬†everyone has in their pantry and sometimes the perfect fix¬† to feed your hunger.

My KD Golden Noodle Adventure in Muskoka

Here’s a few snaps from our float plane experience. We flew from Bala to Port Carling, went for lunch, and flew back. It was beautiful to experience an aerial view of Muskoka this time of year, the leaves are all starting to change. Special thanks to our pilots at¬†Lake Country Airways¬†for a great trip!


Our friends from across the lake saw us off cottage style proper, a sea doo chase!




Hey Lauren & Steve!



I would love to be a pilot one day. I was feeling like Paris Hilton at this moment as we rode off in our private planes. I could get used to this! 

Landed in Port Carling


Sweet ride!



After lunch it was time to head back to the cottage. Me n’ my crew!¬†

float planes




Thanks KD for an awesome and unforgettable afternoon. I think the noodle enjoyed it! Ha.

For info on how YOU can win the golden noodle visit kdgold.ca or check out  @KraftDinner on Twitter or Facebook.com/kraftdinner.




Cottage Life | So Long, Sweet Summer


I had one of the most fun summers of my life. I really took time to relax, recharge. Feeling greater up for all the new friends and old ones I got to hang out with. 

I’m at WeDay in Toronto today and will do a summer recap this weekend! 

Sending you love and sunshine through the internet! 





Tech l New Gadget – Samsung Galaxy Tab S2

Today is an exciting day, new tablet!¬†This is my first post from the new gadget and I’m going to be spending heaps of time with it this weekend. I used to draw all the time with my old iPad but I gave it to mum a couple years ago. I’ve got my stylus ready to reactivate my old blog borderline artistic. Yahooo! Big thanks to Samsung for hooking a sista up.





This Is My Life | Photoshoot w/ Motorola = #Motoshoot!

This Is My Life | Photoshoot w/ Motorola = #Motoshoot!

Last night I popped over to the East end for a shoot with Motorola inside the studios at 388 Carlaw. A bunch of bloggers & Toronto influencers were welcomed to try on the new Moto 360 watch and get shot by none other than legendary fashion & celebrity photogrpaher Mike Ruiz.  Who is a totally hot babe btw!

Nothing quite like bright lights and a famous photog to spice up an otherwise rainy day. The night was hosted by She Does the City and the set was super fun with vibrant colours and shiny balloons.

Mr. Ruiz was shooting us with the new Moto X Play phone. It has a 21MP rear camera and 5MP front facing camera. It also has a water resistant coating (useful is you’re a bit klutzy!). I can’t wait to see all the snaps he took.


We all came home with the Motorola 360 Watch and the Moto X Play phone. I picked Rose Gold to match my new iPhone 6s. It’s really pretty! The Android Wear app is in the Apple Store now and connects your Apple device to the watch.

Thanks Motorola Canada + She Does the city for a fun night w/ Mike Ruiz. I love when things get real cute!



Speaking | We Are Wearables – Capturing the Future

Speaking | We Are Wearables – Capturing the Future

Last month I was a guest speaker at MaRS Discovery District for the We Are Wearables event themed around cameras and capturing the future. Last time I spoke at MaRS I was on a panel about panels, see here. ¬†I love being in this building, it’s always filled with smart minds, creators, and people making a difference in the world.

This event, in partnership with Best Buy Canada, took a deep dive into how wearable cameras and new technologies are changing the way we capture our lives.

One of the things I was really intrigued by was¬†the ion Snapcam¬†for lifelogging. It’s a¬†1¬Ĺ” square that weighs¬†just over an ounce, you snap it on via magnet/carabiner clip and tap once for still camera shots or twice to start HD video. Then, it connects wirelessly to your smartphone for instant uploading. I need one of these ASAP.¬†

Where’s Waldo?

Before ending the night, a panel made up of Giovanni Tomaselli – Founder and CEO of iON Worldwide,¬†Zayn Jaffer – Director of Merchandising, Emerging Business at Best Buy Canada,¬†¬†Oskar Kalmaru – Co-founder & CMO of Narrative,¬†Steve Mann – the Father of Wearable Computing and Chief Scientist at Meta,¬†Tom Fowler – Chief Marketing Officer at Recon Instruments and one of Canada’s top bloggers and pioneer in social media,¬†Casie Stewart sat down with We Are Wearables founder, Tom Emrich to talk about lifelogging and the impact of wearable cameras on society.

Read more about the night at wearewearables.com

The next We Are Wearables look sat Sports & Entertainment and there’s another event on October 13th that covers Changing the Game of Sport. See more about upcoming events and Wearable happenings at¬†wearewearables.com/events.

Will keep you posted for my next public speaking gig, love to see you there!




About Casie Stewart

Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie¬†has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling around the world.


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