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ALL THE CHIPS: My Interview on The Chipping Point

ALL THE CHIPS: My Interview on The Chipping Point


Toronto journalist (and friend)¬†Kevin Naulls¬†interviewed me for his latest writing series ‘The Chipping Point. Read about my love for chips and the chip love of others right here.

You will be surprised to find out how much you can learn from someone by their love of chips. Great job Kevin and thank you for the interview! Imma go eat some chips now. Ketchup anyone?


Other than chips, I also love California. Photos from Santa Monica last August!






Make Your Skin Glow w/ Dermalogica’s Little Grey Pass

Make Your Skin Glow w/ Dermalogica’s Little Grey Pass

For the past few months I’ve been visiting spas around the city that use¬†Dermalogica’s professional line of products and getting facials with their Little Grey Pass program. I was invited to be an ambassador for Dermalogica and to share my experience with you.

My first Dermalogica facial¬†was in the middle of winter (March) and my skin was so dry and dull. Since then, I’ve switched to a heavier moisturizer and¬†added vitamins &¬†toner to my routine. A few of my fav items below!


Dermalogica’s Little Grey pass is a great way to treat yourself and improve your skin. My skin has really improved, it’s more radiant¬†and I find myself wearing less makeup.

How to Get on the Little Grey Pass train:

  1. Register at greypass.dermalogica.ca (open to Toronto + Vancouver)
  2. Call a Little Grey Skincare Centre listed on your pass (once you get it of course!)
  3. Visit spa & purchase a 60 min spa facial
  4. Get  stamps & receive products like a full size Pre-Cleanse (love this product!) The more stamps, the more goodies for you!
  5. Share your experience on social by tagging @dermalogicaCDN + #LittleGreyPass.
  6. Have great skin! (The most important part!)

Planning my next facial post-TIFF. All the events, films, and parties take a lot of energy and a toll on your skin. I might need a massage and few days at the cottage too! For more info visit dermalogica.ca.




Fashion | TakeTheLead w/ Ted Baker AW2014

Fashion | TakeTheLead w/ Ted Baker AW2014

I love seeing brands create good video content. Now, I’m a little bias on this one because I’ve been working w/ Ted Baker London for over a year and I absolutely love the clothes. Here’s a look at what’s coming to a store near you for Autumn/Winter 2015.

Since it’s Thursday, here’s a pic Ted Baker posted from my visit to their 5th Avenue Grand House in New York last August. We had a blast! Later that day I met Justin Bieber. NBD!

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 12.32.32 PM


Take a peek at all the beauties in the latest collection at tedbaker.com. There’s a downtown store opening on October too FYI! Huzzah!

With love,




Seasons Change: September I Greet You w/ A Smile

Seasons Change: September I Greet You w/ A Smile

Good morning! Bit chilly out there this AM. Crazy that September is next week. I love this time of year. There’s lots of energy in the air, back to school, back to work, seasons change, NYFW, and TIFF.

I just noticed that a documentary I’m in has been added to my IMDB. ‘Behind the Red Carpet’ premiere is Tuesday at The Spoke Club and I can’t WAIT to see it. When I shot¬†w/ George Pimentel¬†for YYZ Magazine last month I found out he’d¬†added a whole bunch of his work from Getty and award shows and it was looking good. On Wednesday next week I’ve got a portrait session w/ Caitlin Cronenberg at the IT lounge. She took my photo last year too (see here). See what people are saying about #NKPRIT14¬†on Twitter.

Really loving this violet hair. I think I’m gonna keep it! It’s the first time I’ve permanently dyed my hair anything other than blonde in about 10 years. I really wanna grow it into a bob so this will help it be healthier along the process because ¬†i t ¬† ¬†t a ¬†k e s ¬† f o r e v e r . ¬†If you’re looking to add some colour to your hair in a non-permanent way, see my Easy as 1-2-3 post here.

The sweater I’m wearing has a hot rod on it that my Dad built for Paul Horton in the early 80’s. It was Mum’s. ūüôā

This afternoon I’m heading to Sirius XM Radio Canada to be a guest on The Todd Shapiro Show. Read about the show here. You can listen by tuning into Sirius XM channel 168 at 4pm or subscribe to the podcast Toddcast in iTunes. This show is rated explicit and it deff not for kids. I don’t think I’ve even been a guest on radio so wish me luck!

Here’s to a great day. It’s ¬†a l m o s t ¬†the long weekend!



Travel |My Stay at Trump Toronto w/ HotelTonight

Travel |My Stay at Trump Toronto w/ HotelTonight


On Friday night I stayed at the Trump Hotel and booked my room using Hotel Tonight. I’ve known about the app for a while but was yet to use it. I was contacted to take part in an exclusive influencer event where a group of notable Torontonians met up for cocktails with HotelTonight co-founder Jared Simon.

We were asked to pack a bag and come to the event where we’d leave to stay in a hotel later that night. Exciting! ¬†We were each given a unique code that allowed¬†us a stay that night¬†at one of Toronto’s best hotels. I was gunning for the Trump Hotel as I’ve never stayed there before and it’s oh so fancy. Others in the group stayed at The Gladstone, The Beverly, and the Thompson Hotel.

Earlier in the day I chatted HotelTonight co-counder & COO Jared Simon about the app and what’s next. HT is the world’s leading last minute hotel app with a rotating selection of rooms made available each day with bookings open until 2am. After working in the travel/hospitality industry they were inspired to create HotelTonight, knowing that most hotels operate at a 60% occupancy.

I personally think it’s an awesome idea and recommend the app when someone visits my city or when friends¬†are looking to do something special with their partner. ¬†It was very easy to book my room using the app; pick a hotel, add credit card, book, arrive at hotel, checkin, stay, checkout.

I asked Jared what’s next for HotelTonight and he told me¬†expanding to even more than the current 500 cities, growing consumers (like us!), and innovating the app experience. I love adventure so next time I travel somewhere I’m gonna wing it and book a random night w/ HotelTonight. Jared dared me!


HotelTonight is one of the first brands to launch a campaign on Instagram. I love seeing brand get creative with their marketing on such a popular, visual platform.  

It’s called #tonightiam and ‘the campaign juxtaposes mundane everyday situations (painting a house, waiting for the subway) with the potential of where you can go and who you can be with HotelTonight (‚ÄúTonight I am Starlet; ‚ÄúTonight I am Surfer‚ÄĚ). ‘ Read more about it here.

Have you used this app before? Love to know your thoughts!



An Afternoon w/ Susur Lee at Bent Restauraunt

An Afternoon w/ Susur Lee at Bent Restauraunt

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at Bent Restaurant w/ world-renowned¬†chef Susur Lee, learning about his cooking an sampling the upcoming Veggielicious¬†menu.¬†The¬†five-course vegetarian menu runs¬†September 9th-20th at Bent, which he owns with his sons. Yes, he is holding two fish in the photo but they’re for the raw sushi bar!

First on the Veggielicious menu is¬†‘Dip Three Ways’, a mixture of hummus, baba ganoush, olives, and spicy mustard seed tomato stew. ¬†These didn’t last long!


We started by¬†making meringue desserts so they could bake while we explored the menu. I’m quite familiar w/ meringue¬†as the Pavlova is a famous New Zealand dessert I’ve been making with mum¬†as long as I can remember.¬†We were given Susur Lee’s¬†merengue recipe so I’m planning whip¬†up a batch¬†at the cottage this weekend and impress Sean’s parents. Look out!

Below on the left is the meringue Chef made and mine is on the right. Added some almonds to fancy it up a bit. It was delicious. Scroll down to see the dessert presentation, it was a thing of beauty.


Chickpea Tempura Tofu

04-IMG_9888  06-IMG_9892

Wild Mushroom Quinoa Risotto

07-IMG_9897 08-IMG_9899  10-IMG_9908 09-IMG_9900

French Merengie w/ Golden Licorice, feat. wild blueberry, peaches, passionfruit syrup, raspberry coulis!


They have some stellar cocktails you can check out on Instagram at @bentcocktails.

This is the Asian Caesar, the most popular cocktail¬†at Bent.¬†It’s got a whole bunch of ingredients including soy¬†& Hoisin sauce. Yep, that’s an oyster on there too.


Veggielicious¬†at Bent runs from Spet. 9-20th so make a reso and take your fav veggie lover for a nice meal. There’s a raw sushi bar too.
For more info visit bentrestaurant.com.

Huge thank you to Chef Susur Lee and the team at Bent for a great experience!



Sail away with me, my love…


Our friends got married yesterday¬†and it was so incredibly beautiful. They tied¬†the knot¬†on a tall ship while sailing the harbour. We cruised to the island for a great dinner and party. It was magical. It’s been ages since I attended a wedding and it was SO FUN. More weddings! I love love.


Congrats Chris & Ariel!


It was my first time on the island all summer. Can you believe next week is September? TIFF? Ahhhhh. This week is going to be super hot and I’m thinking about going back to the beach while I still have a chance.

Here’s to a great week! Hopefully love is in the air for you too. Go hug¬†someone you care about!




Video: The Fusion/Notable Icon Series – Playa Hacienda

Video: The Fusion/Notable Icon Series – Playa Hacienda

I recently hung out with some of Toronto;s finest at an intimate dinner w/ Notable and Ford Canada for the first event in their new national Icon series. We dined on delicious¬†Mexican food¬†and were inspired by Playa Cabana founder Dave Sidhu. FYI the Cantina burrito at Playa Cabana¬†is my most favourite burrito I’ve ever, ever had. I love it.

This is the first video documenting a series of 9 top secret events across the country with some of the Canada’s finest talent. To see more in this series visit¬†notable.ca.


I Saw the Premiere of #Outlander and It’s Steamy…

I Saw the Premiere of #Outlander and It’s Steamy…


This week I hung out with Showcase + Shaw Media for the premiere of their new show Outlander at The Caledonian on College. The series is based on the books by¬†Diana Gabaldon. It’s pretty¬†steamy and by that I mean I was like ‘omg’, jaw dropped, hand on chest in the first 10 minutes.

It’s based in Scotland, accents and all. Outlander airs on Showcase Sundays at 10pm ET/PT, beginning August 24. You can follow them on Twitter @showcasedotca and they’ll be using the #Outlander hashtag when¬†the show is on. Social tv ftw.

Thanks for having me guys! Sláinte!




Blog Life: This Is How We Do

Blog Life: This Is How We Do

You know face you make when you’re looking deep into the computer working away on something? It’s on ¬†we all know well! This was me yesterday afternoon..and most days actually. Concentrating, editing, writing, coding, emailing, blogging, thinking, working, twerking. Ok, only sometimes on the last one!

Went for a run this morning and pushed myself a bit harder. Feeling fresh and inspired. It’s so nice out, you should go outside. It was 21 at 9am! This is how we do!


I’ve learned a lot of thing blogging the last (almost) 10 years. I can hardly believe it’s been so long. Persistence is a big part if making your dreams a reality. I thought about giving up a few times and doing something more traditional, like not keeping a diary of my life on the internet but each time I decide to go on, something amazing¬†happens. This was a good little read:

I’ve seen a ton of bloggers come and go over the years and I think that’s due the fact that people don’t realize how much work and energy it is. TBH, sometimes it’s totally exhausting! It also takes a time to build a¬†brand, trust, a reputation, all which can be destroyed in an instant. I always remember¬†this quote by¬†Eleanor Roosevelt¬†and think it’s best to surround your self with great minds.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people.”

I’ve always counted on Mum to be my first phone¬†when something exciting happens instead of telling friends or the world right away. She can always tell when i’s something big. I’ll ring her at work and say ‘OMG Mum, guess what?!”. I know she loves it. I like to save up exciting things and share them¬†once they happen.

In other news, saw this on M3 today and like, I love her. The Pee Wee Hermans? So cute.

I hope you have a great day. Go get some of that sunshine on your face! Make sure you are wearing SPF tho.



TURONNO: Where It’s At!

TURONNO: Where It’s At!

Turonno shirt by The Button Machine via @casiestewart


I came across this beauty¬†and just had to have it! They were out of stock when I placed my order so I kinda forgot about it, then when I came home from vacation, it was here. ‘Turonno’ by Button Machine calls to how us Torontonians say ‘Toronto’. Nobody says ‘Tor-onto’ we all say Turonno.

I absolutely LOVE when brands send it little ad-ons when you buy something online. They included their ‘Ol’ Dirty Rob‘ sticker. Thanks guys!


In other news, I really hope we get a new mayor when the election rolls around. Our choices aren’t that great, but just about anyone is better than¬†RoFo!


You can get your very own Turonno shirt or tank here.




What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?

What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?


I had a great day yesterday. I haven’t taken the subway for a while. It’s different taking the subway during work hours. I always wonder what everyone is doing. I don’t mind the streetcar, I don’t like the underground. I used to write TTC Tales¬†(last one 2012)¬†when¬†I took the TTC to work. At one time, I travelled about an hour each way to work. I made a few videos about TTC loudtalkers after that.¬†I wouldn’t make those videos now, social media wasn’t as popular¬†back then.

Heading easton the Bloor Line; try not to make eye contact. Look out the window, look out window. There’s a young guy with his sunglasses on playing golf on an iPad. I can’t see if he has a bag…is just carrying the thing? I smell hot food. It’s not McDonalds. Doors open. Please don’t let someone gross sit beside me…

Went to the Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market yesterday to pick up some green goodness. The market is on each Tuesday in the summer from 3-7pm. I was so hungry that I started chomping on lettuce leaves as I walked down Dundas. It was delicious. I can only imagine what I looked like walking down the street eating leafy greens. ūüôā

Passed this house on Dovercourt,¬†as I so often do and asked on Twitter if anyone had seen¬†inside it. Have you? Turns out it’s crazy!


The decor has some personality. It’s not for everyone but I would love to have this house. It’s right in my fav part of town and if I could¬†afford it and do some renos, I’d be all over it. Kick out all the furniture and add some mod! It reminds me of my grandpa¬†Doug’s house growing up. His place was pretty huge¬†with all kinds of rooms and a massive tree in the middle of it.

224 Dovercourt

Just saw the new Coldplay on M3 and digging this song. Chris Martin is looking hot.

My mantra for today is “What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” a quote by Robert H. Schuller. ¬†Imagine you were given an opportunity to do anything your little heart desired, what would you do? Think about it. I’ll be thinking abou tit too.

In other news, off to shoot w/ Bench Canada for a fall campaign this afternoon. Cross your fingers for NO RAIN!
Sending sunshine your way,



Dance w/ Me: #TedBakerAW14 + Holiday Preview

Dance w/ Me: #TedBakerAW14 + Holiday Preview


Last night I checked out the AW14 + holiday collections from Ted Baker London at Danceology in Liberty Village. I got to preview a few items a couple weeks ago an upcoming feature shot by  George Pimentel, wore the pink dress!

There are some incredibly beautiful items. Ted is a brand with impeccable details, the buttons, collars, inner linings, everything has a touch of personality. The holiday stuff is dreamy with heaps of sparkles. There’s a couple great leather items including a moto jacket with sleeves and a fur collar that zip off.


I love this one. All leather. So soft.




I love this little riding hat. Andrew Dobson just posted a story w/ a riding hat like this in Metro. But it has a long pony! BTW if you want a marble phone case you can get one here.


In other news, there’s a Ted Baker London store opening at the Eaton Centre in October. It’s going to be located on the third floor right across from the Apple Store. Pretty stoked! As an ambassador I’ve hosted¬†a¬†few events at the¬†Yorkdale shop but it’s so far! Stay tuned for the next shopping party!

See the full AW14 collection at tedbaker.com or pop by your closest shop in September. Hope your week is off to a great start.

Much love!




Montreal Roadtrip! #tbt

A couple years ago¬†Sean and I took a trip to Montreal for a weekend. We stayed at the W Montreal and had drove there in a car from Ford Canada. Montreal is dreamy in the summer. The W Hotel has great breakfast, it’s own nightlife, and an in-suite tub you could¬†stay in all afternoon. We had dinner in Old Montreal and took a stroll by the water the next day.

This is a little video Sean made of our weekend.

Original posts: August, 2012

I’m still at the cottage and thinking that living here would not be that horrible. I’ve gotten used to the silence and although it’s been cool and rainy the last few days, I’ve found comfort in having the fireplace¬†on and wearing jogging¬†hooded jumpers.

Hope you are having a great week. ūüôā




About Casie Stewart

Casie Stewart is a Canadian writer, director, and entrepreneur. She’s an award-winning content creator and expert in digital. During her decade-long career in media, she’s been named Canadian Screen Award Winner (Voice Pioneer), Best Travel Blog, and Top 30 Lifestyle Blogs in Canada. Casie¬†has been a keynote speaker at SXSW, NXNE, TEDx, and spoken at YouTube Canada and the United Nations of Canada. She lives in Toronto with her boyfriend and loves summer weekends at the cottage when she’s not travelling around the world.


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