#OSHEAGA! Day one!

Hi guys! Matt here, live from Osheaga in Montreal for casiestewart.comThe festival has been great so far. Lots of sun, some clouds, good food (but looooong lines), and most importantly, unreal music! And now, I present to you:

OSHEAGRAM: Osheaga by instagram – The festival told through nice photos.


Rue St. Cathrines. Super festive. Reminds me of Church Street in Toronto.


Watching fun. from the side! The crowd knew every word and head banged to Some Nights.


This is Yukon Blonde jamming out. Such a solid indie rock group. Definitely a highlight.

This is me drinking beer. Enough said.




Down With Webster was my favourite part of the day. Those dudes know how to bring it. They tossed beer cups into the crowd and got us jumping to every beat.


Franz Ferdinand! I’ve been waiting to see these guys for years and they did not disappoint! Playing a combination of new & old tunes they were a blast and a half.


And finally – Justice. What can you say about two dudes who make such awesome music and put on some of the most amazing shows ever?  Can’t do ’em Justice. (lololololol)


The sun started setting and Sigur Ross came out. Their smooth, dreamy melodies had everyone in a daze. Such an experience.


Here’s to hoping day 2 is even better than 1.Check out my Twitter and Instagram feeds (matttnificent) for live Osheaga updates!

Cheers n beers,


Contest: Most Original Kuration, the Most Original Vodka

Ok, here’s the deal. My friends at Notable.ca (remember from this feature, this nomination, and these events) have partnered with Stoli Vodka to give away a wicked prize pack that INCLUDES a weekend in Toronto and tickets to see the Queen of Pop herself, Madonna.


The Most Original Kuration, Deserves the Most Original Vodka

CASIE’S CONTEST: To ramp things up a bit, let’s help each other.

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 Get started now. Be Bold. Be Original. 

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Write It Down


I’m ready. I’ve always been ready but now I feel it in my bones. The last few days have been filled with excitement, creativity, and I’m stoked about life. I took an adventure into a few notebooks I’ve scribbled in from the stack beside my bed, I was reminded how much I truly love writing. When I was 15 I wrote and published  an anthology of poetry & prose and I never really stopped. I’m keen to have a book written by December 1, 2012. I’m writing it down & telling you to make it real. 


In other news, while I was Googling myself in Google Books I found out that BRIAN SOLIS mentioned me in his book “The End of Business as Usual“. I have blogged about him a few times and I love his work. Smart man. My credit in Dear Photograph also came up. I’m taking that as a sign I’m on the RIGHT TRACK baby!


You Can Call Me Hollywood, I Will Call You Maybe

Oh well hello there & hi from Orangeville, Ontario. I made this Viddy for you using PicPlayPost. It’s free in the app store for today only!


In other news…

Molson sent me a bunch of beers yesterday. Thanks TEAM! Is it the weekend yet?

Ford Canada featured me and two other Canadian bloggers who attended the Ford Innovation & Design conference in Michigan last month. See the post HERE to get our thoughts on an awesome experience.

I now have to take the car and go pick up lunch. Have an awesome day! Go outside, do something fun 🙂