I found some gold at the end of the rainbow, I’m giving it all to you.

Found this cool portrait project from NY called Humans of New York while I was creeping Catherine’s Twitter. Photos are all done by Brandon Stanton. He also writes stories. I love stories.

Rediscovered this cool web app that shows you Google maps in  interactive polar panorama images.

Queen Street West, Toronto – Trinity Bellwoods

Nasty Gal Accessories page girl. I might be obsessed with NG. I found these cool painted records on their blog yesterday. 

In Other News: 

As long as the world does not end in 2012, I will be online for the next ten years. AT LEAST!  I renewed my domain for a decade. I will be 40. Holy shiiiiiiiiite mang. I’m working on a new site design & blog this month. I can’t wait to share it with the world.

Thank you for reading, commenting (why u no comment?), and following along my adventures. I’ll be celebrating eight years of blogging in April 2013 and I think it’s time for a party.

I am a little in love with these screen shots from the video shoot w/ Carty this weekend. You watched it ya?

Today’s Special: @Pinterest, @NastyGal, @SummerWorks, @DigitalJournal

These are some of my Pins from this week. Pinterest has become part of my daily routine. I love style so much and I’ve been pinning everything I want from Nasty Gal. I want everything. It’s torture.

Their ads stalk me on many every single website and their email makes me drool. They’re hip on social and have a beauty of a blog with new lookbooks all the time.


Today Catherine posted an interview with Michael Rubenfeld, Artistic Producer of the SummerWorks theatre festival. Her and I chatted at the VIP Soiree last month and she included me in her article (see below).

August 7, 2012: Digital Journal – Toronto blogger Casie Stewart (L) chats with journalist Catherine Kustanczy before the SummerWorks Soiree in early July. Stewart, who worked as the community manager for MuchMTV Group at Canadian broadcaster CTV and received mentions in the Wall Street Journal and Mashable (among others), is in charge of the festival’s blog this year. Read more.

July 9 2012 – Casie Stewart (left) and Catherine Kustanczy at the SummerWorks Summer Soirée held at the Great Hall in Toronto. Photo by Della Rollins for the Globe and Mail

The second photo was taken for the Globe & Mail but not published. (I don’t think??) My most recent post on the SummerWorks blog is about Hawksley Workman and one of his songs I love. He’s performing as part of the festival on Saturday.

Off to Thompson Hotel roof for fashion soiree. Have a great day/night/morning wherever you are!

Lifestyle Blogger: Video by Steve Carty

I shot with Carty about two weeks ago for the first time. Last week an opportunity came up where I needed a short intro about me on camera. After seeing a bunch of Carty’s video, I knew he was the perfect one to hire for this project.

This app is called DSLR Slate  ($9.99). I’m not experienced enough in film producing to get this app yet but it’s cool. It makes sounds.




Photo by Carty, edited in Camera+, collaged by Diptic


Happy MondayTuesday! I hope you’re having an awesome day. I’ll be at the Thompson Hotel tonight celebrating the three year blog anniversary  Nelia of styleblog.ca, Sharon and Tara of backseatstylers.com, and Kimberly Lyn of thesoulsofmyshoes.com. Congrats ladies!

P.S. Please go Like my Stoli Kuration photos! Create your own 🙂

Stick Up for Yourself, Son

Never Mind What Anybody Else Done

Feeling so excited. I might just take off, levitate, hover, from one place to another.

It’s a holiday in Ontario but when you are an entrepreneur you don’t really get many days off, you don’t want to. Hopefully you are doing work you love that doesn’t ‘reallllllly’ feel like work. Friday, I fully made myself not work and I slept the entire day. Today, I’m working and getting ahead on things for the week.

Have a video shoot today for something in LA LA Land. I am crossing my fingers, sending all my positive energy into the universe, hoping that a few things that have come up lately work out. You can cross yours too. I think it will help. This time last year was the calm before the storm of work and events that kicked off in September. Here’s to good things happening!

Set your goals, write them down, tell your friends, tell a stranger. The best way to make them a reality is to believe in them.  Your thoughts become things!! This song always makes me feel like I can do anything.

In Other News:


P.S. Mum, if you get Internet, call me. Love you. (She is in NY sailing back to Canada right now!)

The Weekend: Girls Night, Dinner, Justice, Osheaga

We had girls night on Thursday, us five Spice Girls took to King West. Look out.


Michelle, Lauren, Me, Sarah


Irie, Hollywood

Friday we had 1188 dinner at Parts & Labour for Sean’s birthday. It was nice. They make a mean beavertail. I had a burger but it was mixed up with Matt’s and came rare with cheese. I order ‘no cheese’ everything.

Last night I went to my first concert at Fort York, M83 & Justice. M83 was great. I felt like Justice was a light show that went along with a pre-recorded mix. It was fun though. There were LED light sticks flying all over the place. Looked awesome with the bright lights and CN Tower glowing in the background.


This week SummerWorks starts and I’m stoked to see some theatre. See my most recent interview with a ‘sexy transexual’ on the SummerWorks blog here. See the full festival schedule at . LMK if you have tickets to something, I’ll be around!


Check out Matt’s posts from Osheaga. Would have loved to be there. He presents to you OSHEAGRAM!

Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Just had my nails done w/ Barbie! Huzzahhhh 🙂


Hey guys! It’s Matt. Here’s my updates from day 2 at Osheaga, let me tell you, the days just keep getting better. You should be here. You NEED to be here. Nice weather all around.

Here are the highlights of my awesome day as told through Instagram!


All of a sudden it got dark and Yeasayer was playing their final song. Great light show.


And then… the oh-so-highly anticipated Snoop Dogg/Liom. His intro sequence was awesome. He did a million classics and was super reggae. Can’t complain about that, can ya?


Everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) was dropping it like it was hot.


I saw a Jesus hologram, and Chef Ramsay, and Donald Trump. Holograms everywhere! He was great. So vintage, yet so fresh. Snoop did not disappoint.

Here’s to hoping for more sunshine on Sunday. Feel bad for those Lollapalooza-ers! All in the name of music. So worth it. See you tomorrow on my feeds! Twitter = @matttnificent / Instagram = matttnificent

CHEERS N EVEN MORE BEERS (seriously though. I got so many free beers today),