You’re Part of It, We’re In This Together

Yesterday I treated myself to a nice brekky at the Drake Hotel before afternoon meetings, SummerWorks, and a media dinner. I was feeling meh and a dining experience for one always makes me feel better.


I’m working on some new things to launch at in September. This space hasn’t changed much since it started in 2005 and I feel that it needs to grow along with how I have. It all started as “people, places, things & thoughts, in attempt to keep more memories” and it’s an amazing memory bank for me but I feel it could be better.

I’d love your thoughts on things you would like to see me do, write about, or cover. Some ideas from around my head and the Internet are:

  • Monday Inspiration
  • Memory lane – stories of meeting people IRL
  • Contests
  • App/Product reviews
  • New music
  • Travel Tuesday
  • WIWT (what I wore today) – my outfits
  • Blogger interviews
  • more videos

Hat & collar from H&M

I just went to this totally RAD media preview of the X-Men exhibit at TIFF and have a really fun SummerWorks theatre show to tell you about. I’ll be writing all day and trying to keep mute as I’m fighting a cough. I have little to no voice at the moment so don’t bother calling me, Tweet!

I hope your corner of the Internet is full of sunshine 🙂

Life is Like a Blog of Chocolates

You never know what you’re gonna get. You start a blog, you write, you post, you share. If you are interested in blogging that’s a good place to start. And, if you’re prepared when opportunity presents itself, you’re lucky. I’ve grown so much over the past seven years writing this blog and I’m extremely grateful for all the awesome it’s brought into my life.

This is my sister Jenny 😉


Mum rung me from the boat this morning and they’ve sailed into Canada after being away for about a month. I can’t wait to see her. She’s so inspiring.

Living out a childhood dream today casting kids for a commercial. I always wanted to to this. TBH it’s not that glamorous! Getting kids on camera and judging them as they act out part of the scene. I was pretty nervous at first but after a few, it’s easy. Having gone to heaps of auditions is helpful.


Got this last night 🙂


If you are around & about Queen West pop by the Great Hall & get a SummerWorks programme. GO TO SOMETHING! Most stuff is free and you will be glad you did. Get cultured!

There’s a gallery across from Dog & Bear at Dovercourt where Nina Arsenault has a piece of performance art. It’s super interesting. She is a great writer. Jenie and I went by there on Friday. I’m gonna pass by again on my way home. I wrote about Nina’s Live Art piece on the SummerWorks blog here.

Hope you’re having an awesome day!


You’re the next living leader of the world.

Inspired. I’m so into the narrative of this video. I’d love to write for something like this. I saw the Levi’s FW 2012 preview about a month ago at Burroughs, it was creative. Not your average fashion show. I want  that button down dress the babe with the fro has.

I like that the campaign is GO FORTH.  Ford conference I was at last month and the new Ford campaign is GO FURTHER. Banff World Media had me repeating ‘innovate or die‘.  Notice a pattern here. Technology & innovation are changing everything, you can do anything now. ANYTHING.


“You’re a queen, you’re a king, you’re the solo act in a sold out show at a six story stadium, and you’re proud, you’re a hero! You got a hero’s grip. Swingin’ by a single stitch. You follow your heart, follow the leader, you’re the leader.”

Beatles Banditos just arrived in an email from Mr. Brainwash.


Don’t Get Mad, Get Rad!

Hola! Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Jenie stayed over after an awesome night at a few SummerWorks events. I was up early to meet the team from Coral TV for brekky. Was the first time all the hosts on the channel have met up with the team. First of many! We’ll be doing cameo’s on each others show before you know it. This week Sara Lynn and I had promoted vids on YouTube and both are over 4,000 views. Crazy awesome!


Lucy, Candice, Me, Julie, Sarah Lynn

Photo by Julie

Stopped by Eaton Centre & the 3F store on the way home. Saw ‘Don’t Get Mad, Get Rad on a shirt, like it. Was so lovely to walk in the rain, the sun was almost peeking out.


La Senza sent me over a lingerie set from the new ‘Show Off’ Collection and I exchanged it for sizes today. The entire collection is incredibly BRIGHT. I picked this fun set. Va va voom! Feelin’ the love La Senza, thank you!


Lots of sales at 3F right now before new Fall/Winter stuff comes in. I got a denim jacket in coral and didn’t even realize it was called ‘coral’ until I got home.


The annual Perseid Meteor shower is tonight. Science is AWESOME. It’s going to be magical. Hope you have someone special to share it with. MIght take a drive into the country when it peaks around 1am. Lauren did a great post on CBC with all kinds of details of what to look for and where.


 OLYMPICS FTW! Official outfit. Blogging is a SPORT!


Underwater Blogging + Travel Tips + Friday Fun

Look what I can do!

Underwater! Tweet, tweet, tweet!

Last week on that underwater shoot for BravoFact everyone got photos in the pool. I  decided it was time to put my DryCase for iPhone to the test. Keys worked, camera worked, and my phone is 100% fine post pool. I mention the DryCase on my show this week.

In this week’s episode of THIS on Coral TV, I share with you some of my fav gadgets for travelling. I don’t mind being stuck in an airport as long as I have power so the Incipio case sent me is a savior. It’s super thin and priced at $24.99 is a great buy.

Coral TV – Women’s Lifestyle Channel

Some tweets from peeps about our YouTube Channel, Coral. Subscribe at

Storified by CASIE STEWART · Fri, Aug 10 2012 11:51:58

RT @CoralTV: Ever drop your phone in h2o? @casiestewart has a solution thanks to @dry_case – check it out on today’s ep of THIS – Case
* I reallllllly tested this Dry Case on a shoot last week and it really works. I can’t wait for my next surfing trip to tweet from my board and listen to music while I surf.
Go paperless when you travel with the @TripIt App! See how @casiestewart uses it in the latest episode of THIS –
Thanks for the kind words! Love the people are enjoying my vids. I’m getting better at producing, it takes practice!
@casiestewart You’re just too cute!! Love the @CoralTV Videos.Trina Stewart
@CoralTV @casiestewart @ShannonLitt she is full of energy 🙂 love itCamMi Pham
Domestic Geek @SaraLynnCauchon on @CoralTV is featured on @youtube with her amazing dishwasher tricks. Check it out Redmond
I liked a @YouTube video from @coraltv The Edgy Veg: Post-Workout SmoothieMaryAnne Wendt
Please subscribe to Coral on YouTube. Our Women’s Lifestyle Channel is almost at 1,000 subscribers!
Hey, have you subscribed to @CoralTV yet? Channel is growing! Almost 1,000 subscribers! Go now -> STEWART
I love ep. of Candice’s show The Edgy Veg. 
The Edgy Veg: Sweet Potato & Kale Saladthecoralchannel
I finally get to meet Sarah Lynn tomorrow. Her show Domestic Geek give you household tips & tricks. 
The Domestic Geek: Testing Bleach Alternatives!thecoralchannel

If you are on FB right now, which you probably are, hop over to & Like my photos for the Kuration contest.

Bot & Sold on Twitter (RE: Article from @FastCompany)

A couple of times over the last few years a photo of me has been used as a Twitter bot. I didn’t think much of it. I figured there was nothing I can do other than report for spam. 

To be honest, my first thought was “you’ve made it” then it happened over a handful of times and it was kinda unsettling. Have I been targeted? What is going on here and why does this keep happening?

Yesterday, Keri sent me this article from FastCompany  “Who’s That Woman In The Twitter Bot Profile? by Jason Feifer. I got a couple Tweets about it too.

They’re sometimes called “bimbots”–the army of Twitter bots with pretty profile pictures. Who are the women pictured in those photos? This is the story of the quest to find out.”

Omg, it’s a thing. I read on…

“After dozens of searches, a pattern emerged: Most bot photos had a long digital tail, having been posted on dozens of sketchy porn sites or blogs devoted to the barely legal. Occasionally, I’d be able to track a photo back to what seemed like an original source–like when a bot’s photo showed up alongside many others of the same woman, all posted to the fratboy site Barstool Sports. The site claimed her name is Aurora. But when I reached out, as was always the case, nobody cared to explain where the photos came from.

…I tracked two bots back to the 2009 SUNshine Girls calendar, a lingerie showcase produced by the Toronto Sun. (I guess newspapers have to make money somehow.) The calendar only offered the models’ first names, and the paper’s photo editor wouldn’t connect me with them. But after a little Internet stalking–this is how reporting works, people!–I found a connection.”

Crazy eh? My photo is from the Toronto Sun as a SUNshine Girl in 2001. It was October, I won a bikni contest about a month earlier and before I knew it, I graced the special page at the back of the paper. (It’s not actually special.) If you haven’t seen it a simple Google will tell you. The photo that comes up first is from Raymi’s blog. I bet the Sun totally sold my photo. DAMN  YOU JERKS!

Know anyone else this happened to? LMK!

In Other News:

  • One of my videos on CoralTV is being promoted by YouTube this week. Me! TV on the Internet is the future, and maybe after that, Internet on the TV. Whooaaaaa. See it here.