steamrolled by drunkards at steam whistle

Last night I strolled over to Steam Whistle to meet some friends. I arrived late, extremely late considering they opened at 5pm to start the party and most people were already totally wasted. It was a good time! I always have fun out, unless I lose something like my phone, ipod, camera, or dignity really.
I was pleasantly surprised to run into Tweeps Andrew Lane & Kurt Gooden. It’s rad to meet the Tweeps offline. Makes me feel nerdy and cute. I like it.
These drunky drunky dudes below did a lovely pose for moi. Ben in the middle said he blogs too which is also rad.
I was pretty happy to find a loonie as you can see. That’s like a hundred days good luck. Day #1 – right on. So far so good! Good things come to good people. Dear Kharma, Please make hundreds stick to my shoes next time.
Met the band Tiny Danza. They’re big a jazz hip hop fusion band and a big deal in Korea. They are also on Twitter.
This pic is for you Ben.

canadian family you say, ma?

I just had a long chat with Mum who just returned from New Zealand. I miss it. I want to go back there so bad. She told me a story about the very tip of the North Island called Cape Reinga. It is so very beautiful. She said that New Zelander’s (The Kiwi’s!) are very creative and they place much of attention & value on the arts and artsy things. That makes me feel awesome.

having a new camera makes my life better

Here is some more good stuff from my day. Felling the spring vibes makes so happy. Popping around the city, feeling pretty. Skip in my step walking with pep. Ipod & street sounds , the sun brightly shining, loving the weather and photo designing.

3/14 1:59 & #spadinawatch

I saw on the news this morning that there was a smash up between a police car and street car last night at King & Spadina. Minor injuries to two our officers. I was news reporting last night when I started #spadinawatch. Today was a really beautiful day. I had coffee with a friend and went a walk for about two hours. around the St. Lawrence Market, Bay Street, Queen Street, Spadina. I had coffee with a friend who was off to Opera rehearsal for the COC. Pretty cool! Today is PI Day – 3/14. I stopped by Black Market on Queen, everything in the store is $10 right now. Got a couple goodies! I ran into a few peeps walking around which is always awesome. I’m enjoying all the tweets from my friends at the SXSW Interactive conference in Austin, TX. Wish I was there too!

i was at naughty by nature last night and today is friday the thirteenth again

Last night I went to a fashion show for Brazen Hussy and Naughty by Nature at Circa. I did a major fail and left my camera battery plugged in and brought camera, sans battery. I must say, I do not like to be referred to as ‘brazen’ or ‘hussy’. There were a few choice items I liked in the collection. The BEST part of the show was the violin player who played BRITNEY spears. OMG. I was loving it so hard. More than the clothes.
I met lots of cool ass peeps hanging out in the glass cube. Last month on Friday the 13th I got a tattoo. Remember? I was thinking it would be cool to get another tattoo today, like a little Friday the 13th thingy. This is not likely going to happen unless someone invites me like in the next few hours as I do not have an appointment anywhere. Today is really pretty outside and I wore pink Hello Kitty glasses.

i had so much fun with you. #girlsnight

Last night I met up with some of my totally awesome Twitter friends for #girlsnight. We were at Rivoli on Queen Street. It was super fun as you will now see.
Have you heard of Ahoka? “Akoha was founded by @AustinHill and Alex Eberts After attending the TED Conference. It’s pretty cool. It’s an online/offline game and all about doing good stuff. I dig it and am totally playing!!
We had some really good laughs and chats. I let out that I rarely ever wear pants and we all have a crush on Renee. Her & Erin have great hair. Looking forward to hanging out again, and again.