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Trumped For The Very First Time

Had my first visit to the Toronto Trump Hotel in February and in honor of the Trump family cutting the ribbon for it’s official opening this week, heres a few photos from the Veet Pink Carpet event.

There was a performance by Lights, decadent hors d’oeuvres, pink desserts, champagne, and an Old Hollywood setting complete with Ms. Monroe. They had stylists on-hand for makeup and hair too. It was fun.

Before makeup w/ the lovely Catriona.

Love this Wes Anderson inspired photoshoot she posted.  Especially this photo. I foresee this in/as my future. So cute.  🙂

Ok aaaaaaand back to the event, Lights!

Sheena! Last time I saw her we were at YD Square hosting that super fun bouncy castle event with Koodonation.

Do you know what “microvolunteering” is? For my work that day Telus & Koodonation donated $20,000 to my chosen charity, Moving Windmills. A project that supports Malawian-run rural economic development by building windmills. Told that story a little bit here: Social Change Through the Social Web.

Marilyn! I SO want to wear this outfit.

My sister does an awesome throw back laugh light this.  HAHA. Love to see anyone laugh, even me!

Listening/watching this episode of Behind the Brand with Brian Solis. I’ve told you about everyone before. Did you know Pinterst is three years old? Bet you didn’t. I almost feel like I shouldn’t blog this but most of you wont even watch it. Digital Darwinism my friends.

Ok now, rushing to throw on heels, hat, jacket and make it to an event. Gonna get an Uber to pick me up!


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