now that’s a pool party

I love this weekend. Mum has about 20 people coming tomorrow and five of us are going to be part of it. Cleaned the house today. The sunshine is beautiful. We are so luck to have this warm, bright weather.

Slumber party tonight then home in early afternoon.

Quite excited to see all the sisters together. Must not forget camera. I’ve packed up heaps of goodies to take home. I especially love bringing Mum a few things 😉

Found this dream boat while I was cleaning up.

Cashed this at the coin machine today in Liberty Village Metro, ended up with $60. So convenient. I will only ever roll coins for fun from now on.

When I was cleaning up I found this  old Globe & Mail article with my sister and I on the Society page. Was for the most epic pool party I’ve ever been to, Bridal Bash II.

We’re the “bikini clad blondes” who “commandeered a canoe” filled with vodka flasks who gave shots to the guests. Canoe was the best spot to see the concert, Burton Cummings & a girl from the Supreme’s.

Recognize any of these people? Prize if you can.

This track is the fav of the week on Bondi FM, my fav radio station in Australia. When I lived in Bondi and for the first few years after, I listened to it all the time. I go back & listen to remind myself of how happy feels.

Prince – Sexy MoFo (Ben Edits EdiTion) by benedituk

Hope you are enjoying the weekend. Thank you for reading and I give you my love.



  1. Raia
    October 12, 2011 / 9:52 pm

    Is that your sister in picture 4?

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