Spent the weekend at the cottage and went to WayHome Music Festival. There was NO WAY I was camping the festival grounds.  We had absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather.  I know it’s only Monday but I really can’t wait to get back up there. We had a nice brunch on Saturday at the Muskoka Inn. Sean in my glasses 🙂 Totally my MCM! Next weekend we’re seeing The Trews at The Kee to Bala. Stopped by the Balacade to play some games. “If you think romance is dead and gone Find an old jukebox full of 45’s Pop a nickel in it and it all…

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TIFF |  Film To Watch: Northern Soul

TIFF | Film To Watch: Northern Soul

World-renowned photographer Elaine Constantine makes her feature directorial debut with this invigorating coming-of-age film about a working-class teen in 1974 Lancashire who finds liberation in … View Post