One of the things I really love about Telus is their commitment to customer service. They feel great customer service starts from the ground up and they’ve made a commitment to telling Canadians they need to Expect More from their telcom providers.

Today I’m sharing a couple other great customer experience stories from other companies putting customers first.

Little Burgundy – Broken Boots

Near the end of summer I purchased a killer pair of boots designed by Jeffrey Campbell from I’ve been wearing them regularly but recently the cool cut-out heels broke.   I didn’t want get stuck on the phone ringing customer service so I sent a tweet with some photos to @LittleBurgundy and they replied within about 30 minutes. It took about 5 min to fin d a new pair of booth in store and the return was easy.

I really love when a company is socially connect and able to help their customers over Twitter.  Nice work guys! Now I will check out the sales and probably buy more. 🙂

Go Daddy – Server Upgrade

I’ve been with GoDaddy for my website hosting since switching over to WordPress from years ago. I’ve had nothing but great customer service from their team. I’ve had them renew my domain (until 2022!) help with a hacking situation (on the 1st day of TIFF!) and more recently with a server upgrade.

GoDaddy recently changed their hosting and the plan I was on no longer had analytics. As a blogger and online business owner, the stats are important to me. I had considered switching to another host when their help team offered to look into my situation. Instead of just saying ‘you need to upgrade it will cost $X amount‘ they backdated my server upgrade and back dated my hosting to save me money.  It made me feel like they really valued my business and me as a customer.

Uber Canada – Lost Wallet

I’ve been using Uber since they arrived in Canada and have had nothing but great experiences. A couple months ago, on a busy day I left my wallet in an UberX car before dance rehearsal. I didn’t realize until about 2 hours later when it was time to head home. I sent a DM to @Twitter_Canada and within minutes they had contacted the driver and found out he was still on the road. The driver got in touch with me then drove to my house to drop it off. I was seriously impressed and despite him trying to refuse, gave him a big tip.

Great customer service doesn’t always need to cost a lot of money or take heaps of time, it’s really about listening to what someone needs or being smart about solving problems. Over the last five years I’ve lost/broken a number of phones or needed to replace my SIM card and Telus has gone over and above to help me out. Earlier this year I joined the team as an official Telus advocate with their #TeamTelus program. To check out the whole team of 15 visit their blog here.



Yesterday was an action packed day that started with me picking up this beautiful new pink iPhone 6s. THANK you Telus! I was due to get a new phone and my old iPhone 6 has been cracked for at LEAST a month. I’ve been using my new Samsung tablet heaps for drawing lately and totally love it.

Spent a couple hours at the office before heading to Roy Thompson Hall for a private sit down with with the Indigo Girls. This was the first in a new series of events called HALLer w/ eOne Music and Roy Thompson Hall & Massey Hall. It was pretty rad!

Next was a SS16 fashion preview with Swarovski at the Four Seasons then a foodie event with Elle Cuisine catering.  This week has been awesome and I’ve got 4 things to go to tonight. Tomorrow night is no exception, Sean and I are hitting up Buffer Fest’s opening night gala. Buffer is a YouTube festival.

Tonight I’m heading to fashion week and wearing an outfit similar to this but different designed by Rachel Sin. My outfit is from her SS16 collection. Never a dull moment! 

Look what came in the mail today! This is amazing. I can’t wait to take it home!

[vine id=”eVei3EgWxVI”]

Been colouring  my hair all week with these fun little Dippity Do chalks. Today’s colour is violet!

Ok, I’m running behind, and have spent too much time on the internet once again! Have a wonderful night. If you are looking for entertainment I’ll be Tweeting from back stage and front row at the fashion week tents!



Hola! Man,  it is HOT today. I was out and about, stopped by a cafe in Liberty Village to a break from the heat. I love this weather but when you need to get around the city and you’re carrying things and sweating  and dripping, you just wanna go home/jump in a lake/pool/cold shower.

Yesterday I was back at SiriusXM on the Todd Shapiro Show. You can download the podcast in iTunes or listen here (yesterday’s ep will be up tomorrow). Heading back to the SiriusXM studio now for today’s show. I’m not sure who guests are but it will without a doubt, be funny,

Baby love me cause I’m playing on the radio…


Met with Telus today to go over events and things for the next few months. Lots coming up! Excited to share. Check out my beautiful Ted Baker iPhone case. I love it. I had a different Ted Baker case before today and they’re my fav ones I’ve ever had. Thanks Telus! You can find this one and the others at any Telus store.



It’s with great pride I announce my official Ambassadorship with Telus! 

Over the past five years I’ve worked with Telus on a number of things (see here) and they’ve helped me out with service, covered roaming, and been there every single time I’ve lost/destroyed my phone.  This week they announced #TeamTelus, 15 hand selected bloggers from across the country.

“The Team TELUS line up stars 15 awesome, interesting, smart, creative, down-to-earth, caring and stylish personalities from across the country. To recognize Team TELUS for their support, we are providing them with mobile (and in B.C. and Alberta, Optik TV) service, devices, VIP access to events and reader giveaways.”

Read more about TeamTelus here and get to know the rest of the group!

Tonight we’re all celebrating our awesomeness at TELUS HQ in Toronto. Earlier today a couple of my Telus peeps showed up with a HUGE box of goodies to welcome me to the team.

My welcome box was picked specially for me and includes a few things they knew I’d love including a new Ted Baker iPhone case (my brands are colliding!), Kate Spade portable charger (fashion + tech together), selfie stick (obvious one there!), a gold Shine fitness/sleep tracker (wearables!), a Bluetooth speaker, chocolates, and a Shoppers gift card. 

I’m really happy to make it official after working together since 2010. My first EVER mobile phone was with Telus back in the 90’s when they were Clearnet. I’m excited to see what fun adventures and things I’ll be covering with the team this year. Check out the rest of TEAM TELUS here.





This week was a busy one. Not like ‘fake busy’, I mean I was full on running from one thing to the next every single day. I directed something Monday that was the 2nd day of shooting for a campaign. When we wrapped around 6pm, I went back to the 1188 office then over to RAINA+WILSON studio to celebrate the Globe Style Summer Issue.


It was only Monday but I was ready to wind down with a cocktail. Grey Goose was sponsoring and they had grapefruit juice, my fav. 416 Snack Bar was catering and the food was A+ too.



We were treated to a small private show by Calvin Love. The style issue comes out TODAY, Friday, June 12th. You can download it for FREE from iTunes right here.


Tuesday was rainy and my hair was a mess. I find it much easier to work and concentrate when it’s rainy out. When the sun is shining I wanna shut my computer and play outside.


You know what I mean?


I went to the Stage TEN office on Tuesday night for a live Pet Skills show.  It’s the world’s first live, interactive, web show! I’ll be sharing more about my involvement with Stage TEN soon.



The lower East side of Toronto is quite pretty, especially driving over this bridge when the sun is setting. It was almost 8pm here.


The bridge says ‘This river I step in is not the river I stand in’. It means the water is always changing, no river is ever the same. Think about it. Read more about it here.


Working together has been quite fun lately. I enjoy the morning drive and singing along to the radio.


Dylan and Sean dressed the same this week. So cute.


Really hoping we can get our car out for a drive soon. We’ve had it in the garage for over a year and I know it wants me to drive it. FAST! This one is 1982, my parents had a similar silver Corvette in 1979.



We had a tornado warning and some serious rain on Wednesday, but being a trooper, I braved it to cruise over to the Toronto Island Yacht Club and celebrate with Veuve Cliquot. I felt really under dressed until it started pouring and then I was super thankful for my yellow lace raincoat.

The party was well decorated. Fancy.

The new Veuve Clicquot RICH goes great with fresh grapefruit. It’s made for mixing and JUST came out in Canada. I suggest giving it a whirl for your next dinner party, BBQ, or Sunday afternoon.

There were lots of A-Listers/T-Listers. Galen Weston was there too. Joey (Articulate Eats) and I had a nice chat with him about Loblaws, SDM, and Life Brand.

Finally got my hair done yesterday. I like to leave my roots to grow in a bit but let me tell you, being blonde is hard work! I’ve been going to The Loft Toronto for a few months now and I really love the experience. The crew are lovely, it’s decorated with vintagey things, and is right near the office.

The plate wall is one of my fav things.


I had lots on my to-do list so a hair appt didn’t mean stepping away from the office. When you’re me, the office is anywhere and you’re always on the clock.  I bring WIFI wherever I go (Thanks Telus!) and I’m ready to stop, drop, and blog any minute.


After hair I did take a ‘lunch’ break for a Dermalogica facial with Vee and it was magical. I highly suggest treating yourself. Vee is a Dermalogica Expert and a facial is a great way to treat your skin to the love it deserves. She exfoliated, treated it for again, sun damage, and added vitamins/serums that will work on my face for the next 72 hours. Come Sunday, I’ll be glowing more than I am already. 🙂

I saw these boots on Sidewalk Hustle’s Instagram the other day and ordered them late before bed from my phone. I love online shopping so much. When I arrived back to the studio they were beside my desk.


Normally I don’t hope for rain but, when you’ve got really cute rain gear, there’s nothing that stop you from wanting to show it off! Stay dry out there my friends!


Today I’m rappelling down Toronto city hall with Telus for Make a Wish Foundation. Just another regular ol’ day, THIS IS MY LIFE! 🙂




Toronto > Montreal | Hi-Speed Blogging in the Sunshine at 90MPH

This week was a busy one and I’m looking forward to a nice sleep at the Fairmont Montreal tonight. We’re on the train heading to Montreal for Nuit Blanche and thanks to Montreal Tourism.

Remember that contest I entered and a bunch of you guys helped me fill the train? I didn’t win the contest but they invited me to come along for the ride and experience Nuit Blanche Montreal.

Bae working away, looking all cute.

Earlier this week I was working form the new 1188 Films office and dressed the place up with some spring flowers.  There’s 8 days until daylight savings, if you;re counting down like me.

This is the before face of going through the worst pain I have felt in my entire life. I’ve been having high blood pressure along with those chest pains I mentioned so I’m unable to take my old contraceptive and got a IUD. I wasn’t expecting it to be so painful and felt nauseous after, it was brutal. Good thing it’s a five year plan. I’m thankful my doc was so lovely and took great care.

Lucky for me, House of Cards is BACk so we binged a couple episodes last night while I was in recovery. Much better today and back to my regular bouncy self. Claire Underwood, I love you. Maybe I should keep short hair? This internal ‘cut it or grow it’ battle never ends.

We’re on the train for 4 hours, currently going aboout 90MPH. I’m glad to have NextIssue and will be reading magazines once I hit publish. I’ve been reading magazines I never used to buy since I’ve got them all at my fingertips now (Nylon, More, Condé Nast Traveller, Dwell).

This cover of Vanity Fair is awkward, no? Loving the images in Condé Nast Traveller. Makes me want to just pack my bags, sell my stuff, and travel the world! The digital reading experience is so neat and full of extra content you don’t get in a traditional paper magazine.

You can download NextIssue here and give it a try for 60 days free w/ code ’60Free’. Some weekend reading ideas below. Saveur is next on my reading list.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 11.56.21 AM

I’d like to send a HUGE thank you to Netflix for letting me now Mean Girls is NOW ON NETFLIX IN CANADA. They sent a little handwritten style note with the shirt below.  Loved coming home to this yesterday.

Another thank you to Charming Media and Skechers for the new kicks. TBH I hadn’t thought about wearing Skechers since the height of Britney Spears days but these little runners are really comfortable. They’ve got memory foam and and very light. A good reminder that spring is around the corner and I should have been be working on my beach body Anyhoo, I’ll be putting these to work after the weekend.

Make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram @casiestewart, I’ll be posting heaps over the next 24 hours!

With love from a Via Rail train on Telus mobile wifi, we just passed Kingston and the sun is shining nice and bright. So bright in fact that it feels like summer in my seat. Love it!




I don’t usually do gift guides but I really like Valentines Day and it’s an excuse to treat yourself/someone you love. I know it’s a Hallmark holiday, but I don’t care! I adore all the hearts in store windows, the pink and red all around. I’m all about spreading the love!

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Your Love (or Yourself!)

* photo by Becca Lemire

All the things below make great gifts for you and/or someone you love. Ladies,  send this post to your boyfriends.

Ted Baker Accessories

Ted Baker has a quite the sale on right now and there’s some great things for both men and ladies, especially accessories. If you’re in Toronto there’s locations at Yorkdale and Eaton Centre. I have the ARBA faux fur neck collar below in black.  It’s super warm and goes with everything.

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Your Love (or Yourself!)


Marble for Your Gadgets

Now sure how I forgot to add this first round, anyhoo, updated the post to include a few more things. These Marble accessories for your gadgets are sure to warm the hearts of anyone attached to their phone/iPad/computer. You can get a soft skin for your iPad, laptop, Android, XBox, Kindle, or a hard case for your iPhone 6 (or 5!). Order online at and if you’re in Toronto use ‘GTAskins’ for a discount.

Marble laptop skin, Marble iPhone case

Clarisonic and/or Amopé from Shoppers Drug Mart

I have never in my adult life had softer, more clear skin than I do now that I’ve been using a Clarisonic.  I was given one in November last year and have used it almost everyday since. It’s great for evening skin tone, brightening complexion, is waterproof, and pre-timed for 6o seconds.  Great gift (especially for yourself). You can find the Clarisonic at Shoppers Drug Mart Stores, good use for those Optimum points!

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Your Love (or Yourself!)

A spa package is always a good gift. However, if you’ve not got the time or funds to fork out for regular pedis, the Amopé makes a great gift.  It’s a quick and easy way to get your feet extra soft and smooth. You can find this at Shoppers too!

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Your Love (or Yourself!)

FitBit Flex from Telus

If you’ve set a goal to be healthier the FitBit Flex is a great gift idea. Sean and I have his & hers wearables to track progress towards our fitness goals. If you buy a fitness tracker from Telus before Feb. 28, they’ll give $20 to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Get yours online or at a Telus store in your area.

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Your Love (or Yourself!)

For the Fashion Lover, Call it Spring

If you’re looking for something lovely and stylish, Call It Spring has a whole bunch of gift ideas under $50. I really dig this purse shoe combo. I love the matching prints trend and might just pick this up for myself, and still wrap it up for VDay.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.06.40 AM

Magnolia Heart Inspired Jewellery

Magnolia Silver Jewellery has some wonderful pieces to make your heart flutter. Below is a preview of love-inspired jewelry available. See the whole collection here.  I’ve got a little something heading my way and will show you when it arrives!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 4.40.14 PM
Lays Wavy Milk Chocolate Chips
Yes, these are real, real salty and sweet. I love chips, throw in some chocolate coating and it’s heaven. I’m waiting for a delivery of these as you read this. You really can’t go wrong with a bag of these while sitting on the couch with your bae (or alone). Put on the Netflix and call it a night! These are around for a limited time so if you see them, get a few bags before they’re gone!

Follow CASIE STEWART’s board VALENTINES DAY on Pinterest.

I’ve got a whole board on Pinterest full of more lovely things for Valentines Day below. Click through for more ideas for him, things to wear, and stuff to make.
Nothing planned for vday as of yet but I’d be quite content watching a romantic movie and eating a bag of these Lays chips TBH.

Sending you love from across the Internet!

One of 1188’s latest ventures is Occupied VR and last night they were on ETalk! Ben Mulroney tried the experience they designed for David Cronenberg’s Body Mind Change. (You might remember me taking part in Body Mind Change last year.) The Rift Teaser launches on the 24th of November. I tried it at the office and it was intense. It’s amazing how immersive Oculus is when you’re tapped into sight and sound. It totally freaked me out, I jumped up out my seat and screamed!

 Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.38.27 AM

Later this week I’m attending the monthly We Are Wearables meet up at MaRS Discovery District. There’s still a few tickets if you’d like to join! (Free) There’s a Smartwatch Panel w/Motorola & TELUS with a discussion on Nielsen’s recent Connected Life survey on Canadian Trends in wearables and wearable consumers.


I was really into social media before it hit the mainstream and I’m really into wearables lately. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how huge social media has become, I can only imagine the impact wearable technology will have on us over the next five years. I want to know and learn as much as I can!

Old photo of Keri and I that came up when I Googled “casiestewart, nerd” Ha!

I’ve been thinking about how connected I am to the internet and it’s rare I go 15 5minutes without my phone having a notification, checking email, or taking a photo.  I was working away and my battery died this morning and to be honest, I was so productive for that period of time!  Techlogy makes us more productive and distracts us all the same.

I’ve got lots to get done today so here’s to productivity!

It may be freezing cold outside (if you are in NA) but try not to let it get you down. Put on all your winter warmies and greet the day with a smile.