Whoa. It’s here. Today might busiest day in my 2012 calendar. Not. Even. Kidding. If I can make all my appointments and events I will question my humanity. Am I robot/alien? You will never know. (Shhh you in the back there, keep your secrets!)

TIFF Cupcakes by Le Dolci

I have so much gratitude to give for my sister being PA (Production Assistant) on my show today, BMW sponsoring drivers for our Fashion’s Night Out team, tech related media interview in the AM, so may awesome events, my hair growing (don’t laugh), having my nails done (this is serious), and my bestie Lozzie Lauren O’Nizz being invited to all the same things as me. Thank you universe.

Kiss Nails, Arm Party: Anne Taylor, Pandora, Kabbalah Red String

Yesterday I went to media day at the TIFF Tastemakers Lounge put on by Rock-It Promo and I was SPOILED. Rotten! TIFF is truly more fun than a birthday or holidays because all the media friends are out, everyone is receiving gifts, and celebrating. Films take the first place for TIFF but trust me that fashion is a verrrrry close second.

This is the eighth annual Tastemakers Lounge, it’s a Canadian gifting suite hosted during the Toronto International Film Festival. It brings local and international guests to indulge in exceptional products that Tastemakers Lounge is known for.  This was my third year and perhaps the best!

Scroll my Instagram Photos:

This is a sample (yes, really) of what celebrities will be getting at the Tastemakers Lounge this year. I feel a bit bad showing off but I made a care package for Barbie, gave a Le Dolci cupcake to the hotel concierge, Pop Chips to my concierge, and will treat Mum & Jenie too.

Some of my favs are the  zillion nail designs from Kiss Products, amazing arc touch mouse from Yorkdale/Microsoft (that I am now using), 4 scents + oil from Demeter Fragrance Bar, new bra & knickers (I picked red hot!) from LaSensa w/ $75 gift cards, and Anne Taylor silver jewel bracelet.  I actually put the bracelet on during the Anne Taylor preview a month ago and Instagrammed it. I love documenting.

I had about and hour after the Lounge to pop home and write today’s episode of THIS on Coral that will come out tomorrow. I’m filming in Yorkville with my sister 1-4pm if you want to come by and be on the show/say hi.

Next stop was Swarovski Red Carpet and the brand new James Bond 007 Collection. Check out the Octopussy earrings and charm! Gimme. Want, gah. The model is the ACTUAL Bond Girl. So hot.

The crew at the Swarovski Suite wasn’t that big when I was there and we’re all friends so I made everyone pose for a school photo. I thought it was cute. I’m brining a snob free attitude to the fashion world one preview at a time. Look at us all. Love it.  The new Shangri-La is nice too.

As I was leaving I though about how I used to work in the building behind this photo as a Corporate IT Recruiter staffing the IT departments of CGI Canada, Telus, Rogers, SunLife etc. I wore a suit to the office every day and had a meeting at 8am every single morning. My life has changed so much since then. You never know what is going to happen but if you stay true to your heart and your goals you can make anything happen. I hated that job and left to go work at Hemingways  (the Kiwi bar) in Yorkville for a bit. Tomorrow I am filming my show in Yorkville.  If you are reading this from your desk or mobile at school, remmeber that I wake up and go “omg THIS IS MY LIFE” almost every single day. You can have that too. Go get it.

Ok, now I shall take on the world. Here’s to an awesome day!




I know this is totally last minute but it’s really cool. TELUS is a sponsor of the Ottawa Folk Fest Sept 6-10 (aka THIS WEEKEND), feat. headliners Bon Iver (swoon), Great Big Sea and Ben Harper (swoon again!). They offered me two tickets but with TIFF upon us, I can’t go.  Are you interested?!

Giveaway Details:

  • Two passes that provide full access to the Folk Club area at the CUPE-SCFP Stage, as well as access to the general admission area plus a separate section that features private bar service, washroom facilities, and a limited number of patio tables and chairs (first come, first served!). You will be VIP.

 Performances by:

Wanna go to Ottawa Folk? Here’s how to win:

  •  Make sure you are following myself & Telus on Twitter

  • Tweet  “Yes, @casiestewart, I wanna see @BonIver at @OttawaFolk! Thanks @Telus!”

I will pick a winner TODAY!

Dear Winner, I would love you to share some photos.

I really would like to be there, so I will be with you in spirit on the internet.

Love, Casie




I am in love with this campaign. The guy who eats frozen blueberries, the one with out a car, the bearded blonde looking for a grant. My favourite is Former Apollo dancer, Jacquie “Tajah” Murdock, the film ends with her saying, “Well I said that when I was 18 I wanted to go to Paris so he could turn it around and put the eight in front and the one behind it… Eight one, instead of one eight.” In the background you hear Alber Elbaz say, “Paris is coming to you!” With a big “MWAH!”.  It’s magical.

I think we’re going to see more ‘real people’ in campaigns. Real people like me and you. The girl with purple hair is NY blogger Stella Rose who writes Confessions of a Female Drag Queen. Her blog is as awesome as her style.

I feel like Telus uses real people and Mastercard just did a casting for ‘real people’ for Toronto Fashion Week. I sent in my photo late so the chances of me getting that one are slim.


Sebastian Simon Lifschitz, the one who eats frozen blueberries, used to be a blogger. It is the first time I’ve seen a post on someones blog saying “I don’t really use this blog anymore, if you want to follow me, find me on instagram: sebastianlif”. 

I guess times are changing. Change is good.



I love the little animals Telus uses in their commercial so when I was in Mexico a few months back. I saw one and for $20 you could hold it. I was like OME LET ME HAVE IT. Yeah, well…

Safe to say, he didn’t like me much. I just found this on my phone today and uploaded it to Viddy. Enjoy haha. It’s awkward. Be happy I shortened it!

In other news, Peacock Parade has a bunch of dresses on sale today, TFC Ticket contest is still on here, and the TripOn contest is still on too. I’m at FITC again causing trouble. 😉


Had my first visit to the Toronto Trump Hotel in February and in honor of the Trump family cutting the ribbon for it’s official opening this week, heres a few photos from the Veet Pink Carpet event.

There was a performance by Lights, decadent hors d’oeuvres, pink desserts, champagne, and an Old Hollywood setting complete with Ms. Monroe. They had stylists on-hand for makeup and hair too. It was fun.

Before makeup w/ the lovely Catriona.

Love this Wes Anderson inspired photoshoot she posted.  Especially this photo. I foresee this in/as my future. So cute.  🙂

Ok aaaaaaand back to the event, Lights!

Sheena! Last time I saw her we were at YD Square hosting that super fun bouncy castle event with Koodonation.

Do you know what “microvolunteering” is? For my work that day Telus & Koodonation donated $20,000 to my chosen charity, Moving Windmills. A project that supports Malawian-run rural economic development by building windmills. Told that story a little bit here: Social Change Through the Social Web.

Marilyn! I SO want to wear this outfit.

My sister does an awesome throw back laugh light this.  HAHA. Love to see anyone laugh, even me!

Listening/watching this episode of Behind the Brand with Brian Solis. I’ve told you about everyone before. Did you know Pinterst is three years old? Bet you didn’t. I almost feel like I shouldn’t blog this but most of you wont even watch it. Digital Darwinism my friends.

Ok now, rushing to throw on heels, hat, jacket and make it to an event. Gonna get an Uber to pick me up!



I chuckle to myself at this title and the fact that I’m called upon to talk about the psychology of narcissism and how it affects brands. I know it has a lot to do with how technology and society have changed the way we communicate but it’s still kinda funny. I reckon Mum thinks it’s funny too. I’ve not changed much since I was a kid, seriously.

SXSW panel

Our SXSW panel was really awesome. The room was packed, we had great discussion and there were lots of questions following. I enjoyed meeting psychotherapist Dr. Jacob Small and discussing my own ‘personality disorder’ and how narcissism is extremely prevalent in todays society. During our panel I learned that Narcissism as a clinical disorder is being removed from ‘the book’ and added as merely a symptom of other personality disorders.


Good looking panel, eh? 🙂

post panel smiles

It was ADVANCED Level. Oh yeah.


Interestingly enough, a couple days before this panel I was written about in local Toronto weekly, The Grid about being an introvert then the very next day an extrovert. I definitely have both sides to my personality but I’m clearly a highly functioning crazy person.

post panel

I’m speaking at NXNE in June about the same topic and hope you’ll be there to see it. I’m sure I’ll be able to hook up some tickets for our panel closer to the date. Yeeeeeeehaw! All photos by the lovely Kate Killet.

Now I am late for lunch w/ Telus. Byeee! Wear sunscreen!


Remember a couple months ago I asked you nicely to click a link and show some love for my life(s) work? Welllllllllll…..thanks for your votes and thank you for reading because…drum roll please…we made the shortlist for Best Life Weblog in Canada!  Congrats to my friends for noms in their categories Unbrelievable, Shop My Clothes and Dear Photograph. To check out all nominees or judging criteria go here.

In other exciting news…MY SXSW panel has been scheduled. If you are going to be please please don’t miss it. There’s lots of things to see & do there but our panel is Psychology of Narcissism & How It Affects Brands. The hashtag is #LOOKATME and it’s sure to be entertaining.

On that note I leave you with this song I’ve been diggin’ ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ feat. Kimbra from Gotye’s album Making Mirrors.

Sitting at Darren Kwik Studio waiting for toner in my hair while blogging and tweeting away. Thank you Telus & iPhone for the MAGIC of Personal Hotspot. I now have the freedom to stop & blog it like it’s hot any time, any place. Heading to get Sammy & meet my darling sister Jenie & friends at Gio Rana’s Really Really Nice Restaurant for her birthday dinner.

Have an awesome night!



This is only a test.

Nov 30, 2011 | Source:

Where should I work today? It’s fire alarm testing day so working from home is not recommended (trust me). Since the weather is kinda blah I was thinking about hitting the PATH (Toronto’s underground walkway/mall) and checking out holiday stuff. I’m fully equipped with my own wifi hotspot (Thanks Telus!) so I can set up shop pretty much anywhere. Once I get dressed and out the door of course…


I’m ready for a downtown adventure. 🙂



It’s been so beautiful out the last couple days.My week has been pretty chilled out which makes me reallllly happy. Everyone needs  a break once in a while. I wasn’t outside for long yesterday but I did have a charming stroll in the sunshine mixed with a few short Bixi rides (thanks Telus).

Was almost ‘unplugged’ all say Sunday while we watched a marathon of movies eating Chinese takeout. Perfect day if you ask me. So good to disconnect once in a while. I’ll be less connected next week but not offline.

Decidedly detoxing right now (sugar, carbs, drinking lots of water) so I’m cleansed & ready for nine full days of surf, sun, sand and yoga starting this weekend. I booked a room in a 1920’s mansion turned hotel for my first night before I get to Anamaya Resort. Yeowwww.

This is going to be me: 

My mouth is watering just thinking about fresh fish, bowls of fruit, salty skin and the smell of the ocean. The more I read about CR, I think I might fall in love.

Pure love. Pura vida!

* Actual Hipster Mermaid wig via Lauren O’Nizzle!



Construction season. Looking forward to winter, as much as I don’t like being cold, I love staying inside where it’s warm and working on things. A blog makeover is coming. If you have any suggestions in design or functionality, LMK. (Mum, that’s “met me know”)

This weekend I started testing out a new phone, HTC Status. I’ve had one HTC before but I’ve been hooked on Motorola Androids for the last year at least. This new HTC unit has a front facing camera (yay) but no flash (boo). It has a full keyboard and looks like a Blackberry but the touch screen is a bit small. The DEFY I had previous was sturdy and had a good camera but sometimes it would be slow & freeze when typing. Of all the Androids I’ve tried, the Motorola Milestone was my fav. We were such good friends.

Things that are most imoprtant to me in a phone are good camera, flash, easy to type, Google sync contacts, email accounts, favourite apps (WordPress, Twitter etc). Nice to have are front facing camera, video editing and dual core processor. I could never go back to blackberry. Cue this song, nice mix. When she was great, I thought she was great.

I was cutting up some broccoli for snack just now and sliced a sharp knife into my right hand middle finger by accident. It’s not that bad but there’s a bit of blood and I’m short one resource when typing. I’ve been thinking heaps about iPhone lately. I can’t stop thinking about it to be honest.

I think I’m ready to move on with someone new and that someone is an iPhone. I’m having a hard time holdingback my feelings.  It’s so natural. ♥