Over the next few weeks I’m pulling the details for a newsletter I’ll be sending out in January called Behind the Blog. It’s for anyone with e blog or online business interested in learning about creating content, managing a website, having an online business, or other tech stuff like apps and gadgets. I won’t spam you and I really hope I can send it twice a month. Somehow when I am the busiest I feel like I should add another task to my life. I feel like sharing this information with you will help me be more organized. I’d love for you to subscribe/share.

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It’s so nice out today. Left the house early w/ Sean to get the new car sorted. I love the new trucks sunroof and he loves everything else.

Still reading The Best Kind of People by Zoe Whittal. It’s good, nominated for the Giller Prize which is awarded on Monday.

We grabbed breakfast at a cute little spot called Pheasant Table after picking up a couple magazines.

I love how cute Emma Stone looks on the cover of Vogue with a pixie. I don’t think she actually cut it but not 100% on that.

Last night I got a tattoo! Ok not a real one but a semi-perm that lasts 2 weeks by Inkbox. It’s for the election. Can you guess what it is????! Look closely. 

Went cruising in the East end and to the beach at Cherry Point. (Which apparently now being ‘Lower East Side) The sun felt so nice on my face. The leaves are all different colours and falling in the breeze. The water was cool but the air is warm.

 I love this city so much. I also love the sunroof? Did I mention that. It’s so great for taking photos out of 🙊!!!

We might go to the cottage for a couple days but if we don’t, won’t mind enjoying the weather downtown.

Hopefully you are out soaking up some of this great weather. Looks like it’ll be 10+ degrees most the week! ☀️🤗💛


I’ve had a really great time on Twitter the last 24hours. Sometimes people say ‘Twitter is dead’ but that goes right out the damn window when there’s a live event.

The Twitter chat Daniel and I hosted with Kobo was a trending topic in Toronto and then Canada last night earning 3 million+ impressions. Then, after the chat I tuned in for the World Series Game 7 to see the Cubs win and HOLY COW what a game. I am happy the Cubs won bc my friend Tony Pierce aka @busblog is a die hard fan. ⚾️ 🏆

This morning I watched Cam, Head of Comms at Twitter, chat about the election on CTV. I felt like last night was a preview of the tweet storm about to go down on Tuesday night when the US gets a new President. I’ve been invited by Twitter Canada to watch it at their office and I can’t wait. Casie Stewart Live from The Nest! I’ve shared my love for live event tweeting for over six years from my days tweeting Jersey Shore & The Hills at Much/MTV, to every award show since, the Olympics, Superbowl, The Bachelorette, and more. It’s gonna be really intense.

I just watched this video andI’d like to thank my old friend (and apparently new neighbour!) Christine Estima for this performance. I’m spending the afternoon writing and organizing the book I’ve been working on because THIS YEAR I AM DAMN DETERMINED TO DO IT. I signed up for NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) and I’m MAKING IT HAPPEN. Watch this video, it’s 5min that will hopefully stick with you, it has with me.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/apKT5zP2L2w”]

Sending sunshine through the internet for you.



Honesty, I woke up this morning and put on Michael Buble’s Christmas album with NO SHAME. Ripped the halloween decorations off the walls and mirrors. I’m ready for the season! I won’t rush putting up all the decorations just yet but I won’t hold back the spirit!

One of my fav Christmas albums is She & Him. When Sean and I started dating, I remember him singing ‘Baby It’s Cold Outside’ to me at our first christmas saying I should stay a little while longer.  So much love in the air this time of year. Still swooning 6 years later! ❤️🎄🎁

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/iigfts-sJFg?list=RDRz4oG4eh5J0″]

On Thursday eve I’m going to Saks/Hudson Bay for the Christmas Tree lighting and holiday window reveal. AND in a christmas miracle twist MARIAH CAREY WILL BE THERE TO LIGHT THE TREE.


I can’t wait. It’s only a matter of time before we bust out this wonderful ‘Togetherness Sweater’ that TOMS X Target sent a couple years ago.

Last year Netflix sent over THIS amazing Christmas Sweater feat. Bill Murray.

Here’s to kicking off the holiday season!

I’m excited. Can you tell!? 🎄🎁👼🏼🎅🏼




Back in April I worked with Kobo and got my first eReader. TBH I Hadn’t really ready any books in ages and thought, maybe this is my gateway to the love of reading I’ve kinda lost. Well, it was. This is the kind of brand partnership work I truly love, something that fits perfectly. I read heaps of books growing up and since getting my Kobo I’ve read more in 5 months than I have in 5 years.

I can’t deny my love this little thing!  ❤️Its been on all my trips, spent summer at the cottage, and is often found in my purse. I read 10 books on it over the summer alone. This weekend I finished my 12th book since April. I will always love paper books, I’ve got stacks, but there’s this new joy for e-reading that I’ve really come to enjoy.

So, onto the next bit of info on how YOU can get a Kobo eReader too. Daniel (dothedaniel.com) and I are hosting a 1 hour Twitter Party with Kobo to celebrate the Giller Prize nominees on Wednesday this week at 8pm.

Pour yourself a cuppa and join in the fun. We’ve got 6 Kobo eReaders to give away!

twitter-party-invite, kobo, gillerprize

REGISTER for the Twitter Chat on Wednesday at 8pm ET

Also, if you’re feeling creative and want an extra shot at a Kobo eReader and $500 – write a haiku inspired by any of the 6 books on the 2016 Giller Prize shortlist. I’m currently reading The Best Kind of People and this is my haiku poem entry.

you will never know
terror hiding behind walls
of a broken heart

by Casie Stewart



screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-22-39-amLast week I was so exhausted but after a weekend of naps and relaxing, I feel so much better. We went out for a mini-halloween on Friday and took the rest of the weekend off. I’m usually ALL ABOUT Halloween but this year, I was too dang tired.

Travelling the last month has been great but it started to catch up with me the last couple days. I was feeling sick, tired, sad, discouraged. I often ring mum on days like that and she reminds me to take a nap and not be too hard on myself. Almost every single time I feel like giving up and ‘getting a real job’, something great is around the corner.

This year I’ve signed up for NaNoWiMo (National Novel Writing Month) after a few unsuccessful attempts over the last 5 years. The goal is to write a novel in 30 days with a little bit each day.

screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-22-03-amI’ve been working on a 10 year blog/book thinger for years a while and I’m determined to have it done by the end of 2016. I’ve got the framework all together and I just to actually sit in a quiet room and WRITE. Winter is always my ‘hibernation station’ time to focus and set goals for the upcoming year.

I don’t have any trips planned till after Christmas so this month is all about self care and spending quality time at home and with my computer.

Being on the go is a really exciting but part of my life but I also really love being at home writing on my computer. I’ve got heaps of stories to share so I hope you’ll stick along for the ride.

Here’s to a great week!

With love,

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Last week I was in Arizona doing something I love, documenting my trip on my new iPhone and taking an adventure with friends to somewhere I’ve never been. Tech and travel have always been something I really enjoy so I’m always trying to bring more of those into my life.

RBC has a great new app for people who also like these things, like you, called RBC Rewards. The app is now avail on iOS and Android and allows you to do things like book flights, hotels, cars, or shop for your fav tech stuff at best Buy or Apple. best part is you can redeem your RBC Rewards points for all this stuff.  The app will also reco products and show you offers based on interests. iOS users can use Touch ID to sign in.

Sean uses his RBC Business Avion card so he’s racked up a ton of points. We used RBC Rewards to bring a friend with us to LA a couple years ago. Knowing he can now use those points via the app at the Apple Store mean one thing…iPhone Upgrade!

My Fav Perks of the RBC Rewards App

  • – Search/book flight, hotel, car rentals, using a mix of points + cash
  • – Shop Apple & Best Buy w/ points + cash
  • – Use points for RBC Rewards merch and GCs
[metaslider id=38363]

My mum has been an RBC customer for as long as I can remember so in my research I asked if she uses their rewards program, and she does! Something she was really excited to tell me was how she uses Payback with Points to redeem points toward her RBC Rewards credit card.

“As a world leader in mobile technology, RBC is committed to innovation and pushing the boundaries of what is possible in order to meet the evolving expectations of our clients,” Jacquelina Calisto, Vice President, Digital & Commercialization, RBC

All of the major banks in Canada are represented in our house and knowing we can fully take advantage of the new RBC Rewards app  is pretty great. We all work hard for that money so getting something back always puts a smile on my face. I love when I go to Shoppers or Sephora and can shave a few $$ off my total or get a few extra goodies. Now I’m thinking where we’re gonna travel next…

With RBC you earn points on ALL your purchases then can redeem for tech, travel and more using the RBC Rewards App. To learn more about the RBC Rewards app visit rbc.com/rewardsapp.


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of RBC. All opinions are my own!





I loved Twitter’s Vine app. I used it heaps when it first came out and have 200+ thousand views and 400+ videos. Yesterday Twitter announced it’s shutting the app down (and cutting 9% of global staff).

This is a good reminder, it’s not about the platform, it’s about the content.

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As someone who’s been on the internet, making stuff for over a decade I’ve seen a lot of apps have their rise to fame, go viral, get a huge user base, then die.

Lets look back at 12secondstv, I was one of their top users and in 2010 they got bought by AOL and closed up shop. I made short videos of almost everything I was doing and posted them on the app. Around the same time I’d been an active user on Dailybooth, a website where you shared a photo of yourself everyday (mostly from your computer webcam). When Instagram came out, nobody needed Dailybooth anymore, there was a new app with filters right in your phone. Dailybooth died in 2012.

[arve url=”https://youtu.be/tqjzLAPV1Do”]

Anyone remember Viddy? I hung out with the founders in 2013 at CES in Vegas and joined the app right away. It was the video version of Instagram!  Justin Bieber and bunch of celebrities used it all the time. Then, one day, Instagram added video. It was game changer. In months Viddy was done. Users jumped ship to an app they were already on to share content to an existing audience.

“it’s not about the platform, it’s about the content”


Here are a few of my fav Vines from my channel and the Internet. I hope you enjoy. As a reminder, keep making good content and try all the platforms to see what is out there.


LADA GAGA SCARES LEO – Remember this? OOP!

[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/iMAHYTw00bH”] [arve url=”https://vine.co/v/inAiBuI6UOX”]


[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/e6nLQQuYJPn”]

SPIRIT ANIMAL – 2 shots of vodka ‘free pour’

[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/Oj3Hve1TXtK”]

LLAMA BE CRAY – This is funny. IDK. Lulzing too hard to type.

[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/MiAMY06TDUY”]

TREEHOUSE – April and I stayed at a treehouse with no running water in the dead of winter. I woke up in the middle of each night to fuel the fire so we didn’t freeze. I also brought smoke grenades.

[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/ihjjxlpXjwl”]

ONE OF MY FAV VINERS – Honestly. She is so funny.

[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/5MMUvZguKLr”]

LOVE THIS ONE – Like you a lot.

[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/Mn9bBTQp71V”]

FAV VINER – kyttenjane is so talented.

[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/e2dEx2miTlY”]

QUEEN BEY @ MTV VMAS – Beyonce, you saw it. No words. Well done Vine with this.

[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/5ep1AmTiblW”]

X-FILES – Rhys Darby is from New Zealand too and when I saw him on X-Files I loved it. He was a lizard man morph working in a mobile phone store and had a funny line.

[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/iJAnLW9PMmE”]

If you have never been to the jungle or want to remember what it sounds like, listen to this a few times. (Montezuma, Costa Rica)

[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/iIbU3TedAxK”]


IN CAR – Cottage drive feat. GRIMES

[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/eVL6ODVwq7Y”]

WILDFOX – Cherry on top! 🍒

[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/i1dEqMw9MZ6″]

DUBSTEP NONNA – Does your nonna make fresh past to dubstep? In my world she does.

[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/igTFAemiqi9″]


I really hope Twitter never dies, I will be so heart broken. Thanks Vine for all the great times. You will be missed. RIP in the app graveyard with all my other old pre-loved apps.

On that note, keep your eyes and ears peeled for great content opportunities. You never when you’re gonna meet a goat and get 100k views in a day. 

[arve url=”https://vine.co/v/iFwEwdlgv9A”]


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