Name Change, Storia, the visual storytelling app

Name Change, Storia, the visual storytelling app

There’s a new look for the app Storia, formally known as Selfish. Ā Over the past few months I’ve been in a small group of beta testers helping to improve the app beforeĀ they launch in the app store. Aside from the name change, they’ve added faster image uploads, more collaboration options and they’re about to releaseĀ better offline support, and font editing.

For me, the name change is a big thing. Y’all know love sharing and so sharing an app called selfishĀ felt a little backwards. Storia isĀ for collaborating on stories with others and sharing things around a topic. A few thingsĀ I’ve been documenting in the app are travel adventures, behind the scenes of recent shoots, snippits from the blog, and spring style. My blog and travel stories are authored only by me but a bunch of my others, like spring style have collaborators.

A new look for @storiaapp via @casiestewart A new look for @storiaapp via @casiestewart

Currently the app is only available on iPhone in Canada and Russia. It’ll be on Android soon. It’s been cool working with an app while in beta and then seeing it launch. Our small group has given heaps of feedback and seeing those changes come to lifeĀ is pretty neat. You can check it out by using the webĀ version at Would be cool to collaborate on a story with you. If you wanna join my blog story, you’re welcome! Could use some more peeps in the fashion for sure. šŸ™‚


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