Morning Commute for a Change

Morning Commute for a Change

It’s amazing how much you forget how to take the subway when you haven’t in a while. This morning I went from Dundas West to Summerhill and somehow made three mistakes along the way, wrong stop, wrong way, wrong side. 

What a n00b! I’m nearly done my book on Kobo so I guess that’s the real reason. 

I use do take the subway to work at my first job in Toronto. About an hour each way from Broadview to Yorkdale. It was worth it because I wanted to work in fashion SO BAD and this was my foot in the door at a really big private retail company. 

It’s so weird when you catch eyes with someone on the subway. Quick, look away. 

Typing on my phone is a great way to stay entertained. Almost done my coffee but I’m here now. Took way longer than I expected. Should have taken an Uber. It’s not as close to the subway stop as I thought, I really screwed up these directions but it’s pretty nice out today. ☀️