Marketing is Dead. Strategy is Dead.

Learned a bunch the last few days at FITC but what really stuck with me was the very last session I went to by Jason Theodor about creativity and how to create more, better different. I have some great notes from the conference I’ll be formulating into a piece an article TAXI. Feeling inspired!

This UK stud is from Tumblr – OH CASIE

Read this article “Marketing is dead” by Kevin Roberts, CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide. I’ve been a Saatchi fan for as ling as I can remember. Passion for advertising and design started very young. Anyhoo, here’s an excerpt, read the whole thing on The Drum UK here. I reckon you’ll enjoy it.

“We don’t just live in a VUCA world – a volatile, uncertain, ambiguous and complex world – we live in a super VUCA world. We live in a vibrant world where our kids are connecting to each other and to brands across the world with no money involved. To us this is a world that’s gone crazy.

“Strategy is dead. Who really knows that is going to happen anymore in this super VUCA world? The more time and money you spend devising strategies the more time you are giving you rivals to start eating your lunch.

“Management is dead. To win today you need a culture and an environment where the unreasonable power of creativity thrives. Ideas are today’s currency not strategy. Martin Luther King did not say ‘I have a vision statement’ did he? He had a dream. You have to make sure you have dreams and your brand also needs a dream.”

In other news, posted a bunch of bearded babes to my Pinterest board yesterday. If you’re into that, you’ll be REALLY into it. Enjoy the day!



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