If I had a billion dollars…

Ok, I know the Facebook + Instagram thing is ‘so yesterday’ like Mandy Moore but it has totally sparked my interest a VC funding and who’s gonna buy what next. I have a feeling that Google is going to make a move, talk about Google+ is all over the place but who is really using it? I do, kinda, when I upload photos to Picasa but I’m not accessing it directly. Did you hear that Microsoft bought Netscape? NETSCAPE? Some millennial monsters won’t even know what that IS!

I have a feeling Blackberry is working on something, possible a merger or acquisition of or by another company. Maybe Google? I’m just thinking out loud, and by out loud I mean here. My thinking place. I wanna get them in writing just in case I’m correct, Gary Vaynerchuck predicted the Instagram/Facebook thing months ago. Feel free to pipe in any moment with your own thoughts. Maybe Google will buy Pinterest and integrate it into their newly added larger profile photos a la Facebook timeline. Who knows? Who cares really. The internet is our playground 🙂

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Made a cameo in a friend’s vid about the Facestagram thing:



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