My Blog is 12 years old in a month. Here are some thoughts I have about blogging.

My Blog is 12 years old in a month. Here are some thoughts I have about blogging.

Someone asked me the other day ‘If I knew what blogging would turn into now would I do it over?’ These questions are kinda dumb because they could never happen and are totally hypothetical in an alternate reality that doesn’t exist.  

HOWEVER…I don’t think I’d start now if I hadn’t started over a decade ago. Not for the thousands of hours at events and meeting people, or what feels like a million nights alone at my computer. Sometimes my hands actually hurt from scrolling. BUT maybe I would for the trips and the stuff, if I tally it up it really does seem kinda glamorous. I feel like that though, is why a lot of people start these days which is totally backwards. It also shows when you try that hard, it looks desperate. Clinging to any ol’ brand that’ll throw you (budget) bone or some free face cream. 

A blog isn’t just a money maker, a way to get ‘free stuff’, it takes a lot of work. I only started making money in the last couple years, and for most of the years I made less than zero many months and other jobs kept me afloat. (BTW, I still have other jobs, I’m producer/director at the 1188 studio and have a speaker agent)

It was always a hustle and I thought about quitting so many times that I never even told you about. 

I started a blog to keep a diary about my life because I have a sh*t memory and to be honest, I was drinking a lot at the time and I would always forget things. These days, I scroll past posts on IG or FB and literally shake my head saying ‘what the f*ck?’  Someone promoting healthy one day and then fast food the next, or every alcohol, and every brand of shoes. How the hell do you build brand loyalty or a voice with that type of behavior? I haven’t stopped thinking bout this great post by Jay Strut a couple weeks ago where he mentioned ‘cement influencer’ and I spit out my tea.

Then there was this one…☕️🐸

If guess if I was going to start now I’d start because I had something to say or wanted to see a change, be the change. 

Maybe I’m getting old or just getting over it. I miss when people used to write about things they loved or how they felt. Maybe the best thing I can do is be what I want to see in the world. Be even more honest in my posts, by that I mean writing about my life more like I used to. The days I don’t wanna can’t leave my house or are overwhelmed. When something really exciting happens. 

My blog is 12 years old in April and I think it’s about time I started writing more. 

Thank you for listening to me and helping me build my voice over the years. I love hearing from you so don’t feel you have to hide behind the screen, I’m here. I’m always here, on the other side of the internet.