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so, you wanna get a job in social media? (or any job)

This has come up in conversations a couple times over the last few weeks. There are lots of jobs out there and with the openness of the internet, you can find them and they can find you. You know I’m really big on attitude and positivity. As a former recruiter, I give you a couple things to think about. Now, to me, this stuff seems common sense but I’ve seen otherwise.

You have to think like an employer, if they Google you and find your blog, twitter, FB, what type of feeling are they gonna get from you? How are they going to perceive your attitude as a potential employee?

Here’s a couple things NOT to do:

  • tweet/blog about how hard of a time you are having finding a job
  • tweet how hard up you are for money
  • Complain on your blog about how life is hard/how busy you are doing nothing
  • Whine about not hearing back from an interview
  • Complain about not having a job
  • BE NEGATIVE (downer)

Here’s a couple things TO do:

  • Follow positive people who have jobs you’d like to have; learn from them
  • Blog about things related to jobs you’d like to have
  • Blog/tweet about things you’ve done that would be assets to a company
  • Think about how good it will feel to have a new job
  • Read articles and comment about them
  • follow hashtags about jobs/hiring/your field
  • attend tweetups & meetups in your area

There ARE dream jobs out there I promise! I got myself into the job I wanted and I have other friends that have done it too ex. Erin, Abby, Crystal,ย  Zack.ย  Erin just published this post on Make Work Meaningful about working at a startup and finding that dream job, I recommend checking it out.

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