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it’s not always easy but it’s always fun

“i can’t write today somethings wrong i can’t smile today life is a sad song my heart hurts so does my foot in my shoe, today is a sad day without you. “

This is a little poem published in my book in 1996. I’m working on getting that site up so you can see all the good stuff I did when I was a teeny-bopper. It runs through my head when I get writers block, prime example…today.

I hate the days when I have so many thoughts I can’t even get them down. If I have to think too much about what to write I save a draft and start something new and random then see where it goes.ย  I’ve composed three today. My mind is racing with excitement about projects and a few other things. I’m really looking forward to Wired Wednesday tonight. I feel like I weird Wednesday right now.ย  Didn’t bike today, my dress is too pretty.

Dating: UK men vs Canadian men from Muireann Carey-Campbell on Vimeo.

I’ve met some really rad girls in the TO blogging scene. I want to share a video of Muireann from Bangs and Bun. I watched it today and I have a crush on her accent. We’re having brunch Sunday and I’m gonna let her do most of the talking!

Exploring Cycling from KeriCDN on Vimeo.

Keriย  is the Canadian Explorer and I love reading about her adventures. Karly writes ‘Oh, hey there‘ a Tumblr blog. The girls have all become my friends on Twitter and I enjoy reading their blogs.ย  Check ’em out!

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