down with the sickness: part two #throat

I could feel it coming on last night and should have done this before bed. It’s ok, one day of Mum’s remedies and I’ll be all better.

Have a sore throat?  Want it to GTFO of your life? Here’s watcha do. (Mum, GTFO = get the fuck out)

Get some ground sage and 2 large mugs
Boil the kettle
Put sage in mug, pour water over
Let sit until sage sinks to bottom and it cools down
Strain tea into another mug leaving sage in mug 1
Make sure it’s not too hot
Go gargle with it
Repeat all day
Feel better

Mum had us do this as kids and because of it we hardly ever missed school (thanks Mum!). BTW Sage will also soothe hurting gums, cankers, irritated larynx and vocal cords.

While you’re in the kitchen boiling that kettle, throw some fresh ginger in a mug and drink it.

Down With the Sickness Part 1 is for common cold. It’s instructions on how to Thyme Bath your way to healthy. See that post right here!



  1. E1e
    December 7, 2010 / 9:59 pm

    I hear four days on a warm beach is supposed to be good for a sore throat too! Feel Better!

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