i write things down so i don’t forget

You never know what kind of day it’s gonna be. You never know if it’s gonna be a good day or a bad day.  Who decides?You decide. Things happen that affect your mood , make you change how you feel . They  affect you or they don’t. Today I went to text Twitter and say “today’s gonna be a good day”. Went down the elevator. Glasses on, walk to my bike and started riding, Backed up to take this photo.

Cruised around the corner smiling and a man almost hit me from a side street. He wasn’t looking. Should have dinged my bell but I yelled “HEY” and threw my hand in the air. He was a dark skinned black man who was heavy set with white eves in a red Tony Danza van. It scared me but I kept riding..  I saw him again so I started making a video and kept riding.

In Liberty Village, I saw him again just as I stopped filming. He saw me see him. I wasn’t even thinking of the handsome man I often see, then I saw him. The handsome one.  I don’t think he saw me. Arrived at work, sat down at my desk and suddenly remembered my dream for last night, The man, the one in the van, he was chasing me. He tried to get in to my condo. He was looking in the windows and jumped down from a balcony above to mine. I remember being so scared.

My boss said he isn’t coming in after saying he was going to be late. I pulled out my netbook and listened to this song. .It’s from an old Bondi beach mix. I’m not sure what it’s called or who it’s by, but I like it. Joeph Dee’s tweet inspired the title of this video. Today’s gonna be a good day.



  1. e1e
    August 20, 2009 / 12:47 pm

    I like that song…lets dance!!!

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