8am, no problemo. Smilin’ & stylin’ in the sunshine w/ Brock before going to Rogers Daytime show. I’ve not seen it yet, I can’t seem to find it, PRV recorded a totally different Daytime show. Oh well. It was 2 seconds NBD.

TV time, duck game face.

This little one’s mama was on TV and she was pointing and saying “mama” to the TV. It was adorable. I hope my kids get to say that one day (my own show prefered just for the record).

Somebody was here…

Ally & Shannon chatting up the auction & Nella Bella live. I’m creepin.

HI MUM! Hope you are loving the Bahamas, I’m just going on TV and being in the WSJ, nothing too out of the ordinary going on here. Miss you xo

On the way home I saw this stylish lady in Yorkville waiting for the bus. Fur coat, big glasses, black lipstick. Gaga in 30 years, minus waiting fr the bus. (or not? No.)

Valentights. Lover tights. Love you long leg time.

Saw this from Virgin Mobile, for your valentine. Reminded me of this one time in grade school, I wrote a MEAN valentine to a boy who liked me, it was grade 4.

I made it myself and on the inside in hard pencil it said “I HATE YOU”. I signed my name. I got in big trouble. Like huge. Who sign’s their OWN name? Duh.

Anyhoo, came home to this huge package from Netflix Canada. So nice, thanks guys!

Slippers, free Netflix subscriptions and all kinds of score cards/bingo for the upcomingOscars. Who is coming to my Oscar party/joining my cult?

Getting mail is one of my favourite parts of my job. So is sharing it. I put together a few of these cards in packages and gave them away to my concierge, friends etc.

The dress I wore for the Love a Heart Auction was made by Peach Berserk.

Hot pink + silk screen printed with real hearts & heart monitor thingeys.

This is Kingi, she is the Peach Bersek leading lady.Twitter: @peachykingi.

You need to go into her shop, it’s the brighest most fun burst of colour, creativity & energy around. Especially THIS time of year. It will make your day, any day. Thank you Kingi for designing this dress just for me to wear that night. I love you.

Hi Raymi!

I sold for $350 which was part of the $8,000 that was raised that night. If I do that again I wanna go at the very end. There were lots of people, the band was great and it was really fun.

Post auction I changed into another Peach Berserk dress, one I had made a couple years ago in the Andy Warhol + Edie Sedgwick print. I love it. Love your jacket too @jgdnr.

I’m waiting on the photos from Friday’s GenYTO dance party fun-fest. Will post when I get them. I hope you are doing something special today to put love into your heart & head.

Happy Valentines Day xo


green scarf fron france that matches my eyes, the heater on, prince perry shirt, social media week sticker, mascara, orange hat from someone i love.

tv remote, a gold angel (thry are everywhere), vintage orange bead necklace, motorola milestone & bakflip android phones, a black metal stapler, the wall street journal with me in it from earlier this week, casiestewart.com biz card, virgin provocateur biz card, a plastic bag, headphones, pink heart shaped glasses, my laptop robert, my ipad andy, a robot, glitter, watter bottle.

a friends jogging pants, tahnee’s old wool sweater, happy thoughts, creativity, casie ring over a special tattoo, my retainer.

a long red wig.

a red crystal heart, a view of the airport, a burn on my finger, thoughts of you.

i think this might be a new series,  there’s always clothes & gadgets around here.

today i really need to clean my room.


Say hi to the babes, Keri, Brown Barbie, O’Nizz.

Oh you know who ate a few of these. (Clue: starts with CASE, ends in EEEEE)

Is social media more art or science? I debated ART.

To me, social media IS an art. Sure you can get ‘formula’ for peak times to tweet or try to follow a ‘method’ but that doesn’t mean shit if you’re not creative. If you’re not artistic with your message (whatever or wherever it you’re selling it), people ain’t gonna buy it. You will be more successful in this new industry if you take risks and be artistic. Everything I have done/do to build my brand is driven by creativity.

Debate winner: Rob Campbell aka @smojoe!

We didn’t win the mass debate but we DO have cool blogs.

michaelnus.com | this girl| keriblog.com

I’m talking about #roboTO at this very moment. Look at that passion. It’s a party coming up that I started so we can all make robot costumes and have fun. Stay tuned. That’s how I won the final round of the debate.

There was a creepy dude at the end that hijacked the whole conversation and mentioned 3D p0rn. So weird. Mugshot here.

Sabrina looked at me from across the room and said “I want the pink buddha”. Then I won it for her. She derves it. He’s at our house laughing right now.

This is so very cute, girl had a nice outfit. Proud of you Moffitt, brother.

Look at everyone smiling in this photo. That’s good stuff right there.

Then we went home and had a girl party.

In other news, THIS pretty much makes MY LIFE. Click to open this in a new window and prepare to be amazed.


Sometimes I feel like I need a break, from you, Internet. It’s not you it’s me. I get overwhelmed by just how intense our replationship is. We’re always together. We know what each other are up to, where I am, who I’m with, where I’m going and everything I’ve got planned. You know all my thoughts left in drafts and all the things I didn’t say.

The next week is full of work so it’s not the time to make any changes in our relationship just yet. The week after that I’m going to San Juan for a week and I want to take a break. I hope you won’t be upset with me. I’m gonna take that week to reflect on all the things we’ve done this year. There is so many. I was just thinking about how each day of our lives together has been documented and I want to cherish that. Do you ever go back and look?

After our ‘break’ we’ll have missed eachother so much that we can get started fresh again and take on the new year. Love, I’m taking you to LA for a week over New Years and we’ll be spending lots of time together there. I can’t wait to show you where we are staying. You will love it. Jenie is coming too and we’re all gonna have a blast.

You know I can’t quit you.



hello love, fakesy-banksy? yes i will help you.

helping this guy is funnier in my head’s animated version. you’ll see it one day.

oh hello hello, mirror mirror on the wall, these were the fairest photos of them all

i like view, i like view a lot.

hey there MO bro sean moffitt

rode a mustache, a big hairy black one on wheels. all for a good cause 🙂 #MOridesTO

santa was here, yonge street.

i love the lights. can you see the tower?

wood/ would?

in a leaf, i see you…

took these pix yesterday. by the time you’re reading this i’m on my way to the National Ballet of Canada, doing a talk to a group of students today. hi students in the class if you are reading this! feelin oretty great. woke up to new trainer on iPad with a yoga session (app is called All-In YOGA HD). magnificent that little device i tell ya. makes life more enjoyable.

the internet is awesome:)

don’t let the rain get you down.  happy monday ♥


How long have you been reading stories? Forever.

How many stories do you read a day? Where do you read them? How long are they? Who is in them? What are they doing?

What are you doing when you read them? What are you reading? Why are you reading it? How does the story make you feel?

What do you think about them? Where are you when you read it?

Think about it.
Read more.



Its a thin line that divides the ocean and the sky.
A thin line which divides you and I.
A small space.
Without a trace, feelings vanish before my eyes.
People leave to go back home and I am left here all alone.
Resting by the ocean and taking in the sky.
The waves are restless and so am I.

Written:2004 Posted: May 22, 2006

Found these old pix as I was traveling through a time warp in MSN hotmail land from 2005-2006.

I had really dark hair for a season here and there. I lived in New York and Indiana. I dated a hockey player. Seems so weird and long ago that life.

It’s crazy how much we change as time goes by. I’ve been through so many different stages and likes, habits and hobbies.

When I really think about it like now it’s quite amazing. I’m really excited for the future.

Who knows what I will get up to, my wildest dreams I guess.  I’m happy to get wiser as I get older too, make better decisions that way.

Have a great day 🙂


I will cut you.


Love this. haha. Party on Wayne!

Dead disco, dead funk, dead rock’n roll!

Aw, look at this little Lambchop. Play along. Play dead!

Titanic – drunky let the boat sink. Whoops.

Dead babies are popular. Yum.

So many people for ages…

Cute little guy.

America’s Next Dead Model


Lets do this. Here we go.

Remmeber my Guns on Plane story from the summer when I went to Boston? Read it here. Anyhooters, being calm and was careful not to pack an firearms this time. Go through customs and doing bag check and who’s line do I end up in? Oh yeah, same dude who caught me with the gun. He says ” I remember you? Any guns this time? Do I need to search your bag?” We laugh. I say no. He explains what happened and that the dude last time should really have given me back my gun, 38 special (metal necklace).  Then some other dude says “they always hassle the pretty girls”, I giggle, I’m always hassled. I gave him my card and I hope he reads this. HI, NICE SECURITY AIRPORT MAN!

Ran into Marcel next in the Molson Pub. Fancy that! He was on same flight to EL EH. The bartender took this artistic-fuzzy one. Cheers mate!

Guess who likes to sleep on planes and had TWO empty seats beside them? This girl. Snoooooooozefest. One beer prior to boarding, then pizza then gravol then comatose then almost in LA. Quizno pepperoni + cheese za was quite good.

What’s in my locket? Your heart. My heart.

i love this poem by e.e. cummings. one of my fav’s:

i carry your heart with me (i carry it in
my heart) i am never without it (anywhere
i go you go, my dear; and whatever is done
by only me is your doing, my darling)
i fear
no fate (for you are my fate, my sweet) i want
no world (for beautiful you are my world, my true)
and it’s you are whatever a moon has always meant
and whatever a sun will always sing is you

here is the deepest secret nobody knows
(here is the root of the root and the bud of the bud
and the sky of the sky of a tree called life; which grows
higher than the soul can hope or mind can hide)
and this is the wonder that’s keeping the stars apart

i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

Pretty watching the sun set on the horizon from the sky. Love that. Will be flying in to Ackland at about 7:30am so might catch the sunrising.

Lets hope it is sunny and beautiful when I arrive. There is a so called massive storm on the way. Looks like it will be more South than Auckland so imma be ok.

Remembered today that I have the ‘accent advantage’ for once, y’know, they will all talk the same and I talk Canadian. I love that. When I lived in Australia it worked out really good for me. I also thought how many cute & stylish boys are gonna be there.  How did I totally forget these two things? Haha. Really stoked to meet my girl Venus who is gonna be all up mindin’ my business and keeping me on schedule. It’s gonna make me want an assistant and driver when I get home. Hell, I want that shit already!

Have you heard this track Warhol’s Portrait of Gretzky by Hawksley Workman? Saw him perform it live at the Festival Music House during TIFF. Oh man, I LOVE IT, pretty fucking sexy.  Listened to it over and over, just got it from itunes so I can listen on plane. How was I not already in love with him?

Give a listen and make your ears happy. The actual Warhol is below.

Love you xo


“Be careful what you wish for” Mum said to me today as I was chatting her about what I’m up to. She called via Skype from the boat on the East Coast of Canada. Been a couple days since we last taked. Before she went on her sailing trip we used to chat almost daily. I would fill her on on what I’m up to. She inspires me, always has. I miss her.  Everything I’m doing r I always wanteight now… the parties, the makeup the hair the clothes. It’s all new to me.  I always wanted to be doing this stuff. Mum says luck is where preperation meets opportunity. I feel grateful. I’ve worked my ass off the last few years.

I arrived in Toronto five years ago post uni in Australia. Back then, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted to do. I just did it. I believed in myself and I worked hard at whatever it was I was doing. When I was younger I used to say I wanted to be really well known for being good at something, I wasn’t sure what it was yet.  Maybe I still don’t? Either way, I have always been determined. When I really want to do something there is little to no stopping me. Mum will for SURE tell you that. I want to interview her one day so you can meet her.  She’s not been able to read my blog much from the boat, she usually reads it daily to see what I’m up to. She said it makes her happy. It makes me happy too.

I love looking back on what I was doing previous years, same time.  Makes me dream big about what I might be doing next year. Quite looking forward to the long  flight to New Zealand, that twenty or so hours to myself is going to be magical. I wonder if there will be internet? I hope no.

Hope you are not annoyed with my TIFFing. I am excited and I will continue to be excited about my life. You should be excited for yours too. It’s the only one you will ever have.

Thank you for reading. Love Casie xo


I was a young entrepreneur.

When I was 13, in grade 8, before I had internet, I started a publishing campany called Jeans Publishing with my friend Holly and the help of our Mums. We got funding to start our business and began taking on the DIY (do it yourself) circuit around Ontario attending conferences and seimnars on evenings and weekends.  We often set up a booth to talk about what we were doing and where we wanted to go. We though it was important for young people to have their work published, we were tired of people not taking us seriously just because we were youth. So, we did it ourselves.

We started a quarterly newsletter called Jeans Material where we published young peoples work and sent it out to out to over 100 subscribers across Canada. Each subscriber paid $5 for a one year subscription and we printed them all ourselves. We were official with our ISSN which allowed the identification of our serial publication.

We wrote an anthology of poetry and prose called JEANS and in 1996 I became a Published Canadian Author. Our book launch was at the Preston Library Branch on November 7, 1996 and we sold 81 books that night. One dollar from the sale of each book went to the local womens crisis shelter. This is me presenting the cheque. Don’t laugh at my bangs, there were horrible back then.

Jeans was an acronym that stood for Junior Education & Achivement Network System (tongue twister?). I’ve hunted around the internet to find stuff about it but it was so long ago, there’s nothing. (I’m sure newspaper archives exist.) Here’s what I have kicking around the house, most our stuff back at Mum’s tucked away.

We were in heaps of papers and it makes me feel really proud to look back at it. It was a really special and inspired time for me. I did some of my best writing ever back then. Highschool is hard and this gave me a creative outlet and kept me busy. We often spoke at promary school about the importance of reading, writing and following your goals

I was nominated for a YTV achievement award in the category of Writing. I got to go the ceremony and actually sat beside NicK & Drew Lachey from 98 Degrees.  I had NO idea who they were until they went on stage and waved at my sister and I. Robyn performed, she was great.

At 16, after heaps of involvement in the community and serving a year as PR Director for the City Youth Council, I was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year for the city of Cambridge. My school was given $1,500 for new computer equipment and Darryl Sitler presented the award at a ceremony.  I went on to wint he Miss Teen 1996 pageant and completed my three year term on the City Youth Council.

I really like helping people get following their dreams as mine have always inspired me. This past year, I was a mentor for Humber College’s Personal Brand Camp and a guest speaker at Mashable’s Social Media Day in Toronto. Next week I’m doing a webinar about personal branding for the Canadian Youth Business Foundation.

If you would like to check it out see their blog post here or sign up for the webinar. I promise not to be boring