Let me tell you. Working from home is great. Well, working when you’re not on a schedule or have any deadlines and you don’t have to report to anyone. Working on Tweeting your friends, replying to emails of interest, attending blogging events, videos, celebrating yourself and your friends…it’s a tough life.

I woke up yesterday and put on Zombie makeup. It was lovely. I went to Sobeys to get groceries, got the mail and received a package from the concierge.

Scared some new neighbor and the cleaning lady. It was so fucking fun. Me, alone, Zombie by day, not even Halloween yet. I love me when I do things like that. Like really live it out. Make the most.

I started this draft a while ago and now it’s already almost 2pm. I have a meeting and haven’t showered even gotten dressed yet or washed my hair.

Karrera took all these photos. I just made a scary movie.

Working at home is harder than I thought…

When you love what you do it’s not really work.


I started this blog in 2006 so that I could remember more stuff. I found I was always forgetting and a couple friends started to get annoyed, as did I.

Now, I love this blog, I love it everyday. I look back in time and be reminded of people, places, things, and thoughts; stories from Mum, travelmovies I saw, genius ideas, stuff about style.

I’m proud of a couple girls I know who’ve been inspired to start their own blogs. Keep it up ladies, mama loves you!! They are: Cara’s Wild on Rice, Irie’s The Shnitz, & Katie’s Tales ans Snippets.

I finally cleaned my room and unpacked most of my stuff last night. It was great waking up to a floor I could spin around on without falling into a bunch of boxes.

I hope you all have a really great day.


I guess we all do.

The book’s not many pages, some with only pictures of wild things and a rumpus. What’s is a rumpus really? We all remember the book and love it. Loved it. My mum hated it at first, not feeding the child his dinner and then the monsters.

Saw Where the Wild Things Are in IMAX last night.

Cruised Chapters before the movie and read the soft cover  to refresh my mind. In my memory it was a wild adventure of excitement, travel  and friendship. After twenty years, I only  remembered a feeling and not much of the storyline. The book is surprisingly short.

It was better in my mind. It  it always is. I’m glad I saw it.  We didn’t stay for the whole thing.

I know Max gets his dinner at the end. The voices were good, especially Kevin’s mom from Home Alone, Forest Whitaker and Chris Cooper (the weird kids Dad from American Beauty).  The wild thing kid is the is actually named Max in real life.

Go see it and be gentle with criticism, it will always be better in your memory. I’m really glad it’s in a movie now and would like to own a copy. The IMAX speaker & sound intro was really fun for me., it was my first time.

Keep calm and carry on wild things…

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This morning in the shower I was remembering something that happened a few years ago and feeling quite lucky.  I’ll share with you now what I remember. Mum, if I mixed it up please tell me.

I was about 12 years old and traveling home from New Zealand with Mum and Jenie. We had gone through all the checks  and boarded the plane.

I don’t remember the exact chain of events but it went something like this. We boarded and someone’s luggage boarded the plane but not the passenger. Airline, big problem. We all had to exit the plane and they had us wait in the waiting area.

The plane had come from Iraq to Australia and was picking us up in New Zealand. At the time, Irag & Oz were having bad relations.  Remember, I was only 12 when this happened so I know hardly anything about that part.

The security guys were doing massive searches on ALL our luggage. They rummaged through everything taking out  consumable products like gum, candy, lotions, makeup and tossed them in the garbage bin. I asked the security guard for piece of his gum. He gave me one, it was cinnamon.

They searched my hair, bottom of my shoes, even behind my belt! Every passenger went though the same hands on search. We found out shortly after that there WAS a BOMB ON OUR PLANE. Yep, the one  we just exited.

The bomb squad was on board taking care of it as we waited and waited and waited.  It was eight long hours  in the airport before another plane arrived to take us back to North America.

After 9/11 people really scared to fly, including me.  However, I boarded my next flight knowing I already had a bomb on a plane once in my life, the chances of it happening again are pretty slim. 😉

Traveling to see my parents this weekend out of the city.  They’re over 50 but it doesn’t even seem like it, they have young attitudes. Me, my hurting back and swollen-bee-sting-finger are quite looking forward to it. Adventure time!! I always find heaps of good stuff in the basements.  That also means your closet Mum, haha! Woohoo!

Happy Friday!


So I’m reading this book about when bee’s are extinct and then all of a sudden five people get stung around the world and it’s a huge deal. They think there’s something special about them but I’m not done the book yet so I  don’t know for sure. It’s good.

One girl is from Ontario and her name is Diana, after the Princess of Whales. I’m from Ontario and my middle name Diana  for the same reason. Another girl is from Palmerston North, New Zeland. A small town in Manawatu which happens to be where my mum was born and a heap of my family currently live. Weird.

I wanted  a new book and asked for something that I would enjoy reading  yet find intellectually stimulating. One day I went to collect our mail and sitting on the return to sender pile was this book, unmarked, unadressed. I picked it up and started reading. It was meant to be mine that day.

So today, I was sitting having a beer with a colleage, it was about 4:20 when we ordered a second. I had mentioned the book earlier and followed by saying “I haven’t been stung by a bee in a while”. I got up and knocked a nearby tree branch right away.   As I was finishing my second pint, bill paid, I felt a sharp needle like pain in my finger. Bloody hell, I’d been stung.

Moral of the story: Be careful what you wish for, thoughts become things.


Toronto is a city full constant excitement. I get messages once in a while saying it seems like TO is the city for me because we’ve always got something going on. This week, is NO exception, it’s one of the busiest times of the year when the city is filled with stars and red carpets.

Tomorrow marks the opening of TIFF and the first day of our first TEDxTO Conference.  You’ll find me at the afterparty hosted by Notable TV at Brasaii on King Street.

TED is all about ideas worth sharing and the event will be full of interesting people sharing great ideas.

To RSVP head to Notable’s registration page and get your name on the list!

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Twestival Local is on on Saturday. What is it? Around the world cities are joining together to raise money for a local charities.

Our charity is Toronto based Meal ExchangeAll the proceeds go directly to Meal Exchange with a goal of raising $5000 to facilitate 178 youth leaders and over 6250 meals being distributed. Totally awesome!

Just think about it, you’ll be on a boat, partying with Toronto’s social media community, hot DJs, deliecious free food and flowing drinks while cruising the harbourfront with a view of our beautiful city.

When you get your tickets enter promo code CASIE for $5 off.

How can you say no NOW?  YOU CAN’T!

Check out the Facebook Event page. There are some badass prizes to be won including Palm Pre (that I want to win) if you dress up as your favorite celebrity.

I have a feeling Toronto’s own Paris Hiton might just show up 😛


I can feel my allergies kicking in, been sneezing. The ride in was a fight against the wind pulling my muscles with every push. I wonder what’s for lunch today, something good I hope. The cops are the ones worst for staring at girls on bikes. Yesterday I went on a Geocaching mission with Kelly, first time but not my last time.  Gonna find one of those treasures. Wore those pants today, the ones that fit right out of the wash and stretch throughout the day. Lovely email from a friend this morning. Makes the day shine brighter.

Reminders for the Day:

1) Read your book outisde before too gets too cold.
2) Don’t bore yourself…live,  love,  write,  remember. -> go read this again.
3) You love when the sun shines through the trees and hits the bright green fresh cut grass.

Photos by Kelly Kruschel


This is my favorite quote of the day:

“There’s a lot to be said for not giving two flying fuck’s Mr. Darwin.”

It’s from my book, I’ve been reading Generation A by Douglas Coupland. I like it. It’s interesting.  He Tweets.  I quite enjoyed a this bit of the book today when one of the characters, Zack said “To cope with this realization I chose nature’s ultimate ego-preservation tool: I chose not to give a shit”.

This book had a good story to me before I even cracked the spine. I won’t tell you after I read it. I love this time of year when the seasons change. Magic.


Rain today. Calming, refreshing, inspiring. I wear earphones to block out the noise. No noise. Silence helps me connect my thoughts. Creative thoughts. Creative thoughts on making things. Making things creative.

waiting……………………………#borderlineartistic on 12seconds.tv

On the way in I saw an adorable old woman with a cane who had just placed a ‘P’ sign on the sidewalk in front of her house. There was already one car parked on the lawn. “That’ a great idea” I shouted. There are a few people around the are doing it while the CNE is on.

We wanted to do that at my old house on the Danforth during Taste of the Danforth since we lived right where the action was. We never ended up doing it because we always had friends over. They parked in the spots. I should have invited them over and said “hi friends, thanks for coming. It’s $10 to park here” . Haha, funny money.

The sun just came out. Wore two different socks today.

Happy Wednesday 🙂


i’m not sure what happened but it did. i light went on. it was a few things that lead me there. creative people around me, compliments on creative work, being surrounded by smart, successful, creative business people. thinking about ‘it’s not how good you are it’s hot good you wanna be’, one of my favorite books. i feel like i can’t really go back now. they say if you do what you love you will have success, i love doing this. i love writing and taking photos and laughing at myself and remembering thing things i forget.  it makes me happy to do social good; social good in funness, good causes, good people.

i stayed up all night. learning about things. reading blogs, commenting. drawing in sketchbook.when i have an idea i write it down. i’ve found some neat stuff lately and most i’ve posted on my tubmlr blog. it’s all the things i find around the internet that i don’t put here but like to share.

i read a great article called ‘the 7 vices of highly creative people, posted on salon.com, Feb. 9, 200o. i know i have my vices and bad habits, but i have good ones too. read it here.

“If you go through life free of bad habits, you won’t live forever, but it will feel like it. ”

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You never know what kind of day it’s gonna be. You never know if it’s gonna be a good day or a bad day.  Who decides?You decide. Things happen that affect your mood , make you change how you feel . They  affect you or they don’t. Today I went to text Twitter and say “today’s gonna be a good day”. Went down the elevator. Glasses on, walk to my bike and started riding, Backed up to take this photo.

Cruised around the corner smiling and a man almost hit me from a side street. He wasn’t looking. Should have dinged my bell but I yelled “HEY” and threw my hand in the air. He was a dark skinned black man who was heavy set with white eves in a red Tony Danza van. It scared me but I kept riding..  I saw him again so I started making a video and kept riding.

In Liberty Village, I saw him again just as I stopped filming. He saw me see him. I wasn’t even thinking of the handsome man I often see, then I saw him. The handsome one.  I don’t think he saw me. Arrived at work, sat down at my desk and suddenly remembered my dream for last night, The man, the one in the van, he was chasing me. He tried to get in to my condo. He was looking in the windows and jumped down from a balcony above to mine. I remember being so scared.

My boss said he isn’t coming in after saying he was going to be late. I pulled out my netbook and listened to this song. .It’s from an old Bondi beach mix. I’m not sure what it’s called or who it’s by, but I like it. Joeph Dee’s tweet inspired the title of this video. Today’s gonna be a good day.