Saw this on O’Nizzle’s blog today and I dig it. Think you will too. What do you do to be creative?

I like to let my mind wander. I like long walks by myself. I like to play outside. I love my sketchbook. I like to draw with pastels. I cut up old clothes and make new ones. I call old friends. Classical music. Reminding myself I can do anything. Cleaning my closet. Coffee. Painting. Dancing with arms over head. Writing is especially fun for me. I like poetry, reading, writing mostly. Photography & close up shots on the camera. Old music & fun memories. I like watching Annie Hall or Dead Poets Society. I enjoy sitting by the lake. Running in the rain. Friends are good too. I like to let my mind wander.

I guess you could say I’m Borderline Artistic.


It is a sight to be seen, a scene worth attending.

Magnificent in nature. Impressive in size and appearance. Majestic, dignified, grandeur.

Painters, painting. In the middle of an open room…

…where people look and stare.

I liked this one.

This was a naked man in a stairwell (painting). Did not win. He asked people walking by “how do you spell descending?” it was charming, so innocent and real he was. I live for realness.

This is Simon. He’s my friend who is good looking smart, tall, and fun. He is single and I would love one of my friends to date him. He did not pay me to say this. He is one of the inventors of Art Battle/awesome.

This is me…

Levis Curve jeans | vintage long wool camel coat | motorola milestone, telus | reading a podcast, Picard | shoes from Aldo, Raymi has same | vintage knit hat | gaga round purse H&M | nella bella change purse | artsy lady beside me with paint on her pants

The artist I liked won his round and got to go to the finals. Against this girl…

Cheers for Gingers. He won, with this painting. I liked it.

I would have bid on it but I bough Courtney’s painting, she is married to Porter. I was hoping I would get to see her because I didn’t see her yet and I missed her round of painting at the start. She is preggers and they are having a baby. I’m happy for them. Being in love is a wonderful thing. I am in love every day. This is her painting…my painting.

At the end this guys painting was DESTROYED> YES DESTROYED. Look close. Laying paint on paint in  front of a crowd to eff his painting right up.

Bring on the paint. Hi Simon & cute girl.

The other inventor of Art Battle is Hinto (Chris). He is laying down the painting to be taken advantage of. It’s gonna get messed up too.

OMG, it’s paint porn.

The end.


Title is a quote by Cyril Connolly an English intellectual, literary critic and writer. I learned this today while watching Criminal Minds. I was working on a couple blog posts for my .com while publishing tumblr, posterous, twitter & facebook. I have ADD. Hey tower.

I really like that quote. I’ve been writing this blog for a while and although I have written for many other companies in different voices, the one I am most true to is my own. I began this blog to keep more memories and it started getting more popular as I got better at it.  We grew together and we are forever growing & changing. I find I’m my best when writing about something I really love & believe in. This is my life.  I can hear my Mum chuckle in my head, I’m reminded of her telling me how I loved myself and used to stare into the mirror for hours telling stories. Some things don’t change, I love me and life and I’m happy to share that light with you.

I’d like to share this too. Optimism is contageous.


Get ready for a ride, a trip into another dimention, the Haus of Gaga…

I’m watching it for the first time as I write this. If you have not seen it yet, leave a comment as you watch and we can discuss. If you have seen it I’d love to know what you think also.

The manifesto of Mother Monster. Nice hair at opening. Alien territory? Interesting. Magical proportions, I’m into it. Oooh, very vaginal & birthing, CRIPES. Lemme rewind that part…ok, yep. She’s being born.

A race within the race of humanity. This video is totally a movie. The birth of evil? Whoould it be? Um, was she just touching her vagina? The hair is beautiful. Wow.

“How can I protect something so perfect without evil?” Not possible.

Wow, she is super skinny again. Talk about motivating me. Luckily I was born this way, haha I kid.  She has bare feet. So cute. This song grows on me more and more as I hear it. She looks so little.

Loooove the skull face. Omg, want want want. Great ass on her too. I wish my boobs were smaller like hers. No product placement this time.

Born to be brave.
Atta girl Gaga, I will always love you.