It is a sight to be seen, a scene worth attending.

Magnificent in nature. Impressive in size and appearance. Majestic, dignified, grandeur.

Painters, painting. In the middle of an open room…

…where people look and stare.

I liked this one.

This was a naked man in a stairwell (painting). Did not win. He asked people walking by “how do you spell descending?” it was charming, so innocent and real he was. I live for realness.

This is Simon. He’s my friend who is good looking smart, tall, and fun. He is single and I would love one of my friends to date him. He did not pay me to say this. He is one of the inventors of Art Battle/awesome.

This is me…

Levis Curve jeans | vintage long wool camel coat | motorola milestone, telus | reading a podcast, Picard | shoes from Aldo, Raymi has same | vintage knit hat | gaga round purse H&M | nella bella change purse | artsy lady beside me with paint on her pants

The artist I liked won his round and got to go to the finals. Against this girl…

Cheers for Gingers. He won, with this painting. I liked it.

I would have bid on it but I bough Courtney’s painting, she is married to Porter. I was hoping I would get to see her because I didn’t see her yet and I missed her round of painting at the start. She is preggers and they are having a baby. I’m happy for them. Being in love is a wonderful thing. I am in love every day. This is her painting…my painting.

At the end this guys painting was DESTROYED> YES DESTROYED. Look close. Laying paint on paint in  front of a crowd to eff his painting right up.

Bring on the paint. Hi Simon & cute girl.

The other inventor of Art Battle is Hinto (Chris). He is laying down the painting to be taken advantage of. It’s gonna get messed up too.

OMG, it’s paint porn.

The end.


Title is a quote by Cyril Connolly an English intellectual, literary critic and writer. I learned this today while watching Criminal Minds. I was working on a couple blog posts for my .com while publishing tumblr, posterous, twitter & facebook. I have ADD. Hey tower.

I really like that quote. I’ve been writing this blog for a while and although I have written for many other companies in different voices, the one I am most true to is my own. I began this blog to keep more memories and it started getting more popular as I got better at it.  We grew together and we are forever growing & changing. I find I’m my best when writing about something I really love & believe in. This is my life.  I can hear my Mum chuckle in my head, I’m reminded of her telling me how I loved myself and used to stare into the mirror for hours telling stories. Some things don’t change, I love me and life and I’m happy to share that light with you.

I’d like to share this too. Optimism is contageous.


Get ready for a ride, a trip into another dimention, the Haus of Gaga…

I’m watching it for the first time as I write this. If you have not seen it yet, leave a comment as you watch and we can discuss. If you have seen it I’d love to know what you think also.

The manifesto of Mother Monster. Nice hair at opening. Alien territory? Interesting. Magical proportions, I’m into it. Oooh, very vaginal & birthing, CRIPES. Lemme rewind that part…ok, yep. She’s being born.

A race within the race of humanity. This video is totally a movie. The birth of evil? Whoould it be? Um, was she just touching her vagina? The hair is beautiful. Wow.

“How can I protect something so perfect without evil?” Not possible.

Wow, she is super skinny again. Talk about motivating me. Luckily I was born this way, haha I kid.  She has bare feet. So cute. This song grows on me more and more as I hear it. She looks so little.

Loooove the skull face. Omg, want want want. Great ass on her too. I wish my boobs were smaller like hers. No product placement this time.

Born to be brave.
Atta girl Gaga, I will always love you.


this is what we call the peanut gallery. this is the closest i’ve come to reading a book lately. that should change but i love the internet so much, why should we not have/do what we love?

here we go…

sequin lacoste number – yes, totally unconventional chic… like, no way i’m wearing that anywhere but in this very blog post mmmmm’k.

will i be wearing this when the weather warms up? i just got ruffle socks from american apparel. i have a fatal attraction to cuteness.

i would like to write like this for a brand ex. grey goose. i guess that would come with working via agency?  i am good at creative writing, you don’t even see my good stuff.  someone please let me to show off for you. i would also like to take a dance class soon.

i wanna be in magazines

top 40 high earners: top 12 are men, first woman, lucky #13, is kristen stewart. team stewart all the way. manniston is #18 and a.jolie #21. james cameron is #1.

this list make me smile cause i’m a stewart and i’m canadian. hehe.

the man is toast. hypnotic nerd gaze.

smartert than i? no.

THIS is UGG > Australia. not canadian winter you idiots. stop insulting the brand and yourself by wearing these booties in the snow/slush/rain/winter. it is not working for you, it never will. the end.

can i have one of these, pretty please?

and thank you.

what IS in a name?

Leonardo Dicaprio – Appian Way: in Italy, found a road names Appian Way while filming Gangs of New York, “the road on which the Roman Army marched as they set out to conquer the world” he thought a good name for a company starting out.

Kevin Spacey – Trigger Street Productions: names after his hometown

Clooney – Smokehouse Pictures: named after a resto across from Warner Bros. where he had all kinds of meetings

I like to draw cartoons too. Maybe one day you will see mine in magazines? I think we might.

this gets the eight of hearts: love them both. so hot.he is really dreamy in the cameron diaz vegas movie. watched it again last night. i watch lots of movies, ‘super high me’ on netflix before going through vanity fair. fun 😉

i love her face and this look. red lips, black eyes, white hair.

did she change her face?

nose, eyebrows? i dunno. maybe not.


oh mel, i rememebr the old days.

remember when mel gibson was young and hot? young pic there kinda looks like @mhp

he is such a dream boat, mark 1992. oh man i love him long time.

and brad pitt. hubba hubba.

i like that blue makeup. i think it would look cool with my hair and face.

i like this kinda house. reminds me of new zealand, of family.

in summary of this magazine: it’s beautiful. i wanna be in the hollywood issue.

in my dreams i look like this sometimes.


green scarf fron france that matches my eyes, the heater on, prince perry shirt, social media week sticker, mascara, orange hat from someone i love.

tv remote, a gold angel (thry are everywhere), vintage orange bead necklace, motorola milestone & bakflip android phones, a black metal stapler, the wall street journal with me in it from earlier this week, biz card, virgin provocateur biz card, a plastic bag, headphones, pink heart shaped glasses, my laptop robert, my ipad andy, a robot, glitter, watter bottle.

a friends jogging pants, tahnee’s old wool sweater, happy thoughts, creativity, casie ring over a special tattoo, my retainer.

a long red wig.

a red crystal heart, a view of the airport, a burn on my finger, thoughts of you.

i think this might be a new series,  there’s always clothes & gadgets around here.

today i really need to clean my room.


Say hi to the babes, Keri, Brown Barbie, O’Nizz.

Oh you know who ate a few of these. (Clue: starts with CASE, ends in EEEEE)

Is social media more art or science? I debated ART.

To me, social media IS an art. Sure you can get ‘formula’ for peak times to tweet or try to follow a ‘method’ but that doesn’t mean shit if you’re not creative. If you’re not artistic with your message (whatever or wherever it you’re selling it), people ain’t gonna buy it. You will be more successful in this new industry if you take risks and be artistic. Everything I have done/do to build my brand is driven by creativity.

Debate winner: Rob Campbell aka @smojoe!

We didn’t win the mass debate but we DO have cool blogs. | this girl|

I’m talking about #roboTO at this very moment. Look at that passion. It’s a party coming up that I started so we can all make robot costumes and have fun. Stay tuned. That’s how I won the final round of the debate.

There was a creepy dude at the end that hijacked the whole conversation and mentioned 3D p0rn. So weird. Mugshot here.

Sabrina looked at me from across the room and said “I want the pink buddha”. Then I won it for her. She derves it. He’s at our house laughing right now.

This is so very cute, girl had a nice outfit. Proud of you Moffitt, brother.

Look at everyone smiling in this photo. That’s good stuff right there.

Then we went home and had a girl party.

In other news, THIS pretty much makes MY LIFE. Click to open this in a new window and prepare to be amazed.


Sometimes I feel like I need a break, from you, Internet. It’s not you it’s me. I get overwhelmed by just how intense our replationship is. We’re always together. We know what each other are up to, where I am, who I’m with, where I’m going and everything I’ve got planned. You know all my thoughts left in drafts and all the things I didn’t say.

The next week is full of work so it’s not the time to make any changes in our relationship just yet. The week after that I’m going to San Juan for a week and I want to take a break. I hope you won’t be upset with me. I’m gonna take that week to reflect on all the things we’ve done this year. There is so many. I was just thinking about how each day of our lives together has been documented and I want to cherish that. Do you ever go back and look?

After our ‘break’ we’ll have missed eachother so much that we can get started fresh again and take on the new year. Love, I’m taking you to LA for a week over New Years and we’ll be spending lots of time together there. I can’t wait to show you where we are staying. You will love it. Jenie is coming too and we’re all gonna have a blast.

You know I can’t quit you.



hello love, fakesy-banksy? yes i will help you.

helping this guy is funnier in my head’s animated version. you’ll see it one day.

oh hello hello, mirror mirror on the wall, these were the fairest photos of them all

i like view, i like view a lot.

hey there MO bro sean moffitt

rode a mustache, a big hairy black one on wheels. all for a good cause 🙂 #MOridesTO

santa was here, yonge street.

i love the lights. can you see the tower?

wood/ would?

in a leaf, i see you…

took these pix yesterday. by the time you’re reading this i’m on my way to the National Ballet of Canada, doing a talk to a group of students today. hi students in the class if you are reading this! feelin oretty great. woke up to new trainer on iPad with a yoga session (app is called All-In YOGA HD). magnificent that little device i tell ya. makes life more enjoyable.

the internet is awesome:)

don’t let the rain get you down.  happy monday ♥


I will cut you.


Love this. haha. Party on Wayne!

Dead disco, dead funk, dead rock’n roll!

Aw, look at this little Lambchop. Play along. Play dead!

Titanic – drunky let the boat sink. Whoops.

Dead babies are popular. Yum.

So many people for ages…

Cute little guy.

America’s Next Dead Model