A couple weeks ago I sat down with Stacey from Toronto based production studio Incite Creative Media, to have a candid chat about influencer marketing and how it really works. I think there are a lot of misconceptions about this whole new world of social media/influencer/brand partnerships so I shared some things I’ve learned over the years.

Stacey asked me a few more questions than you’ll find in this video so please LMK if you want to see more. I love talking about this stuff and think that’s the only way to build a better industry.

If you have any questions I’d love to know! Comments are open!

Ever wondered where to start with Influencer Marketing? Well today we’ve got you covered with 6 insights from Toronto blogger + influencer Casie Stewart. From where to find them, to what you can expect to pay – it’s all here. Enjoy friends!  – Incite Creative Media 

We shot this at my fav local spot in the Junction Triangle (where I live), Drake Commissary. They have amazing food and the entire atmosphere is trés chic. Very Drake. I highly recommend the tomato salad, miso cauliflower, sweet potato walnut loaf, and the Sterling Road Tiramisu.


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Watch Jillea’s #MissAmericaRemix Video (Directed by Me!)

OK SO…Seeing ‘Directed by Casie Stewart & Don Allan” on this video is pretty cool! Thanks to Sean & Don (Revolver Films) for the opportunity. Was a cool experience to work my way through doing something new! All the hand lettering in the video was done by Jeff Woo.



Sean tasked me with the job of directing this and at first, I was like SURE! Then a bit of panic set in that I didn’t ‘really’ know what I was doing. Finally, his advice was just to sit down and do the work. None of us ‘really’ know what we’re doing half the time! I’ve spent enough time on set, at video shoots, and behind the scenes, plus, all the creativity I need is right in my head.

Original colour palette

I spent a few hours one Friday night working away on iPad Pro, airdropping things to my MacBook and adding them to Premiere. This step is ‘writing the directors treatment‘. Next, we met with Slate Music (label) and Jillea (artist) at Revolver Films to share the idea. They loved it! I Was really keen to use millennial pink and am so happy with how it turned out so good.

What do you think?

I look forward to more work like this, I love expanding my skills and learning as I go. I’m still working away at my iPad Letting course and am excited to put that new knowledge to work. 


Watch Sean Rip It Round the Track! #FordFathersDay

Wednesday this week I took Sean to a track with Ford Canada to giver in the Ford RS and Mustang GT. I’ve driven on tracks with Ford a few times so know just how fun it is. It really helped me learn to handle a vehicle and be a more confident driver.

Ford invited me to bring a dad in my life in celebrations of Fathers Day. Sean works really hard and I knew this would make him feel great! I only went one lap and let him take a few extra just to see the smile on his face.

Look at that genuine happiness!!


Our options to drive were Ford Mustang GT Convertible, Ford Mustang GT Fastback, and the Focus RS. The Focus RS is REALLY FAST. You’ll see Sean say it’s amazing in the video. 😜

I took lots of selfies in the Mustang Convertable, love this car AND the weather!

One of my fav things of the day was doing a ‘hot lap’ with professional drivers Darryl Timers (Ford of Canada’s Performance Driver since 2013). Our vehicles were fully stocked with GoPro’s to catch our reactions. I also woer my Snapchat specs while driving so hit play below to see a first person view of me on the track.

THANK YOU Ford and the team from National PR for a memorable experience with a fav dad in my life. We’ll continue to talk about this day for a loooooong time!

Don’t forget to say hi & love you to the dads/uncles/granddads/brothers and dad friends in your life this weekend!

Ford invited me on this trip but it wasn't a paid partnership.

LIFE TIP: If you're EVER given the opportunity to drive really fast on a track YOU TAKE IT.

Thanks Ford, Love ya!

Pro photos by Pinpoint National Photography

Video | My Top 10 Gift Ideas from UMBRA

It’s here! My video of holiday favs from Umbra! There are so many great gifts in the store I had a ton of fun making this video with the Umbra team. Please  like, comment, share. I love doing stuff like this 😉

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/zDaR7Y8gkXI”]

I’ve linked to the items below so you can check ’em out. Shipping in GTA is really quick, I ordered on Tuesday and my stuff arrived on Wednesday. Free shipping over $50. My order is unpacked and ready for some redecorating and redecorate and present wrapping this weekend!

Shop the Umbra Holiday Collection here. My top 10 below!

  1. ANIGRAM RING HOLDERS design by Sung wook Park
  2. AQUALA BATH CADDY design by Luciano Lorenzatti
  3. PENDANT SCARF HANGER design by Laura Carwardine
  4. UDOCK TABLET HOLDER design by Moe Takemura
  5. RECORD FRAME design by Umbra Studio
  6. PRISMA MIRROR design by Sung wook Park
  7. PONGO PORTABLE TABLE TENNIS design by Stephan Copeland
  8. BUDDY BOTTLE OPENER COPPER design by Alan Wisniewski
  9. SAVORE SALAD BOWL design by Denis Cheng
  10. PRISMA WALL DÉCOR design by Joel Yatscoff


Lookbook + Video: #JayuBlogged Fresh Collection SS15

Lookbook + Video: #JayuBlogged Fresh Collection SS15 via @casiestewart

A couple weeks ago I was on set at a Toronto studio w/ Canadian jewellery designer Sally Han of Shop for Jayu. Last summer Sally and I exchanged emails about their first look book and I wasn’t available to take part at the time but this round I was. We had heaps of fun on the full day shoot and I’m happy to share the final product!

For my looks I went with, ‘Glamour Calling’, inspired by big hair and bright colours a là 1992, and ‘Vintage Traveller’ inspired by Twiggy & Pan Am Air in the ’60’s, with a bit of Edie Swgwick.

The other bloggers featured are Jodi Blk in monochrome and Victoria Simpson from Haute Canada in with the pink balloons (and the legs!).

Here’s a behind the scenes video by David Sztrimbley and a peek at the lookbook. See the whole thing here and check out the latest collection at shopforjayu.com.

Lookbook + Video: #JayuBlogged Fresh Collection SS15 via @casiestewart

Lookbook + Video: #JayuBlogged Fresh Collection SS15 via @casiestewart

Lookbook + Video: #JayuBlogged Fresh Collection SS15 via @casiestewart

Lookbook + Video: #JayuBlogged Fresh Collection SS15 via @casiestewart

Lookbook + Video: #JayuBlogged Fresh Collection SS15 via @casiestewart

Lookbook + Video: #JayuBlogged Fresh Collection SS15 via @casiestewart


Video: #JayuBloggedII Diaries SS15

If you were following along on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Selfish yesterday you’ll know I was on set with Shop for Jayu shooting the spring lookbook. It was fun! Nothing like a day of dress up and playing in front of the camera to make you feel really tired. Once I get home, I didn’t even make it through the Grammy’s before passing out on the couch in my jogging suit onesie.

Earlier last week we met to plan our looks at The Pink Grapefruit, Queen East. Check out the video below.

Behind the Scenes @ Silverline Studios


A photo posted by shopforjayu (@shopforjayu) on

I finally wore these super uncomfortable shoes (that I love) from NastyGal. They’re never seen pavement but I’ve been holding onto them and sometimes wearing them in the house for the last year. That clear heel tho.


That’s a wrap! Now we wait to see the final shots. Fingers crossed. This is the part I hate, the waiting! I’ll be sure to share with you once they’re live.

A photo posted by shopforjayu (@shopforjayu) on

Here’s hoping you have a great Monday. I’m feeling a bit drained and overwhelmed, need one of those UV lamps I think. February is a tough one of all of us in cold, dark, wintery climates. Remember to get some sun on your face, take Vitamins D and B. I find a B50 complex really helps me from feeling SAD. Yes, I get the winter blues too guys!

Sending sunshine your way, 



Video: The Fusion/Notable Icon Series – Playa Hacienda

I recently hung out with some of Toronto;s finest at an intimate dinner w/ Notable and Ford Canada for the first event in their new national Icon series. We dined on delicious Mexican food and were inspired by Playa Cabana founder Dave Sidhu. FYI the Cantina burrito at Playa Cabana is my most favourite burrito I’ve ever, ever had. I love it.

This is the first video documenting a series of 9 top secret events across the country with some of the Canada’s finest talent. To see more in this series visit notable.ca.


Video: Grey Goose Cherry Noir at Thompson Toronto

Last month the team at Community put on an awesome launch event for Grey Goose Cherry Noir. Despite the wretched weather that night, the event was a success. We trended to the #1 spot in Canada gaining a few million impressions for our client. It was my first big event with Community as the Director of Social Media and I was pretty happy with the results.

Watch the Grey Goose Cherry Noir Launch Video

One of my FAV parts of the launch was Instaprint, the Instagram printer we flew in from New York. People could tag their instagrams with #cherrynoir and have them print out at the event. It was so rad. i came home with a stack of about 20.

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.55.06 AM

There are smaller launch events happening in Toronto, Montreal, and Ottawa over the next few weeks. If you haven’t had the chance to try Grey Goose Cherry Noir, pick up a bottle this weekend and have a go. Check out cocktails recipes and connect on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.



I recently filmed a video about my involvement in Movembr with Cision Canada. Cision is leading global provider for PR, marketing and media software, services and tools. I made a GIF about it, obvs.

Thanks to the team for having me in their offices and supporting our efforts to raise awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and male mental health initiatives.


I shot with Carty about two weeks ago for the first time. Last week an opportunity came up where I needed a short intro about me on camera. After seeing a bunch of Carty’s video, I knew he was the perfect one to hire for this project.

This app is called DSLR Slate  ($9.99). I’m not experienced enough in film producing to get this app yet but it’s cool. It makes sounds.




Photo by Carty, edited in Camera+, collaged by Diptic


Happy MondayTuesday! I hope you’re having an awesome day. I’ll be at the Thompson Hotel tonight celebrating the three year blog anniversary  Nelia of styleblog.ca, Sharon and Tara of backseatstylers.com, and Kimberly Lyn of thesoulsofmyshoes.com. Congrats ladies!

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