Panago Pizza Picnic Party in the Park 

Summer isn’t over! Ok, I know you can feel the change in the air but we’re still got a few weeks of sunshine left before we all hibernate for the winter. Last week to kick off Labour Day long weekend, some of my BFFs and I ordered Panago Pizza to the park (yes you can do that). I ordered a bunch of decorations on Amazon Prime two days before and we got everything set up in the park before Harmony arrived. We were actually all there on time (for once) when the birthday girl arrived! It was perfect!

You might recognize these pizza boxes from earlier this summer when I posted about them here. To celebrate Canada’s 150th this year, Panago partnered with Toronto-bred, Vancouver-based illustrator Chairman Ting . The boxes have heaps of Canadiana on them from Mounties to mountains, beautiful forests, lakes, trees, a moose, the CN Tower, and heaps more.

I coloured one and posted it on Instagram here. If YOU colour YOUR pizza box and tag it #ShareMoreCanada, Panago’s social team will be keeping an eye on the hashtag and giving out #RandomActsofPizza.

We saw this cool guy carring a huge beautiful painting. Great way to meet girls in a park I tell ya!

You can only get the Chaiman Ting X Panago pizza boxes till the end of summer. So, celebrate the last few wonderful weeks of great weather and order your friends/yourself a pizza!


Artist Designed Pizza Boxes + Pizza from Panago! 🇨🇦 #ShareMoreCanada

This post is proudly brought to you with the pizza awesomeness of Panago. 😛

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Being Prepared Helps Me Feel Less Stressed

Some cottage time this weekend was the perfect way to prepare for this week. It’s always super hectic and I love it so much at the same time. I’ve been doing TIFF for 10 years. The things I do during the festival now are so much different than when I started. Back then it was a party here or there and now there is work, daytime stuff, more exciting events, a lot more people. It is so important to take time to balance yourself, chill out, sit quietly, let your mind wander.

Shared this tweet yesterday and it kind of sums up how I feel about the seasons changing and winter coming. This month is very busy (TIFF, TFW, speaking, travel) and will be fun but I need to stay focused on the self-improvement track. I look forward to going to the gym these days and I hate missing yoga for anything. I also love reading a book tucked away in my favourite room or spending hours in the kitchen.

Don’t forget to take time for YOURSELF.






School Yourself! Life is One Big Lesson

Seeing so many school photos today made it feel like back to school. The craziest thing for me is seeing friends who have kids that are the age they were when I met them. It’s so weird/cool I guess? Gah, how old am I, I still feel young! Still learning new things all the time, excited about life. This week is an exciting one with all kinds of new experiences and people. Today I am going to the TIFF Stylist Box and then attending Toronto Fashion Week for a show. It all kind of gives me anxiety but this year I’m trying harder than last to prepare, plan accordingly, and not stay out too late.

Today felt kind of like back to school because I saw hundreds of kids! Mostly on FB but we also went to Em’s first day, which is exciting. Now that I think back to actually being in school, I really liked it. I mean, I still left all my projects to the last minute and dragged on doing homework but it was great! School teaches you so many things you don’t learn in class. Problem-solving, giving and taking constructive feedback, working in teams, being a leader, creating.

Sometimes I see myself as teaching and that would be kinda like going back to school. But then I think about those who can’t, teach’ and I’m like no way. Maybe just a couple classes here and there! 




Sat out on my patio w/ some wine thinking about the last few months. It’s been nice to spend the last two weekends in the city but most my summer weekends were at the cottage. I’ve mentioned a whole bunch this year how I’ve been working hard to maintain balance. With social media and the life I’ve created surrounding it, it’s hard to keep balance. I’ve actually had to learn and discover what balance means for me.

Part of that has been yoga, reading more books, and getting to bed earlier. At the start of August Sean, and I spent a glorious 11 days at the cottage. We had a few nice days and it rained for 5 days in a row. It didn’t even bother me because I watched 2 entire seasons (Ozark + OITNB5) and read three whole books (How to Murder Your Life, The Killing Circle,  The Currency of Love). Each was a different story that took me to another place or made me think about my own life in a new way.

I’m looking forward to September, the change of seasons always brings a new energy, change of pace. Autumn is great for layering outfits. I ordered a few great items online that should *hopefully* all arrive in time for TIFF.

Next week is going to be really busy with the film festival and Toronto Fashion Week. I’ve got tickets to a couple films and fashion shows along with a few gifting lounges. I will be documenting EVERYTHING. I live for/love this time of year. It’s a chance to see heaps of colleagues, friends, and media related people I don’t see in my day-to-day stuff the rest of the year.


Shoutout to Jacob’s Creek winery from Australia. They sent over a few of these little cans of Moscato. It’s delicious. Balance is a healthy mix of yoga/wine, ok? 💁🏼

The cans launched this year at the LCBO and are $4.95 each. So great, so cute.

In other news, I painted our patio tables gold with Kyrlon a la Tiffany Pratt and they look amazing!

I’ve got the cans chilling at the office before a backyard hang w/ my BFFs later. I’ve also packed a sweet picnic setup from Netflix and Panago is hooking us up with PIZZA. Follow on my IG Stories here! 


Candle in the Wind 

I remember exactly where I was when I found out about Princess Diana’s death.

Before we get to that, you’ll need to know a special connection I’ve always felt to her. The day I was born my mum held me in her arms and said ‘you are going to be someone special‘ her and my dad named me Casie Diana Stewart, after the Princess. Growing up I followed in mum’s footsteps admiring her, we had a bunch of China from Diana’s Royal wedding and commemorative plates around the house. I was so in awe of the way she lived her life, her beautiful smile, great sense of fashion, and desire to help everyone around her.

August 31, 1997

I was at Lisa Baker’s house for a sleepover, the last big hang out before we all started back to for the first day of high school, grade 9. A bunch of us girls were sleeping on the floor and all over Lisa’s room in the basement of her parent’s house. I remember we had been up late in the backyard and I tried smoking pot by the river for the first time in my life.

We were woken up early by a phone call from my sister, who was 10 at the time. She was talking really fast. I could hear mum upset and the tv in the background. I really don’t think my sister understood what happened and who paparazzi were. She was trying to tell me the paparazzi killed Diana but she got the words wrong and said ‘Pavarotti’. So, here I was in trying to relay the message to my friends, some still sleeping that an Itallian opera singer killed Princess Diana and it’s all over the news.

Mum came on the phone shortly after the mix-up and delivered the horrific news. I packed up my things and went home right away.

For the last 20 years, on this day,  I take some time to think about Diana, and also my sister because it is crazy to think Pavarotti would do something like that! I’m still not sure how she even knew who Pavarotti was anyways?

I like to imagine how she would have changed the world. She’d probably have the best Instagram and without a doubt the most inspiring person to follow. 

Princess Diana lives on forever in our hearts.
Especially mine.



Interview w/ Sassoon Toronto’s Kimberly Wallace + #SassoonStyle Giveaway!

I’m sitting at Sassoon interviewing Kimberly Wallace while she does my hair. I’ve been coming to Sassoon since the start of 2017 and she’s my favourite colourist here. I’ve been following her on Instagram so we instantly start talking about the event I was at last night, her changing hair colours, and all the time I’ve spent at the cottage this summer. Safe to say there are lots of laughs and good chats every single time we’re together. I asked Kimberly a few questions about trends and tips to keep your hair healthy and happy.

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Interview w/ Sassoon Colorist: Kimberly Wallace

What type of shampoo/conditioner do you recommend for my type of hair and why?

Colour safe shampoo ex Kerastase Chroma Riche, because it’s for colour treated or highlighted hair. Great for blondes!

What are trends you see for hair and beauty this summer?

I’m finding that lived-in colour, balayage, ombre, are very popular.  Looks that are low maintenance. That way, you can feel like your hair is sunkissed but you don’t have to come into the salon every 4-6 weeks.

What is one hair tip that I can share with the world?

Be realistic with your hair goals. For example, if you have thick dark hair like Kim Kardashian and you want to go blonde in an afternoon, it’s not going to happen in one session. Or asking for pink hair but have brown colour, that’s not going to happen in one session either.

Another thing to note is pastel colours are great but they only last two weeks. Instagram filters and editing can be deceiving, what you see isn’t always what’s real!

(We chatted about how the Instagram is sometimes a web of lies, don’t believe everything you see on IG!)

Being blonde is a full time job!

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What is the best way to protect colour?

I recommend using heat protects if you’re blow-drying your hair. They really help to preserve your colour and protect the condition of your hair. (See Kerastase Mask or Chroma Captive Colour Radiance Protecting Shampoo)

Name one product that is underrated that I should implement into my daily routine?

Dry texture spray – I love it! (Kerastase Couture Styling Spray)

Name one hair care “do” and one hair care “don’t”

Do – heat protect! Especially for colour treated hair. 

Don’t – wash your hair too much! The more you wash the more your colour is going to fade. Especially for pastel tones,  they’re pretty but only last 2 weeks. 

$300 Sassoon Makeover Giveaway

Leave a comment on the Instagram post below (here) and follow @SassoonToronto. Contest open to anyone in Canada and does not include travel to Sassoon Toronto. GOOD LUCK! Tell your friends!

People always say ‘your hair must be so easy‘ but what they don’t think about is how high maintenance (and expensive!) short blonde hair is. I get my hair cut about every two weeks and colour every 4 weeks. It’s such a relief (srsly!) to have a salon partner like Sassoon, they’re great at keeping my colour fresh, enriching my hair with treatments, and keeping my look kinda edgy.

Thanks Sassoon for keeping me looking and feeling fabulous! Sassoon is located in Yorkville on Scollard Street and they’d love to have you in. I recommend Kimberly for colour and Jason Kwan for cut, he’s a wizard!!


I'm a partner with Sassoon Toronto! Now you get to experience the luxury too!


First, been listening to the new Taylor on repeat and I like it. I feel like she’s grown up the last for years and is probably sick of everyone’s bullshit. I can totally relate to that because I am 35 now and in my ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ stage where I will do what I want and not let anyone else’s expectations dictate how I feel.

Living in this sheer sweat shirt from ROMWE now that night’s are cooler. Get it here!

Second, this summer I’ve really taken time to relax and chill out. I’ve still blogged and updated the internet but it’s been less than years prior and it kinda feels good. I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon but I’ve learned it’s really important to give back to yourself. I’ve had a few meltdowns over the years after being totally exhausted and overwhelmed by trying to do too much.

On that note, I’m realllllllly looking forward to TIFF this year. This week I was at the annual NKPR ‘Festival Countdown’ and it was so great to see everyone. I’ll put together a post about that exclusively. I’ve got my list of gifting lounges to check out in the first week and there will without a doubt be a bunch of parties.

Yesterday I signed Sean and I up at the new LA Fitness near our house. I paid for it with my own money and I have been going for about a week now. I have never joined a gym before and I really like it! After doing yoga religiously this year, I feel ready to take it up a level. I refuse to spend this winter sitting on the couch again! Years ago Sean said I would be really fit if I only worked out as much as I watch Young & The Restless so that’s now what I try to do. Kinda silly but that is 5 hours a week! With yoga and the gym, I can totally blow that out of the water!

I’ve got that FRIDAY FEELING today! Here’s to a great weekend!

Also, new Taylor? I’m into it! DYK Right Said Fred (I’m Too Sexy) have a writing credit on the song?! CRAZY.

“The world goes on, another day, another drama, drama
But not for me, not for me, all I think about is karma”



Sure Kid, Play w/ Your Fooooood!

If you scroll Instagram for one minute you’ll definitely come across a fully grown adult foodie who’s played with their food a little to make the perfect snapshot.

Last month I got an email about ‘making playing with your food fun again‘ from Whippet asking Em and I to have a little fun with their new Whippet Sticks. So, we totally did!

I picked her up from school and let her open the delivery of Whippet Sticks in coconut and brownie. They’re made with real coconut and chocolate, and no artificial colours with 0 G of trans fat per serving. So, a sweet snack, but not a bad snack!

I’m pretty sure she thought I was legit crazy when I told her what we were doing. YES, PLAY WITH YOUR FOOD. I maintain a childlike fancy in my life and get along pretty great with a 9yo.

We sat up on the patio deciding what we were going to do with our treats and ended up doing the ‘Sumo Squish‘ with a few, played tic-tac-toe, and made a few little critters.

This was all her styling 👧🏼

Emily lives with us 50% of the time and I really try to do fun things with her that don’t involve a screen. I so fondly remember doing activities with my mum like going for walks, the library, crafts, and making things in the kitchen.

You can find Whippet Sticks at your local grocery. Pop by their Facebook page to see what other fun things people have been doing. Thanks Whippet for the fun after-school (summer daycare) activity.  Don’t forget to tag your posts #HowDoYouWhippet! I srsly recommend the coconut ones, they’re not too sweet and the dark chocolate is divine.

Most importantly, HAVE FUN!


Yes, my friends, this post is sponsored by Whippet and what a cool job I have! Emily and I ate snacks and played with our food and here I am telling you about how fun it was. You can really achieve anything you put your mind to!

Just a Reminder #DWYFL

The illustration is by Jasmine Dowling from Australia!


I Loved The Eclipse <P>🌖🌗🌘🌑🌒🌓🌔

I loved every minute of that magical experience. 

Powerful day for connection and setting goals. I went to the gym this morning and caught the sunrise. Checked a bunch of things off my list at the office and watched the eclipse with the 1188 team. We got to Best Buy Yonge Dundas last night *just* in time to get a couple pairs before they ran out. There was a pretty big lineup and they were selling them at the counter 1 per person for $1.50.

I set intentions for things I want to bring into my life and habits I’m working to change. Very powerful day. Sharing a couple updates from Amy (@lesbest) below.



Heard of Frank & Oak? Skip the Dishes? Well, Meet Futurpreneur!

Heard of Frank & Oak? Skip the Dishes? They’re both companies who’ve achieved success through Futurpreneur Canada (formerly CYBF).  A week ago today I spent the day with Futurpreneur team and other media exploring how they operate and some local companies they’ve helped build. Futurpreneur is a national non-profit organization dedicated to growing the economy through entrepreneurs.

We started the day at Whole Life Balance, King West, for an aerial yoga class. I’ve done silks a few times so was totally into it.



Our next stop was lunch at Freshii in Liberty Village where we chatted with the location owner who is now on her 2nd Futurpreneur business. It was really rad to hear about her experience and working with a mentor. I saw beside her mentor who was so cool!

After lunch, we spent some time at House of VR on Queen, another Fururpreneur success story. I HIGHLY recommend stopping by here if you haven’t yet. You can plan a bunch of VR games and try out some experiences. I’ve tried so many cool ones working w/ Sean and Occupied VR. It’s totally a whole new world! 

Futurpreneur’s target demo is pretty wide so if you’re 18-39 (Gen X, Y, or Z!) with a great idea you might want to check out their free resources used by over 90k people. They also offer bootcamps and webinars and have a success rate of 50-60% within five years for new businesses. Pop by and take a look around.

There’s no time like NOW to make your business dreams a reality!

I’ve been working on my own project lately and can’t wait to share it with you soon.
This post isn’t sponsored, 
I just like sharing cool things yo!

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You Are Alive, You Are Burning

I feel so alive today. I just got home from a great class at yoga. It was only me and one other person! We made coffee before and opened the doors to have class on the terrace. It was so nice. That’s for sure where all the energy comes from.

I started a new notebook last night. You know that feeling? If you don’t. Get one today, open that first page, I always start on the 2nd blank page) Write something down! If feels so good. Feeling, what you ate, exercises, ideas, doodles, anything. Just write something. 

Being back in the city is so nice. I took simple pleasures yesterday in walking 2 minutes to the corner store to buy lactose-free milk. Also drinking tap water. These are the little things I swear that make a truly happy person.

Taking joy in everyday things will light your heart on fire and fill your soul with love.

Wow, am I yoga drunk right now? I think so. Did two classes yesterday, aerial (at Whole Life Balance) and sweat (at YOGA YOGA). Silks yoga is so cool, check me out upside down. You do stretches and inversions and it is a good workout but you could for sure do it.


Anyone recognize the title song lyric? I listened to Lisa Loeb & Nine Stories, Tails album this morning. So many memories with it. I must have listened to the tape 8,000,000 times during junior high in my bedroom. Last night I lit this really nice candle and instead of a wax wick, it has a wood wick (say that 20 times!).  I wondered if it was Sandalwood which reminds me of the song on the album with the same name,  ‘you skin smells softly like sandalwood‘.  I couldn’t get it out of my head so that’s what prompted the throwback today. Wow cool story bro. Here’s the candle, thanks Futurpreneur for the gift! Smells so nice.

I’m heading into the 1188 office after what feels like forever today but first I need a manicure. I am crazy about having my nails done because it looks professional and makes me feel like I have my shit together when maybe on the inside it’s a bit messy.

You have the opportunity to make today great, do it!





The last few days have been so blerghhhh. I don’t even know where the last couple days went. Oh, actually, I have finished two books and both Ozark and S5 of OITNBon Netflix. It’s been really nice relaxing but I’m looking forward to being back in the city and off the couch. Heading back to yoga classes and eating less snacks. I’m due for a manicure and an appointment at Sassoon!

Scrolling the internet today has been crazy. It’s hard to believe what’s going on in Charlottesville and with the US overall. Even though we have pretty good wifi at the cottage I’ve taken a bit of a break from following everything as close as I usually do.  It’s hard to process and I really hope it gets better and not worse. 






Summer Nights, Shining Lights, Pure Delight

New robe. Obsessed. I feel so fancy sauntering around the cottage in it. Find it here.  I was sent an item as a gift from SheIn a couple week ago and have since ordered so many things. I spend most days up here in a bathing suit or yoga pants. A robe is about as fancy as my cottage wear gets haha.  Will be spending a few hours this afternoon reading on the dock in the sunshine. I’m starting ‘The Currency of Love’ a memoir by Jill Dodd, founder and original designer of ROXY.

I was intrigued after reading this in the press release:

While working as a struggling model, she fell in love with Adnan Khashoggi, a Saudi businessman and one of the wealthiest people in the world. Caught up in a world of private jets, diamonds, and cocaine, she became one of Khashoggi’s “pleasure wives,” only to later learn that she’d been part of a carefully plotted scheme for a negotiated price.

In other news, we just got a new hot tub up here and will be taking the first dip tonight! I love summer and vacation so much. I feel like we really needed this getaway.

Hope you are having a great weekend. Take some time for yourself.
Remember to put your phone down be in the moment.

I’m taking my own advice, signing off, and grabbing my Kindle to sit outside!