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Hot Pop Factory’s New Laser Cutting Studio

This week I received a couple neat gifts in the mail, one of my favs was a personalized gift of laser cut coasters from my friends at Hot Pop Factory.  You may recognize their name from previous posts about their 3D printing. jewellery, and courses (see posts here). I love their work!

Hot Pop Factory's New Laser Cutting Studio Toronto

How neat are these! The glasses image is from a pair of sunnies I own that say ‘Cross my heart, hope to die, stick a needle in my eye’. Co-founder Biying Miao emailed to say she was sending me a little something to do with their new laser cut studio in Toronto but I didn’t know it would be so awesome!

Hot Pop Factory's New Laser Cutting Studio Toronto

The team has opened the new laser cutting studio and mad ie super fast, professional, and to make your idea reality. Simply visit this link for info and email them with your design for a quote.

How Get Something Laser Cut

1. Design or download a black and white image

2. Send your design to Hot Pop Factory’s Toronto laser cutting studio or local maker space.

3. Decide where you’d like to put that design, it could be on a wooden or leather coaster or even a mason jar or vintage leather belt (Image 03 Attached)


Hot Pop Factory's New Laser Cutting Studio Toronto

Hot Pop Factory's New Laser Cutting Studio Toronto

4. Your artwork can then be turned into a custom product by a laser cutting machine

Hot Pop Factory's New Laser Cutting Studio Toronto

5. Pick up or get your finished product in the mail when complete. Ta da!

Hot Pop Factory's New Laser Cutting Studio Toronto

I reckon these would make a great gift for parents, friends, wedding, or to commemorate a special moment in your life. Big thanks to the Hot Pop Factory for thinking of me and sending such a lovely gift!


Hot Pop Factory's New Laser Cutting Studio Toronto


The Zombies Guide to Surviving Among the Living: Communicating Like a Human

Last week I introduced you to The Zombies Guide to Surviving Among Living as part of my partnership with shomi, and my love for all things zombie. This week, we’re onto Chapter 2 of the guide, communicating like a human. If there’s anything I know REALLLLLY well it’s communicating like a modern millennial. Here’s a couple tips (and GIFs) on just that!


If you’re a zombie girl (boy) living in a human world, you want to hide all chances of someone recognizing your cravings for brains or zombie-like drone in your voice. They key here, always text. Don’t pick up that phone!


When texting, avoid all zombie related conversations like eating brains, your fav blood type, inability to tan, or again your craving for brains.

Make sure you use short forms like OMG, IRL, TBT, OMW, WTF, and FTW. Also, try to use as FEW words as possible, one word answers are great! Typing ‘kk’ to a response is sure way to show friend that you’re a true human (you might even annoy them like their other BFFS).

If someone tries to spark up a conversation, reach for your phone and pretend it’s an important call “I’ve gotta take this’. Then walk away. You’ll be able to avoid small talk without seeming (too) rude.

Humans can be kinda touchy-feely, so another tip to communicating is to give in, and hug it out.  It’s gonna be weird, but after a while you might begin to like it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post on communicating when you’re a zombie jus’ tryna live amongst the humans. Check out the trailer for iZombie here and get yourself a free 30-day trial here.
Next week we’re onto Chapter 3: Eating and Drinking. Follow along on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #shomi #TheZombiesGuide.

TEDxWomen – Distillery District, Toronto

Today I’m on the lower east side at TEDxWomen in the Distillery District. I’m a guest of Carla Catherwood, founder and CEO of the Army of Sass.  100 women were selected to attend the event today so I’m feeling quite lucky!


Carla just left the stage and rocked it!  She  spoke about Army of Sass, how it’s grown, and the effect it has on women. 


I can tell you honestly, being part of the AOS group has changed my life. Last night she did her talk for and a whole bunch of of has tears then a big, sweaty group hug. It was the absolute best.  

You can purchase a ticket to our THROWBACK show June 6th or June 13th right here


Just heard a talk from Emily Wright, you may have read about her in Toronto Life magazine. Private school girl turned homeless, drug addict. Her story was touching  and inspiring.  


It’s only half way through the day and I’m feeling super inspired. Also driven, motivated, and proud of the things I’ve accomplished. 

Reminder for today, You ARE important, talented, and beautiful.  You CAN accomplish anything you set your mind to. Don’t stand in your way, GO, CONQUER. 

Sending you sunshine through the Internet,


Good Coffee, Paris Dreams, Always a Good Idea

Well hello there! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD MORNANG. Yesterday was super nice out. It was hot by 8am! I’ve been leaving the house bright and early lately visiting my new fav coffee shop, Cafe Neon. They’ve got a killer BLT and the coffee  is fair trade and delicious. Latte art lovely too. ☕️

Good Coffee, Paris Dreams, Always a Good Idea

In between working from the home office I visited the garden centre across the bridge and picked up a few new herbs for my garden.

I’ve actually got real things growing this year. 🌱🌼🌱 Last year was a doozy and nothing lasted longer than 2 weeks. By the time we have a larger garden area, I’ll be a pro!

Received a nice gift from Dove in NYC, a canvas with a collage of words I’ve used in tweets. Very thoughtful and personalize, it came with a handwritten note. THANK YOU.

Yesterday I was lucky to find a copy of VICE magazine at Rock Lobster (Queen West). Haven’t picked one up in ages. I’ve collected heaps over the years, a bunch from Australia when I lived there.

When I first moved to Toronto in 2005, one of my fav things to do on the weekend was visit the VICE store at Queen at Spadina where ADIDAS is now. They had clothes, CDs, back issues, random products. The mixes were so good, I bet I’ve got a few tucked away in storage.

Went to Colette Grand Café at the Thompson Hotel this week. It’s so beautiful. I’d like to go sit there again in the afternoon and have drinks. Wear a scarf and act Parisian. Been meaning to get that book. Have you read it? This one.  I just ordered it. I’m going to Paris this year.

Had fries, mozzarella salad, and asparagus. All good. They used to have a cauliflower appetizer, if you see it on the menu there again, try it!

I’ve got heaps of running around today so hoping the rain holds off till the evening. Sending sunshine your way!


Yesterday was one of those days.

You’ll never be younger than you are today so make the most of every moment.

Last week really tuckered me OUT.  Fitting 5 days work into 4 days is exhausting. I spent most of the weekend relaxing, horizontal on the couch at home and at the cottage. On Friday night, there was nothing I wanted more than to stay on our couch, watch Jeopardy then a movie, and get a good sleep. Saw Lucy and Still Alice this weekend. Alice was very sad, Lucy was cool but didn’t actually make much sense.

Took a few mins to chill in the sun on the 1188 patio Friday. The afternoon sun out back is perfect for taking a break from the AC or working from your phone as I so often do.  Modern millennial mama. ☀️💁

Walked past these dudes on Friday and found this amusing. Think they’re aware of the twinsies thing happening here? This stock image is ‘three guys matching w/ lunch bags’.

Manicure was holding up nice on Friday but a weekend at the cottage is a sure way to ruin it. Will be taking part in Manucute Monday before tonight’s event at the Shangri-La w/ Maybelline Canada. 💅🏼

Feeling super relaxed after doing next to nothing but ride in the boat, sit in the sun, and watch movies yesterday. I can’t believe it’s almost June. I’ve got some fun brand partnerships coming up including a trip to Calgary with their tourism board.

Also looking forward to Bestival and seeing Florence & The Machine again. Will definitely be taking a water taxi across to the island. The website says something about fancy dress so I’m thinking about wearing a costume instead of ‘festival wear’.


I’m off to Colette Grand Café for meeting and a bite. Lots to get done, felling well rested.
Remember, you’ll never be younger than you are today so make the most of every moment.

With love,


The Zombies Guide to Surviving Among The Living: How to Selfie

As you might know, I’m quite the expert in being a zombie, or at least dressing like one! Well, my skills in zombiesm have paid off! Over the next three weeks I’ve teamed up with shomi to deliver you some tips on how to survive as a zombie amongst a world of humans.

The new 13-part one-hour drama, iZombie (from the brains that brought you Veronica Mars) is now available to Canadians, exclusively on shomi.

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 2.58.37 PM

I think you’ll enjoy my take on how to survive among the living with tips from the Zombie Guide. This week we start with Chapter 1, Social Behaviour.


Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.09.49 PM Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 3.10.25 PM

Some notes on the above tips from my professional experience as someone who has taken about 10,000 selfies. In order to appear extra human, take selfie in any public space. Stop, drop, selfie anywhere and everywhere. Especially in the middle of a busy sidewalk, at the mall, just be careful not to selfie while crossing the street. You might die again. Another tip is to add a filter, or even double filter to make yourself look less dead. I personally like, Rise, Lo-Fi, and Valencia in Instagram to add a bit of extra brightness.


Here you see happy Zombie girl in the grocery store. Smiling like she’s ALIIIIIIVE.

Take a peek at the trailer for iZombie below and get a free 30-day trial here. I’ll be sharing more tips from my experience as a zombie over the next three weeks. Follow along on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtags #shomi #TheZombiesGuide.

Stay safe out there and use your BRAIIIIIIIINS!



My Experience with an Uber Driver Yesterday

As you may know from the news, there’s lots of talk about Uber around the world and especially in Toronto. Last week I went to the rally at city hall with my friend to show support for Uber & UberX (non-taxi people doing pickups) with heaps of other riders and drivers.


Yesterday I took a record (for me), 5 UberX cars in one day.

  1. Home to 1188 Office
  2. 1188 to The Brewers Plate
  3. Brewers Plate to Netflix Thowback Party
  4. Netflix to Army of Sass dance rehearsal
  5. Rehearsal to Home

When I ran to dance class from the 4th car I left my wallet in the car. I didn’t realize till after dance. This was after frantically tearing my bag apart and scouring the studio. I sent a DM (private message on Twitter) to @UberCanada and asked if they could help.  It was 10:36pm.


By 10:42, my wallet was found and Uber Canada text me a contact number for my UberX driver who had my little wallet.  I rung him and arranged it to be dropped off at my HOUSE.


Have you ever left something in a taxi? It’s basically a lost cause. I lost a wallet and an iPhone last year and there was no way to track down the driver or car.  With Uber, my stuff was safe and sound with the driver and back to within an hour of realizing it was missing.

There’s a bunch of things I really love about Uber (especially UberX) and it’s that drivers are never on the phone, cars are clean, and they’re generally really nice. Also the following list that you will not find with a traditional or Beck taxi.

  1. You know who is picking up and when. You’ve got the drivers name, contact.
  2. You can see on the map where your driver is at all times.
  3. You get a notification on your phone when they arrive.
  4. There’s no cash exchange or need to tip extra, payment is automatically on your credit card.
  5. Your receipt is emailed to you.
  6. You have the ability to rate your drivers and give feedback when the ride is complete.

I wanted to share this experience because Uber gets a bad wrap from some people out there but if you look at the taxi industry, it’s about TIME it got up to speed. I’m glad we have a mayor that supports the service and I hope that Uber is here to STAY!

<3 CASIE                🚘 vrooooooom!


I Had a GREAT Birthday! Sunshine, Patios, BFFs, Love

Friday was my 33rd birthday and I had an awesome day. I didn’t want to have a huge night out or wake up feeling groggy, true sign of getting older I guess. I’m feeling really happy and excited about where I am in my life. Being in a good place gives you reason to welcome being a year older with open arms.

On Friday I had margaritas and snacks on the Valdez patio with a bunch of my BFFs. The BBQ there is open till 3pm and the food is AWESOME. Huge thanks to Cameron (Untitled&Co) for snapping pix of us girls. We had a blast! So many laughs.


Have a ton of photos on my phone too. The sunshine on Valdez patio is perfect 2pm+ for afternoon drinks and tanning. Love these girls so much, L-R Lauren, Maria, Hannah, Carla.

Cam, designer owner of Untitled&Co, you should check them out at untitledandco.com.
Charmaine just moved here from LA, creep her IG, she’s a babe.

Lauren + Chloe (the other half of Untitled&Co!)

Perfect SUN!


Later in the evening Sean picked up an amazing Mexican dinner and we ate it at Cherry Beach watching the  sunset. It was perfect.

Thanks all for the birthday wishes. I’m excited for all the things the next year will bring!


Listen While You Work: My Chat on The 416 Show – Episode 15

I’m listening to it as I type this and I think you’ll really like it. You’ll laugh a little.  If you’re at the office , throw in your headphones and listen while you work.

The 416 Show

(this will open in another window)

Here’s the shirt I came up with. Buy it here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.09.00 AM

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