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Montreal | Hi-Speed Blogging in the Sunshine at 90MPH

This week was a busy one and I’m looking forward to a nice sleep at the Fairmont Montreal tonight. We’re on the train heading to Montreal for Nuit Blanche and thanks to Montreal Tourism.

Remember that contest I entered and a bunch of you guys helped me fill the train? I didn’t win the contest but they invited me to come along for the ride and experience Nuit Blanche Montreal.

Bae working away, looking all cute.

Earlier this week I was working form the new 1188 Films office and dressed the place up with some spring flowers.  There’s 8 days until daylight savings, if you;re counting down like me.

This is the before face of going through the worst pain I have felt in my entire life. I’ve been having high blood pressure along with those chest pains I mentioned so I’m unable to take my old contraceptive and got a IUD. I wasn’t expecting it to be so painful and felt nauseous after, it was brutal. Good thing it’s a five year plan. I’m thankful my doc was so lovely and took great care.

Lucky for me, House of Cards is BACk so we binged a couple episodes last night while I was in recovery. Much better today and back to my regular bouncy self. Claire Underwood, I love you. Maybe I should keep short hair? This internal ‘cut it or grow it’ battle never ends.

We’re on the train for 4 hours, currently going aboout 90MPH. I’m glad to have NextIssue and will be reading magazines once I hit publish. I’ve been reading magazines I never used to buy since I’ve got them all at my fingertips now (Nylon, More, Condé Nast Traveller, Dwell).

This cover of Vanity Fair is awkward, no? Loving the images in Condé Nast Traveller. Makes me want to just pack my bags, sell my stuff, and travel the world! The digital reading experience is so neat and full of extra content you don’t get in a traditional paper magazine.

You can download NextIssue here and give it a try for 60 days free w/ code ’60Free’. Some weekend reading ideas below. Saveur is next on my reading list.

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 11.56.21 AM

I’d like to send a HUGE thank you to Netflix for letting me now Mean Girls is NOW ON NETFLIX IN CANADA. They sent a little handwritten style note with the shirt below.  Loved coming home to this yesterday.

Another thank you to Charming Media and Skechers for the new kicks. TBH I hadn’t thought about wearing Skechers since the height of Britney Spears days but these little runners are really comfortable. They’ve got memory foam and and very light. A good reminder that spring is around the corner and I should have been be working on my beach body Anyhoo, I’ll be putting these to work after the weekend.

Make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Instagram @casiestewart, I’ll be posting heaps over the next 24 hours!

With love from a Via Rail train on Telus mobile wifi, we just passed Kingston and the sun is shining nice and bright. So bright in fact that it feels like summer in my seat. Love it!



No matter what you’re doing, do it with style.

I can’t express enough how writing a blog is like therapy for the soul. Also cheaper than a therapist! You help yourself by writing it, and being able to look back helps you move forward. I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed but overall excited about things I’m working on. February is aways the most difficuly month, it’s so cold and SAD.  It’s not always rainbows and butterflies over here! I’m a real human. :)

This is my life…

Was at St. Michaels hospital yesterday, I thought the hallway looked nice. Have had some chest pains the last while so trying to figure out what’s going on is one of my latest missions.

Had an X-Ray the other day and was referred to a special clinic to book an ultrasound. Hospital gown chic.

Remember, no matter what you’re doing, do it with style. 


End Distracted Driving with #JustOneTap

I’m not gonna to lie, I’ve texted while driving. Even worse, been stuck in traffic and taken photos. I’m sorry, it’s not ok and we are all guilty of it. I’ve made a point to put my phone out of reach or on the passenger seat. Distracted driving is one of the main causes of accidents.


Distracted driving is a HUGE PROBLEM and a Canadian-owned, Calgary-based startup has an app for that. AppColony has developed OneTap, a brand-new, free app for Android phones ( IOS version coming soon!) designed to help end distracted driving in Canada. They surveyed Canadians and found some statistics we can’t ignore.

OneTap automatically senses when a user is driving and blocks out unnecessary distractions, while allowing you to stay connected.

FEATURES • Prevent distractions from calls, texts and alerts • Activate manually, or let it detect when you’re driving and turn on automatically • Easily review collected alerts when you arrive at your destination • Track your driving habits and be safer behind the wheel • Keep on eye on your family’s distracted driving • Send and receive urgent calls and messages—OneTap will notify you when you should pull over to receive an important message

For more information on the app visit getonetap.com, watch the video below, and download from the Google Play store here. I’ll keep you posted for when the iOS version is released.

Recently, Toronto Police used a hearse to drive home the  issue of distracted driving.  In the last four years, Toronto officers have laid more than 82,000 charges for offences related to distracted driving (source). THIS IS SERIOUS STUFF GUYS, PUT DOWN YOUR PHONES.

Be safe on the roads out there and please, please don’t text and drive! There’s no message, or social update more important than your life.



One of The Great Things About Monday Is…

I know that Monday feeling, back to work, especially in -40 with windchill weather can be a real downer. BUT one of the great things about Monday is it’s the start of a new week and you never know what the next 5 days will bring.

I always find myself looking at the world/into my computer screen with wonder and excitement. Not knowing what emails about coming your way, who’s been creeping your socils profiles, what the world has in store for you. So, keep your head up, put a smile on your face, and greet the world with s sense of wonder and opportunity will come your way.

his weekend I recieved a link to a short film by kate Yorks that I was a PA on about 2 years ago. It’s now online! It’s been shows at a few film festivals in North America. You can watch below. Great job 1188 (Sean’s company) and congrats Kate!

Screen Shot 2015-02-23 at 10.27.28 AM

In other news, Behind the Red Carpet film that I am IN premiere’s tonight on CBC’s documentary channel. Tune in details below. I’ve talked to our producer and distributor about getting a link and or when it will be on iTunes in Canada. Crossing my fingers for Netflix!

Sending you positive intentions for the day and week. DAYLIGHT SAVINGS IN IN 13 DAYS! We’re are more than half way through the saddest month of the year and spring is around the corner. I’ll keep reminding you of this!

With love from across the Internet, 


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