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Forever Inspired, Shakespeare

We read heaps at my house when I was growing up. I used to collect old poetry and English literature books from garage sales. I still love second hand books and tucked away in a bin at Dad’s house, are many of my old book treasures. I once made a heap Shakespeare quotes into magnets and stuck them on the fridge. I imagine I was about 13. (Mum, is that true?) I think some of them are still on her fridge.

These are two of my favourite Shakespeare Quotes

Rudsak Sample Sale, Starts Thursday 10am!

I’ve been going to Rudsak shows at fashion week for a while but I am yet to own something. I remember one year they had these amazing fur/leather hats and I was like I NEED THAT NOW.  I’m heading to check out the sample sale tonight before it opens tomorrow morning, 9am. I really hope I find the perfect black leather jacket.

RIP this Muuba jacket (above). It was very thin sheepskin and both pockets just about ripped right off and fell on the floor.  I just retired it about  a month ago.  I scored in the Crystal Light X Holt Renfrew shopping spree/fashion show a couple years ago. That was a fun day with these ladies. :)

When the email rolled in about the Rudsak sample sale, I knew I was in luck and so are you. The prices are up to 70% off so you could really score something amazing like one of these gems. They have a great selection of trench coats that I am now drooling over. Is it 5 o’clock yet?

Rudsak Sample Sale

Rudsak Sample Sale

Location: 60 Atlantic Avenue Liberty Village, Toronto

Rudsak Sample Sale Hours:

Thursday, April 24th 10am – 9pm
Friday, April 25th 10am – 9pm
Saturday, April 26th 10am – 5pm
Sunday, April 27th 10am – 5pm

Rudsak Sample Sale

You Light Up My Life, Sunshine


I’ve had this coat for what seems like a million years. I got it at Gap when I worked at the Fairview Park Mall store during highschool. I guess it was almost a million years. Took some photos with my GoPro this morning and didn’t realize there was water droplets on the camera. Got some good news about a project this morning and as I usually do, called up Mum with a big smile on my face. She can always tell that something good happened by sound of my voice.


The funny thing about this tweet is that the stupid basic pants from Zara just got a broken zipper. SO BASIC. haha. Made me laugh.

Tonight Lauren and I are going to a documentary about selfies, we are gonna take so many selfies. I’m pretty sure she’s in it. I remember meeting up one day and her saying ‘I was just in a movie about selfies’. Appropriate.


I just ate this taco Tuesday magic for lunch. It was delicious.

Here comes the sun :)


Mellow Yellow Monday

Mellow Yellow Monday :)

It’a super nice out today. I took off my jacket to snap some photos on my way to work and the sun was already beating down. I heard it might get up to 20 today. It’s about time I start using my Canon DSLR now that it’s nice out. Last summer I was just getting to learn how to use it as an ambassador w/ Canon for the Canon Blogtography program. I’m happy these pants still fit, I really need to get my summer bod rockin’. Since the winter was so long and cold I managed to stay inside and hibernate for months which also meant a million movies, snacks, takeout. These jellies were sent to me by Narrative PR & Call It Spring, I feel like a kid when I wear them. Especially with my backpack on. It’s a great feeling really :)



Our quick visit to the cottage yesterday was ok, the lake is still frozen and it’s still winter up there. The snowbank was too high to put the car in the driveway.  The water is going to be so cold this year! Luckily I have my garden at our house in the city to work on before getting into full cottage mode. It’s much more fun up there when it’s warm!

Thinking of my friends in Boston and everyone in the marathon today. Last year Sean and I were in Boston that weekend and downtown right were the bombings happened the day before. I knew a couple people running and it was pretty scary. I hope everything today goes fine ad everyone is safe.

Thinking I’ll venture out into the sun over lunch, check out the hood. Try and find a good photo spot, maybe read some of my book. Have a few cool things coming up over the next few weeks. Feeling pretty mellow today tho.




Not Quite Open Season | Cottage

Cottage sweater from Community 54

I could tell from my Timehop app that the lake had no ice on this day last year, I was doing yoga on the dock and relaxing in the sun. We went up for a few hours on Sunday and it was still winter up there, frozen lake, snow covered driveway. The cottage was warmer inside than the air outside and it was warm enough in the sun for a spring jacket.




Thanks to Sean, my lovely beau-tographer for snapping my photo. It’s great to have a TV/filmmaker boyfriend who knows how to work my camera better than me. I’m in love with this sweater from Community 54, it’s super comfy and I wore it almost the entire weekend (don’t judge!). I’d like to start making my own versions. My plan is to do some sewing at the cottage this summer. I know how to make things and use patters but I’m constantly letting TEH INTERNET distract me. Sewing and reading. Less internetting.


Funny that I mention less internetting right now, today marks 9 years since this blog has existed. I better start planning my 10 year bloganza.


Fresh Faced + Feeling Good | Dermalogica + Frank Love

Dermalogica's Little Grey Pass, Fresh Faced and Feeling Good = Products I Love

Since I went for that Dermalogica facial at the start of April I’ve been using a new toner and moisturizer. It had been ages since I’d exfoliated and the this past winter made my skin extra dry. I purchased a new medium weight moisturizer after the facial and the cover tint (light foundation) I’ve been wearing lately has SPF 20. Thought I’d take a second to say my face feels SO GREAT. It’s never been so soft and I’ve been wearing less makeup. The facial I had a was a good scrub and polish designed just for my skin type.  I want to stay looking young and fresh faced forever!

I was invited to test run the Little Grey Pass program from Dermalogica and I can’t wait to see how my skin feels once I go through all six treatments. You can order your very own Little Grey Pass right here and learn about how you can score a bunch of free products by  taking great care of your skin.

Another product I’ve been LOVING is Frank Coffee Scrub from Australia. This stuff is amazing for your bod. I discovered the company via Instagram and ordered the product right away based on their social media. I actually just ordered  packet of the coconut/grapeseed so I have one for the cottage this summer.

While I’m on this train of things I love, I wasn’t sure how much I’d be into an electric toothbrush but I got sent the Phillips DiamondClean electric toothbrush a few months ago and IT’S AWESOME. I went back to a regular toothbrush for a weekend getaway recently and I was so happy to come home to it lol.

I reckon I’ll try to share more things I really love. This is all for now,


April Snow = Thumbs Down | I Can’t Even Deal






The Joy of Gardening | Landscape Painting

Yesterday was so lovely and warm. Sean and I were at Home Depot before 9:30am. We sussed out our options and went for brekky. I  picked out some nice seeds, organic soil, bamboo, planters, and a pots. I’m so glad we were there together because all this stuff is super heavy!


The Joy of Gardening| Landscape Painting

The new patio was perfect for a bbq so I invited a few friends over to show off my work.  It feels so relaxing up there. I cleaned the deck so I can do yoga out there once we get past tomorrow’s frost. I’m excited to get everything planted and watch it grow.  I always loved gardening with Mum.

New patio styles!

The Joy of Gardening| Landscape Painting

Started a Gardening board on Pinterest here. If you have any tips or things I should check out. LET ME KNOW!

Companion Planting; The Joy of Gardening| Landscape Painting



Now that it’s getting warmer don’t forget your sunscreen. Nothing will make you look old like sun damage (or boozing super hard). I’ve been loving this Cover from Dermalogica, there’s also a Sheer that’s perfect once you’re a little tanned. I never leave the house without sunscreen on my face!

Dermalogica - Cover Tint


Enjoy the day! <3 CASIE

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