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Uh-huh honey: Converse #MadebyYou + Honey Eyes  

About a week ago I attended a private dinner with some of Converse’s NY team and top ranked influencers in Toronto. We sat down at the Gladstone Hotel to learn about the latest #MadebyYou campaign from Converse and few other treats.

Photo by bestoftoronto.net

Photo by bestoftoronto.net

I recently picked up a few new pairs of Air Optix Color contacts from Toronto Eyecare. We were talking about other colours available and I mentioned I’d love to give them a try, so VOILA! These ones are Honey and make my eyes look light brown in the sun. My natural eyes are hazel so there’s a slight difference. See all the colours at airoptix.ca.

Met up with my sister for a late lunch before the Converse dinner. She’s really so lovely. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram @jeniestewart.

Got the new HISY Selfie bluetooth remote recently. It’s a little black button that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to take snaps by touching the remote. It’s at the Apple store for $28+tax but you can get it on Amazon here.

Love that sunshine on my face.  It’s always fun to look at my eyes as a different colour. These honey ones are a subtle difference. I reckon they’d look really neat on greener eyes and interested to see what they do to blue ones.

My latest and greatest Converse from the Andy Warhol Collection. Tomato Soup wasn’t available in my size at the time but I was sent a pair of Black Bean Soup and I love them.

Nice to sit beside my old friend Jalani. He’s a great photographer and person, you can find him online at jalanimorgan.com or @JalaniMorgan on Twitter.

We were all asked to customize a pair of Converse with our name. This pair is one of a kind and made by me. They’re actually a size too big so I am going to keep them forever then one day when I’m famous I’ll sell them in an auction and donate the money to a charity close to my heart. Pretty bada$$ tho.


We each had the opportunity to have the shoes we wore to the event shot by a professional photographer. In a quick thought of inspiration, I threw on some red lipstick and gave mine a kiss. I needed something to make them more unique!

Friends who wear Converse together, stay together.

Here you can see what the Honey contacts look like in artificial/indoor lighting. Not AS bright but still a bit different than my natural eyes. Changing them is fun.


Huge thanks to Mikki and the Converse team for inviting me and the opportunity to customize my own Converse. Had a blast hanging with my blog peeps over a delicious dinner.

Check out the Converse MadeByYou campaign on your fav social network. What are your fav Cons?

* This post is in partnership w/ Alcon + Air Optix Colors. This whole lil’ story is part of my life and all words + opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that help keep this blog going. See my previous posts w/ Air Optix Colors below! :)

Air Optix Colors – Brilliant Blue

Air Optix Colors – Sterling Grey

Air Optix Colors – Gemstone Green

My Bloggy Lies Over the Ocean

My Bloggy Lies Over the Ocean - Casie Stewart

Oh hey, guess who? It’s me your friend from across the internet. Working away at the computer most the day. Monday is my ‘don’t leave the house and write as much as you can’ day. Spend a bunch of time sitting on the couch with my Macbook yesterday but fell into scrolling things on the phone, deep into a Netflix binge and did nothing from my To Do list.

I find the weekends are really important for me to chill out. I used to blog every single day and it was really draining. Now, I aim for 5 posts per week and if I feel inspired to write a few more, good for me. The more documenting the better.

Today when I did leave the house I was at Lit Espresso bar on Roncy and the staff were trying to name one of the girl’s blog. A staffer guy said ‘My Bloggy Lies Over the Ocean’ and I thought it was so funny, got totally distracted paying for my sweet treat. Title today inspired by that guy, good one buddy!

These are my latest glasses from Polette Eyewear in France. I really love them, they sit high on the face and the thin frame is different than any other glasses I have. L’usine à lunettes by polette offers highly-competitive prices, no compromise on the quality. Frames from $9.99 to $49.99 and lenses from $9.99 to $89.99. I love that they have HEAPS of different selections. They’ve just launched E-Pollette, lenses that protect your eyes from screens. SO SMART. Ordering those next.

I’m working on a new site that will HELL OVER HIGH WATER launch by my blog’s 10th birthday. I want to have a place to show off my actual work, more than just a blog. I do heaps aside from this blog to make money, the struggle is real (read it here). I want to be able to show that stuff off.

Oh man, I can’t believe it’s been so long. Where did the time go? I better set some really high goals (like the moon) for the next 10 years. I’m also planning to re-read my entire blog as part of the book writing experience. Yes, the book is still coming. I think it’s going to be more like September. I need to be up at the cottage and relaxing to write. Q1 of this year has been so incredibly busy.

We have both been working late heaps the last couple months. Captured a selfie w/ my fav lumbersexual.

Ok, enough 50 Shares marketing attempts. 50 Shades of white? For home decor? Urgh.

This is how Monday feels. AMIRIGHT?


We were having an issue with power charger for the computers at home/office so I made sure you can’t miss mine. This was taken 2 years ago in California at the Santa Monica pier.  We had so much fun on that trip. Really missing that Cali sun right now.

IN OTHER NEWS, Pet Skills goes LIVE tomorrow night, Tuesday, March 31st from 7 to 8:30 p.m. EST (the premiere goes live at 8 p.m. EST). It’s the first live + interactive pet talent show in the world. You can tune in at petskills.tv to watch or audition.

OK, time for me to take a break from working and make something to eat snack on those weekend takeout leftovers. Hop you’re having a great day!


Ben’s at Home Win’s best Feature at Canadian Film Fest!

This weekend Hannah and I went to the Canadian Film Festival premiere of Ben’s At Home, directed by my friend Mars  Horodyski and Dan Abramovici. It’s a romantic comedy where Ben decides to stay home and not leave his house. In doing this there’s some drama, laughs, and romance.

HUGE congrats to Mars and Dan for winning BEST FEATURE  at the festival. They’ve been picked up for distribution AND have a web series on the way. So neat to see someone you know really killing it. I’m looking forward to the web series as Ben blogs about staying home for an entire year. I couldn’t even imagine doing that!

bens_at_homeBEN’S AT HOME
Running Time: 74mins
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Producers:   Dan Abramovici, Mars Horodyski, Anneli Ekborn
Director: Mars Horodyski
Writers: Dan Abramovici, Mars Horodyski
Editor: Mike Reisacher
Cast: Dan Abramovici, Jess Embro, Jim Annan, Inessa Frantowski, Craig Brown, David Reale, Rob Baker, Kimberly-Sue Murray, Emma Fleury, Ruth Goodwin, Sarah Booth

Another cool thing about the premiere was the short film before that starred Donnie form Orphan Black (Kristian Bruun). Soon as he came on screen I turned to Hannah and said ‘omg, it’s Donnie, I love him!’. Little did I know he was sitting right in front of me.  Face palm.  That’s him beside the guy holding the mic below.

Check out the trailer for Ben’s at Home the web series below. All views help them in a chance to win funding to produce it, so give it a watch!

These are roses Sean got me after my Army of Sass performance last week. They’ve bloomed so beautifully. Being in love is the best.

Hope you had a great weekend!


Muse, The Brain Sensing Headband

I first tried Muse a few months ago when the weare1188 office got one. It was right at the start of film fest and my calmness level was nonexistent. By the end of TIFF, my Muse session showed a very high level of calm. This, I’m sure you can understand. “Muse is the mental equivalent of a treadmill, which helps you exercise your brain with focused attention training.”

As an easily distracted person who’s always on the go, focussed attention training is something I could work on. I have been working on it the last month with a new headset fro Future Shop as part of the Tech Crew I’ve joined. Over the next few months I’ll be sharing my experiences with new gadgets and also giving some away for you to try.


First up, Muse, the brain sensing headband.  “It improves your attention by training you to become aware of your distractions quicker and react faster to regain focus on what you’re doing.” You can read more about Muse and brain training at choosemuse.com.

Scroll down to see some of my session data and WIN your very own Muse.

How Muse Works

Once you download the app, you connect headphones, and place the headband on your forehead. The 5 sensors light up in different colours to let you know it’s connected.

In order to calibrate the device you need to make sure the sensors are working. This is a screenshot of mine fully connected.

After a brain training session you’e given some data about how active/calm your brain was.

As you can see in this session, I was pretty calm. Until the end!

Please enter below win a Muse headset from Future Shop. Contest is open to anyone in Canada except Quebec (Sorry MTL friends!). You’re able to enter each day. Invite your friends! Contest closes in one week! Best of luck!


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