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New Technology: Muse Headband + Google Cardboard


Last week I got to try out Google Cardboard. It’s a small Oculus-like box that attaches to your Android phone where you can experience virtual reality games etc. I went on a roller coaster ride and it was pretty trippy. You hold up the box to your eyes then move as if you are on a coaster, I nearly fell over!

1188 Films (Sen’s company) has been working on some pretty rad VR stuff for Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard. I ca’t wait to see what they come up with next. My love for technology knows no bounds. I volunteer to test out everything! I was trying out the Body Mind Change + David Cronenberg Oculus Rift experience and did not know what was going to happen… then, a monster popped out and I totally jumped and screamed. The office at 1188 roared with laugher at me. HAHA GUYS VERY FUNNY.


My other latest technology toy is the Muse brain Sensing Headband. It’s been a neat journey so far trying to make myself relax. I may seem like a care-free, fun loving person, but TBH I can be really uptight sometimes! This is a snapshot of my (lack of) calmness last week on Monday right in the middle of TIFF. The second photo is Friday afternoon, post TIFF. HUGE DIFFERENCE.



I’m going to test out my cottage calmness this weekend. You unlock different milestones the more calm you are. I’m going for a SERENITY NOW mentality.


After I did a session on Friday last week I took the streetcar. A man across the car was playing his music loud, like NO HEADPHONES loud. The driver even yelled for the person playing the music to turn it down. It took every ounce of my patience to hold it together, it is so frustrating and RUDE for someone to do that. So, I reached into my purse, pulled out my headphones, walked across the streetcar and said “Hi, I think you need these”. He was a bit shocked but I insisted he keep them.  I felt instantly calmer and was thanked by a few passengers on the car.

I think the Muse Headband is working. :)

Have an awesome day. Nice and sunny out there, go soak it up!


The Business of YouTube: @BufferFestival Industry Day, Oct. 16

There is no doubt that video is a powerful platform to connect with your audience.  If you are a brand, blogger, or you want to be famous on the Internet, knowing how to work the YouTube machine is to your advantage. I had the opportunity to travel to Thailand last year with some of Canada’s top YouTubers and it was a learning experience. There’s a real science to cracking the YouTube code and the more you know, well, the better you’ll be!

I’ve partnered w/ the CFC to let you know about Buffer Festival Industry Day on October 16th.  The one day event is not a YouTube fan event, but rather a chance to soak up information about the business of YouTube from some of the top YouTubers in the world. YouTube is the 2nd biggest search engine (to Google) and 1 out of EVERY 2 internet users visits YouTube. Innovation is key to relevancy in our ever changing internet world, so if YouTube is on your radar you don’t wanna miss this.

 About Buffer Festival Industry Day:

bufferThis one-day conference is for industry professionals looking to optimize YouTube as a content and talent development platform and a marketing and distribution channel. It provides a unique opportunity to network with celebrity YouTubers, MCNs, CMOs and digital entertainment industry executives.

Who should attend:

  • Agencies
  • Advertisers
  • Broadcasters
  • Content producers
  • Digital executives
  • Bloggers
  • Future stars of THE INTERNET

Where is Buffer Festival Industry Day:

Speakers including top ranking YouTubers:

  • Harley Morenstein, Creator/Host, Epic Meal Time (6,500,000+ Subscribers)
  • Mitchell Moffitt, Co-Creator, AsapSCIENCE (2,800,000+ Subscribers)
  • Shay Carl, Vlogger and YouTube Creator (2,540,000+ Subscribers)
  • Craig Benzine, Creator, Wheezy Waiter (539,000+ Subscribers)
  • Tay Zonday, Creator, TayZonday (880,000+ Subscribers)
  • Shira Lazar, Executive Producer/Host, What’s Trending (195,000+ Subscribers)

Copy some of this post and send to your boss in an email with a ticket link or get one yourself right here. I’m stoked to learn more about YouTube. I’ve had a channel for nearly 10 years and I hardly use it. I need to up my video game!

I’d love to see you there. Hey, maybe you can get a selfie w/ Harley from Epic Meal Time!

If you need some more stats about why YouTube is an amazing content platform. Check out this infographic:

Created by Mushroom Networks

I love you Mum, Happy Birthday!

When I was a little girl I always wanted to do things my own way. I picked out my own outfits at a very young age and sometimes they were … questionable unique. Once I left the house in one orange sock and one green sock to match my orange and green outfit (mum may have made?). I left the house feeling confident and stylish, ready to take on the world. (I was like, 6 or 7.)  One of the neighbours said to mum, “you’re going to let her go to school that?”, she replied “if she feels confident she can wear whatever she likes”. Bam. Thanks Mum.

You have always encouraged me to be creative in all the things I do and now as a grown up weird and wonderful woman I could not be happier.

You are the best, ILU.



Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.

I love this time of year. It really does feel like a second spring with the change in air and trees. It’s a bummer to leave the summer but winter is a time for work.  It’s my most creative time where I hibernate and cultivate ideas. Movies, binge watching shows on Netflix, writing, and cooking.


Drove up to the cottage after work on Friday. It’s crazy that we can roll up here on a long weekend and hit no traffic, then, at the end of cottage season we still managed to catch some coming up Friday. There’s this one great spot just before Barrie where 104.1 The Dock kicks in on the radio and the sky, if you can catch it looks so magical. A photo will never quite capture it but you can imagine.

Woke up like this, actually. Thanks to my babes at Untitled&Co. for my sweater! I’m shooting my favs from their store next week. My hair is wild when I wake up and with this new violet colour, I think it looks rad when it’s mad! It’s been a week since I had the colour put in and it’s got that grey feeling again. Autumn <3


The wifi at the cottage is faster than we have at home. It’s so beautiful and relaxing.


Made a nice brekky  on Saturday morning w/ Martha Stewart style fluffy eggs. One of my fav things about cottage life is all the cooking! I spend heaps of time whipping up things in the kitchen. I’m taking a class on food photography at Henry’s next week so perhaps I will get into sharing some of my culinary creations.


Had fireworks last night.


This morning was so misty. There’s magic in the air.


One of my fav things about Sunday morning is the Will and Grace marathon on The W Network.  I watch 5 or so episodes, read, and do blog stuff. Relax, recharge.

Title is a quite by Albert Camus, a French Philosopher who died in 1960. Here’s another great one by him.

You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of.
You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.

With love,


#TIFF14 Bang Bang Baby Premiere


 On Monday night I joined Sean for the premiere of Bang Bang Baby.  The feature debut film is directed by Canadian Jeffrey St. Jules. It’s a surreal, fever-dream fusion of small-town musical and 1950s sci-fi. The event was at Spice Route on King West.

Thanks EXPRESS for this shirt + pants I paired w/ my fav Rudsak leather jacket and clutch from Banana Republic.


Sean (Visual Effects producer) posing w/ Bang Bang Baby producer Don Allen.


Fun night but going on on a Monday sure takes it’s toll! Here’s to a couple more days of TIFF then R&R at the cottage.


In other news, how much do you love these? Blue suede boots from Shelly’s London X NastyGal. I got dinged on customs, $60 but I caved and picked them up from the postie anyways. LOVE.



Anytime is Game Time w/ Mattel. Game On!

Anytime is Game Time

My friends at Mattel recently send me this pack of games. I decided to take them up to the cottage for some family fun!

They recently hosted a bunch of blogger for Mattel Game Night where everyone was invited to play games over snacks and drinks. I wasn’t able to make it this year but have attended their game night a new times. Here’s me playing Apples to Apples a while back.

You can win games from Mattel too by entering their Anytime is Game Time contest on Facebook. Contest closes Sept. 10th so get your name in there!

Thanks Mattel for sending the games. Heading up to the cottage this weekend and will be crackin’ these boxes!


#TIFF14: CFC Annual BBQ Fundraiser for Canadian Film


Yesterday I attended the Annual CFC BBQ at the Canadian Film Centre w/ Sean and the team from 1188 Films. His company was an event sponsor and was demoing the latest Oculus Rift part of David Cronenberg’s Body Mind Change project. You may remember my slight obsession w/ POD and Body Mind Change last year.  


CFC BBQ Highlights:






The Canadian Film Centre is absolutely gorgeous. Follow @CFCCreates for all kinds of news, info, and behind the scenes stuff about Canadian Film. I’ll be working with CFC later this year for the Buffer Festival celebrating top YouTube talent. Stay tuned right here for that!


#TIFF14: Win a #NKPRIT14 Lounge Experience

Last week I visited the NKPR IT Lounge on media day to check out what celebrities would be recieving when they’re in town and get a little pampered myself. I’v partnered with NKPR to give YOU the same treatment. Scroll down and enter to win a VIP NKPR Lounge giftbag. Some of my favourite items include Rudsak, Christian Rex, Saje, Tweezerman, Yogurty’s, and Yo Sox.

Earlier last week Natasha from NKPR and I attended the premiere of Behind the Red Carpet, a documentary that we are both in, along with Chris CJancelewicz and George Pimentel about the Toronto International Film Festival. We gathered in the screening room of The Spoke Club with the director, distributor, and closest family. After the film we learned that our movie will be on CBC later this year and on iTunes for you all to watch. Squeee! 


Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 9.26.47 AM

Here’s the dealio. Enter below to win. Contest is open to all residents of Canada except Quebec (sorry guys!). Starts TODAY, September 8th and ends WEDNESDAY, Sept. 10th. Your gift will be sent from NKPR. Winner, I’d love to see a photo of you with all your goodies. I wish you all good luck.

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