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Heading to Our Nations Capital, Ottawa!

Friday morning Mum and I are heading to Ottawa and it’s her first time flying Porter Airlines. I’m so excited to be travelling with her!

Last time mum and I went on a trip together I was in middle school. We don’t often get to hang much, especially not in the summer is mum is usually at the boat and we spend heaps of time at the cottage.

We’ll be seeing Serena Ryder, with special guests The Strumbellas at TD Place Stadium to celebrate Canada Day weekend. Earlier in the day, TD Bank and MusiCounts will be be announcing the 2015 MusiCounts grant recipients and have a special surprise planned for a local Ottawa recipient.  I’ll be doing a short interview w/ TD Canada about TD MusicCounts and sharing it with you next week.

Oh hey @serenaryder! See you on July 3rd! #tdmusic #lansdowne #tdplace

A photo posted by TD Place (@tdplace) on

Feeling excited to take mum on a press trip and hang out at the hotel together. We don’t leave until 4pm the following day so hoping to take a walk on Parliament Hill. I’ve never been to Ottawa around Canada Day. Last time I was in Ottawa was March 2012 for Ottawa Fashion Week and it was very snowy.

Looking forward to some fun times w/ mum and lots of laughs!


Make The Most of Each Day ☀️

Took the subway earlier this week as the thought of driving across the city seemed like a nightmare.  Especially the highway.  There’s new HOV lanes that require 3 passengers so the others are all jammed up. People have been buying mannequins and jacking up their cars w/ ‘passengers’. Haha.  


In case you don’t know, Toronto is hosting the PanAm Games and the city is preparing for it all to start this weekend. There’s a ton of things affecting the regular city flow and none of the people have arrived yet. I don’t have tickets yet but I’m sure I’ll check out something. I’m hoping to retreat to cottage country after next weekend. There I can watch the chaos unfold via mobile from the dock.  


I like riding the subway during the day. It’s peaceful without crowds of people around. I used to take the TTC over an hour head way to work when I first moved to Toronto.  I worked in the fashion industry and it wasn’t glamourous but I was certain about following that path. 

Met up with Hannah after my meeting for some laughs.    

 Excited about visiting Ottawa this weekend. Calgary last week was fun. It’s been a while since I discovered my own country. 

All in a days work! 


New Bike, Snacks, Shoppers, #SMDay

Well hello my friends. 😎✌This photo was taken yesterday and although I look very smiley, I’m not feeling great. I’m so tired. I’m not sure if it’s the small time change last week with my trip to Calgary or lack of sleep but I’m lethargic. I miss the cottage. It’s been weeks since we’ve got to have a good cottage hang and it’ll be at least a week before we get back up to Muskoka. I’m in Ottawa this weekend then back for The Queen’s Plate.

In other news, I had some good things yesterday…

I used to have a Red Schwinn cruiser bike that I LOVED. I rode that baby all over town for a coue simmers, Junction to Beaches and back.

Unfortunately some jerk vandalized my bike and it was unridable, went to the bike graveyard. RIP. 2 years ago I purchased a new one from Bikes On Wheels, Queen West and it was stolen before summer was over. Last year I didn’t ride at all it made me sad.

YESTERDAY, my brand new Schwinn Cruiser was ready for pickup. 🚲👍 Schwinn Canada has welcomed me as a bike ambassador and I’m back on the road baby! I’ve got a few things to add (bell, basket, lights) before we’re full time but one little cruise yesterday made my heart sing. 💛

If you stop by your local Shoppers Drug Mart you might see their new ‘Summer Covered’ Campaign. Next week I’ll be sharing some of my fav products for summer roadtrips and cottaging. I’ll also be featured on the SDM social + website.

Received a shipment of this yesterday. Have you tried it yet?

It’s Social Media Day today and in 2010 and 2011 I spoke at Toronto events. It’s amazing how social media has changed my life and taken me around the world. Thinking I’ll write something about SMDay and share it with you later today.

Anything exciting planned for Canada Day? This is the first Canada Day we’re spending in the city in the last 4 years. I don’t even know what to do! 🙆


156th Queen’s Plate is THIS WEEKEND at Woodbine Racetrack! #OffToTheRaces #QP15

Who’s ready to get dressed up and join me at the racetrack? This weekend is the 156th Queen’s Plate at Woodbine! I’ve been the last couple years and it’s really fun. Food, drinks, fashion, and the chance at winning a few bux by betting on the horses!


I love seeing all the big hats, beautiful millenary, and overall style of attendees.  Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect.

At the event, you’ll be able to sip champagne on the grass while playing croquet, horseshoes or bocce ball, while keeping an eye onstyle. Your red carpet photo (from the party) will be on the Woodbine Racetrack Facebook Page here post event. As the Official Charity Partner of the 2015 Queen’s Plate, $1 from every ticket and program sold will be donated to Rethink Breast Cancer.

Things to Note for The 156th Queen’s Plate

  • Races begin at 12pm
  • Queen’s Plate Post Time is approximately 5:38 p.m
  • Parking and Admission are FREE
  • Walk the red carpet in style at the Hats & Horseshoes Party presented by Stella Artois
  • Enjoy live performances by Emerson Street Rhythm Band & more
  • There’s heaps of food trucks onsite, so come hungry!

A couple weeks ago I attended Woodbine Oaks, first leg of the Canadian Triple Tiara series where I learned how to bet on horses (read here). At the Queen’s Plate,  the The Betting Impact team will be roaming the Hats & Horseshoes Party to teach the Basics of Betting. You can pick based on the odds or get a little wild and just pick your fave horses name or number.

For Queen’s Plate notes and early probability see here. Read more about the Queen’s Plate race at queensplate.com and learn about upcoming races by visiting woodbineentertainment.com.

#OfftotheRaces Contest Details

  1. Snap a selfie at the racetrack
  2. Post to Twitter using the hashtag #OffToTheRaces
  3. Cross your fingers!

By posting your selfie at the track with the #OfftotheRaces hashtag you’ve got a chance to win a $1000 Woodbine Racetrack gift card at the end of the horse racing season. Please remember, your selfie MUST be taken in front of the racetrack!  

I’ll be listening to this all all week while I find myself beautiful dress and massive hat to wear. Any questions? Ask me @casiestewart or @woodbineracing on Twitter!


Here’s to a GREAT Week! 

Back in town and at the office today. Had a great week in Calgary. Might be off to Ottawa this weekend and looking forward to a day off mid-week for Canada Day.

Can’t wait to spend some quality time at the cottage this month after a really busy May-June. Ditching city life for the wilderness. My happy place!

Sending you sunshine across the internet and warm wishes for a great week.

With 💛, CASIE

Lovin’ the Crew – Tourism Calgary Arts & Culture Trip

Meet my crew! Sean and I were shooting w/ Tourism Calgary this week. If you follow me on the Twitter or IG you’ll know this already.

Shooting in the pool was fun.

Sean was a really good sport!

Met up w/ Mike Morrison aka @MikesBloggity  to tour around downtown in the new bike lanes. He recently founded Calgary Bike, tours around Calgary by bike with landmarks, photo spots, facts, and history.

We are inside this giant head, art sculpture.   It’s called Wonderland and is a female head that’s about 12 metres high.  It was created by Barcelona-based designer Jaume Plensa.

The weather was absolutely beautiful.

Rock show at Sloth Records for Sled Island.

Picked him up a new hat. When in Rome, right?

Went to the East End block party.

Finally got him to let me do this. So cute.

Had our caricature drawn by epic moustache guy.

Finished the day at Wreck City, pre-demo car wash turned interactive art exhibit.   

The sun sets just after 10pm. It was also super hot. Loved every minute of it.

The video we shot will be shared by Calgary Tourism in a few weeks. I’ll post it too!


Calgary Travel Diary – Don’t Call It Cowtown

First day in Calgary was so fun. We had the afternoon to ourselves and don’t start shouting till today. So, decided to hit a party and see some friends who live here.

Had lunch by the pool with Hotel Arts and Tourism Calgary marketing/PR to go over itinerary. Good food!

Came back to the room for a nap and woke to this beautiful delivery. My name was written in chocolate with a welcome message. IS THIS THE REAL LIFE? Thank you Hotel Arts!

Ate some leftover pizza in bed before getting ready to hit the town.

Stopped by HiFi for the Sled Island opening party.

Some really neat posters on the wall to the washrooms. The Topless Gay Love Tekno Party sounds like fun!

Had dinner at Calgary hot spot  Model Milk.

Took over the patio to hang out with Alita, Natalie and friends.


Excited for a fun couple days! I LOVE TO TRAVEL!


Up Up & Away! 

Today Sean and I travelled to Calgary. ✈️🇨🇦👍🏼  It’s been two years since I was in this fine city and I’m happy to be back.


This week we’ve got a fun itinerary of arts & culture activities in Calgary. We’re shooting them all with Tourism Calgary and the video will be on their website once finished. 


Got a nice new mani and passport yesterday. We have 10 year passports in Canada now but I only renewed mine for 5 years so I can get a new photo! I know mum will have a chuckle reading this. 😉


One of my fav travel accessories, cosmetics bag by Ted Baker. 


Why does this July cover say Bruce??

Been loving this little shoes sent to me by Toms. The Huarache sandal is made in Mexico and comes in dove (off white) leather and black. They’re really comfortable. Pretty sure I had a similar pair as a kid. 

  I love traveling together. 💛  We’re staying at Hotel Arts, a boutique hotel downtown Calgary. I stayed here about 2 years ago and since, they’ve put $7 million into renovations. We’ve got a beautiful suite with kitchen, balcony, living room, and 2 closets so we can have one each.      

Looking forward to a few days of fun activities. Follow me on Twitter @casiestewart for all the fun! 

💛🇨🇦✈️ ✌🏼️😎 CASIE

1188 Won! Best Post Production 2015 MMVA 

Proud GF moment! Dressed in Ted Baker, Jays hat, and brand new Yo Sox Indropped him off at the office before the show. 


Was kinda nervous for them but had high hopes! 


For a guy that rarely takes a selfie this made me so happy. 


When the show stated the news came in! THEY WON! WOO HOO! SO EXCITING! 




 Danny, Grandson & Son


Great start to the week!

😎✌🏼️ CASIE

NXNE Jägermeister BBQ



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