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Events | The Collective w/ Lincoln Drive + Kim Newport-Mimram & Susur Lee

Events | The Collective w/ Lincoln Drive + Kim Newport-Mimram & Susur Lee

The other day I attended an event at the Thompson Toronto with Lincoln. The Collective connected three artists for a special media preview, to speak about inspiration, drive, and their creativity on a daily basis. The partnership brought together designer Kimberly Newport-Mimran (PinkTartan), chef Susur Lee (Bent, Frings – w/ Drake!) and visual artist Jacques Gallant (metal fabrication).

Kim (as I call her now! :P) talked about her love for attention to detail, the relationship between haute couture and ready to wear. She also designed a one of a kind dress inspired by Lincoln.

Susur (we hung out here a while back) spoke about senses in design and created signature hors d’oeuvres and cocktails.

Mr. Gallant talked about the importance of hand-crafting and how it translates into modern design.

I test drove a sweet ride around the block and went back for snacks. 

Great night! Thanks Lincoln!


This Is My Life | Cyberbullying

This Is My Life | Cyberbullying

Putting yourself out there on the internet or *IRL takes a lot of courage. Having a blog opens you up for all kinds of criticism, haterade, or anonymous comments. My world, the one I’ve created online, is pretty positive, but I’ve had my share of cyberbullying.

Telus has an award winning Canadian program about how to protect you and your family online. They offer online info and offline info like in-person training sessions for business customers and their fams.

Telus is one of my longest standing relationships and this program is one of the reasons I love them. Not to mention the owl for this campaign. I like owls.

I’ve had more than one stalker over the years and had to contact the police several times about something internet related. I don’t share this stuff often because it’s hard to talk about. There’s also SO MUCH sad/bad news out there I want this to be a happy place for you when you’re having a bad day or want a cheer up.

The things about bullying is it can stay with you forever. It’s hard to forget they way they made you feel.

A couple years ago a ‘friend’ had been commenting mean things under an alias for months. It was really hurtful, the things she said were spiteful, stuff only someone who knew me would say to be mean.  I did some investigating and finally tracked the IP to her parents house and confronted her. She admitted she was jealous and was sorry.

Someone may apologize but the hurt stays. I was bullied heaps in school. In grade 9, a girl who failed and was in my grade spread rumours about me to the whole school starting with her grade 12 sister and her friends.

I distinctly remember a few girls a year older than me singing ‘All By Myself’ as I walked back from lunch break. I used to go home to my dad’s place across the street and watch Young & the Restless at lunch across the street, it was great! Except the walking back to school part… These girls sat in the school parking lot, smoking, gossiping, and they’d make fun of me, yelling mean things almost every single day. They also egged my house a couple times. I grew up in Cambridge, Ontario, it was fairly common in small town.  Strangely enough, a few of them are friends with me on Facebook and I bet they probably don’t even know how it made me feel, or remember.

My sister and I wrote down all the stories of girls, and a few boys being mean to us, determined to write a book. Until I get that book written, I have a blog.

A new national study has found youth are motivated to intervene when they witness cyberbullying, but would be more likely to do so with better support from adults. TELUS WISE, in partnership with PREVNet and MediaSmarts, conducted the research to understand the attitudes and experiences of youth who witness cyberbullying and the factors that influence whether or not they intervene.

I imagine if there was social media when I was in school and how hard it must be for kids now. On the bright side, bullying gets a lot more attention and is now punished by law. Be nice people! 

Key insights from the study that stood out to me include:

  • – 42 per cent of youth said they have been cyberbullied while 60 per cent said they had witnessed others being cyberbullied
  • – 71 per cent of those who saw cyberbullying did something to intervene at least once
  • – 90 per cent of youth said they would intervene if their family member were the target of cyberbullying while 37 per cent would intervene for someone they do not know personally
  • – Youth’s top-rated intervention strategies involved talking to an adult

If you’re ever feeling bullied or like you wanna each out to my my email is casie @casie stewart.com. If you wanna chat with someone else call here. For info on how to talk to your kids about bullying or resources for yourself, visit wise.telus.com.



* IRL = In Real Life :)

This Is My Life | Snow, Holidays, Glamping, Boots

Listening to Christmas music and planning to decorate the house today. I might have had too much coffee but that’s OK! Woke up to snow and now it’s REALLY the holidays.  Have a couple things to get done first but I’m dying to pull out the decorations and get started. Is it too early for egg nog?

Booked a stay at a solar powered tree house in January via Glamping Hub. They reached out about a stay and I thought it would be nice to be nested in the forest in the middle of winter. Since the cottage is closed I need to keep my wilderness connection alive. It’s about an hour north of Toronto and you can bet I’ll be documenting my adventure.

I’d like to try actual glamping this summer, in a tent. Remember how last summer I really wanted to get a tent set up? Next year I’ll do it at the start of summer instead of trying at the end.

Yesterday I finally unboxed a paid of boots that arrived from Sorel Footwear via Klout Perks a couple months ago. Turns out, they’re super cute AF! I didn’t know Sorel had so many nice boots. These ones also come in a taller version or shorter in a bunch of colours.  This post isn’t sponsored by them but I would be happy if it was, I love these new cuties on my feet. *waves to Sorel across internet! 

I think yesterday was my last day getting away with just a leather jacket. Time to bring out the big guns coats! When it gets cold, remember, there’s no bad weather just bad outfits.



Monday, Take the Sunshine Wherever You Go

This weekend was just what I needed. After a busy Friday night celebrating 2 of my best friends I spent most of Saturday & Sunday on the couch with my nose in a book. Simon Schuster sent over an advance  copy of Hidden Bodies by  Caroline Kepness. It’s got murder, suspense, sex, and modern lingo like Facebook, Instagram, Tinder, etc. There’s a book before this one with the same character I need to go back and read now! Highly recommend. 

I didn’t realize there was a Second Cup at the Stockyards shops when I was there on Saturday, so I decided to try all the baked squares. The pecan was my fav followed by the lemon and Nanaimo. I love Nanaimo bars.  Really got me thinking about holiday baking and making some shortbread soon.


Sean made me the most lovely dinner of steak and scallops last night w/ sprouts, roast vegetables, and kale. Saturday night we stayed in watching Trainwreck w/ takeout. Something I love about the colder months is staying in the house with someone you love.

Today I’ve been in Facebook ads reporting all day and will be heading to the Beaches later to see my sister.   I’m really looking forward to reading more of my book once I wrap up all my duties for the day. Sorry this is a boring update lol.

Tomorrow I’m Sirius Xm at the Todd Shapiro Show and later this week I’m judging the finals for the travelcuts Travel Documentary Film Festival.

Never a dull moment! 

This Is My Life | 2x Bestie Birthdays 

 Last night was Lauren’s 30th and Maria’s 25th. We had so much fun. Lau’s BF planned a super fun birthday complete w/ masks of her face, bedazzling, photobooth, AND a glitter volcano. I took home the trophy for Busiest Beaver. 😀  
Maria’s BF planned a surprise dinner w/ her besties at Mr. Flamingo. 

 The jewels from Lau’s BF were a hit at our final destination, dance party at The Libertine.    

 Cutest ever ❤️❤️❤️   

Today’s plan includes maxing out in relaxing. Catching up on Scream Queens now and will probably get some takeout to go with my Netflix. 

Enjoy the weekend! ✌🏼️💛