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A Good Watch, A Wood Watch, A Good Wood Watch

It’s been ages since I wore/had a watch but just before the holidays I was contacted by JORD and got to pick out my fav wood watch from their classics collection.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.56.34 PM

I was looking for a ‘boyfriend’ style, androgynous watch and went for the Fieldcrest black in a classic midsize. I like the monochromatic wood face that shows the intricacy of the grain. Here’s a better photo from their Instagram.

Since I picked such a unisex style, it’s been worn mostly by my BF! He absolutely loves it. Ladies beware, if you get one and have a BF, you might not have it for long. The collection is reasonable with prices ranging from $120+. There’s some really beautiful woman’s watches in Turquoise, Rose Gold, and Silver. Love, love , love! I think the Rose Gold wood would suit me quite nicely!

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.04.12 PM

Thanks again JORD for the gift! If you’re interested in getting some wood for your wrist or someone you love, check out woodwatches.com. FYI all US orders placed by Feb. 10th will be delivered by Valentines Day.  :)


Sometimes I don’t feel like it. (Edition 11) #BellLetsTalk

I know today is Bell Let’s Talk day and I’m not sure how to talk about the depression and anxiety that I face or if I even want to. Being on the Internet in itself gives me anxiety. Some days I just don’t feel like it at all, written about it a few times.  Sometimes I want to hide and pretend I don’t even have a blog. (Or Twitter, tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Selfish, Rdio, Google+, Vine, or phone.) I like keeping to myself on on those days, not sharing stories.  Being alone.

My dad battled depression growing up and it was really hard for our family. He moved back to New Zealand to be with his family when my parents split up and it was tough for us. It sill is sometimes.

* Thanks Andrew Mitchell for drawing this photo of me. I love it.  

I want you to know that I too have days when I’m down and I’ve been through some very dark times and almost not made it through. It’s not always sunny where I am but I do try to bring my own sunshine to the internet each and every single time I make an appearance. My blog is a place you can count on to have bright colours and a fun photo. It’s helpful for me to look back and remember the good times too. This is a place to make you feel happy when a cloud tries to rain on your parade. I’ve worked through a bunch of sad days wondering what to do with my life and I made it through. Don’t ever give up. I wanted to quit blogging a few times over the last 10 years and I am damn well glad I didn’t. I want you to know, I am actually happy most of the time and I really do smile a LOT. Really. If you’ve ever met me IRL you know it’s true.

People always wonder where I get all my energy and I don’t know what to tell you? I find inspiration in everything around me. When the sun shines through the clouds. A couple green lights in a row.  When a song comes on the radio and I know all the words. An actual phone call from someone you like and miss. Turning on the TV to find the movie you were JUST thinking about is on. Old photos. A pair of tights with no holes in them. Clean sheets. Accidentally spilling glitter on the floor and not even getting mad. There’s joy in the little things, I’ve gotten good at finding it.

Thinking of you and sending warm positive thoughts with each keystroke. You’re not alone, we’re here together.


Counting Down to a Pinterest Worthy Workspace

OK, don’t mind all the crap behind me because I’m going to clean it up right now after seeing how much of a mess it is! I’ve been talking about ‘getting the home office in order’ or months and really have been so focussed on doing work I’ve neglected the space. I would just die if someone came in with a TV camera from Hoarders right now. Don’t even go there. It gives me anxiety to think about cleaning and all the crap I’ve collected, then I drown myself in the Internet and pretend it’s not there. (Update: I’ve spent another 45 minutes writing this post and not cleaning. Cue anxiety even more.)

So, I was all like AHHH I have a client Skype call. They’ve never met me before! I better get dressed! I should shower! These jogging pants, time to do laundry. AHHH! So, I put on a nice shirt, makeup, lipstick, brushed my hair, fur vest, smile. AND GUESS WHAT… it was audio only. So, selfies. (BTW did you read my 10 Tips for Better Selfies? I’m a pro!)

Note my sewing machine, new, just sitting there. I’ve promised myself for two years that I’ll use it. This year, I will. I’m actually pretty good at sewing. I’ve just not made time to sit down and make anything. (*Note to self, GET OFF THE INTERNET!)

Ok, time for me to clean this mess behind me! I’ve got two hours an hour and a half of good daylight for cleaning. In due time I shall have a beautiful, Pinterest worthy workspace.

 <3 With love,


Behind the Scenes: Le Chateau’s Latest Lookbook #SpreadLeLove

Yesterday was SOOOOOO fun. Lozzie and I posed for the camera in studio dressed in outfits we picked out from Le Chateau. They brought together a whole bunch of bloggers from Toronto to Spread Le Love in a Valentines Day shoot.


Here’s a little sneak peek! I’ll for sure be sharing the shots once they’re out in the world!


 Thanks Caroline Levin for the GREAT makeup. When I met up with Sean later he said I looked like a doll. Once we got home he said ‘are you gonna take that stuff off now?’. It’s cute that he prefers my natural face. Gah, I’m so cheezy and in love!  Just wait till you see the shots from the shoot I had with him last week. They’re A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.


Finished the night with a huge bowl of Pho and came home to watch The Fall.


If you haven’t watched it on Netflix yet, I highlt recommend it. It’s a sexy murder mystery with 2 seasons starring that hot babe from the 50 Shades movie coming out next month. MEOW!

I’ve got a conference call shortly that is VIDEO and I’m not even dressed or showered. Working from home is great when nobody can see you! Gahhhh. Ok, always rushing. Back in studio for Army of Sass tonight. Woo hoo!

Hope you’re having a great day!


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