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fashion + technology = fashionconnectTO #FCTO

I’m on a panel for FashionConnectTO an (XConnect Project) Thursday at The Gladstone Hotel. It brings together desigers and fashion people to talk about fashion & technology. There are almost 200 people attending at the moment.

Other Panelists are Aditya Shah – Loosebutton, Alia Juma – Juma, Jackie Lee – SHOPABLE TV, Leesa Butler – the f – list. Get a free ticket here before they are all gone. It starts at 6pm.

I’m popping into Bicyclette on Queen Street tomorrow to play dress up for an outfit. Wee!

woke up to me & @mashable on ipad

As soon as I saw the first part of the tweet pop up on my push notification on ipad I knew what it was, I just had a feeling…could it be? Me and for what?

In this: Top 5 Digital Marketing Agencies on Mashable

“When Virgin America was launching its first international route to Toronto, its Creative Director Jesse McMillin contacted Evan Fry, V&S’s Chief Creative Officer to brainstorm ways to build buzz and find a local brand ambassador in Toronto. They came up with the Virgin America Toronto Provocateur. The website V&S created — with a video of Sir Richard Branson himself — received 1,500 contest entries, which were narrowed down to 20 candidates (this seems like a small number, but candidates needed to live in Toronto, be able to do the joband submit a video, which limited the applicant pool). The site received 46,000 unique visitors and V&S helped Virgin find its cheeky new ambassadorCasie Stewart, who still functions as the provocateur.”

Never heard of Mashable? Geeks & nerds across the universe think about/have thought about waking up to themselves on Mashable. Well, I know I sure have.

Read the article on Mashable & leave a comment there, or here, anywhere! Have an awesome day.

P.S. get a ticket for JapanQuakeTO at Tattoo on Thursday right hurrrrrrrrrrrrre!

#twestivalTO 2011 – tweet. meet. give.

This photo means something really special to me. It reminds me how much I, we have grown and changed over the past couple years.

Erin, Satish & I (below)  were on an aweosme team that came together in Jan. 2009 to create the first big Twitter event Toronto ever had. Twitter was slowly catching on at the time and the event was part of a global thing called Twestival.

Last night, Twestival 2011 took place and it was awesome. It was a totally new team of people who took the initiative to create the event and I was proud and happy to be there.

Twestival OG organizer group hug, my happy moment of the night.

The first Twestival was at CiRCA and we donated to charity:water. Remember that place? My sis was there, she was a Raptors girl back then. She’s the blonde if you don’t already know/can’t tell.

TwestivalTO @ Circa 1

Once we had Twestival on a boat cruise. Renee you were missed last night, I had a shot for you. I need to get to SF to you v.soon.

TwestivalTO Boat Cruise - 040

Another time we had Twestival at Tryst in the club district.


See all the great pix Erin Leydon took last night here on flickr.


My Olympus pix were not as great. I’m not familiar with the camera yet and had some issues. I’m used to having a point & shoot. This is me frustrated, haha.

Don’t judge me, ok, judge me. I don’t care! Lady Blogga raaaaaaaaaa! #pawsup

Lauren! #blondetourage #ftw



Love you Erin.


Bathroom party.

I make the girls giggle.

Marie your dress was GORGEOUS, designer was Cat Shanahan right?


We met at the very first Twestival. Both had shirts w/ our @name on them. Word.

Jon Crowley.






Sean Ward, lookin’ good & classy. You too Nat, who was also wearing a beautiful dress.

Hey guys.

Jonny is drawing me here on ipad. I love art.

Happy times right here. Show me your teeth tweets.

Ryan & Affan.

Evoka Salon purchased a date w/ me for the heart & Stroke auction in Feb. put on my these love it ladies, Ally & Shannon.

Shoutout to all my STUDents (get it, STUD?) who came out last night fom Humber, Centennial & U of T. You guys are AWESOME. Remember I have opportunities for you to eat up, get in touch.

Hey people, ILU.


Great night, great people, great cause.  Next week is fashion week and there’s heaps of things going on. Get yourself a ticket for our Japan fundraiser Thurday at Tattoo Rock Parlour, it’s gonna be a great night. You don’t wanna miss it. All funds raised go directly to Red Cross. There’s heaps of goodies being raffled off, couple totally rad DJ’s, and babes.

and the wieners winners are….@jedgar & jarvisemerald!

Joining me for St.Party’s Day on Thursday will be the ever so lovely and fun John Edgar. Look out J.Edgar, we gon’ be drinkin green beer all night long (Lionel Ritchie). Congrats on being the Freestyle Friday winner!

You can look for me & Raymi. Hopefrully I’ll be wearing one of these outfits too. (CLEM please, I can borrow?) Be prepared for BLONDE INVASION, Blondetourage, Blonde Jovi, Blonde-tardedness. You get the point, ya?

The other winner last week was Jarvis Emerald. Remember the Z-List blog contest I told you about where you could win a free round trip to C-C-Cali? Yeah, well he WON.  See, blogging has benefits!

Loved that is was still light out at 7pm this evening. Every day is one day closer to summer. See you tomorrow, or on Twitter in the mean time ;)

i’m not from around here (recently)

This was the start of our Tri-Cities Cruze yesterday: Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge.

I LOVED having a car this weekend. This was me listenin’ to 50 Cent, imma gangsta.

My sis. So pretty, ILU.

Great hair. Windows down, sun on face. WIN.

We went to Fairview Park Mall then the Cambridge Centre. I used to work at both. I did a season at Conestoga Mall too. When I was younger I worked at so many different stores in the mall, total mall rat.  First job ever was at Gap #989 Kitchener, I was 16.

I would like to be in a car commercial.

Chicopee Ski has this wicked tube hill. Looked fun. I wanna try it some time.

We just did a drive-by.  SEE, so gangsta. I kid, I kid.

Born This Way is playing on the radio like every 5 minutes. I don’t mind yet.

Cruze with me baby.



Thank you again GM for hooking me up with the opportunity to go home and see my papa and friends. The Chevy Cruze was an absolute pleasure to drive on the highway, in the city and on the country roads near Dad’s place. I felt safe and awesome. Sister totally loved being my passenger too.

So great driving when the sun is out/going down.

BTW the #FF winner is…

DDDDDD-DANA McBride. Fab photo sista. We’ve never met but we will on March 23rd at Abode public Residence. If you would like to join us, here’s  the deets where you can get a ticket. This was her entry, love the shoes, love the dress, pose is fab. We’re gonna have a good time.

She has a pretty cute tumblr too, glitter and skulls. Just did some creepin’, found this there. Peace out my friends!

I’m at The Art of Marketing today, Canada’s largest one day marketing conference. See the video about it here. Stoked to see Gary Vaynerchuk and Guy Kawasaki. Tony Robbins said Gary is a “force of nature”. I saw Tony a couple years back and loved it so damn much. I also was hanging out with a babe from Gary’s PR company Nikki in Cuba about a year ago. I won’t mention that if I meet him. Just watched this vid of Guy talking about “how to be famous on the internet” from 2009. Interesting.

If you want to follow what’s happening at the conference follow the hangtag  #TAOM on Twitter. Will share my thoughts with you tomorrow.

sheen’s korner?

I’m sure everyone tuned in thinking “WHAT is going to go down?” I watched the viewers jump 20,000 in the last 10 minues before the show at 10pm ET. Was about 115,000 when it started, watch it hereif you missed it.

After 20 mins views went down heaps. Not that interesting or crazy. Makes Charlie look pretty dumb. He got a tattoo of WINNING on his wrist. I don’t even know why I spent the entire hour watching/listening. Waiting for something good to happen, I didn’t wanna miss it when/if it did. My sis was over it like most people after 20 mins. Train wreck. Twitter was blowing up over it.

At 10:45 views were under 90,000. He’d taken over 2/10 trending topics world wide with #sheenskorner and #tigerblood. I’d call that winning.

Although, he did go from $2 million a show to 100,000 on UStream for free. Also, it has been confirmed that he’s hooked up with ad.ly, the celebrity paid tweets marketing company.

Is this the beginning or the end of Charlie Sheen’s winning? SNL had a few jabs at him with Milers hosting. That can’t be good.

my beaver’s name is _______. #canlit

I love you beaver.

Brock loves beaver too.

That’s a nice one.

Annual CanLit party last night. Note: does not have anything to do with reading.

Can you spot my date Mr. Belvedere hiding under the diet coke?

That beaver gets AROUND.

What should I do with it?

Oh to be that beaver.

What a GUY.

Kurt you are so good looking.

I am good looking too. haha

She really IS BFF’s with Oprah.

All class right here.

Akermanis glasses on me. Good job as DJ bro.


Dance par-tay.

Work it Sunta.

J. Edgar mid move.

Keri blog!

Not an exercise ball.

A balloon!

Omg sleeping Jon Crowley!

The end. All photos by Rannie aka @photojunkie, ALL are on Rannie’s site here.

I’m off to pick up my sis and go home to see Daddio. Bon weekend!

this post is alllllllll about winning.

The other night I was at Century Room for a music video shoot. Was chilling with a bunch of babes/models/friends: Jo, Jess, Me, Grace & Lilly.

You are so cute JoJo.

Renee, Kevin & her cute friend. (R-L) Jo dancing in the back, Jess txting in fur.

I lost count on how many fireworks/bottles there were over the course of the night.

We had a great time, I ended woke up with a killer hangover. Casie Sheen, aaahaha.

My friend JD Howel was shooting the video, check out this awesome footage he shot of the Shuttle Discovery on a plane the other day. It’s now on MSNBC. WIN!

“I was returning to Toronto from a shoot in Cuba on an Air Canada flight, and awoke just as it was happening,” Howell told me in an e-mail. “I started rolling my iPhone and caught two minutes of it before it exited the atmosphere. Talk about timing!” jdhowell.ca

Went for a little stroll fitst thing this morning. Super sunny outside today.

Check out this super hot photo of Keri by Suzy Lamont. WIN!

Lady Gaga killed the runway in Paris last night for the Theirry Mugler  A/W 2011 show. God I love her. Waiting for a call from my sister to see if we will be attending her show tonight. Fingers crossed. I saw her last time she was in town, LOVE. Photo from dose.ca.

In other news, I would like to thank GM Canada because tomorrow A CAR is being dropped off at my place for the weekend. I tweeted the other day that I would love the use of a vehicle now & then and that I didn’t want to own it, just use it. By the powers on the internet, I got an email from the lovely Adria  at GM saying they would be happy to lend me a car from their media fleet. HECK YEAH WIN.

Have an awesome day :)

Rarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. Love you Charlie.

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