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BizMedia Movember – Casie Stewart Dedication Video

I made a donation. Then I got this. It will either make you feel sexy or creepy.  The more times you watch the better. Make your own donation at mobro.co/bizmedia. SFW but not safe for kids. haha! Enjoy! Thanks Andrew & BizMedia. ILU xo

The official Movember Toronto Gala is tomorrow night at Koolhaus. I’m a judge in the ‘Best Mo in Character’ category. Third year as a judge! Get a ticket here & come dressed up. Party starts at 8pm!

If you ever wanna make some kind of dedication video to me, I doubt you will be creepier than this. I’d love it. :P

Canada’s Android Conference

Stopped by AndroidTO today at 99 Sudbury and was happily greeted by a little green Android, a familiar face. Met some new people, saw old friends. Had a preview of the new My City Lives app and heard from the bNotions guys that MY APP is almost ready. This excites me :)

Just finished filming a promo for a friends client with Jason Howlet who is a total babe. Our roles were BF & GF. We make a cute couple, eh?

Gladstone Tweetgasm August 2011: Brock + Sockhop

This month’s Tweetgams was Monday night The Gladstone  hosted by the lovely Brock McLaughlin. Doesn’t he look like James Dean. Swoon.

Tweetgasm is fun. I’m going to host one in October. Stay tuned for that.

Boogie down baby. I went for 60’s Twiggy mod.

Auditioned for a ghosty show today with Lauren O’Nizzle. It was fun. I hope they pick us.

There were some nice outfits. I’m going to have a theme for my Tweetgasm too. Idea submissions encouraged.


Power of Women Event in Toronto @ MTCC

Good morning from MTCC! I’ll be adding updates to this post today. Got the full speaker list and super exited for the day’s events. Follow my Tweets @POWlive for what’s happening and inspiring quotes from speakers & guests.

Looking forward to sharing with you!

So many women here, about 4000+!

As I post this the auditorium is filling up. Lots of smiles & laughs in the crowd. There are about 4000+ women here!

Lots of giveaways & goodies for the attendees. The list of prizes is awesome!

The book buying station is full of things to inspire & enlighten your life.

Excited to hear Susanne speak. She has written SO MANY books!

Reckon I’d like to read Ellen’s book. So excited for Ellen’s talk.

Speakers view from the stage. Today is exciting :)

je t’aime plus qu’ hier moins que demain

if you missed it here it is.

Remember how I’ve been saying I wanna be on TV for the last few weeks (months)…
9ohzwy on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Mum ring me early this morning all excited after watching it online. Ben referred to me as “famed blogger Casie Stewart”.  Head explode! Name was spelled “Casey” for a second at the start but said they will make sure it’s fixed next time. There WILL be a next time. SM Expert FTW.

I love TV and the internet. Watch it here on CTV: Social media & the Royals.

the condensation of atmospheric water vapor into drops

Boyfriend cardigan, best for rainy lounge day.

The rain looks pretty on my windows.

Reebok hooked meup w/ these shoes & they are so comfy. Thanks guys!

Yesterday I dropped off this yummy cookie from Le Gourmand to someone very special.

Being the glitter fairy is very fun.

Imma keep it up all summer!

Good track & fun video shared to me by @emanintdot. He saw it at the World Wide Short Film Fest.  You know I loooove French tunes and Yelle. Enjoy!

the royal wedding live on @youtube

I can’t deny for even one second how excited I am about the Royal Wedding. I know it’s cheezy and I’m not one for wedding talk but I love this. I really do. I’ve told you heaps of times how much Mum loved Diana and my middle name is ‘Diana’ after her. This wedding guys, it’s just, so MASSIVE.

MASSIVE not just in the guestlist, dress or whatever, I’m talking security and the footprint this baby is gonna make on the internet. It might explode.

The engagement was announced by on Twitter by the British Monarchy and since then the online prep for the wedding has been huge.  You can catch the big event Friday on youtube’s Royal Channel or traditional tv.

Have some fun things planned in spirit of the royal event. Wednesday is high tea at The Windsor Arms with She Does the City, O’Nizzle & Raymi will be there too. There’s only 30 people  and we’re in the tea room. Looking forward to everyones outfits. I might wear one of these vintage numbers Jenie & I rocked during Fashion Week circa 2006.

Friday morning I’m stopping by my old work at 299 Queen for The Marilyn Denis Show with my client Shelly Purdy. Shelly is giving away a diamong ring on Facebook here. Go enter to win it. She designed a beautiful collection inspired by the Royal Wedding called The Royals. A cute blonde girl you know made her beautiful website.


P.S. Lady Gaga as Queen of Twitter “I love you and love yourself.”

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