Today Twitter announced they’ll be allowing us (users) to download our ENTIRE TWEET HISTORY before the New Year. For me, that’s almost 100,000 tweets! I’ve been publishing the Internet for almost a decade and it’s hard to imagine all the things I’ve posted. This month, Dailybooth, the OG photo sharing service that helped kick off this thing we call ‘social media’ announced they are shutting down. If you have photos on DB you can DL them until Dec. 31, 2012. After that, they’ll be gone.

Dailybooth was THE original photo sharing service  when Twitter  came out.  I posted a photo of myself nearly every single day from January 2009-January 2012. The photo updated to the top right corner of my blog showing a new face each day. I hardly had any tattoos back then, nobody had a million followers, and ‘social media’ wasn’t a ‘thing’…yet.

It was the experience I loved most about DB. Logging in and seeing familiar faces, comments, making friends.  I hung out w/ Zolloc (Hayden), my friend from Dailybooth for the first time IRL about a month ago. We’d known each other for years. He was visiting Toronto for Nuit Blanche so I showed him around my fav hood, Queen West and Trinity Bellwoods.  The community at Dailybooth was always so positive.

This news made me sad.
Why do I feel so romantic about a photo sharing service?

I took all 756 photos, added music and made a massive vid with them all. The video is coming soon. It’s five minutes of Casie, five whole minutes. Observations? I make a lot of different faces, I wear a lot of hats (actual hats), I travel, I don’t get sick often, I smile most days, I like to have fun. It brought back so many memories. I forgot heaps of people, places, things, and thoughts. It was nice to be reminded.

It’s sad to see Dailybooth go but I understand why, I’ve hardly used it myself since I got Instagram. A sign of the times I guess…just like 12secondsTV. RIP.

Were you on Dailybooth? LMK 🙂



Same, same.

Same, same, same.

Instagram, Facebook, Google+

Unified looks are here for social platforms and they have been changing right before your eyes.

Lauren is hosting a chat about the crazy Twitter election exploding with memes and lighting the internet on fire. I’m going to be at Medieval Times eating with my hands and friends. But not friends hands. Cause that’s gross? Thanks CBC for showing this ad for Lita’s at Nasty Gal. Clearly targeting advertising correctly, I was wearing a pair when I saw this. NASTY GAL STOP TAUNTING ME. Just kidding. I love.


Thanks Samsung for this experience. They were celebrating the launch of the new Samsung Note II. Psy and Samsung are both from Korea.

Was hanging out with Russ in the media pit. Psy did three songs, Champion, Right Now and Gangnam Style. First two Korean songs were for all the Korean fans in the audience. There were so many.

Psy spit water on the audience, Korean tradition. I heard people were lined up around the block for hours. It was fun. I’m glad I went. I can see why he is popular 🙂

Gangnam Style Performance (sorry for bad audio!)



It makes my little internet loving heart happy to see this amazing group of tech founders talking about innovation for this Obama video. In order to remain ahead of the pack you must always be innovating. INNOVATE OR DIE!

Let this inspire your life today.