Make the most of each day. You will never be younger than you are right NOW so go do something awesome. Pura vida!

Last night we made friends with six hot flight attendants from Belgium who were totally awesome. I went swimming in the pool at the bar that over looked 5th Avenue. Reconsidering my thoughts about moving to NY and thinking about LA. The team at Thynk Taynk (I’m here with) is really cool! I don’t think I want to have so much stuff or live in one place anymore. Travelling is the most amazing experience and I want to live it everyday.

We discovered THE BEST SONG last night. This is it!



I made a donation. Then I got this. It will either make you feel sexy or creepy.  The more times you watch the better. Make your own donation at SFW but not safe for kids. haha! Enjoy! Thanks Andrew & BizMedia. ILU xo

The official Movember Toronto Gala is tomorrow night at Koolhaus. I’m a judge in the ‘Best Mo in Character’ category. Third year as a judge! Get a ticket here & come dressed up. Party starts at 8pm!

If you ever wanna make some kind of dedication video to me, I doubt you will be creepier than this. I’d love it. 😛


It’s cool. I need to clean up my profile. Kinda creeping how you can fly back in time and see all your photos by month, day, when you added friends etc. As someone who is addicted to documenting, I think it’s neat. If you have issues with privacy, well, you should probably get off Facebook!

If it weren’t for Facebook or my blog I’d not have so many memories, and for that, I’m thankful.


Social what? There’s a new buzz word created every :02 seconds but ‘socialight’ is one I wasn’t really familia with. Socialite, yes. I’ve been a social person my whole life and I also like working hard and doing nice things for others. When I was introduced to the SociaLIGHT conference, I smiled knowing there’s gonna be lots of like minded people in a room together.

I’m speaking on a panel this weekend at MTCC for the Socialight Conference. It’s a one day event for entrepreneurs & small business people from across Canada. Never heard of it? No problem! This vid will give you the low down in < :60 seconds.

Did you know that “Last November, more than 100 countries celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week and now 2011 has been recognized as the Year of the Entrepreneur in Canada.”  Learned that and some other smart facts from the Canadian Guv’s Biz dept. I’ve had an entrepreneurial fire burnin’ for years. In 1996 I won Young Entrepreneur of Cambridge for a publishing company I co-founded. Being on a panel at MTCC is totally checking something of a list for me. I’ve been going there & seeing speakers since I was a kid. Check out the other great speakers here.

This past summer I hosted the Bench room during BHD Suites Gifting Lounge on MMVA weekend (herehere & here). The lovely peeps at Bench asked me if I have any upcoming events they could dress me for.  I mentioned the SociaLIGHT conference and today I had a shopping party for one at the Eaton Centre!

Say hello to the Bench store babes who assisted me in picking a bunch of gear. Thanks girls!

We were looking for two full outfits and I was leaning towards non-sporty or too branded. Thanks Bench Canada for a fun time and new digs. This is what I tried on:

I can bring two VIP guests to the conference Saturday and I’d like to invite you. General admin tickets are $149 but if you are buying please use code CASIE2011 for 50% off.

Want a free ticket? Watch this video, the guy thinks I’m crazy and says “I was wondering what happened?” Where do you think his accent is from?

Nov 23, 2011 | Source:

If you guess, (comment anything!) I’ll pick two peeps at random. The crew I took to The Art of Sales this week had a blast. Conferences are F-U-N. So are gifs.


Stopped by AndroidTO today at 99 Sudbury and was happily greeted by a little green Android, a familiar face. Met some new people, saw old friends. Had a preview of the new My City Lives app and heard from the bNotions guys that MY APP is almost ready. This excites me 🙂

Just finished filming a promo for a friends client with Jason Howlet who is a total babe. Our roles were BF & GF. We make a cute couple, eh?


We had a breakup last summer but we got back together fairly quick. It’s nice getting messages like this to celebrate anniversaries. It’s the little things that count. My relationships with technology (hardward & software) are some of my most cherished ones – Andy (iPad), James Dean (Macbook Air), Robert (my old PC), Olympus cameras, Zoey (sewing machine) and the most recent addition, XBOX360 (he is yet to be named).

Made this shirt for Foursquare Day in 2010. I was working with MuchMTV at the time but they didn’t really get that I was wearing THE badge on my shirt. Ha! This pic showed up in the deck for Puma International’s “After Hours Athlete” campaign before they hired me.

Check out some of my Things to Do in Toronto (Generated by Foursquare Checkins):

Went crazy on Joe Fresh nail polish the other day. Three for $10 and they go on thin so dry pretty fast which I like. Was given a few at the TIFF Tastemakers Lounge in 2010 and have been hooked since.

Playlist today is Bon Iver on Soundcloud. Sam woke me up early but made brekky to make up for it. Feeling grumpy and the weather doesn’t help. Slow sad music is quite soothing. Hope your day is good so far 🙂


Today I’m biking over to Yonge Dundas Square (where I won a car last week!) to launch, an online hub that connects volunteers with non-profits through microvolunteering.

There’s gonna be a fun ‘Wipeout’ style game for uni kids and I’m a judge with Jeremy Taggart of Our Lady Peace and Daniel Johnson from Stereos. The whole fun event is hosted  Sheena from MTV Live. We’re volunteering our time and is making a $20,000 contribution to a charity of our choice.

My charity is the Moving Windmills Project which supports Malawian-run rural economic development and education projects in Malawi. Mum introduced me to William’s story and I wanted to get involved. Here’s his TED Talk so you can be inspired too.

For more info on microvolunteering in Canada see Koodonation on Newswire here or check out the site at If you’re around today cometo YD Square & say HELLOOOOOO!


 Remember how I was like “Come to YD Square, first live event ever” blah blah blah. Well, let this be your lesson that you should listen to me more often.

 Well, I went and test drove the new Chevy Volt during the #chevroletallday event. It’s electric and was really quiet & smooth to drive, had some kick too.


Keri drove too. She’s a really good driver.

Cute graffiti artist boy who was part of my Arm Yourself event at YD Square last year was there.

This guy 🙂 Still cute.

Three finalists who answered their phones after txting in were called up on stage.

First up, didn’t start the car, next was me, my key started it. OH MY GAWDDDD. Check me out in my new Chevy Sonic. It’s small & cute which is exactly what I would want if I was going to get a car. I’m really excited to roadtrip!

Me & the lovely Peter Cornu, Manager of Special Events for General Motors of Canada. Hey Peter, let’s work together!

I’m in shock that I won and all kinds of grown up questions are coming at me from everyone. I don’t know If I can take a buy out, I have no idea about insurance, I don’t think it’s a lease,  yes I want sunroof, no I can’t come pick you up yet, and I think I get it soon. OMFG I WON A CAR. For SURE getting a lotto ticket for tonight. If I win lotto you can go ahead & hate me but I promise to do good with the money 🙂


[all photos (except the cute grafitti guy from last year) taken October 4, 2011  by Richard Budman for Chevrolet Canada



It’s gettin’ chilly and I don’t mind. I really hate being cold but I also love wool sweaters and staying inside. I got a new bed this weekend and it’s as my hips so you have to jump up. I feel like a Princess, I’ve never loved my own room so much. I’ll be spending most the winter there now. Room transformation is coming along good too. I have thrown out more crap in the last three days than ever in my life. Determined to shed things I do not need so I only have the things I want. Next stop is the closet, then Goodwill. It feels great to get rid of stuff, new addiction coming, I can feel it. I will NOT be a hoarder.

Measuring Tape Girl screening went well yesterday. I quite enjoy short films, so much packed into a small time frame. Lots of creativity. I’ve got one that needs some attention. Hope to have done before 2012. Here’s myself w/ Chrissy from Vocab Communications, Marco, director and Jessica the lead.

I want to be in a movie. It’s about time I had a meeting with my agent and sussed out how we can make that happen.

Big American Apparel warehouse sale coming up. Remmeber the last AA Rummage Sale? It was MEGA. Luckily we got line bypass (Thanks Joey!). The deals were really, really good. Hipster heaven. Go early, bring cash.

In other news, saw this on TheGrid, Nuit Blanche Animated. I love animated, you know this.

I’ve made a commitment to drink the juices today and do the cleanse. I am determined to do it. I am strong.  Yesterday I wasn’t but today I am. Amazing how you change one day to the next. I think Monday has a lot to do with it. I miss not having a bike. I have a new HTC phone I need to switch to. My house is a distaster. Don’t you sometimes just wanna crawl back into bed? I do, but I’ve got lots to get done and I want to do it. Maybe I’ll work from bed instead 🙂

If you get cold today, put this on. You will be amazed by the warmth the sound of a fire brings.


For Nuit Blanche last night I was in disguise, Keri too. Some interesting findings from our art installation that I will share with you later. It is amazing the difference from my usual blonde hair  to these long brown locks. SHOCKING really.

Big ups & thanks to the team at Travelling Hitmen. They sent me a huge box of shirts & goodies. This one is my fav. WATCH YOUR BACK. Hitmen be commin’.

Screening of Measuring Tape Girl is today (2pm & 4pm) at the National Film Board. I’ll be there all afternoon hosting & doing interviews. The film is about self expression & blogging. I just finished pre-screening it. Looking forward to chatting about it with the director.