We’ve Been Accepted into Ottawa Film Fest!

Heard this great news this weekend…


Last time I was in Ottawa I was talking in the closing show with some Canadian celebrities for Ottawa Fashion Week. I’m not sure if I will be attending Ottawa Film Festival next week but it is definitely nice to have our film in there! Hopefully we can make it into a film festival somewhere warm and sunny one day. That one, I will have to attend!



I wish I could share posts to other sites like Facebook, Twitter, tumblr, Pinterest. Remember when it first came out? It has changed heaps. I think there’s potential. I use so many other Google products and have  thousands of photos from Picasa web albums that are now Google+ photos.

We shall see…




FASHION Magazine feature: Social Media Star

Yesterday FASHION Magazine published an interview they did with me this week. It’s the first in their new series on stylish movers and shakers leading the pack in the world of social media. Thanks Renee Tse for the  kind words. If you read it, leave a comment on the post!

Below is their kind intro. Click to read the interview!

FASHION Magazine - Social Media Star

While social media may be just a hobby for some of us, Casie Stewart’s life is all about digital platforms. As the social media director of Community Agency (a circle of artsy and techy people) and a dedicated blogger since 2005, it’s pretty accurate to say social media has taken over Stewart’s life. From documenting her every movement on her blog to conversing with her 15,000+ ‘Tweeters’, she has built relationships across the world via social media. But out of every social media platform she’s on, Twitter is by far her favourite.

Thanks to Twitter, Stewart’s living a whirlwind life she never dreamed possible. She’s partnered with companies like Virgin America, Ted Baker London, Thomas Sabo and Telus (just to name a few) and is currently the host of Coral TV, a platform for ladies who are interested in everything about the internet. Whether you’re looking for opinions on fashion and technology or just some inspiration, Stewart’s sense of humour and positive tone on her blog is sure to make your day. From talking about her social media obsessions to her upcoming partnership with TIFF, we caught up with Casie Stewart for this week’s social media star feature.



Mentioned in @Marketing_Mag re: Nordstrom + Pinterest

“U.S. retailer Nordstrom has upped its social game by turning its in-store displays into real-life Pinterest boards.”

My Quote:

As an avid female Pinterest user in her early 30s who loves style and shopping, I think it’s great. By tapping into Pinterest in-store (which has a high female user base) they are connecting where customers hang out online to where they go offline. There’s a good chance customers who notice this type of promotion will take a picture and Pin an image making it a 360 social shopping experience. I think it’s good for certain brands with mass appeal, but as a shopper I don’t want to buy that one item that everyone else has.
Casie Stewart, director of social media at Community

Read the full article here. 


Tech | Heart on for Social TV and Data Visualization

If you didn’t see this video on social TV from Twitter check it out. Pretty neat data visualization.

I LOVE social TV. Something I’ve been really passionate about since working at a TV station a couple years ago. The magic of Twitter and TV fascinates me. I love real time communication, advertising, and interaction. I hope to work more in that space again one day.

Last year at Banff World Media Festival, social TV was such a hot topic. Here’s my episode on Coral TV where I chat about upcoming trends, these are all relevant one year later!

In other news, Vizify is a wicked way to visualize your social resume. Made this little ditty the other day. Cool eh!


Almost the weekend! HUZZAHHHHHHH! WEEEEE.