It makes my little internet loving heart happy to see this amazing group of tech founders talking about innovation for this Obama video. In order to remain ahead of the pack you must always be innovating. INNOVATE OR DIE!

Let this inspire your life today.



Yesterday my team 5318008 did the CIBC Run for the Cure. It was so much fun and the weather was FABULOUS! Thank you to everyone who donated. As a team we raised $1,840 and in dividually I raised $160 for the Canadian Breast Cancer Association. I would 100% do it again.

The whole 5K was full of laughs, stories, and fun.

And a bird pooped on Lauren’s head!


Cheers to my whole team for doing the run. It was nice to use our superpowers for for good. Photo credit to Frikshun & Lauren. Check out her blog at and Sarah’s bloggy at

Do something good for someone today. 🙂



This looks cool. I loved MySpace. I really was my first Social Network. I lived in the New York when it came out and wasn’t able to work so I watched a million movies and taught myself HTML.

The new Myspace from Myspace on Vimeo.

It’s exciting to the the Internet buzzing about the new design. At CES this year MySpace announced the launch of a MySpace TV partnership with Panasonic. Justin Timberlake is co-owner with Specific Media Group and it appears he’s innovating the social media space. I’m into it.




It’s been a busy day! Arrived early at the office, did some writing, and a conference keynote all before noon. I posted the slides from my presentation  with Stephen Henrik  (The Globe & Mail) on the Pulp&Fiber blog. The subject was ‘Role of Social TV in Building the Brand’ read it here.  For the record, if you know Stephen, he did not say “shake that” during the presentation.

Last night my sister came with me to dance at King West Fitness. We are BOTH In the Army of Sass from now until December. We perform at the Virgin Mobile MOD Club Theatre on December 8th & 14th. Book your calendar. The show is ALWAYS sold out. It’s going to be AWESOME. Jenie and I haven’t danced together since we were kids and we’ve never actually been in the same class.

Nuvo Burlesque’s ARMY of SASS Toronto

 Nuvo-Burlesque Dance on Vimeo.



Army of Sass – FW 2012

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Rolling 40 women strong in my Wednesday’s #armyofsass #performanceandtraininggroup @meghannorah @aidanmorris Catherwood
So many ladies in class for @nuvoburlesque #armyofsass last night. @ King West Fitness STEWART
Rarrrr #armyofsass w/ @nuvoburlesque & @jeniestewart. @ King West Fitness STEWART

In other news, check out this chill track by artist “Everyday“. He’s from the same mgmt that brought us The Weekend. I blogged his first video with Kate Upton over the summer. I’m into it.

Hope your day has been magical. If not, you still have time to make it awesome. Go out and get it!



FRIDAY ILU! Exciting week and lot of fun things coming up the next few days. Olympics start today. Shooting with amazing photographer Steve Carty tomorrow. Sunday is Beerfest. Monday shooting more episodes of THIS on CoralTV. We”re now over 800 subscribers. Woo hoo. Please subscribe!

Latest episode of THIS: The Hot Internet Show

Most Recent Post on the SummerWorks Blog:


Most Recent Feature in Digital Journal:

Special report featuring ME!

Ok, must run. I’m late for a lunch meeting. Back home to watch Olympics this afternoon! HUZZAHHHHH! TGIF FTW!



Back to life. Back to reality.

My most popular Instagram photo in the last few days. I love it. I took stereographic of the lake in Muskoka, other from my balcony using 360 for iPhone, taped together with Diptic app, and sent to Instagram.

I’ve been mostly active on Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr for fun lately. I update them with all different stuff so follow along! My Pin boards are all neatly organized, Instagram is life photos, Tumblr is a mix of things I find pretty/funny/weird on the internet.

I love Internet. I love iPhone. I love life.



This also happened today! Crazy! Window cleaning dude scared the crap out of me.
Oh, yikes, a big bottle of Collingwood Whisky just arrived as a late birthday present. GOTTA GO!



Reckon I’ve been a bit slack on work since I got back from Mexico last week. I’ve got the holiday tunes on the tele and a few posts in the pipeline. I think we’re BACK! So, as I get crackin’ on all that jazz here’s a pic (not from iPhone) from the new Nikon J1 of me and this mornings delicious pain au chocolat. Balcony grass is really charming this tie of year.

Since I switched to iPhone the ability to cut out using computer & camera to post creative stories had been cut drastically. I’m ready to embark on a new blog challenge come January and make good use of both the new Nikon and Olympus cameras.

Have you seen this crazy light show that was done for the AMA’s? AMAZING.



HI, i’m on the internet and I should be outside at the beach. What are you doing? DO something. I just learned about Zarly – what you want, whenever, whatever. NARLY!

Kyayyam just posted this and now I want to go to Burger King and Tweet or blog about it. I slept till noon for the first time in ages. It’s amazing how the internet sucks you in. I love learning. (instert nerd smiley)

Finishing up this work, charging my phone and going to the beach. I really want to move. I’m going to. If you write things down and tell people you are more likely to do them. I have so many bites on my legs, trying not to scratch them is HELL. I’m thankful for fresh water and sunshine. What are you grateful for?

Today Twitter changed, this is new Twitter. If you are not on Twitter or you are, watch this and think about how much you could learn in one day. I consume an insane amount of information & content in a day, which enriches my life greatly.

Note to self: GET OUTSIDE.


Make the most of each day. You will never be younger than you are right NOW so go do something awesome. Pura vida!

Last night we made friends with six hot flight attendants from Belgium who were totally awesome. I went swimming in the pool at the bar that over looked 5th Avenue. Reconsidering my thoughts about moving to NY and thinking about LA. The team at Thynk Taynk (I’m here with) is really cool! I don’t think I want to have so much stuff or live in one place anymore. Travelling is the most amazing experience and I want to live it everyday.

We discovered THE BEST SONG last night. This is it!



I made a donation. Then I got this. It will either make you feel sexy or creepy.  The more times you watch the better. Make your own donation at SFW but not safe for kids. haha! Enjoy! Thanks Andrew & BizMedia. ILU xo

The official Movember Toronto Gala is tomorrow night at Koolhaus. I’m a judge in the ‘Best Mo in Character’ category. Third year as a judge! Get a ticket here & come dressed up. Party starts at 8pm!

If you ever wanna make some kind of dedication video to me, I doubt you will be creepier than this. I’d love it. 😛


It’s cool. I need to clean up my profile. Kinda creeping how you can fly back in time and see all your photos by month, day, when you added friends etc. As someone who is addicted to documenting, I think it’s neat. If you have issues with privacy, well, you should probably get off Facebook!

If it weren’t for Facebook or my blog I’d not have so many memories, and for that, I’m thankful.


Social what? There’s a new buzz word created every :02 seconds but ‘socialight’ is one I wasn’t really familia with. Socialite, yes. I’ve been a social person my whole life and I also like working hard and doing nice things for others. When I was introduced to the SociaLIGHT conference, I smiled knowing there’s gonna be lots of like minded people in a room together.

I’m speaking on a panel this weekend at MTCC for the Socialight Conference. It’s a one day event for entrepreneurs & small business people from across Canada. Never heard of it? No problem! This vid will give you the low down in < :60 seconds.

Did you know that “Last November, more than 100 countries celebrated Global Entrepreneurship Week and now 2011 has been recognized as the Year of the Entrepreneur in Canada.”  Learned that and some other smart facts from the Canadian Guv’s Biz dept. I’ve had an entrepreneurial fire burnin’ for years. In 1996 I won Young Entrepreneur of Cambridge for a publishing company I co-founded. Being on a panel at MTCC is totally checking something of a list for me. I’ve been going there & seeing speakers since I was a kid. Check out the other great speakers here.

This past summer I hosted the Bench room during BHD Suites Gifting Lounge on MMVA weekend (herehere & here). The lovely peeps at Bench asked me if I have any upcoming events they could dress me for.  I mentioned the SociaLIGHT conference and today I had a shopping party for one at the Eaton Centre!

Say hello to the Bench store babes who assisted me in picking a bunch of gear. Thanks girls!

We were looking for two full outfits and I was leaning towards non-sporty or too branded. Thanks Bench Canada for a fun time and new digs. This is what I tried on:

I can bring two VIP guests to the conference Saturday and I’d like to invite you. General admin tickets are $149 but if you are buying please use code CASIE2011 for 50% off.

Want a free ticket? Watch this video, the guy thinks I’m crazy and says “I was wondering what happened?” Where do you think his accent is from?

Nov 23, 2011 | Source:

If you guess, (comment anything!) I’ll pick two peeps at random. The crew I took to The Art of Sales this week had a blast. Conferences are F-U-N. So are gifs.