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Ride & Shine


Took the long route to work today so I could ride more. Biked an hour at lunch too. My arms and abs are feeling the burn from so much riding. Reckon I forgot just how great of exercise it is. I’m stoked to be wearing this Napapijri poncho again, got it in Nov last year so we’ve not spent a full summer together. These khakis I picked up from GAP last week on a mega sale with a matching shirt. My first job ever was at that store so I’ve always had love for it. Crazy things is that I am still the same size as when I worked there at 16. Huzzahhhh!

Have driven past this sign so many times, took it’s photo today. Love the typography.



Hope you have a RAD DAY and RAD WEEKEND!

Much love, <3 CASIE

Palladium Momochrome Boots in the Park


Took myself for lunch in the park yesterday. It was lovely. Sun shining bright, people on bikes, shirtless hipsters catching rays, picnic blankets, and puppies playing. This weather puts everyone in a great mood.

Video of the Day, Shot w/ HTC One + Zoe


These are my new Monochrome boots by Palladium, I was sent them last week and love. Super bright!


They come in a bunch of colours. Unfortunately I missed the preview at SoHo House this week but you can see photos from the lookbook by Sidewalk Hustle. Look at how cute Hawley and Kate are in theirs! Adorabs.

Have an awesome day!




Loving my new HTC One. I’ve got a campaign launching with them any day now. As soon as the link is live I’ll share with you. This phone was MADE for someone like me. I had training on it yesterday at lunch. There are sharing and social components to every aspect of it. I took a bunch of photos & used Zoe, the photo assistant on my way to work today and it made this video from all the content. I didn’t edit the video, add effects, or music, it was ALL DONE BY THE PHONE. THE FUTURE IS NOW.


I am so in love with this weather. Woke up with a smile and biked to work early. Life is good. This is my favourite month, my birthday is on May 8th. :)

Hope you have an awesome day.


Tuesday’s Grey and Wednesday too

Friday I’m in Love

Heading up North again this weekend. I’m a different kind of weekend warrior now.

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Good morning love :) @ Sobey’s instagram.com/p/YusxNsya3n/CASIE STEWART
The Influence Hierarchy: Sweet Spot? Bloggers. zite.to/12WIYocCASIE STEWART
Vorfreude. @lauraserra’s photo instagram.com/p/YtjLzdiTjQ/CASIE STEWART

You’ve Changed, There’s a Spring in Your Step


Wore some bright pants from Gap today. Brought the sunshine everywhere I went. New Killigrew cotton mixed with poka dots. Ted Baker London scarf, Tom’s, and a smile.






Everything has changed. For the better :)

Early Bird Gets The

I did morning yoga on the dock at 6am. It was magical!


4-up on 13-04-28 at 7.20 AM #12






Here’s to a great week.


Motion and Emotion


Oh, just floating on the dock reading about advertising and ideas in the sun.

There is nowhere else I would rather be right now. Waves crash on the wood every time a boat crosses the lake.







When I close my eyes, it’s like I could lay here forever.

Planning to BBQ some steaks for dinner and hopefully watch sunset by the fire. Maybe a canoe ride and Sean can do most the paddling! (You will see this before him so haha!)

This sun is so nice. Wear sunscreen!


Earth Day 2013 + Big Face Animal Shirt from The Mountain

It’s Earth Day! Today, more than usual, we give attention and praise to our cool green & blue planet!  I am so freaking happy the weather is finally getting warm. I try to trick myself into thinking if doesn’t bother me but, it’s almost MAY and cold. I was born May 8th and I prefer it to be hot by then. (THAT IS A HINT)

This weekend, I was lucky to be up  north opening the cottage. Took some photos with my new Fuju XF1 and wore my BIG FACE GREAT HORNED OWL from The Mountain. I was sent it as a gift just in time for Earth Day. So great. WHOOOOOO is the coolest? Get it? Urgh, clearly I am not cool or funny. I also have the Boston Terrier but I’m saving that one, for a special occasion.

The Mountain seems like a pretty fun company (see tweet above if you did not already see tweet above). The Mountain produces tees made in the U.S. with water based inks and PVC-free operations and even invented a new dye oxidation system that cleans their dye waste water without the use of any chemicals.

My friend Kenny at work has a couple, so when they emailed me I was totally into it. I want more friends to have them so we can be a wild kingdom. Mine is Youth XL for $14. If you are my friend and your birthday is coming you might get one.

I was laying on my yoga mat in the sun staring up at this tree. It looked pretty and different colours in the sun.

After a relaxing weekend staring at trees, sky, lake, and sunshine, it was time for me to fly home on my broom. Here’s to a positive and productive week of awesome. I put in the request for lots of sunshine. Happy Earth day!


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