We have two shows in December and this is just a few of us doing one of the numbers. Class is taught by Carla Catherwood and we are, THE ARMY OF SASS. I can’t wait for WEDNESDAY.

FTW. I have new shoes and am posting this so I remember to practice. I did ballet for 10 years growing up and did competitions and shows all the time. I am super nervous/excited about doing this. Now that I’m thirty and all.

YOLO Make the most of every day. Smile more too.

 <3 CASIE 🙂


Earlier this year I drove to Austin, Texas from Toronto in a Ford Focus with two friends, it was the playlist that made the long drive bearable. This summer I’ve been used Rdio, a music streaming service that is fairly new to Canada. You can use listen your favourite music on all devices online or off. You can also create playlists with friends and share your tunes on Twitter & Facebook. Rdio has been a hit at the cottage, awesome on the subway, and perfect for road trips. My free trial ran out last month and I IMMEDIATLEY went to pay for the service. That’s how you really know something is amazing. Below you will find my road trip playlist from my Montreal trip in August. It’s good to work with.

It took about six hours to drive with traffic so having access to TONS of music in the car was essential.  I have the Rdio app on my iPhone and connected it to the Ford Fiesta using Sync & USB. You’ll need to turn on Bluetooth in your smart phone in order to connect it using Sync. If you are having trouble at all the manual has step by step instructions on getting you connected. Make sure you plug the phone right into the USB jack if you are not using Bluetooth. I got frustrated wondering why it wasn’t working until I realized… I plugged it into the car charger and not the actual car. Whoops! Using a USB to connect is a fool proof way to get your music from device to car.

Happy Music Monday 🙂





Saw KISS last night. It was pretty epic. They have the best shoes & outfits. Gene Simmons tongue in real life was so long. He was also wearing a metal attachment that looked like a spine on his man parts, it caused a sea of screams in the crowd. The show was super good. Impressed with the lights & pyro. I have never actually seen Molson Amp THAT packed. The crowd leaving was so tame, like a flock of sheep. Totally last minute totally awesome!

Happy Friday!







Hi guys! Matt here, live from Osheaga in Montreal for casiestewart.comThe festival has been great so far. Lots of sun, some clouds, good food (but looooong lines), and most importantly, unreal music! And now, I present to you:

OSHEAGRAM: Osheaga by instagram – The festival told through nice photos.


Rue St. Cathrines. Super festive. Reminds me of Church Street in Toronto.


Watching fun. from the side! The crowd knew every word and head banged to Some Nights.


This is Yukon Blonde jamming out. Such a solid indie rock group. Definitely a highlight.

This is me drinking beer. Enough said.




Down With Webster was my favourite part of the day. Those dudes know how to bring it. They tossed beer cups into the crowd and got us jumping to every beat.


Franz Ferdinand! I’ve been waiting to see these guys for years and they did not disappoint! Playing a combination of new & old tunes they were a blast and a half.


And finally – Justice. What can you say about two dudes who make such awesome music and put on some of the most amazing shows ever?  Can’t do ’em Justice. (lololololol)


The sun started setting and Sigur Ross came out. Their smooth, dreamy melodies had everyone in a daze. Such an experience.


Here’s to hoping day 2 is even better than 1.Check out my Twitter and Instagram feeds (matttnificent) for live Osheaga updates!

Cheers n beers,



This is an awesome hipstery playlist. Fav from the cottage. I’m LOVING Rdio. Yes, they gave me an account but they sure don’t MAKE me listen to it. I started playing tunes on the mobile app last night and my life has a new soundtrack. I’m into music but I’ve not got the time to be up on all the latest bands and tunes. I like how easy it is to discover new songs.

Bunch of good ones here:

O’Nizz posted this on FB. haha. Way cooler!

Check out this new vid by good friend Morgan Cameron Ross for Hey There Darlin’ featuring supermodel Tara Gill. Last night he played  the Little Lake Music Fest with fellow Vancouverite Carly Rae Jepsen. Way to go Mogan. Love ya!

Watched it a zillion times before I posted it. So dumb but funny.