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#Travel: A Weekend in Boston w/ My Loves

On Friday afternoon Sean and I hopped on a little plane at Toronto Island and flew Porter across the pond to Boston. I absolutely LOVE flying Porter.


We arrived at the (worlds shortest commercial) ferry at 2:10pm, landed on the island at 2:15pm, and at 2:40 we had checked in at the gate and through security. There was even time for a sandwich and a drink & snack. Pop, juice, water, coffee, tea, cookies, almonds are all free in the lounge. WIFI too!

The flight was a breeze and in just under an hour and a half we landed at Boston Logan.

It was my first time using the automated US Customs and it was a total breeze. We had a chuckle that I took a glamour shot. Like, check out that photo? All my selfie taking is really paying off. I can’t wait till I go for my next Passport photo.


We stopped at The Bell in Hand as usual. I’ve been going there with Bob since my first Boston trip about five years ago. It’s the oldest pub in America and our friend Meri works there. Some Heineken babes were dishing out free beers which was a nice start to the weekend!



Our next stop was Nico’s Restaurant in Boston’s North End, Little Italy. I absolutely LOVE Italian food and our dinner here was FANTASTIC. I packed up the leftovers and snacked on them later.  A bunch of celebs have dined there and I was most interested to see The Rock had been there since that photo of him from the 90′s has been flying around this week.



I spent Saturday by the pool from morning till night. It was SUCH a beautiful day.



And with a pool like this, hwo could I go wrong? A bunch of friends joined us later in the day and we had BBQ and plenty of good times.


On Sunday it rained like CRAZY so we took some time to relax.


Then we went to Olive Garden. We don’t have Olive Garden in Eastern Canada so I really wanted to go there. I tried to explain how we have Swiss Chalet in Canada and that’s it’s not really Swiss but the chicken and sauce are amazing. If you’ve never had it, you gotta give it a go.


Our flight was delayed for 2 hours due to weather but I’d spent about $60 on magazines and there was free WIFI. I could have lasted way longer! haha.

Sean is a total darling babe b/c he carried my luggage. LOVE YOU!


Arrived back home about 10:30pm to a crazy rain storm. Was tired from the weekend but filled with great memories. Thanks Bob + Ellen for having us over again. Looking forward to our next visit. This weekend coming up is a long one then we’ve got a WEEK of vacation at the cottage. I can’t WAIT! Nothing more I enjoy than vacation, sunshine, and great friends!

Hope your week is off to a great start. Much love,


#LoveThisCity: Priceless Toronto w/ @MasterCardCA

To celebrate summer and help people in TO experience more of what our great city has to offer, Priceless Toronto is offering MasterCard holders a whole pile of awesome offers and discounts.  I took them up on on offer to see a show at Mirvish AND visit the Science of Rock n’ Roll at the Ontario Science Centre.

Let me tell you, after seeing to Return to Grace, my love for Elvis has grown by about a million. I’ve always loved him and we used to listen to his music at my house as a kid. The show chronicled the life and times of Elvis Presley and the role of Elvis was played by Steve Michaels, a Toronto born Elvis impersonator who is one of the world’s best.


The show finished with my fav Elvis of all, the 1973 concert Elvis: Aloha from Hawaii. It was like I was seeing the king himself, I swooned and sang along till the curtain closed. I also became obsessed with being this Elvis for Halloween for the next 24hours.

Seeing a theatre show at Mirvish carries an element of elegance for me. I remember Dad taking us to see ‘Crazy for You’ when I was little. We got dressed up and had snacks at intermission. I highly recommend checking out Toronto’s vast array of musicals that roll through the city. Make sure you check out offers from MasterCard here before ordering tickets.

There’s a ton of offers for you to eat, play, shop and stay at some of Toronto’s greatest attractions including The Ritz Carlton, Canada’s Wonderland, Toronto Zoo, CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Legoland, Ontario Science Centre, Harbourfront Centre and more.

My second adventure was to check out The Science of Rock n’ Roll at The Ontario Science Centre. Sean, Emily, and I played drums, guitar, and hit the mic in a recording studio. There are so many artifacts from over the years!




We finished the afternoon with a 3D photo of us rocking out. Don’t we make a cute family band?


I’d like to thank MasterCard for inviting me to experience Priceless Toronto. I’ve got Canada’s Wonderland and Legoland on my wish list before summer’s end. To encourage YOU to check out Priceless Toronto, MasterCard Canada has given me a $100 prepaid Mactercard for YOU. See details below to enter. Contest closes in one week! Check out all the Priceless Toronto offers HERE.

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Travel boldly. Live every day to the fullest. Your MasterCard makes it possible, but you make it Priceless.


#Throwback: I’d Like to Skydive Again

Two years ago today I jumped out of a perfectly good plane for my first every skydive. It was SO MUCH FUN!

My first skydive!

I was in Boston visiting friends for the weekend and decided this was a great idea. I would 100000% do it again. I’m off to Boston this weekend to visit those same peeps and this is a great throwback reminder of an awesome weekend.

I had a 55 second free-fall before landing. Exhilarating! (Jump is at 2:12)

In 1996 I wrote a book called ‘Jeans’ and today I remember a line from it ‘You’ve never to old to play in leaves or snow’.  Remember that! You’re the director of your movie, make it an action, a comedy, or a romance! YOLO!


* original post w/ comic strip can be found here! 

#FirstLook: @WildfoxCouture Swimwear + Miami Swim 2015

Just got the latest from the runways at Miami Swim via Rightster. Here’s a sneak peek at some styles for next spring, or now!

A Wildfox shop just opened in TO and I’m yet to stop by. I know I’ll be doing some mayjahh damage and buying a whole bunch of new things. This hot, hot weather has me wanting to spend the day in my togs! Who need a weeklong vacation? EVERYONE!

Wildfox Swimwear models show off the brand’s signature flower crowns and bikinis in playful prints at MBFW Miami Swim SS14.

Poko Pano models wear modern swimwear and geometric coverups on the runway of MBFW Miami Swim SS14

Beach Bunny Swimwear models show off jeweled bikinis with an intergalactic theme on the runway of MBFW Miami Swim SS14

Won’t You Let Me Put Flowers in Your Beard?

image (12)

There’s a pretty near Lovebot the Robot display in this gallery on Queen West near Strachan. Take a peek if you’re cruising the hood.

I tried to convince  my beardy BF to let me do this to his beard this weekend. If you look up ‘flower beard’ on tumblr there are so many cute beardy boys w/ flowers in their beards. I guess we have the flower crown trend to thanks for these dreamboats!


Rise of the Beard Garden – Daily Mail, UK

Look at this face! Would it not look so dreamy with flowers? He’s going to see this and be like, “YOU ARE CRAZY. NO FLOWER BEARD!” hahaha. Love you!

image (11)

This is my latest phone case creation w/ Nuvango (my work formerly known as GelaSkins). I got a friend to send me a sample of marble and have made the design available for anyone to order.  I created a gorgeous skin for my Macbook that looks like marble too. It’s pretty!

image (13)

Where do all the deleted selfies go? I often take a few to get a good one then delete the handful of garbage ones where one eye is closed or my hair is blowing ratchet in the wind. This selfie is one I was gonna delete until I started thinking about a selfie graveyard and then I purchased deletedselfies.ca.

That’s all for now. Hope you are enjoying the day. I’m off to the spa for a massage!


#Muskoka: Life For Me Is A Riverboat Fantasy

Had a great weekend lounging at the cottage up in Muskoka. The weather was a bit cloudy on Saturday when we arrived but it was warm and I have no complaints! Boat is in the water so we got to do some cruisin’ around the lake.

I’ve had David Wilcox ‘Riverboat Fantasy’ stuck in my head since yesterday. It always comes on 104.1 The Dock when we’re driving in cottage country. If you’re looking for some good oldies and classic rock, you can listen online here.

My activities on Sunday included floating, reading, snacking, and sun tanning.


Magazine reading has me thinking about layering. I know Autumn is a while away but fall fashion is just so dreamy.



Brock & Jenn came up for the weekend and we are all obsessed w/ Doritos Roulette. They’re so freaking good!


I’ve ordered two of these donut floaties and they should arrive before the long weekend. Squeeee!

Watchin’the sun go down…



Hope your weekend was great too. Next weekend Sean and I are heading to Boston and the weekend after that is a long one. Yeahooooooo! I can’t get enough summer, I love it so much. This week is supposed to be nice and HOT!


Let’s Kick Cancer’s Ass Together, Ok? #NGWLBFundraiser

On July 30th, join me and a whole bunch of other awesome peeps at The Mod Club in Toronto to kick Cancer’s Ass. My friend Carolyn Van was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma and we’re throwing a fundraiser to help her out and to raise awareness about Lymphoma Cancer.

Watch this video and I dare you to not have some feels. Scroll down to pick up tickets and/or make a donation to the campaign.



<3 With Love,



True Story: When Life Gives You Lemons


Today life game me a lemon.
On my way to the office I crossed the road to find one single half lemon, squished, and all alone in the middle of the road. What did it mean, how did it get there?  I don’t know, I’ll never know. I decided to take a photo and have a little laugh to myself. It wasn’t like I was going to make lemonade or anything.

Did some research on where this saying came from and many attribute it to Dale Carnegie from his book How to Stop Worrying and Start Living. Carnegie’s version reads, “If You Have a Lemon, Make a Lemonade.”  BUT, 8 years before Carnegie’s book the phrase made it’s way into the mainstream via this poetic rendition of the phrase entitled The Optimist which appeared in a 1940 edition of The Rotarian:

“Life handed him a lemon,
As Life sometimes will do.
His friends looked on in pity,
Assuming he was through.
They came upon him later,
Reclining in the shade
In calm contentment, drinking
A glass of lemonade.”[10]

I thought this was all quite lovely. I left my little lemon squish and made a wish as I walked away with flowers in my hair.  Many would have missed this little lemon but I, I saw beauty in it’s simplicity and it made me smile.


In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, here’s a photo of Jenie and I at the house where we grew up in Cambridge. Did had a hot rod shop called Toys for Boys so really rad cars were always around. We used to play in the garage w/ Dad and pretend to drive the cars around. Ahh, the good ol’ days.


Remember, when life gives you lemons, you have lot of options of what to do with them. Do something that will put a smile on someone’s face, even if its just your own.

With love, 


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