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TURONNO: Where It’s At!

Turonno shirt by The Button Machine via @casiestewart


I came across this beauty and just had to have it! They were out of stock when I placed my order so I kinda forgot about it, then when I came home from vacation, it was here. ‘Turonno’ by Button Machine calls to how us Torontonians say ‘Toronto’. Nobody says ‘Tor-onto’ we all say Turonno.

I absolutely LOVE when brands send it little ad-ons when you buy something online. They included their ‘Ol’ Dirty Rob‘ sticker. Thanks guys!


In other news, I really hope we get a new mayor when the election rolls around. Our choices aren’t that great, but just about anyone is better than RoFo!


You can get your very own Turonno shirt or tank here.



What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?


I had a great day yesterday. I haven’t taken the subway for a while. It’s different taking the subway during work hours. I always wonder what everyone is doing. I don’t mind the streetcar, I don’t like the underground. I used to write TTC Tales (last one 2012) when I took the TTC to work. At one time, I travelled about an hour each way to work. I made a few videos about TTC loudtalkers after that. I wouldn’t make those videos now, social media wasn’t as popular back then.

Heading easton the Bloor Line; try not to make eye contact. Look out the window, look out window. There’s a young guy with his sunglasses on playing golf on an iPad. I can’t see if he has a bag…is just carrying the thing? I smell hot food. It’s not McDonalds. Doors open. Please don’t let someone gross sit beside me…

Went to the Trinity Bellwoods Farmers Market yesterday to pick up some green goodness. The market is on each Tuesday in the summer from 3-7pm. I was so hungry that I started chomping on lettuce leaves as I walked down Dundas. It was delicious. I can only imagine what I looked like walking down the street eating leafy greens. :)

Passed this house on Dovercourt, as I so often do and asked on Twitter if anyone had seen inside it. Have you? Turns out it’s crazy!


The decor has some personality. It’s not for everyone but I would love to have this house. It’s right in my fav part of town and if I could afford it and do some renos, I’d be all over it. Kick out all the furniture and add some mod! It reminds me of my grandpa Doug’s house growing up. His place was pretty huge with all kinds of rooms and a massive tree in the middle of it.

224 Dovercourt

Just saw the new Coldplay on M3 and digging this song. Chris Martin is looking hot.

My mantra for today is “What great thing would you attempt if you knew you could not fail?” a quote by Robert H. Schuller.  Imagine you were given an opportunity to do anything your little heart desired, what would you do? Think about it. I’ll be thinking abou tit too.

In other news, off to shoot w/ Bench Canada for a fall campaign this afternoon. Cross your fingers for NO RAIN!
Sending sunshine your way,


Dance w/ Me: #TedBakerAW14 + Holiday Preview


Last night I checked out the AW14 + holiday collections from Ted Baker London at Danceology in Liberty Village. I got to preview a few items a couple weeks ago an upcoming feature shot by  George Pimentel, wore the pink dress!

There are some incredibly beautiful items. Ted is a brand with impeccable details, the buttons, collars, inner linings, everything has a touch of personality. The holiday stuff is dreamy with heaps of sparkles. There’s a couple great leather items including a moto jacket with sleeves and a fur collar that zip off.


I love this one. All leather. So soft.




I love this little riding hat. Andrew Dobson just posted a story w/ a riding hat like this in Metro. But it has a long pony! BTW if you want a marble phone case you can get one here.


In other news, there’s a Ted Baker London store opening at the Eaton Centre in October. It’s going to be located on the third floor right across from the Apple Store. Pretty stoked! As an ambassador I’ve hosted a few events at the Yorkdale shop but it’s so far! Stay tuned for the next shopping party!

See the full AW14 collection at tedbaker.com or pop by your closest shop in September. Hope your week is off to a great start.

Much love!



Montreal Roadtrip! #tbt

A couple years ago Sean and I took a trip to Montreal for a weekend. We stayed at the W Montreal and had drove there in a car from Ford Canada. Montreal is dreamy in the summer. The W Hotel has great breakfast, it’s own nightlife, and an in-suite tub you could stay in all afternoon. We had dinner in Old Montreal and took a stroll by the water the next day.

This is a little video Sean made of our weekend.

Original posts: August, 2012

I’m still at the cottage and thinking that living here would not be that horrible. I’ve gotten used to the silence and although it’s been cool and rainy the last few days, I’ve found comfort in having the fireplace on and wearing jogging hooded jumpers.

Hope you are having a great week. :)



It may be raining outside but there’s sunshine in here.

It’s been a bit gloomy up here the last 24 hours but I don’t really mind it. Hopefully we get some sunshine tomorrow. Jenie is coming to visit w/ her BF today and I can’t wait!

Made a time lapse of the rain storm yesterday. It was magical with the sun shining through most the time. Posted the 15 second on Instagram here.


Been doing some travelling w/ Kim Kardashian. I just can’t quit her!


Looked at Sean’s old family albums and I knew he was cute but SERIOUSLY he is JUST SO DAMN CUTE. Look at this Jr. Blondetourage member!


What a little legend.


Hoping we can float in those big donuts I got on Amazon in the sunshine tomorrow. The rain is relaxing but also makes me sleepy. Reckon I’ll take a trip to town before I get cabin fever. Hope your day is lovely!

Easy as 1, 2, 3! Non-Permanent Hair Colour

Found this Colorsmash Hair Shadow in a gift bag from NXNE the other day so I’m putting it to good use.  You never know what you’ll find in those things!

I love hair chalk but  find it quite messy and it makes my hair dry. I may have seen this easy non-permanent hair color on Pinterest or made it up one day, I can’t remember. Since I have blonde hair, it’s really easy to tint but I don’t like to stick with one shade too long. Here’s my recipe for adding some sass to your hair without drying or damaging it.

1. Shave off some chalk into a small bowl and mix w/ conditioner.

If you don’t have hair chalk you can use artist chalk from any art store (don’t get pastel!).


2. Mix the paste and put on your hair.

To make the colour more intense/last a bit longer longer you can wrap your hair saran wrap to add heat. Don’t wrap your face please. The actual colour of your hair will not be this dark, don’t freak out. Leave on for 10-30 min.


3. Rinse out.

Most of the colour will go down the drain. This can be kinda messy. Use a dark towel. Once you blow dry you’ll have a dreamy light tint to your hair.



I’ve tried this with just abut every shade/brand of chalk (Kevin Murphy, professional brands, art store materials) and they all wash out in in 1-2 days. This one time I left saran wrap on with purple chalk-conditioner and the tint lasted 4 days before washing out completely. Seal w/ hairspray before you go out to make it stick.

Good luck! Tweet me a photo if you give it a go. :)


I wanna spend some time w/ #uke.

IMG_8563.JPG IMG_8564.JPG




You may say I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one


Good morning and happy Monday! Hope you had a great weekend. I just discovered that a Muskoka chair makes a great work desk. More of these in offices!  Sitting on the deck, looking out to the lake, catching up on emails, and writing this message to the world.

Had a very relaxing weekend and plan for a very relaxing week. We’ve got some work to do around the cottage and I’ve got plans to work on a few internetty things I’ve been putting off. It took me a day to get out of city mode but now, I’m ready. Listening to the ultimate cottage summer station, 104.1 The Dock. ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon just came on. :) You may say I’m a dreamer, But I’m not the only one

I’ll try to space out all my #cottagelife posts with other things so it’s not overload (this is for you and me haha).

I’m about to go out on the kayak and stare into the horizon…

Here’s to a great week!


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