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The Idea of Waiting for Something Makes it More Exciting

Yesterday¬†was such a whirlwind day. I’m feeling a bit frazzled from it all and kinda overwhelmed. I’ve not even had a chance to think about today, Thursday,¬†and the Press Screening of Behind The Red Carpet Film. Apparently we have interviews before and I don’t even know what I’m wearing. (WHY DIDN’T I PLAN!) Mum is in town and coming by in the AM to be my date. If I’m ever in a bigger movie I’d happily take her as my date like Jared Leto or some other cool celebrity.


It was super nice to get a few deliveries yesterday, they were perfectly timed! Upper Canada Mall sent a bunch of Mac lipsticks in all my fav reds/pink. It’s part of the #SWAKforheart campaign for Valentines Day. Durex sent a red box of goodies to spice up the vday romance. I’ll share more of these details when I’m not so exhausted!




My chocolate covered Lays chips arrived and they are SO FREAKING GOOD. ¬†Took them to two meetings and the bag is nearly gone. They’re dangerous! See my Valentines Gift Guide edition 1 here.¬†

Had a great meeting/snack session with Shop for Jayu and the other bloggers (JodiBlk, Victoria Simpson) at The Pink Grapefruit for¬†the #JayuBloggedII photoshoot this weekend. I’ve got sourcing/planning to do but it was great to go over each of our looks with the photographer, hair, and makeup. It’s going to be a really fun day. Can’t wait till Sunday!


Wearing this awesome Jayu ants necklace for the press screening.


Today¬†is another crazy day. Nervous/excited is my fav feeling but it can be overwhelming! A good sleep helps. Good quotes too. This is my mantra right now…

Wishing you a great day.¬†Make sure you’re following me on Twitter AND SNAPCHAT (casiestewart) for realtime updates! Exciting!

With love,



Valentines Day Gift Guide for Your Love (or Yourself!)

I don’t usually do gift guides but I really like¬†Valentines Day and it’s an excuse to treat yourself/someone you love. I know it’s a Hallmark holiday, but I don’t care! I adore all the hearts in store windows, the pink and red all around.¬†I’m all about spreading the love!

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Your Love (or Yourself!)

* photo by Becca Lemire

All the things below make great gifts for you and/or someone you love. Ladies,  send this post to your boyfriends.

Ted Baker Accessories

Ted Baker has a quite the¬†sale on right¬†now and there’s¬†some great things for both men and ladies, especially accessories. If you’re in Toronto there’s locations at Yorkdale and Eaton Centre. I have the ARBA¬†faux fur neck collar¬†below in black.¬† It’s super warm and goes with everything.

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Your Love (or Yourself!)


Marble for Your Gadgets

Now sure how I forgot to add this first round, anyhoo, updated the post to include a few more things. These Marble accessories for your gadgets are sure to warm the hearts of anyone¬†attached to their phone/iPad/computer. You can get a soft skin for your iPad, laptop, Android, XBox, Kindle, or a hard case for your iPhone 6 (or 5!). Order online at and if you’re in Toronto use ‘GTAskins’ for a discount.

Marble laptop skin, Marble iPhone case

Clarisonic and/or Amopé from Shoppers Drug Mart

I have never in my adult life had softer, more clear skin than I do now that I’ve been using a Clarisonic. ¬†I was given one in November last year and have used it almost everyday since. It’s great for evening skin tone, brightening complexion, is waterproof, and pre-timed for 6o seconds. ¬†Great gift (especially for yourself). You can find the Clarisonic at¬†Shoppers Drug Mart Stores, good use for those Optimum points!

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Your Love (or Yourself!)

A spa package is always a good gift. However, if you’ve not got the time or funds to fork out for regular pedis, the Amop√© makes a great gift.¬†¬†It’s a quick and easy way to get your feet extra soft and smooth. You can find this at Shoppers too!

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Your Love (or Yourself!)

FitBit Flex from Telus

If you’ve set a goal to be healthier the FitBit Flex is a great gift idea. Sean and I have his & hers wearables to track progress towards our fitness goals. If you buy a fitness tracker from Telus before Feb. 28, they’ll give $20¬†to the Heart & Stroke Foundation. Get yours online or at a Telus store in your area.

Valentines Day Gift Guide for Your Love (or Yourself!)

For the Fashion Lover, Call it Spring

If you’re looking for something lovely and stylish, Call It Spring has a whole bunch of gift ideas under $50. I really dig this purse shoe combo. I love the matching¬†prints trend and might¬†just pick this up for myself, and still wrap it up for VDay.

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 9.06.40 AM

Magnolia Heart Inspired Jewellery

Magnolia¬†Silver Jewellery¬†has some wonderful pieces to make your¬†heart flutter. Below is a preview of¬†love-inspired jewelry available. See the whole collection here. ¬†I’ve got a little something heading my way and will show you when it arrives!

Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 4.40.14 PM
Lays Wavy Milk Chocolate Chips
Yes, these are real, real¬†salty and sweet. I love chips, throw in some chocolate coating and it’s¬†heaven. I’m waiting for a delivery of these as you read this. You really can’t go wrong with a bag of these while sitting on the couch with your bae (or alone). Put on the Netflix and call it a night! These are around for a limited time so if you see them, get a few bags before they’re gone!

Follow CASIE STEWART’s board VALENTINES DAY on Pinterest.

I’ve got a whole board on Pinterest full of more lovely things for Valentines Day below. Click through for more ideas for him, things to wear, and stuff to make.
Nothing¬†planned for vday as of yet but I’d be quite content watching a romantic movie and eating a bag of these Lays chips TBH.

Sending you love from across the Internet!

A Good Watch, A Wood Watch, A Good Wood Watch

It’s been ages since I wore/had a watch but just before the holidays I was contacted by JORD¬†and got to pick out my fav wood watch from their classics collection.

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 8.56.34 PM

I was looking for a ‘boyfriend’ style, androgynous watch and went for the Fieldcrest black in a classic midsize. I like the monochromatic wood face that shows the intricacy of the grain. Here’s a better photo from their Instagram.

Since I picked such a unisex style, it’s been worn mostly by my BF! He absolutely loves it. Ladies beware, if you get one and have a BF, you might not have it for long. The collection is reasonable with prices ranging from $120+. There’s some really beautiful woman’s watches in Turquoise, Rose Gold, and Silver. Love, love , love! I think the Rose Gold wood would¬†suit me quite nicely!

Screen Shot 2015-01-29 at 9.04.12 PM

Thanks again JORD for the gift! If you’re interested in getting some wood for your wrist¬†or someone you love, check out¬† FYI all US orders placed by Feb. 10th will be delivered by Valentines Day. ¬†ūüôā



Behind the Scenes: Le Chateau’s Latest Lookbook #SpreadLeLove

Yesterday was SOOOOOO fun. Lozzie and I posed for the camera in studio dressed in outfits we picked out from Le Chateau. They brought together a whole bunch of bloggers from Toronto to Spread Le Love in a Valentines Day shoot.


Here’s a little sneak peek! I’ll for sure be sharing the shots once they’re out in the world!


¬†Thanks Caroline Levin for the GREAT makeup. When I met up with Sean later he said I looked like a doll. Once we got home he said ‘are you gonna take that stuff off now?’. It’s cute that he prefers my natural face. Gah, I’m so cheezy and in love! ¬†Just wait till you see the shots from the shoot I had with him last week. They’re A-D-O-R-A-B-L-E.


Finished the night with a huge bowl of Pho and came home to watch The Fall.


If you haven’t watched it on Netflix yet, I highlt recommend it. It’s a sexy murder mystery with 2 seasons starring that hot babe from the 50 Shades movie coming out next month. MEOW!

I’ve got a conference call shortly that is VIDEO and I’m not even dressed or showered. Working from home is great when nobody can see you! Gahhhh. Ok, always rushing. Back in studio for Army of Sass tonight. Woo hoo!

Hope you’re having a great day!



Check Out The Collection! ANDY WARHOL X Converse Spring 2015

Two¬†Three of my all TIME favs, Converse, Andy Warhol, Tomato Soup. Did you know I have tomato soup ALL the time. It’s always been a fav, especially with some buttered toast. I JUST got these images today and have my fingers crossed I can snag a pair. Scroll down to see the whole collection and read the press release.

What ones are your fav? These Tomato Soup hi-tops have my name all over them!


The Converse All Star Andy Warhol Collection will hit retail shelves on Feb 7th and is available at Get Outside, Gravity Pope, Groovy, Little Burgundy, Zelen Shoes, Baggins and Galaxie Bleu. They’ll retail for $75-110 CAD.





Marrying Warhol’s distinct vision with the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star, the partnership between two pop culture icons celebrates creative self-expression and pays homage to the visionary artist. The new collection features bold Warhol imagery across an array of expressive Converse footwear for men and women.

Hailed as the preeminent artist of the 20th century, Warhol was an iconic visionary whose legacy continues to inspire rebels and artists everywhere. He creatively merged pop culture, film, music, screen printing and performance, opening the door for millions of artists and performers. Since 1987, Warhol’s vision and creativity lives on through The Andy Warhol Foundation, who fosters innovative artistic expression by supporting work that is challenging and experimental in nature. To help further the non-profit’s mission for the advancement of the visual arts, a portion of the proceeds from the Converse All Star Andy Warhol collection will support The Andy Warhol Foundation.

‚ÄúWith this collection, we aim to celebrate and foster the innovative artistic expression that‚Äôs intrinsic to both Converse and Andy Warhol,‚ÄĚ said Damion Silver, Converse All Star Design Director. ‚ÄúAndy Warhol famously created art inspired by American pop culture icons, and was a pioneer in utilizing the Chuck Taylor All Star as a blank canvas for his work. From this shared creative history grew our collaboration with Warhol.‚ÄĚ









My New Friend from France, Polette Eyewear

Polette Eyewear, Casie Stewart, blogger

Eyewear have always been a staple in my wardrobe. I’ve always had a large variety of costume glasses of different shapes and sizes. I’d much rather have a bunch of affordable styles instead of one or two fancy ones. ¬†I like variety but I’ve also been known to lose and break them (unfortunately!).

Polette Eyewear, Casie Stewart, blogger

Late¬†last year I was contacted by Polette eyewear in France and offered a spot on their blogger team. In exchange for sharing my fav glasses¬†from the site, I get to pick a couple pairs EACH MONTH. ¬†Perks of the job guys, squeeee! I can’t wait to stock up and share¬†new shades every couple weeks.

My First Polette Eyewear Order: 

  • Devil¬†– rose coloured lenses
  • L√©osummer – yellow/green fashion lenses
  • Gracie Mile B – blue/black lenses

Polette Eyewear, Casie Stewart, blogger

Polette has a pretty neat story. Founded by Pierre Wizman, a young entrepreneur at 16, he launched the website in 2011 with his biz partner and¬†just like that,¬†they were in business. Their goal was to be the only intermediary between the consumer¬†and manufacturer to cut down on price without skimping on quality. ¬†When you visit¬†¬†you’ll see there’s a wide selection of styles¬†starting at $6.99.

Polette Eyewear, Casie Stewart, blogger

Polette Eyewear, Casie Stewart, blogger

One of the cool things about placing your order is first you pick the frame, then lenses (anti-scratch, reflective), then¬†lens tint (ex. red/black), and finally tint level (red ones above are 85%). I didn’t really understand this at first but I know for next time now!

Polette Eyewear, Casie Stewart, blogger

I’ll be posting my new glasses monthly as they arrive. Would you like a pair too? It’s been ages since I did a contest so enter below and we’ll send you your choice of glasses including prescription if you need them (mine are not prescription). Contest doesn’t¬†include Vintage or L’Atelier collections.


a Rafflecopter giveaway


Fashion File: #LillyforTarget, Joan for Céline, #mycalvins

Here we go, couple great fashion stories yesterday! I also had my hair done. Stopped into The Loft, Queen West and decided it was time to ditch the violet and bring back blonde.


I love the decor in there, it’s all vintage and charming, the¬†furniture, ¬†old trunks, china plates, brass fixtures. Reminds me of Mum’s house growing up. I’m heading back there Friday afternoon for a Dermalogica facial. I’m addicted, I’ve been getting them on a regular¬†basis for a year now.

Target announced their latest¬†collab, Lilly Pulitzer for Target. The collection comes out April 19th AND Target Tweeted me IT’S COMING TO CANADA. I’m so stoked. I can’t WAIT to redo our rooftop patio and spice up the cottage Palm Beach Style. I’ve reached out to¬†my friends at Target to see if I can get involved or at least front of the line on opening day. Read more about the collection in the release from Target here.

Chalk this on the life goals board! Author, fashion icon, and one time Vogue editor Joan Didion was named as the new face of C√©line at 80. You’re never too old to have great style! I love that they’ve made this decision. Read more about it on Vogue or anywhere else that reports fashion.


In other news, The Biebs is the latest to join the ranks of notable celebs to post for Calvin Klein. He’s all grown up and totally catching some heat for the campaign but mostly because some of the shots look weird. I reckon the one shot looks like his head has been shopped onto his own body and it’s ver giraffe like.¬†See the video below.

The others are pretty awkward. Good for you Biebs but I reckon you should have a word with your manager. Spiro from It’s All Style to Me posted the whole set, check out Bieb’s package, looks like socks to me!


A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

That’s a wrap for today’s post! Hoping to shoot something for an upcoming project outside today but we’re in an EXTREME COLD WEATHER ALERT. Not sure if that’s really gonna ‘go’ with my concept.

Sending love and warm vibes across the internet airwaves, 



Last Min Gift Idea! You Can’t Go Wrong w/ Stylish EyeWear


New glasses! You like? They’re YSL! A gift to myself from I was invited to pick out a pair from their gift guide and these new YSL babies were my choice. I absolutely LOVE great eyewear. I choose fast shipping and they arrived in 2 business days. A great gift idea if you are one of those people who leaves everything to the last minute! You have Friday, Monday, Tuesday, get on it!

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should be!) or have been looking at my photos for a while, you’ll notice my vast collection of great shades. I’ve moved on from a stylish box to an entire drawer in my wardrobe, you can never have too many!

If you’re still looking to treat someone special (even yourself!) check out the gift guides for¬†women¬†and men from Smart Buy Glasses and pick fast¬†shipping to get them in time for Christmas. You can also order a gift card to be shipped same day.

I’ll be wearing my new sunnies from now till summer. Even at night. I love them! ūüôā

Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 9.15.57 AM Screen Shot 2014-12-17 at 9.15.29 AM






Artist Designed Hitsu Socks! You’re Late, Order Nate!

People need presents. You haven’t checked off your list. It’s ok. Check out¬†or Order Nate.

I’ve been a friend /fan of Nate Kogan for a long time now and I’m happy to support his latest venture, Hitsu¬†Socks. There’s a surprise in every box! They make a great gift. I’ve gotten Sean a few pairs already. It’s ok, it wasn’t a surprise.

Here’s an old snap of Nate and I¬†as Elfster & Santa ūüôā

<3 Happy Christmas & Hanukkah! All the cheer!


santa and elf


Photoset | YYZ Magazine: Issue 7 Launch Party

Here’s a few snaps from the YYZ Magazine Issue 7 launch party last week. See the full gallery here. Above is Editorial Director Lonelle Selbo ¬†with (my man crush) model and man about town, Paul Mason.

The digital issue was released mid November and you can find the print version at Chapters and select stores around the city. I wrote about Dundas West in this issue and you can find my photo by George Pimentel on the masthead.  Photocred to Brian Hamilton for the photos in this post. Love this one of me! Thanks Brian. LMK what you of the issue, read it here.


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Fashion | BaffiCollection Wooden Lapels for Movember

This year for Movember my friend has created a line of wooden lapel pins that are little tiny moustaches.  Whether you can or can’t grow a moustache, you can show your love for the MO and support the cause with a Baffi Moustache lapel pin. 25% of all sales will be donated to Movember Canada fort the month of Movember. These make a great gift ($20) for the stylish man or lady in your life. These lapels are mine!


You can order your Baffi Movember lapel right here AND please use promo code ‘CasieMO’. You’ll be entered to win a Baffi Holiday Box with 2 Moustache Pins and 2 wooden pocket squares valued at $175.

BAFFI wooden pocket squares and lapel pins.

I can’t grow a MO so I show my support in other ways. Remember the MoSista pinup girl calendar I was in? You can see all posts tagged Movember here or check out my MoSista profile here. The Bloggers of Movember Canada network has raised $500 so far.


With love from Queen West where I am surrounded by beards and moustaches all year!