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Celebrating 40 Years! Over The Rainbow X Fidelity Denim

Last week I stopped by Toronto’s iconic Over The Rainbow to celebrate as they turn 40. In honour of this exciting milestone, OTR is doing a series of fashion collabs throughout the year.

Celebrating 40 Years! Over The Rainbow X Fidelity #OTR40YRS via @casiestewart

The first is a limited-edition jean designed by Canadian denim darling Jason Trotzuk of FIDELITY.   I had a chance to have a few laughs with Jason, who flew in from Jason flew in from LA – where the FIDELITY factory is located, just for the event.

Celebrating 40 Years! Over The Rainbow X Fidelity #OTR40YRS via @casiestewart

The jeans come in a classic blue denim or white, with OTR details including rainbow striped detailing on the back pockets and inside waistband.

Celebrating 40 Years! Over The Rainbow X Fidelity #OTR40YRS via @casiestewart

Over The Rainbow is THE place to go for a great pair of jeans, they’re known for honest service, knowledgeable staff, and innovative products. I’ve had some good memories there including last summer  2 summers ago when I hosted the Back to School Blogger blowout (see post here).

Celebrating 40 Years! Over The Rainbow X Fidelity #OTR40YRS via @casiestewart

Enjoyed the beverage selection. Fresh cold pressed juice in a rainbow of colours!

Celebrating 40 Years! Over The Rainbow X Fidelity #OTR40YRS via @casiestewart

Every month for the rest of the year, Over The Rainbow will be doing collaboration with some really rad brands including Tuck Shop Co., Naked & Famous Denim, Line Knitwear, Moose Knuckles, and more. See the full list here. I’ll make sure to keep you updated so you can pick up something from the limited collections yourself! 

Thanks Faulhaber Communications x FIDELITY x Over the Rainbow for my own pair of the limited edition denim. They’re super comfortable! Follow the hashtag #OTR40TRS for all their best moments!



Weekend Reads + Things to Watch: Marketing Mag, NextIssue, News, Film


Woke up feeling ok, battling a sore throat but dragged myself out for some sunshine and a coffee. Still rocking that winter fur but looks like next week will bring those spring temps we’ve all been waiting for.

Listened to CBC Radio q w/ Shad this morning wearing this face mask from The Face Shop (thanks Faulhaber!). Working away in the home office looking like Hannibal Lecter hoping Sean didn’t walk in and get a fright. Update: He didn’t.

Did you watch the Bruce Jenner interview last night with the rest of the world? I thought it was a good interview and it was interesting to hear Bruce’s story and struggles he’s been facing. I’m not a regular watcher of Kardashians so I’ve not seen much about him besides the tabloid stuff.

This week I upgraded my NextIssue Canada subscription so I can get ALL the magazines including Hello Canada and US Weekly. If you wanna test it out try code ’60free’ for 2 months. Follow this link -> NextIssue 60free. They just added some more French and English titles (see here) along with new search options.

 I’m anxiously watching for the Royal Baby. I’ve always had a love for the Royal Family, it stems from my mum. She named me Casie Diana Stewart after Diana, Princess of Wales.  Rest in Peace Dear Diana, ILU.

Read MORE magazine via NextIssue today as well, always one of mum’s favs. Loving these jumpsuits, looking good Jessica Alba. I could wear in these things all summer.


 In other news:

I was featured in a story about The Future of Social Media in Marketing Magazine this week. Read it here. New photo by Kayla Rocca.

Career Boosters - The Future of Social Media, Marketing Magazine, Casie Stewart 


Our film, Behind the Red Carpet is NOW ON iTunes IN CANADA. You can rent/buy it and watch me on your TV/tablet/phone screen in the comfort of your own home anywhere, anytime. Find it in iTunes by searching the title or my name.

Behind The Red Carpet Film, iTunes,  Casie Stewart

That’s all for now! I’m gonna go soak up some sunshine. Have a great weekend and happy reading/watching/resting!



The Kit: Toronto Street Style Feature

Yesterday I was featured on Canada’s leading fashion + beauty site, The Kit. Check it out here! Photos by the lovely Kayla Rocca.

Inspired by the era of punk and print, today’s Toronto street style encounter mixes and matches pieces with a retro vibe to create a modern look.

WEARING: Lucian Matis top, American Apparel dress, Rudsak moto jacket and handbag, Nasty Gal hat, Shellys London booties, YSL sunglasses, M.A.C lipstick in Lady Danger
STYLE INSPIRATION: “My mom and her best friend had really great style growing up, lots of prints, patterns, sequins, and big jewelry in the ’80s. That’s where my love of clothes comes from!”

Photographer: Kayla Rocca,



Uh-huh honey: Converse #MadebyYou + Honey Eyes  

About a week ago I attended a private dinner with some of Converse’s NY team and top ranked influencers in Toronto. We sat down at the Gladstone Hotel to learn about the latest #MadebyYou campaign from Converse and few other treats.

Photo by

Photo by

I recently picked up a few new pairs of Air Optix Color contacts from Toronto Eyecare. We were talking about other colours available and I mentioned I’d love to give them a try, so VOILA! These ones are Honey and make my eyes look light brown in the sun. My natural eyes are hazel so there’s a slight difference. See all the colours at

Met up with my sister for a late lunch before the Converse dinner. She’s really so lovely. Follow her on Twitter or Instagram @jeniestewart.

Got the new HISY Selfie bluetooth remote recently. It’s a little black button that connects to your phone via Bluetooth and allows you to take snaps by touching the remote. It’s at the Apple store for $28+tax but you can get it on Amazon here.

Love that sunshine on my face.  It’s always fun to look at my eyes as a different colour. These honey ones are a subtle difference. I reckon they’d look really neat on greener eyes and interested to see what they do to blue ones.

My latest and greatest Converse from the Andy Warhol Collection. Tomato Soup wasn’t available in my size at the time but I was sent a pair of Black Bean Soup and I love them.

Nice to sit beside my old friend Jalani. He’s a great photographer and person, you can find him online at or @JalaniMorgan on Twitter.

We were all asked to customize a pair of Converse with our name. This pair is one of a kind and made by me. They’re actually a size too big so I am going to keep them forever then one day when I’m famous I’ll sell them in an auction and donate the money to a charity close to my heart. Pretty bada$$ tho.


We each had the opportunity to have the shoes we wore to the event shot by a professional photographer. In a quick thought of inspiration, I threw on some red lipstick and gave mine a kiss. I needed something to make them more unique!

Friends who wear Converse together, stay together.

Here you can see what the Honey contacts look like in artificial/indoor lighting. Not AS bright but still a bit different than my natural eyes. Changing them is fun.


Huge thanks to Mikki and the Converse team for inviting me and the opportunity to customize my own Converse. Had a blast hanging with my blog peeps over a delicious dinner.

Check out the Converse MadeByYou campaign on your fav social network. What are your fav Cons?

Air Optix Colors – Brilliant Blue

Air Optix Colors – Sterling Grey

Air Optix Colors – Gemstone Green

This post is in partnership w/ Alcon + Air Optix Colors. This whole lil' story is part of my life and all words + opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting the brands that help keep this blog going. See my previous posts w/ Air Optix Colors below! :)

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain.

I dunno what it is about this time of year of this weather but it’s really got me down. I was feeling so meh today I could have just crawled into bed and played on my phone for 2 hours until I fell asleep.

I know it’s going to be raining heaps the next few weeks and luckily I’ve got a nice coat to keep me dry. Had this baby in my closet for months and it’s finally mild/wet enough to wear it. Thank you Stutterheim + WRG in Montreal for hookin’ a sista up! David Beckham and Jay-Z have them too. The brand was started by a Andrew Stutterheim, Swedish copywriter turned fashion designer, read about him here. Cool story bro.

I was lucky to spend the afternoon with a great friend and have some laughs while we worked away.  I took her some tulips and she gave me some sunshine. She also made me a delicious lunch which is always a treat!

Tomorrow night is our second Army of Sass show. I’ve skipped out on a lot of fashion week stuff this week to train tonight and perform tomorrow. I really don’t mind. I laughed my a$$ off at rehearsal and we worked up a sweat with drills, exercises, and practise. Nothing like a great group of girls, a wicked routine, and good workout to boost you UP. BTW if you ever want to join up and come to my class, lmk. There’s a couple spots left I think!

I’ve got a post coming with a pretty rad giveaway and I was planning to post it this morning yesterday but the day got away from me and I will share it today.

If you wanna come to the show tomorrow night, get a ticket HERE or at the door. Mod Club, 9pm, show starts at 10.

Here’s some beautiful flowers in case you need a cheer up too 🙂casie stewart, toronto, blogger, speaker, influencer, "this is my life"


Title is a quote by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Starting Fashion Week with a BANG! #WMCFW

Hi from the NKPR office s where I’ve been on set all day for an exciting new show. I can’t say anything else about it for now but soon enough you’ll know. Today marks the start of World Mastercard Fashion Week in Toronto and it’s going to be a busy one.

Huge thanks to Jodi Urichuk for a great job on makeup today (Follow her IG at @JodiUrichuk). Over the weekend I had a reaction from my eyelash extensions so I was all puffy and red. I had them taken off yesterday and most of the swelling wend down but they were still looking kinda rough this morning.

You can’t even tell, eh?

In spirit of WMCFW, remember when I walked the runway in SS12? I was wearing a custom Peach Berserk dress and walked right onto the runway after being at SXSW. I loved it. Super rad that I was wearing Doc’s too.

Tonight I’m at a Bacardi Legacy event but will be at the tent’s tomorrow for WMCFW. Here’s to a great week! Stay tuned on my Snapchat for up to the minute stories! FOLLOW ME at CASIESTEWART.



Video Feature: Portraits by IB w/ @IbraheemYoussef

On Friday I met up with artist/designer/photographer Ibraheem Youssef for a portrait session in his Portraits by IB collection. I took him through my internet and creativity fuelled, hyper connected reality.  We did a quick Meerkat livestream at Jimmy’s coffee then popped into graffiti alley, Queen West to capture a video in the sunshine.


Portraits by IB on Instagram

Meet Casie Stewart @casiestewart. A fashion, travel & technology blogger. She self describes her style as “Bright, vintagy & always changing”. I personally like her passion and willingness to experiment and push boundaries of style! Spotted at Portland and Queen in Toronto, Canada. //// Shades by@Burgerandfriends – Rings & Necklace by @shopforjayu – Blazer vintage – Scarf from #Thailand– Leather jacket from @rudsak – Shoes by@lechateauStyle – Tights by @joefresh 

Saw these two little Doge at Jimmy’s. Much cuteness!


It’s so nice outside today, get off the computer and soak up the sunshine!



Sunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful 

The sun is shining, and I’m gonna head outside, make the most of the day. Spent the morning finishing up House of Cards Season 3 and reading magazines. I won’t share any spoilers but man I really love that show. Clair Underwood (played by Robin Wright) is amazing.

I remember doing a magazine review a few years ago (2011) and putting a little cut out of my face on the magazine, funny.

Sunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful  via @NextIssueCanada

Finished S1 of Transparent on Shomi today. Good show. The music is really great.

Sunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful  via @NextIssueCanada

I’ve added NextIssue added to my weekend relaxation routine since starting the trial last month. I love reading magazines but buying a whole stack is 1) heavy and 2) expensive. This morning I  read Wired, W Magazine, and HouseBeautiful. I’ve been given a code from NextIssue that allows you to get free 60-day trial of the app too.

Download NextIssue – Easy as 1,2,3!

  1. Click here ->
  2. Enter code 60Free
  3. Enjoy!

Sunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful  via @NextIssueCanadaSunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful  via @NextIssueCanadaSunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful  via @NextIssueCanadaSunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful  via @NextIssueCanada

I love scar Jo’s hair right now and am still on that mission to grow mine out. Now that I made it through House of Cards without being influenced by Claire’s hair, I feel I’ll make it to a bob no problem.

Sunday Magazine Selection: Wired, W, HouseBeautiful  via @NextIssueCanada

This *slight* winter warmup has be thinking about the cottage and what we can do this spring to make some changes around there. We’re building a new deck and I’d love to get some new patio furniture and curtains. There’s so many great design ideas out there. I’d love to get my sewing machine in action and actually MAKE new curtains for the cottage.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 4.02.21 PM

These lamps are lovely. I’m sure there’s a Pinterest on how to do this in detail.

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 4.02.40 PM
It’s been ages since I made anything but I really want to this spring. (I feel like I say this every single year but this time I mean it!) Maxi dresses, skirts, slip dresses. I really need to work on spring cleaning the house and spend less time on the Internet! I was so excited that Lilly for Target was coming to Canada but now that there’s no Target, I’m determined to create some things myself!

Bring on Spring!



Garden Party! Ted Baker London SS15 Preview at Casa Loma

Last night I went to Toronto’s castle to check out the Spring/Summer 2015 collection from Ted Baker London. I love Casa Loma, it’s especially beautiful at magic hour or in the summer (great garden out back!).

These are one of my latest pairs of shades from Polette Eyewear in France. Polette is an online optician, a leader on the French market, glasses are made-man, and come in a various material (wood, hand-polished acetate, plastic, metal). These are the Monroe. The Monroe Apple has purple mirrored lenses and light green frames! Looooove.

The Conservatory inside Casa Loma was decked out like a beautiful garden party complete with a string quartette playing pop songs.  You’ll have to believe me because I accidentally deleted the Vine I made.

More gorgeous prints are coming to a Ted Baker London store near you. In the GTA there’s stores at both Yorkdale Mall and the Eaton Centre.

I would like to make a flower wall like this too.

Love these colours and this peach bag. I have the FW2014 version in Candy Apple Red.

One of the things I love about the Ted Baker London brand is the attention to details. Ted is alllllll about the details. The clothes were beautiful and the food was great too. We had deep fried asparagus, candy sushi, ahi tuna, and my fav was a tiny little beef cupcake.

BANANA PHONE! Ok, that’s all for now, off to DX3 conference and then Stage TEN TV to talk about making shows. Stopping by  the Lacoste SS15 preview to wrap up the workday.

Sending sunshine your way! 🙂