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It happens every year when the season change. You know what I mean, we all go through it. You wake up and wonder what to wear, what will it be like today? Outside? Inside at work? I think and say out loud “why don’t I wear a bikini under a parka so I’m prepared when it’s either freezing bloody cold or damn hot?” Ok…I exaggerate…

I remember this one job I kept a blanket at my desk all year round. I  never knew if I was planning for heat or air conditioning, never mind the unpredictable outdoor weather. It’s a problem but not like a really serious one…

I love fashion and style and clothes but don’t talk about them that often.  I’ve got a couple favorite blog spots that do cover fashion and they’re really good.

I  like their style and they’re all so damn cute. They are:

Go check them out. You will like.