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I Got a Vajacial.

A what?¬†A Vajacial is the same concept as a facial, except it’s for the bikini area…

I got to Fuzz Wax Bar for my first time. Had been walking around the house for 20 min before I left, was almost late. I was nervous. Asking myself all kinda questions like, what’s gonna happen? Will it be a girl? Where ‘exactly’ does this happen in that¬†region? Is this gonna hurt? I’ve never had a Brazilian. I was nervous.

Vajacial Starter pack: sign up, room alone, disrobe, wait for it.


The experience was good. Once I was on the table with a towel covering waist to thighs, I relaxed. I Felt calm. A nice young woman did the treatment and her Irish accent was lovely, we had a couple laughs too. It was over in 20 minutes. I did not at any time have anxiety or feel like she went too close to my private parts.  This had me nervous earlier.

The Vajacial is a¬†five step process and here’s how it went down:

  1. She cleansed the skin around my bikini area with antibacterial towelettes. Towels were soft.
  2. Second she put on an exfoliator that’s used to¬†remove dead skin cells in preparation for extractions. The exfoliant was really gentle too.
  3. I had a blindfold on so I didn’t see this part but she used Tweezers and a lancet to extract any ingrown hairs trapped
    under the skin. If you have really coarse hair or are prone to ingrown hairs, I can imagine this being a bit painful.
  4. She put a mask to help with the removal of any ingrown hairs.¬†Next she grabbed a high-frequency wand and I had to take off my blindfold to see this thing. I know¬†they’re used in facials but I’d never seen one. It helps to infuse the product deeper into the skin and¬†treat deep rooted ingrown hairs, it also vibrates a little bit.
    • How it works:¬†A glass electrode is filled with a Neon or Argon gas, where a high frequency current is conducted onto the skins surface.
  5. Last step was moisturizer, gently applied to calm, soothe, and¬†lock in moisture. I was feeling fresh! I took of my blindfold, it was over.¬†My skin felt really soft. I would do it again. Great way to give your¬†‘area’ some TLC. ¬†ūüėČ


Was recommended this bikini brush and Fuzz’ very own Skin Perfecting Body Scrub to make sure my skin all over is soft and smooth. Winter can be a real stress on your skin so it’s important to take good care of it.

I hardly¬†write this kind of ¬†‘intimate’¬†stuff so if you have any questions I didn’t answer, please ASK!¬†If you wanna give it a go, book online at¬†Fuzz Wax Bar and say I sent you.¬†You can find Fuzz Wax Bar on Facebook,¬†Twitter and Instagram; hashtag #FuzzVajacial.

Thanks Olena and NKPR for twisting my arm and thank you Jessica and Florence for the goodies. I’ve finally worked up the courage to go for a Brazilian!



Fashion | BaffiCollection Wooden Lapels for Movember

This year for Movember my friend has created a line of wooden lapel pins that are little tiny moustaches.  Whether you can or can’t grow a moustache, you can show your love for the MO and support the cause with a Baffi Moustache lapel pin. 25% of all sales will be donated to Movember Canada fort the month of Movember. These make a great gift ($20) for the stylish man or lady in your life. These lapels are mine!


You can order your Baffi Movember lapel right here AND please use promo code ‘CasieMO’. You’ll be entered to win a Baffi Holiday Box with 2 Moustache Pins and 2 wooden pocket squares valued at $175.

BAFFI wooden pocket squares and lapel pins.

I can’t grow a MO so I show my support in other ways. Remember the MoSista pinup girl calendar I was in? You can see all posts tagged Movember here or check out my MoSista profile here. The Bloggers of Movember Canada network has raised $500 so far.


With love from Queen West where I am surrounded by beards and moustaches all year!



Tech | Oculus, Wearables, and My Connected Life

One of 1188’s latest ventures is Occupied VR and last night they were on ETalk! Ben Mulroney tried the experience they designed for David Cronenberg’s Body Mind Change. (You might remember me taking part in Body Mind Change last year.) The Rift Teaser launches on the 24th of November. I tried it at the office and it was intense. It’s amazing how immersive Oculus is when you’re tapped into sight and sound. It totally freaked me out, I jumped up out my seat and screamed!

 Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 9.38.27 AM

Later this week I’m attending the monthly We Are Wearables meet up at MaRS Discovery District. There’s still a few tickets if you’d like to join! (Free) There’s a¬†Smartwatch Panel w/Motorola & TELUS¬†with a discussion on¬†Nielsen’s recent Connected Life survey on Canadian Trends¬†in wearables and wearable consumers.


I was really into social media before it hit the mainstream and I’m really into wearables lately. Sometimes it’s hard to believe how huge social media has become, I can only imagine the impact wearable technology will have on us over the next five years. I want to know and learn as much as I can!

Old photo of Keri and I that came up when I Googled “casiestewart, nerd” Ha!

I’ve been thinking about how connected I am to the internet and it’s rare I go 15¬†5minutes without my phone having a notification, checking email, or taking a photo. ¬†I was working away and my battery died this morning and¬†to be honest, I¬†was so productive for that period of time! ¬†Techlogy makes us more productive and distracts us¬†all the same.

I’ve got lots to get done today so here’s to productivity!

It may be freezing cold outside (if you are in NA) but try not to let it get you down. Put on all your winter warmies and greet the day with a smile.






Last week I had the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the Stanley Kubrick exhibit now open at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. IT WAS AWESOME. I was at BOOMBOX, the annual TIFF Fundraiser. You might remember last years crazy Cronenberg exhibit.

Here’s some snaps from the event via at TIFF by Connie Tsang.¬†The Instagram photos are mine of course!

You should DEFINITELY check this out. Great for fans and if you are not a fan yet you will be when you leave those doors. I hadn’t see 2001: A Space Odyssey but after being in the space ship, I had to watch it last weekend.

The exhibit features rare photographs, letters, original props and costumes (so cool!), screenplays, production materials, and cameras from his nearly 50-year career. For more information check out BOOMBOX, Stanley Kubrick: The Exhibition, @TIFF_NET on Twitter, and  @TIFF_NET on Instagram.




A video I did with Cision Canada a couple years back followed by details on how YOU can get involved with Movember this year.

From calendar photo shoots to judging moustaches to fundraising, Casie expresses why it’s important to support men’s health.

This video is a little on the creepy side. If you made a donation to the Biz Media team you got a video. This was mine!

Are you a MoBro or MoSista with a blog? Join our network here. For more information about Movember, visit





CottageLife | You Might Just Need An Entire Weekend of Sleep

Hellooooo November! I love summer but there’s something so calming and¬†creative about winter that makes me want to lock myself inside and write or organize the house.

I did neither of those things this¬†weekend. I slept at least¬†25 hours. ¬†I took as many extra hours of sleep as I could find! We spent most of the weekend on the couch watching shows and movies¬†from Netflix or iTunes. The fridge is full of¬†takeout. I was tired. I had¬†work to do but I just didn’t have the energy. Today I feel much better and ready to take on the world!

Whenever it’s a new month, year, and sometimes even day I look back and feel grateful for memories or think about how life has changed. Two years ago Sunday, Dad and I did the CN Tower Edgewalk thanks to Mastercard Canada’s Priceless Surprises. Timehop is a great app for looking back on that you posted on Twitter or Facebook that day (see posts about the app).


Saw this rusty rat rod truck that made me think of you Daddio! He custom builds hot rods and is working on his own rat rod right now.


It’s the start of Movember so I can’t help but think about the MoSistas TO pinup calendar from last year 2012. (Gah, I can’t believe it was 2 years ago!) ¬†The girls and I had a good time getting dolled up.


I was May. Apron was Mum’s and I love it. I use it on the regular. I hope I still have that scarf.

In other news, Regina George started following me today and I’m already into the Christmas music w/ one of my favalbums by She¬†& Him.



If you need something to cheer you up on this gloomy Monday, press play, or check out THIS happiest Christmas playlist ever to ensure smiles all around.

Here’s to a wonderful week!



Events | Romance Anyone? Toronto Sex Show

Loving this remix of Tove Lo’s ‘Stay High. I put all the recent songs from my Shazam (music discovery app) and put them in an Rdio playlist. You can check it out here.

“I eat my dinner in my bathtub,¬†Then I go to sex clubs,¬†Watching freaky people gettin’ it on,¬†It doesn’t make me nervous,¬†If anything I’m restless,¬†Yeah, I’ve been around and I’ve seen it all”

Next weekend I’m going to¬†The Everything To Do With Sex Show¬†for my first time even thought it’s been in Toronto for 15 years. The three day event runs October 24th-26th at The Direct Energy Centre and¬†features all kinds of seminars, art, wellness, celebrities, and other fun stuff to do with sex and romance.

It’s a great time of year for this show because we’re about to start hibernation and if we have a winter like last year, we’ll all be spending heaps of time at home. And hopefully not alone!

I creeped the event website and found this group of cool peeps I can vouch for that are worth checking out at the show:


Other things I reco checking out are burlesque, the leather, latex, and the exhibitor floor. I’m not sure if you have ever worn a latex outfit but if you have you know how amazing it is. I used to have a gorgeous long latex shirt but it ripped. These are a few of my fav Gaga latex outfits.

Tickets to attend the show are available online or at the door and range from $20-$35. Show sponsors include Cupid Boutique,, Love Shop, We-Vibe, Blow Vapor, Club Pro A.E., Cam4, and Monde Osé.

Wanna go? I’ve got two tickets up for grabs. I reckon it’d be a great date, fun afternoon w/ your bff, or a way to spice up your relationship. There’s always new things out there!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Contest closes Thursday, Oct. 23, 2014. Winner will be notified by email. Good luck and maybe I will see you there!



Events | #NHLFaceOff w/ Hershey Canada


Last week I hung out with Hershey Canada to kick off hockey season at NHL FaceOff in¬†Dundas Square. Being Canadian it’s my blood to like hockey! I usually get to at least one game per season and we finally got the HD hooked up so we can watch in style at home.

The day long event shut down Yonge Street and filled Dundas Square with hockey fans. I was blown away by just how MASSIVE the event was! It’s always fun to see Dundas Square transform, there was a massive stage on Yonge Street and the Tragically Hip were scheduled to play just before¬†the puck dropped.


Hershey Canada was sampling their new Oh Henry! Big Crunch which is a twist on the original (my fav chocolate bar since I was a kid) and a layer of cookie crunch. TBH I ate like 3 that day they were so freaking good!


Fans¬†were lined up all day to take a ‘shot’ at the Oh Henry! Big Crunch Hardest Shot Challenge. The top scorers¬†had their names posted¬†on the winners board all day. I put my GoPro in the net and was gave it a shot and although I didn’t make the score board I managed to hit the camera RIGHT after I said “I won’t hit it’. Camera was ok!

Everyone who took part was rewarded with an Oh Henry! Big Crunch loaded with peanuts, caramel, fudge, and chocolate.



In addition to all the sampling, Oh Henry! Canada is donating $50,000 to Food Banks Canada and they want to give YOU an NHL experience of a lifetime. For details on how you can STICK IT TO HUNGER and win, visit them at or click the image below.

Sean and I took Embot to see the Tragically Hip after school and it felt REALLY Canadian.¬†Sadly the Leafs didn’t win that night.


Props to the crew at Gearwerx for pulling together a great activation! The team sampled 30,000 Oh Henry! Big Crunch bars throughout the day and gave away 500 limited edition shirts.

Here’s to hoping our home town team can make us proud this year! Go Leafs Go ūüôā



Events | Samsung Galaxy Alpha launch party #GalerieAlpha

Came across these photos from the Samsung Galerie Alpha launch last week. It was a cool event with art stations scattered around the Neubacher Shor Contemporary art gallery, Queen West. Thanks Best of Toronto for the snaps! Almost the entire circle of Toronto Internet was there. Fun night!

Rudsak Canada jacket, necklace from The Store on Queen

Samsung Galaxy Alpha launch party #GalerieAlpha


Events | The Art of Entrepreneurship + The Art of Maintaining Violet Hair


This violet hair is awesome but it really fades fast. Checked out the bf’s new office space before heading to The Are of Entrepreneurship conference this morning. The day started¬†with rain but before I knew it the sun was shining bright.


Shared a few tweets with the one and only Gary Vaynerchuk before getting to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. Looking forward to his talk this afternoon. I love listening to other speakers, it really helps me pick out things that make them great to remember for me own talks.

The tents are being put up for World MasterCard Fashion Week already. It’s hard to believe it’s already that time of year again! I’ll be attending a few shows this season but don’t have anything mayor planned..yet.



Had a Kiwi @eatkanga pie for lunch and discovered @Charge_Spot. Awesome & innovative Canadian product. #meatpie #mobile #vscocam #tech *on the spot charging! SO AWESOME.

View on Instagram

Alrighty, time to head into the first after lunch session for The Art Of Entrepreneurship. Gary Vee is closing the day after Reddit co-founder  Alexis Ohanian.

My fav class in high school was entrepreneurship and one of my highest marks. I took the Gr. 11 course in Gr. 10 and still had the highest mark in the class. I started a business called OUT THERE, Creative Advertising & Marketing. ¬†It makes me smile that all these years later, creative advertising and marketing is still what I’m doing. ūüôā

Hope you’re having a great day! <3



Events | Streamers + Smiles: Creative Mornings w/ Tiffany Pratt

Just over a week ago I attended my first Creative Mornings event in Toronto. It was one of the first chilly mornings and trench coat weather. Arrived to have my photo taken by a friendly blog babe instantly made friends with another girl outside too. The day was off to a great start!


The theme for September was COLOR and they cold not have picked a better person to light up the room.

There was a pink card on each of our seats¬†with Tiffany’s face and contact info, along with a beaded wooden rainbow mandala bracelet, which had been made¬†by volunteers with Tiffany earlier in the week.¬†There were streamers on the door, the floor, hanging from the ceiling. It was a colour explosion! If you check¬†@thetiffanypratt on Instagram you day will be brighter the second¬†her profile pops up.

Image by Laura Crowell via Creative Mornings




She started her talk with a morning meditation and then threw streamers into the crowd, over our heads. I loved it. Here’s a little Instagram¬†video I made. Creative Mornings just posted about the event and I will update this post with the¬†full video as soon as it’s live.

See what I mean.

She’s so awesome.

Here are some notes I scribbled down on my iPhone while she was talking. Mostly I took in what she was saying and thought about life. There was so much positive energy floating in the room with smiles all around.

  • You need to happen to your life
  • Buy all the streamers
  • Make all the bracelets
  • Gigantic love circus
  • Plant all the seeds
  • Do all the things
  • Velocity
  • Be consistent
  • Putting your brain on paper
  • Beauty happens on¬†budgets
  • And this quote from¬†my #1 fav author growing up Roald Dahl…

‚ÄúAnd above all, watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.‚ÄĚ


From Wikipedia on Velocity:

If there is a change in speed, direction, or both, then the object has a changing velocity and is said to be undergoing an acceleration.

I’ve feel¬†inspired¬†every single time¬†I¬†about that day. She’s one of those super awesome bright people that make you smile the second you see them.¬†I hope you have some of those people in your life. If you need some of that glitter and sunshine,¬†follow her on IG at¬†@thetiffanypratt¬†and me @casiestewart.

Accelerate yourself. Get your wheels in motion. Fill YOUR life with colour. Have an awesome day ūüôā