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Don’t Hate, Appreciate! Selfie Queen, New Tricks, New Treats

Omg heyyyyy! It’s FRIDAYYYYY or FRIYAY as kids call it these days. Woke up to find out my blog was BROKEN. Urgh.

Always a scare. I imagine it’s like your child being unable to function. My blog is my baby and when it’s got a cold 403 error and not operating, my heart sinks and I panic. It’s ok tho, fixed now bc you are reading THIS!

Don't Hate, Appreciate! Selfie Queen + New Tricks, New Treats

Went to dinner at the Trump Hotel last night because I am I fancy lady¬†for a press event with LG Canada. I was given a brand new, unlocked (from Korea) LG G4 to test drive. I love new gadgets so much. My fav things about this phone so far is the selfie camera. ¬†It’s got that beauty feature to perfect your skin (no editing required), there’s a front facing flash, and you can signal with your hand to take a selfie.

The PR team was like ‘Casie you’ll love these selfie features’ as then handed over the phone. Then, in the middle of the product demo I got called a ‘Selfie Queen’ in front of everyone. I don’t mind. I’d proud of my selfie skills. I have been taking photos of myself¬†before they even had a name. ¬†You’ll get about 12,300 results if you google my name and ‘selfie’. That takes real dedication! This is an oldie from 2008 when I lived in the East end at Broadview & Danforth. I was an IT recruiter in the financial district back then, seems like a 100 years ago now.

After I passed by the new Yo Sox store to see Ryan and the gang. The once pop-up is now ¬†permanent and they’ve got a bunch of other neat Toronto things in the shop. They’re got a sweet collab coming with Thank You Toronto.¬†For Every Product Sold, Thank You‚ĄĘ Toronto Feeds One Person.

Left my mark as usual. You’ll see this bench when you stop by for a visit.

Don't Hate, Appreciate! Selfie Queen, New Tricks, New Treats, YO SOX

Since Sean was working¬†late I picked him up a TORONTO VS EVERYBODY t-shirt and I got a sweatshirt. Finally tried the Bud Light Apple as well, not bad. It’s like a¬†juice beer.

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 11.03.42 AM

This morning I cut the sleeves off to make my sweater summery. I might cut them more before the end of the day. I dig this look.


You like?¬†It’s a sweater but a t-shirt, ultimate comfort and not too hot.


Used my little JOBY stand to snap these pix on the LG G4. I also love using the HISY mobile remote for iPhone. Selfie game strong. I’ve gotta reset my GoPro before that little guy is back in the self photography game.


Stop by the new Yo Sox store at Queen/ Portland, it’s inside the old tattoo shop at Tattoo Rock Parlour. Message me if you do, our office is across the street and maybe I’ll be there.

Totally feeling this ‘don’t hate, appreciate’ wall decal.





Pin-Up Picnic this Weekend in Bellwoods!


On Saturday the Army of Sass is hosting a pin-up picnic! I can’t wait. Been trying to decide on an outfit and there’s just so much to pick from. It’s gonna be cute and in Bellwoods if you wanna pass by.¬†Details on Facebook.

ALSO, our next show is THROWBACK: 80s & 90s and it’s seriously totally awesome. Pop June 6th & 13th (we have 2 shows)¬†in your iCal¬†and I’ll have a link for tickets any day now.

Pin-Up Picnic Inspiration



Listen While You Work: My Chat on The 416 Show – Episode 15

I’m listening to it as I type this and I think you’ll really like it. You’ll laugh a little. ¬†If you’re at the office , throw¬†in your headphones and listen while you work.

The 416 Show

(this will open in another window)

Here’s the shirt¬†I came up with. Buy it here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-13 at 9.09.00 AM

Show Links



Top Chefs + Top Brewers = WIN! 🍻Brewers Plate! 🍻

Love beer? Love food? Love summer?¬†Love¬†rock n’roll? Who doesn’t!?

The Brewers Plate is a local sustainable feast celebrating TO’s breweries, chefs, farmers, and food artisans. It takes place May 13th, 2015 at Corus Quay. So, put¬†May 13¬†in your calendar (Wednesday next week) and go buy a¬†¬†Brewers Plate¬†ticket right NOW.

It’s a one-of-a-kind evening of unique food and beer pairings from 20 Top Toronto Chefs and 20 Top Ontario Brewers. Once you get a¬†ticket ($95) you can eat/drink as much as you can handle (responsibly of course tho). ¬†Last year’s event was sold out.

Text this post to your BFF, BF, parent, or a pal you’ve not seen in a while and say ‘wanna go to¬†🍻🍛??”

For tickets, click¬†HERE. 🎫
To see what chefs are coming, click¬†HERE. 🍔🍢🍤
To see the line up of brewers, click¬†HERE. 🍻 🍻

Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 8.15.08 AM

The theme is ROCK N’ ROLL and I suggest pairing your fav band t-shirt with jeans, maybe a blazer?¬†Thinking I might bust out this Iron Maiden shirt in some type of stylish summery fashion.

Kinda like this but no tights.

To make it even BETTER, the night supports a great cause, Friends Of The Greenbelt Foundation.  Check out all the sponsors and more about the event at




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New Shades, Patio Season, Parking, Sunshine, Wine!

Hello, hello, what a beautiful day! Put these flowers in the 1188 office yesterday¬†to brighten up the kitchen area. It’s so nice to be working back downtown, vs last summer when I was up in the Junction.

Wore¬†these little adorable Lacoste oxfords and really hoped they didn’t hurt my feet come end of the day. You know how that happens every spring! The old summer shoes come out and your feet get all nasty lol.

Picked up these glasses at a garage sale w/ Hannah last weekend. I love garage sale season! Mum and I went to one when I was home a couple weeks ago.    

Time to so something different with my hair soon. Not cutting it but colour. Have had blonde for months now, I’m ready to spice it up!

*Note to future self, don’t get eyelash extensions again, your real lashes are beautiful.

This was nice to see on our way to work in the morning finally, mobile payments! Thanks John Tory!  American and International friends, you will be happy to know we no longer have a crazy crack smoking mayor and our new mayor is quite swell.

Was walking down Queen Street West and caught these two guys reading the paper in perfect form. Yesterday was SO NICE, the streets were packed.

Hannah and I stopped on the Black Bull patio for sunshine and bevvies. We were interviewed by CP24 news. It was great.

Lovin’ the Bill Murray Dot Tee from Clashist.

Went to a tasting at the iYellow wine cave w/ Vinho Verde wines from Portugal.


Nice to see Ken Samuel and meet the Wine Ladies. We had a great chat!


Thanks Re:Source Media, Angela Aiello (Executive Producer of CNBC‚Äôs ‚ÄúWine Portfolio‚ÄĚ), and the crew at iYellow for a nice evening. The wine was great too!

In other news…

Can’t wait. Planning to go to the cottage for my birthday weekend (May8th). I’m ready for a getaway! Hope you’re having a great week and enjoying the sunshine!



Watch Me Tablescape It on The Design Network!

A couple weeks ago I was on set with Sarah Glynn to film an episode of Tablescape It, her new show on The Design Network.  We took a wooden tray with industrial handles from my place and incorporated it in a chic bar setup for an upcoming shindig at my place.

Watch Me Tablescape It on The Design Network w/ Sarah Glynn

S1 E1 Designer Sarah Glynn has a mission: to create an industrial-chic bar for lifestyle blogger Casie Stewart, who is celebrating the 10-year anniversary of her blog. Sarah finds inspiration in a rustic wood tray that’s special to Casie, setting up a one-of-a-kind bar complete with vintage bar cart, a DIY light installation and playful accents to help get the party started.

Watch the Video on The Design Network

Watch Me Tablescape It on The Design Network w/ Sarah Glynn

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With all this #Madonna talk, couldn’t help but notice…

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 12.29.29 PM

SIMILAR LOOK, NO? These shots were from the Shop for Jayu, Jayu Blogged lookbook photoshoot earlier this year.


Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 12.49.56 PM

See the full Shop for Jayu, Jayu Blogged Spring SS lookbook at


<333333 XOXO CASIE


Ben’s at Home Win’s best Feature at Canadian Film Fest!

This weekend Hannah¬†and I went to the Canadian Film Festival premiere of Ben’s At Home, directed by my friend Mars ¬†Horodyski and Dan¬†Abramovici.¬†It’s a romantic comedy where Ben decides to stay home and not leave his house. In doing this there’s some drama, laughs, and romance.

HUGE congrats to Mars and Dan for winning BEST FEATURE ¬†at the festival. They’ve been¬†picked up for distribution AND have a web series on the way. So neat to see someone you know really killing it. I’m looking forward to the web series as Ben blogs about staying home for an entire year. I couldn’t even imagine doing that!

bens_at_homeBEN’S AT HOME
Running Time: 74mins
Genre: Romantic Comedy

Producers:   Dan Abramovici, Mars Horodyski, Anneli Ekborn
Director: Mars Horodyski
Writers: Dan Abramovici, Mars Horodyski
Editor: Mike Reisacher
Cast: Dan Abramovici, Jess Embro, Jim Annan, Inessa Frantowski, Craig Brown, David Reale, Rob Baker, Kimberly-Sue Murray, Emma Fleury, Ruth Goodwin, Sarah Booth

Another cool thing about the premiere was the short film before that starred Donnie form Orphan Black (Kristian Bruun). Soon as he came on screen I turned to Hannah and said ‘omg, it’s Donnie, I love him!’. Little did I know¬†he was sitting right in front of me. ¬†Face palm. ¬†That’s him beside the guy holding the mic below.

Check out the trailer for Ben’s at Home the web series below. All views help them in a chance to win funding to produce¬†it, so give it a watch!

These are roses¬†Sean got me after my Army of Sass performance last week. They’ve bloomed so beautifully. Being in love is the best.

Hope you had a great weekend!



Garden Party! Ted Baker London SS15 Preview at Casa Loma

Last night I went to Toronto’s castle to check out the Spring/Summer 2015 collection from Ted Baker London. I love Casa Loma, it’s especially beautiful at magic hour or in the summer (great garden out back!).

These are one of my latest pairs of shades from Polette Eyewear in France. Polette is an online optician, a leader on the French market, glasses are made-man, and come in a various material (wood, hand-polished acetate, plastic, metal). These are the Monroe. The Monroe Apple has purple mirrored lenses and light green frames! Looooove.

The Conservatory inside Casa Loma was decked out like a beautiful garden party complete with a string quartette playing pop songs. ¬†You’ll have to believe me because I accidentally deleted the Vine I made.

More gorgeous prints are coming to a Ted Baker London store near you. In the GTA there’s stores at both Yorkdale Mall and the Eaton Centre.

I would like to make a flower wall like this too.

Love these colours and this peach bag. I have the FW2014 version in Candy Apple Red.

One of the things I love about the Ted Baker London brand is the attention to details. Ted is alllllll about the details. The clothes were beautiful and the food was great too. We had deep fried asparagus, candy sushi, ahi tuna, and my fav was a tiny little beef cupcake.

BANANA PHONE! Ok, that’s all for now, off to DX3 conference and then Stage TEN TV to talk about making shows. Stopping by ¬†the Lacoste SS15 preview to wrap up the workday.

Sending sunshine¬†your way! ūüôā



Wanna Earn Free Leafs tickets? Follow @TheFordFanatic :)

I usually get to one NHL hockey game per year. This season I’m taking Sean thanks to MLSE & The Ford Fanatic. I love going to the see the Leafs play and I hardly ever remember who wins. This year, Ford Canada has partnered with the Leafs to help #fansgofurther. ¬†To date, between MLSE and Ford through the FordFANatic, approximately 4,800 tickets have been awarded to fans for 24 home games. I love it!

Screen Shot 2015-03-08 at 1.48.28 PM

How you can earn free Leafs Games tickets

The purpose of the program is to engage, surprise and delight fans in a season-long program¬†awarding positivity and passion both online and off . Fans have the opportunity to earn tickets and watch a game in the Ford Fan Deck. Follow @TheFordFanatic and take part in their weekly challenge. There’s still a few weeks left in the season. Official R&R of the contest can be found here.

Behind the Twitter handle is Sarah D. and she’s been a Leafs fan as long as she remembers. Being Canadian, it‚Äôs in her blood. Growing up in rural Nova Scotia, Sarah and her peers cheered for any of the original 6 teams but, Sarah‚Äôs cheers have always been for the Leafs. Sarah was 18 when she first saw the Leafs play, when she came to Toronto to see a pre-season game. She remembers it as one of the most surreal experiences of her life, being able to see Darcy Tucker fight someone right in front of her, got her hooked for life!

My first game was when I was 16 and won tickets to see a game after Darryl Sittler presented me with the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award in Cambridge. Drove to Toronto with mum and a family friend, we saw a game at Maple Leaf Gardens. I have such fond memories of that day.

To win tickets to a game before the 2015 season is over, follow @TheFordFanatic and take part in their weekly challenge. I’ll be at a game on the 31st of March. Will be spring by then!





Started bright and cold early this morning and went to a blogger breakfast with Ford Canada at the Canadian International Auto Show. It is damn cold out here today. My new MotoG smartwatch tells me it’s -22 right now. I’ve also completed my 10K steps for the day so I’m gonna stop working early.


Totally got spoilt¬†for Valentines Day by Motorola because they sent me a NEW PHONE and the MotoG watch. I’m in love with wearables and this things is an absolute vision of beauty.



Felt a little bit bad for my bf who got me a great gift but when he see’s all the things that arrive from the Internet, it’s hard to compete. Not that he has to but, I did get¬†a bunch of gifts this year. I’ll share more goodies over the weekend.


I arrived to the auto show to the wrong area and was surrounded by the sales meeting team and walked in all leopard print, bright red, and standing out like a sore thumb. (As usual, but more here when everyone was wearing black and suits!)


Finally asked someone and located the blogger crew.


Sent a photo of this cute little hybrid hot rod, Hot Wheels to my dad. Would love to drive one of these little bad boys!



I woke up in a Bugatti! Ok, woke up and saw a Bugatti.


Always wanted one of these. Still might have one someday!


Had a Valentines lunch date with Alison.



Had a heart shaped pizza delivered to Sean’s office for him. Pizza my heart.¬†¬†ūüôā


Travelled on the GO train to visit Keri for a slumber party. Can’t forget your BFFs on Valentines Day! READ HER BLOG HERE. SHE IS REALLY AWESOME.


Ahhhhh, the country! Nothing but the sound of… well, NOTHING.


Lloyd is my dad’s name. Gave him a ring when I saw this, figured it was a sign. GET IT? A SIGN.


And now I am starting the weekend early and going to have some beers with Keri. SO happy it’s the weeeeeeeekend.

Wishing you and your loved ones a wonderful few days filled with love, or friends, or drinks, whatever makes you happy. Don’t forget to treat someone you love, EVEN IF IT’S YOURSELF!


Sending love from beside the fire,