Events, usually they have a hashtag.

Hola and Happy Tuesday! Last week I viewed all the entries for the travelcuts documentary film festival and piked my favs. There were a handful of awesome entries. I’m dying to jump in a plane and go on an adventure after watching.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 8.47.35 AM

It’s easy to vote, just share the hashtag that goes with your fav entry. I’ve listed each hashtag with the videos below. If you visit you can see the 3 finalist videos and easily vote there too.  Voting goes until Nov. 17th and the winner will be announced the following week at the screening. Exciting!


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This Is My Life | Keeping Up With The Joneses

Last week I filmed a little something for my friends at JONES Media. They’re launching a cool thing soon and you’ll find me in it.

Side note: Don’t know if you’ve ever seen the movie ‘The Joneses’ but I’ve watched it about 30 times, pretty sure it’s on Netflix. I won’t ruin it by sharing it with you but the concept is something you might find interesting.

I love these bright lights on my face, being mic’d up, and the camera rolling. It is so much fun. I’ve always loved being on camera! PUTTING OUT GOOD VIBES FOR MORE AND MORE AND MORE. 

Tap video for sound on mobile. 😜

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Thanks to these awesome peeps, great working with you! Sarah and I go way back.

It was SO nice out on Friday. Have you checked the weather for this week? We might break some records! It’s said to be over 15 degrees for 3/5 days. HALLELUJAH!   Let’s hope this is a glimpse into the winter we’re gonna to have, leave the deep freeze for the Arctic!

This week I am prepping for TEDx in London, Ontario – I’m speaking! The topic is The Human Condition and my talk is Psychology of Social Media & Narcissism. I’m really excited about this talk and putting the finishing touches on it.  I’ve booked another talk in Alberta for the spring. Winter may be on it’s way but things are heating up over here!

Check out this interview shared by my friend Lisa on Hip Urban Girl or my profile on the National Speakers Bureau.

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This Is My Life | Halloween & Chill

Had a nice Halloween this year. Was a bit more chill than years before, didn’t go out-out on Halloween night. After taking Em & friends trick or treating we stayed in, got takeout and watched Netflix – first time I actually watched Nightmare on Elm Street.

On Friday eve we saw a dude in front of us with binoculars, I was puzzled to know who the creeper was. He was peering out the window, stopping and looking through them. It wasn’t until I noticed his shirt I screamed ‘WALDO> I FOUND HIM’. We all had a laugh. Drove up to snap his photo. Good costume mate!


Friday night we stopped by Maison Gothique hosted by Grey Goose Canada at Brasaii. Sean was a very convincing Fidel Castro while I was his pinup sidekick. I like this black hair look. Having long hair is something I’m not used to at all. It’s always in your face and gets caught on your jacket and stuff.

We danced the night away at the Tricon Films party after. It was heaps of fun. If you follow me on Snapchat you’ll have seen it already. Good music. heaps of cool peeps, a stripper pole, and great costumes. [Snapchat: casiestewart, add me!]

On Saturday I’d been scrolling Pinterest and Facebook looking at costumes all afternoon and threw this look together for trick or treating. Luckily I’ve got a stock pile of wigs and lashes to make anything into  halloween.  Wearing this kind of super long lashes is kinda weird, they block a bit of your vision but look fabulous.

Seeing all the little rascals run around for candy was pretty cute. they all got candy wasted shortly after.

Save this for next time you need to call in sick!

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Hope y’all had a safe and happy halloween. Now that it’s November it’s 100% appropriate to put on the holiday music and think about Christmas. I’ve got a bunch of presents checked off my list and put on my fav playlist yesterday.

[iframe id=””]

60 days  till the new year, don’t put off till then what you can start today!


Events | Woodbine Racing 2015 Season Comes to an End

This weekend, before heading to the cottage Garret, Sean and I stopped by Woodbine for the last big race of the season, the Breeders Cup. Over the past few months I’ve attended a bunch of great times there with friends. Almost everyone I took this season came home with $$. I’m still working on my luck!


One of my fav events of the summer is the Queen’s Plate. Carla had never been to the races so I took her as my date. It was a nice sunny afternoon and we started with the Hats & Horseshoes party. All season, Woodbine hosted a selfie contest with a $1,000 gift card prize. It was easy to enter, snap a selfie with the racetrack in the background, post to Twitter or Instagram with #OfftotheRaces and you were in.

Aside from the Queen’s Plate there’s Woodbine Oaks, the Pattison International, and Breeders Crown. Before Dawn moved back to Scotland I took her for an afternoon at the races. Woodbine Oaks was a fun one for us as there were rock n’ roll bands playing for us to jam out to.

My sister Carynn was the big winner of the summer with a near whopping $100 for the day. We went in the middle of October and it was an absolutely gorgeous day. We dined at Futures where they offer a sit down lunch, private viewing area, and full buffet. They also make some pretty good cocktails here! 😉

I’d like to thank Woodbine for a fun summer. It was great sharing my #offtotheraces experiences and taking friends for the first time. My Grandad really loved the races and I feel like he’d be happy to know I’d been going.

Until next summer horses! Have a safe & happy winter 🙂


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Canada Votes | I Voted!

4:32.49 – how long it too me to vote this morning. Went early to avoid the rush, was done by 9:50! It was so easy. I had to replace my licence recently so took the paper one w/ my passport & voting card.

Don’t get discouraged if there’s a crowd today, let it excite you! This is a big day for Canada and an opportunity for change in our awesome country. Dress up, take a selfie, go with a friend, go with your bae. VOTE!

Today also marks the first day of World Master Card Fashion Week in Toronto so I dressed stylish and wore Canadian. Fur vest and jacket by Rudsak Canada, collar is Ted Baker London, book bag Zara, new boots Geox, vintage glasses.

Hoping for change today! If you need to know what or where to vote visit Polls are open till 9:30pm!



Throwback Thursday | GO JAYS GO!

I decided to make an audio of this blogpost because I have such fond memories of this day. Have a listen or scroll down to read it.

The photo above is from 1992 when the Blue Jays won the world series for the first time.We’re standing on Bremner near Navy Warf facing south. I just got off the phone with mum as I was confirming a couple details about the day since I was only 10 when it happened.

In the photo L-R are my sister, Bronwyn, Carly (Bomb Girls), Paige, and me. Our mums were taking classes at a school in Cambridge that day when they looked at each other and said “what are we doing, we should be there!” after hearing the Blue Jays parade was happening in Toronto.

So, they each went to sign us kids out of schools (we were at different ones), met up, packed all 5 kids in the car, and drove to Toronto. We were there pretty early and got a spot at the front just outside the Skydome near gate 10.

Now that mum mentioned it, I remember a police officer waiting there with us. She said crowds started to form and we got moved to the front of the group near us where the office stayed most of the afternoon. He looked at our mums like they were crazy, there were NOT many kids there. AT ALL.

The parade went on forever and I remember seeing Roberto Alomar, Kelly Gruber, Joe Carter. It is one of the most fond memories of being a kid. The next day I went to school and told all the kids I was at the parade. I remember feeling cool and everything thinking mum was cool too.

When I chatted her just now she said:

“Life is about creating memories”


She always instilled this in me, reminded meto stop and smell the flowers, draw, write things down. She was always encouragung my creativity and I’m forever greteful to her for that. THANKS MUM.

I REALLY hope they take it all the way this year and we can COME TOGETHER for the parade. Sending all my good vibes for the Jay’s first playoff game since 1993. GO JAYS GO!


⚾️ ⚾️ This should get you pumped if you’re not already!  ⚾️⚾️

With Love,


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This is My Life | Fiesta, Fiesta! We Partied w/ Pringles Tortillas

I love chips, there’s no denying it. Probably too much. Pringles (knowing my chip love) reached out to let me know they had a new chip in down, Pringles Tortillas. Next, they sent me an entire CASE of the new chips and since I really want to shouldn’t eat them all myself, we had a little fiesta at the office.

I set up the boardroom with a nice Mexican tablecloth, a feast, and called in the crew. The new Tortillas come in Original, Cheese, and Ranch. My fav are the cheese. Original are great with salsa or guac. Everyone is snacking on chips again today. THANKS PRINGLES!

Matt was really into my idea of having a fiesta.

After eating all this I was feeling like Macho Nacho.


Some of my blog friends She Does the City & Addicted Magazine ALSO had #VivaTortillas parties 😎🎈

This is a very exciting Wednesday dinner. #VivaTortillas @pringlesus @reforma35 @Andres_Tequila

A photo posted by shedoesthecity (@shedoesthecity) on

A photo posted by Mark Munroe (@themaleaddict) on


Next week I’ll be sharing a contest w/ Pringles Tortillas where you can win a prize pack of your own to share with friends (or eat yourself! 😜 ). Find Pringles on Twitter at @PringlesCA and visit for product info and a contest where you can win an ultimate adventure ✈️ to Australia, New Zealand, China, Peru, Tahiti, and more.


  • Post sponsored by Pringles Tortillas but eating the chips was all done by us and they were delicious! 😜 Thanks for supporting me and the brand partners I work with. 💛💯

This weekend I’m taking my sister Carynn on a date to Woodbine Racetrack for her very first time. Instead of eating at the concession, we’re getting a lil’ fancier at Favourites Dining Room (located on the 2nd Floor, west end).  It IS Thanksgiving weekend after all! Thanks Woodbine!

If you’re just tuning in or don’t recall, I’ve partnered with Woodbine for the entire racing season. See my previous adventures with Dawn at Ricoh Mile, the Queen’s Plate w/ Carla, and the first race of the season, Woodbine Oaks w/ Sean.  

  The racing season goes until November so you’ve still got time to plan a little outing. If you are a smoker, you’ll be happy to know there’s smoking areas and you can actually smoke beside the track. Crazy I know. 

Woodbine has an #OffToTheRaces contest running the entire season where you can win $1,000 Woodbine Racetrack gift card just by snapping a selfie at the racetrack and post to Twitter/Instagram w/ the #OffToTheRaces hashtag.

Get more info on Woodbine and upcoming races by visit their website at



Speaking | We Are Wearables – Capturing the Future

Last month I was a guest speaker at MaRS Discovery District for the We Are Wearables event themed around cameras and capturing the future. Last time I spoke at MaRS I was on a panel about panels, see here.  I love being in this building, it’s always filled with smart minds, creators, and people making a difference in the world.

This event, in partnership with Best Buy Canada, took a deep dive into how wearable cameras and new technologies are changing the way we capture our lives.

One of the things I was really intrigued by was the ion Snapcam for lifelogging. It’s a 1½” square that weighs just over an ounce, you snap it on via magnet/carabiner clip and tap once for still camera shots or twice to start HD video. Then, it connects wirelessly to your smartphone for instant uploading. I need one of these ASAP. 

Where’s Waldo?

Before ending the night, a panel made up of Giovanni Tomaselli – Founder and CEO of iON Worldwide, Zayn Jaffer – Director of Merchandising, Emerging Business at Best Buy Canada,  Oskar Kalmaru – Co-founder & CMO of Narrative, Steve Mann – the Father of Wearable Computing and Chief Scientist at Meta, Tom Fowler – Chief Marketing Officer at Recon Instruments and one of Canada’s top bloggers and pioneer in social media, Casie Stewart sat down with We Are Wearables founder, Tom Emrich to talk about lifelogging and the impact of wearable cameras on society.

Read more about the night at

The next We Are Wearables look sat Sports & Entertainment and there’s another event on October 13th that covers Changing the Game of Sport. See more about upcoming events and Wearable happenings at

Will keep you posted for my next public speaking gig, love to see you there!




Fashion | Fitzroy Boutique X Adidas Popup

Last week the girls from Fitzroy Boutique opened their latest pop-up at 12 Ossington. They’re partnered with adidas Originals and during Nuit Blanche last weekend, you could have your new kicks customized by two awesome Toronto artists, Andre Kan or Madison Van Rijn.

My shoes were customized by Madison (above) and I picked a little love note envelope similar to a tattoo on  my right arm. I’ve had a few pairs of shoes customized over the years with my name so now, I’m adding adidas to my collection.

Photo by Becca Lemire for She Does the City

I also love the dress Julie (one of the Fitzroy babes) was wearing and I picked one up for myself. I was feeling pretty tired after going to WeDay so a little retail therapy was JUST what I needed.

Photo by Becca Lemire for She does the City

Photo by Becca Lemire for She Does The City

Photo by Becca Lemire for She Does the City

The pop-up runs until the end of November. I suggest making sure there’s some room on your fav credit card because there so many really nice items in the store. If you can’t make it there IRL, check out @FitzroyBoutique on Instagram or visit to shop online.

Thanks again for having me ladies! 😘😍



Art | The Inside Out Project – On Display Until October 12!

The INSIDE OUT Project is ‘a global art project transforming messages of personal identity into works of art’ created by world renowned street artist JR. Photobooths for this project have travelled all around the world photographing regular people and turning their faces into massive art installations (Paris, London, New York, Hong Kong, Tokyo, etc) since 2011.

  Last week I waited in line for about an hour with Paddy Jane and Jennifer Hollett (former Much VJ, current NDP candidate) at Nathan Phillips Square on the last Toronto dat of photos from the INSIDE OUT project. I really wanted to have my face be part of it! IMG_2292.JPG This past weekend during Nuit Blanche, I was spotted! A couple people sent messages with photos of my face in the square. So cool. Here’s a shot of it being wheat pasted to the concrete.

Photo via BlogTO

The documentary on the INSIDE OUT project is on iTunes and I’m planning to watch it soon. If you’re keen to look for some familiar faces downtown, the portraits will be in Nathan Phillips Square and around the city until October 12th.



Travel | Sky High in Cottage Country – My KD Golden Noodle Adventure

Last weekend I went on an epic cottage adventure. If you were following Twitter or Snapchat you’d have seen a bunch of tweets from myself and Lauren as 2 planes landed on our lake and took us flying around Muskoka for the afternoon. My guests included Lauren, Steve, Sean, and one other special guest…a golden KD noodle. Ok so you’re thinking what? A Noodle? Yes, a NOODLE! 


KD is celebrating the love it’s fans have for it in a way that’s truly worthy,  WITH GOLD. Until October 5, Canadians have the chance to win a 1-LB 24K Gold Noodle, worth approximately $30,000 CAN. To enter pop by your local grocer and pick up a limited edition box of KD Gold. Next, enter your unique PIN, found inside specially marked 4 and 12 pack bundles of KD Macaroni & Cheese, at  No the noodle is not in the KD box! It’s pretty heavy!  You can also win hundreds of instant prizes, including gold-plated KD cuff links, sunglasses, flip flips, or a gold plated coin.

If you’re wondering how I like my KD, I like to switch it up, sometimes ketchup, maybe hot dogs, other times a healthy dash of black pepper. As a side note, I didn’t actually try Kraft Dinner until I went to college. My parents are from New Zealand and they don’t have KD there. Thankfully my college crew introduced me! It’s one of those things everyone has in their pantry and sometimes the perfect fix  to feed your hunger.

My KD Golden Noodle Adventure in Muskoka

Here’s a few snaps from our float plane experience. We flew from Bala to Port Carling, went for lunch, and flew back. It was beautiful to experience an aerial view of Muskoka this time of year, the leaves are all starting to change. Special thanks to our pilots at Lake Country Airways for a great trip!


Our friends from across the lake saw us off cottage style proper, a sea doo chase!




Hey Lauren & Steve!



I would love to be a pilot one day. I was feeling like Paris Hilton at this moment as we rode off in our private planes. I could get used to this! 

Landed in Port Carling


Sweet ride!



After lunch it was time to head back to the cottage. Me n’ my crew! 

float planes




Thanks KD for an awesome and unforgettable afternoon. I think the noodle enjoyed it! Ha.

For info on how YOU can win the golden noodle visit or check out  @KraftDinner on Twitter or

🎈💛✈️💯 CASIE



Events | LCBO’s Harvest Menu w/ Love for Local w/ Chef Lynn Crawford

Thursday was a busy one! I went to 4 media events and was home just after 8pm. It’s fun but exhausting! Today is chill time, hair, nails, lunch, art show w/ bae. 

Had a great kickoff to fall yesterday w/ LCBO & Wine Country Ontario over lunch hosted by Chef Lynn Crawford (Food Network Canada & The Cooking Channel). The event featured a Thanksgiving menu prepared by Chef Lynn, along with several other talented winemakers, chefs, and food artisans from Ontario.

I don’t go to heaps of ‘foodie’ events, although I enjoy them! It’s always a bit funny for me because the foodies are REALLY serious about the food, flavours, textures, pairings. I love listening. My take is usually, much more relaxed, a lifestyle writer approach. Does it taste good? Can I cook this at home? Will my friends like it? Can I impress the BF/parents?

Here’s some Tweet highlights from the #LCBOTasteLocal event:

We learned how to make a thanksgiving feats like a pro using preservatives, and items from local markets, and our own backyards. The menu is now available at LCBO stores across Ontario and looks like the top photo in this post. The little book features ideas for hosting, cocktail & cocktails, food/wine pairings, and recipes.

I’m not 100% on our plans for thanksgiving yet this year but it’s one of my fav meals of the entire year. Would love to Chef Lynn’s cauliflower & celery root mash w/ onion thyme marmalade. Like, how good does that sound?!

Here’s to a great weekend. Heading up to the cottage w/ Lauren & our BFs tomorrow and flying Muskoka in private planes on Sunday. **Pinch me!** This is my life, gahhhhh!



Last week I visited the NKPR IT Lounge at the TIFF bell Lightbox. This lounge, hosted by NKPR, celebrates it’s 10th year and brings together an array of great products and sponsors, to offer gifts to celebrities in town for the festival.

I was very Ellen Degeneres/Justin Bieber when I visited. haha. 

Celebrating 10 and 40 years respectively, NKPR’s highly sought-after IT Lounge and the Toronto International Film Festival will officially partner for the first time – a coming together of the decades – to create an exclusive anniversary Festival experience at TIFF. … In 2006, NKPR’s IT Lounge was the first gifting suite in North America to bring cause to the forefront. This tradition of giving back continues, and in 2015 a donation will be made to Artists for Peace and Justice for every celebrity who sits for a portrait.

Since Last Week An Array of Celebrities Rolled Through




What’s in the NKPR It Lounge Swag Bag?


The winner will receive premium festival treats below, plus extras including an eOne DVD collection of popular films from previous TIFF years.

  • – Racinne Lady I Messaging Rejuvenation System $69.99
  • – Saje Natural Wellness Pocket Pharmacy $59.95
  • – OGX Beauty Organix Sea Mineral Moisture Surge Treatment $14.50
  • – Case of Flow water
  • – BottleGreen Sparkling Elderflower Water
  • – David’s Tea – Pumpkin Chai
  • – Barilla Pasta
  • – CROSS Pen
  • – Square One – $50 Gift Card
  • – Festival Hair Essentials Pack from Goody valued at $50
  • – Fuzz Wax Bar – 1 free service
  • – Tom Tailor Canvas Bag

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Enter to Win an The NKPR IT Lounge Celebrity Swag Bag


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For an EXTRA entry retweet this tweet and comment on this Facebook post. Each one will get you another entry and increase your chances of winning the mega prize. Open to anyone in Canada. Sorry Americano & overseas friends!  Contest closes in one week. Happy TIFF! RT This Tweet Comment on This Post