Ok, guys, here’s the low down… Europe’s top cosmetic brand, essence, is now in North American and on tour with Justin Bieber! As the official cosmetics sponsor of the Justin Bieber believe tour 2013, they are hosting multiple sweepstakes and contests to AND ONE OF THEM IS RIGHT HERE ON YOUR FAVOURITE BLOG.

justin bieber tour omg! #casiebieber


  • 2 tickets to see the Biebs in TO on July 25th (floor seats – within the first 10 rows)
  • an essence gift pack
  • a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card (essence is exclusively available at Shoppers Drug Mart)


  1. Like and follow essence on  FacebookTwitter
  2. Like and follow THIS IS MY LIFE on Facebook and ME on Twitter
  3. Share this CONTEST on Twitter by clicking below!

Contest CLOSES Monday, July 22nd at 5pm. Travel not included. I won’t be there as my friends at essence cosmetics have graciously invited me to NYC to see the Biebs and (fingers crossed) have a meet & greet on August 2nd. AHHHHHHHH!

I wanna make you one less lonely girl, enter now.



OK, I started this book today. Sitting on Queen Street in the shade waiting for (rain) someone boyfriend. Netflix sent me a signed copy from the author. Autograph is orange highlighter, naturally. It sounds good, the creator of Weeds made it. Scroll down if you want the prize only, winner gets the following..


  • PS3 ($269 Future Shop)
  • Six month Netflix Canada subscription ($48)
  • Author signed copy of Orange Is The New Black book (Piper Kerman Priceless)

I love Netflix and I watch heaps of moves. Last year they sent me a FIVE YEAR subscription and I am excited because more series are being produced for Netflix ONLY. [I was a subscriber before they contacted me.]


Taryn Manning, Donna from That 70’s Show, Jason Biggs (American Pie),  and Janeane Garofalo. LOVE IT. 
I like this story, from the first chapters, because I could be this person. So could you. It’s not that hard to get trapped in a cross-border love/drug smuggling scandal. I saw Broke Down Palace, I know how this works. 

Contest: @Netflix_CA & @casiestewart #thisismylife #orangeisthenewblack

I had braids like this once. In my licence photo cause that stage was a summer. [Hannah did them, if you are reading this Handy Hannah, FB me!]

Contest: @Netflix_CA & @casiestewart #thisismylife #orangeisthenewblack


This is a totally made up contest – WHAT WOULD YOU DO TO SAVE ME IN JAIL?

Basically this could happen to anyone, right? In order to pay her debt to society (for a 10 year-old drug money thing smuggling for an African Drug Lord), Piper must trade her comfortable New York life with fiancé  Larry (Jason Biggs) for an orange jumpsuit and prison life. It’a a wild roller coaster  I haven’t read it all yet but SOMEONE LIKE YOU can have a new PS3 to watch it.

Imagine I was in jail… I’d be like a junior Martha Stewart. Naturally.

Contest: @Netflix_CA & @casiestewart #thisismylife #orangeisthenewblack

PS3 plays Blueray.  This is a fun contest. Tweet or die FTW.

Much love,




Ladies & gents, as you may know it MMVA weekend in our fine city. I’ve attended the MMVAs, had friends win awards, and in 2010 I was the Social Media Manager of the show. The best part of the whole night are the after parties. This year I’ll be on the Universal Music bus with artists (who shall not be named!), at the at Universal party, ans then the 235Films party celebrating Drake’s video (that my BF worked on!).


I’ve got ONE (1) pair of tickets for you to join me at the Universal Music after party and dance your pants off while having drinks with me and the stars. Winner announced! 

Party Details

* Contest is open to people in Ontario only, unless you are in TO for the MMVAs or NXNE and you can get yourself there. You must be 19+ as there is a strict security policy. Please note this is a super exclusive party and if you are my winner you better behave! Winner will be chosen at random by random.org. Kthxbai.

MMVA Universal Music Afterparty via @casiestewart #thisismylife

MMVA Party Memories

Hashtag cards we made at MuchMusic in 2010.

With Bucky from DWW in 2012.

Bench Lounge with BHD I hosted in 2011.

Dress I had made by Peach Berserk in 2010.


Wednesday this week kicks off NXNE! I absolutely love this festival. Think SXSW more Canadian.  I’ve been attending and doing giveaways for NXNEi since 2010 (photos below).  I spoke on two panels last year about the Psychology of Narcissism and on Social Giveaways.

This year, the Interactive festival runs June 12-14, is curated by FITC and two lucky people, will win a pass to attend. You’ll get to experience the intersection of media, technology and culture with the world’s best visionaries and leaders. It’s not hard to win. Tweet this button and you’re in. I’ll pick a winner at two on Tuesday, as in tomorrow, June 11th. 

 If you are in digital, social, or have any passion for anything internet, you will find something here to stimulate your senses.

NXNEi 2010

NXNEi 2011

NXNE 2012

Explore Digital – Media / Culture / Marketing / Music / Film / Startups / Web / Comedy / Art

Creativity/Ideation, Design/UX , Entrepreneurship/Startups, Funding/Grants, Marketing/Branding, Video, Advertising, Measurement/RO, Music, Film, Comedy, Social Media

NXNE Interactive 2013

  • Explore Digital – Media / Culture / Marketing / Music / Film / Startups / Web
  • June 12-14: Workshops+Conference
  • nxne.com/interactive

NXNEi Speakers

Johnny Cupcakes • Saul Colt •  YouTube • HootSuite •  TeamBuy • The Score • john st. • Jay Goldman • Etsy



The latest campaign from Perrier for ‘Secret Place’ is pretty rad. I showed it to my work peeps and we loved the complex digital journey. I really like mix between branded entertainment and game.  In Secret Place, you’re at the Ultimate Party and you get to live out the experience from the perspective of each of the 60 guests.

Hmmm, sounds interesting…

PressLayout02 (1)

This is the part I love

It took them 18 months writing scripts and scenarios to produce a film shot from each character perspective. Then, they had to build in the functionality to seamlessly switch characters with one click. Mind blowing!

“Imagine having to reproduce the sound of a bottle on a bar as many times as there are people in the room who can hear it.” I can’t imagine. There’s are a bunch of different rooms to explore at the ‘Secret Place’ party, it you haven’t done it yet. I encourage you to give it a go.

This scene gets pretty sexy…

The prizes are parties at some of funnest places around the world including Ibiza, Art Basel in Miami, Saint Tropez, Rio for Carnival, and Sydney for NYE. The experience is available worldwide but open to 20 countries to play in the major markets for Perrier France, United States and Canada. I would love to win but unfortunately (for me) I’ve worked with Perrier and this is my second sponsored post. Last summer I told you about The Drop short film, see here.

Visit perriersecretplace.com to see how many lives you’ll live. I wish you luck. It’s quite a journey to go through the intricate video. If you win, I’ll happily be your +1!

perrier secret place game

Have an awesome day 🙂




Thanks to y’all who entered my Thomas Sabo Contest last month. The winner is Jamie Leigh! As a Canadian Ambassasor for Thomas Sabo I hope to do more giveaways this year. The new SS 2013 collection is now online. Check out some of my fav items on Pinterest.

Thanks for entering and reading!






Thank you. This was so fun. Much gratitude to everyone who entered. Having a blog is a bit of a strange thing, I’ve been publishing for years and with people not commenting much anymore, it’s nice to get feedback!

Storified by CASIE STEWART· Wed, Feb 20 2013 19:31:32

These are in no particular order and I LOVE THEM ALL.
Happy Vday @casiestewart I Chooooooose you to be mah Valentine 😀 #LOVECASE http://pic.twitter.com/Tk3ZEDk8Kim Jones
Yes, Parv. 
My Valentine for @casiestewart #lovecase http://pic.twitter.com/28nGApMEParv 🙂
I love the Vine, thanks DV!
Ahh! Finally finished my Illustrated Valentine for @casiestewart #LOVECASE Hope she loves it! http://vine.co/v/br7DrUgazAdDonna Vitan
Delicious. When am I coming over?
@casiestewart #LOVECASE http://pic.twitter.com/e4veBE8BChi
Dr. Who! Good one Hollie.
@casiestewart I love HP and well i find you rather.. #LOVECASE http://pic.twitter.com/WkADkDCVHollie Pollard
Heart on for you too KH.
@casiestewart Look what I found in the park. It’s fate. #lovecase http://pic.twitter.com/3fvVBlDfkathanley
Printed this out and now I need a new book to read. 
@casiestewart Happy Valentine’s Day and happy reading! #lovecase http://pic.twitter.com/UcGSIt9kOlivia Lasting
You know I love vintage. Thank you Saminder!
@casiestewart i am not an artist, but came up with some great vintage photos and arranged them for you. #LoveCase http://pic.twitter.com/OB2YzW0csaminder gumer
Rock on!
@casiestewart I have been working on a few Valentine’s for you. Pick which one you like. YOU ROCK!! #LoveCase http://pic.twitter.com/MpE5QlRdsaminder gumer
@casiestewart here is another one i made for you. #LoveCase http://pic.twitter.com/T3hVNwcdsaminder gumer
@casiestewart i love you!!!! be my valentine. #LoveCase http://pic.twitter.com/EIsGLc2ksaminder gumer
I used to make pop-ups alllll the time. I hope someone got this one on VDAY.
@casiestewart i #LoveCase and will you be my Valentine? http://pic.twitter.com/vNLZu3UXsaminder gumer
@casiestewart the Coup d’état of my art for the night!! #LoveCase http://pic.twitter.com/KXiEAmbPsaminder gumer
Love it.
I LOVE THIS ONE. LOVE. Chainsaw arms!
And finally, the random winner is CARLI. You are awesome too girl. 
Thank you x a million for entering. I love you for it. Sorry for my delay in posting these and a winner. Have been sick the last couple days and am on the road to recovery. Will hopefully have some more contests! I want everyone to win something 🙂 

Enjoy the day. Much love, 


Who do you love? Me! Say it’s MEEEEE. We’ve been seeing each other every single day for years. I’ve told you stories, taken you on trips, sent you love notes, presents, and made memories.  THE INTERNET is where we met and it’s our favourite place to hang together. Now, I have something really special for you my valentines…

HP Canada and I are giving YOU an HP Envy x2 ($899) AND an HP Printer ($199)!


Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 11.19.16 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 11.19.56 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 11.22.39 PM

Screen Shot 2013-02-10 at 11.22.53 PM


All I ask of you to enter is to make me a Valentine that I can print. Send it to me on Twitter @casiestewart tagged #LOVECASE leave a link in the comments, or email LOVECASE@casiestewart.com.

I am going to print your creation using the HP ENVY x2 and Photosmart printer and share it here. One of you will win both the laptop/tablet and printer.  If you are outside Canada you can still win but shipping is not included. Contest ends on Valentines Day.