Back to life. Back to reality.

My most popular Instagram photo in the last few days. I love it. I took stereographic of the lake in Muskoka, other from my balcony using 360 for iPhone, taped together with Diptic app, and sent to Instagram.

I’ve been mostly active on Instagram, Pinterest & Tumblr for fun lately. I update them with all different stuff so follow along! My Pin boards are all neatly organized, Instagram is life photos, Tumblr is a mix of things I find pretty/funny/weird on the internet.

I love Internet. I love iPhone. I love life.



This also happened today! Crazy! Window cleaning dude scared the crap out of me.
Oh, yikes, a big bottle of Collingwood Whisky just arrived as a late birthday present. GOTTA GO!




I’m absolutely in paradise. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you already know. Last night we roasted marshmallows on the dock and I fell asleep in my chair mesmerized by the lakeside fire.


Please take one second to vote for me in the Banff 2012 Blogger comp, voting closes Tuesday.

Please help me win, VOTE FROM EVERYWHERE! Go to Apple or BestBuy, Futureshop, Nana’s cottage, your Dad’s phone!


Glasses broke.


Boating & floating are two of my fav pastimes.



We’re about to make the Great Canadian Outdoor Breakfast with fire cooking and BBQ.  After Imma take this kayak out for a spin!


Happy long weekend, summer is finally here! Wear sunscreen 🙂



Spring is my fav time of year, there’s nothing like flowers, fresh cut grass, and  fashion. I love digging out the box of summer dresses, rompers, and shorts that hide under my bed most the year.

I’ve partnered with Sherway Gardens to share my favourite spring trends and help style up a lucky person like you. Here’s three of my favourite trends this season. Contest entry details below!


Sheer – I’ve been picking up sheer items since my last trip to New Zealand for fashion week. Long skirts, drapey blouses, sleeveless shirts and anything that flows nicely in the wind. I love the way something sheer has a certain innocence while being slightly sexy.

Look for lots of bright colours & prints and have at least one skirt in rotation. You’ll find a great selection of sheer tops & bottoms at American Apparel. They have the maxi skirt in a selection of shades.

Short Shorts – I’m a big fan of short shorts because they’re fun to wear and make your legs look long when you throw on some heels.  My tip is to make sure you don’t buy them too small, try the next size up when you’re shopping. You want to be cool & comfortable not stuffed in!

I got a great pair of denim cutoffs from Victoria Secret. When you’re at Sherway Gadens try VS and American Eagle. AE has a ton of styles including drawstring and white denim.

White Lace/Chrochet – Did you notice this trend at Coachella or SXSW?  I’ve got my eye out for a cutesie white crochet number. I’ve seen this on Pinterest in  collars, bathers, blazers, tank tops and platforms. Chill out, it’s the 70’s! You’ll find this look at Guess or Costa Blanca.

All photos can be found at Pinterest.com/CasieStewart/Style


Tweet the following and fill in the blank with what Spring Style YOU would buy at Sherway Gardens.

“Style me up @casiestewart! Send me to #sherwaygardens so I can get ____.”

Winner will be awarded one (1)  $100 Cadillac Fairview shop! card®. Contest is only open to GTA residents, does not include travel, cannot be redeemed for cash, and winner to be chosen at random.

Check out all the great shops sherwaygardens.ca and the brand new blog at endlesscloset.ca. Follow on Facebook and  Twitter  for deals & discounts.

Now, bring on Spring!



Ahem, pardon moi?

Quick note! A former colleague contacted me last week about this SUPER huge online lottery called The Bille (bill-eee). I was like, WHAT? An online lotto? That’s ABSURD! We used to work together in online gaming so I know there’s lots of red tape around this kinda thing but it is TOTALLY legit.  First draw is June 7th, more info at thebille.com.

Tonight I’m 1/10 Canadians to co-host in the Bille’s online ‘Twitter Party’, hosted by BlogWest Media. Party starts online at 10pm EST.  AKA the pants free zone where you don’t have to leave the house!

During the event they’re announcing a HUGE search for a blogger to be their full time Community Manager and there is a huge salary involved. Blogger contest is only open to Canadian’s at the moment so, if you’re not from here, you better marry a Canadian real fast.

Tonight’s online event is your opportunity to win some moolah in the form of Visa Gift cards.

What else are you doing on a Wednesday night? Oh, that’s right, you’ll be online just like me.


  • The BiLLe Lotto Canadian Twitter party
  • Wednesday, May 16, 2012, 10:00 p.m. EST
  • Follow: @TheBiLLeLotto
  • Hashtag: #TheBiLLe


  • Four (4) $100 Visa Gift Cards
  • Grand Prize: One (1) $500 Visa Gift Card



This weekend at MTCC there’ s a HUGE event happening and I’ve got a couple passes. The ANTM models will be in town! 3F is a sponsor of the social media lounge and I’d love to send you. I’ll be bopping around there a little bit each day this weekend. Bunch of great sponsors. There’s a few stages and a ton of stuff happening including the FCUK stage with Jay Strutt, Leesa Butler and a whole bunch of leaders in style.

Wanna go? Simple:

  1. Like & follow 3F Fashion on Twitter & Facebook (easy one click below!)
  2. Like & Follow ME on Twitter & Facebook (easy one click below!)
  3. Comment so I know how to contact you.

Winner notified Friday morning!



In 2009 I heard/blogged about this great contest where you make a video about something or someone who inspires you and you’re given the opportunity to win $10,000. Well, the Who Inspires U?’ Video Contest for 2012 has begun and Tri-Cyclen Lo is on a mission to help empower young women across Canada achieve their dreams! They’re are giving $10,000 in cold, hard cash to support your quest for GREATNESS!!

Inspiration is a HUGE part of how I got here and turned my dream into a reality. I’m living it out every single day.

One of the most inspiring people in my life is my Mum, she’s always encouraged me to be myself, be creative and follow what I was really passionate about. This weekend I asked her about inspiration, what it means to her and what inspires her. Here’s a mini interview with my lovely Mum on inspiration, creativity and living a great life. Enjoy! You’ll like her accent I reckon!

The Who Inspires U? contest is open to young Canadian females  ages 18-34 (no Quebec, sorry!). There is also a monthly contest with an AWESOME prize pack of an iPad 3, coach bag and Dior fragrance. I just entered. To enter yourself click HERE.

Here some useful links for more information about the overall $10k contest, monthly contest, prizing &  video requirements:

Your video must be 5 minutes or less and submitted between March 1st 2012 and May 18th, 2012. All videos will be judged on creativity and entertainment value of the video and your inspirational story and how you are striving to achieve your inspirational dreams, so get creative!! You will have a chance at winning $500 in Round 1 if you are in the Top 3 and a chance at winning our $10,000 Grand Prize in Round 2! Check out the website Toolkit for cool graphics that you can include in your video entry!


Photos by Kelly Krushel. Dress was Mum’s. When you enter PLEASE link your video in the comments and on my FB Page so we can all vote.

I wanna know who inspires YOU!



If you by chance are wondering what to get (ME!) your Valentine this year and they’re a little bit nerdy, check out nerd valentine on tumblr it’s full of nertastic love things.

I found all these love inspired things walking down Queen Street today. This Valentine from Magic Pony is my fav.


Green Shag Menswear, nice one. Love a man suited up.



Fashionably Yours and I share a love for luxury.


Pantone, be still my heart.


Outer Layer is my FAV giftshop.


Last stop before meeting is Starbucks, seasonal cups are the sweetest.


What are you doing for Valentines Day? I’m going the Panasonic Theatre to see…wait for it…Potted Potter, a Harry Potter parody. I’ve not seen any of the seven movies but Sam loves them so we’re going. I’m getting the super fast comedic version of all the movies wrapped into 70 minutes.

I’ve got a pair of tickets for the 9:30pm show on Valentines Day for for you. So, if you and your sweetie love the Harry Potter, this is the perfect DATE. Leave a comment with a Valentine rhyme and I’ll pick a winner. Points for creativity!

TBH, I don’t know if I will ever love anyone more than super fast internet.Is that sad? Hopefully it’s a love I can share with someone real special one day.

Drew this last year around <3 Day.



I really AM one of the top blogs in Canada!

First of all, no, I’m not going to be on Canada’s Next Top Blogger OR The Canadian Bachelor.

I rocked up third next to a mom and a gay in the Canadian Blog Awards category of Best Life Weblog (weblog is original name of blog). Next year, I’ll be a lesbian with a child and TAKE FRST PLACE.  Seriously though, I have lots planned for 2012 in content and design and I’m gunning for first.

The Ninjamatics’ 2011 Canadian Weblog Awards saw 461 nominations across 37 categories. Their 46 volunteer jurors used  ten criteria in content & design to judge each of the 461 weblogs in the first round and approximately 175 in the second round to arrive at the winners.

Best Life Weblog/Mode de vie

First: No Ordinary Rollercoaster
Second: The Kitchen Magpie
Third: Casie Stewart: This Is My Life

To celebrate here’s the Charlie Sheen ‘winning’ commercial I was in for the Comedy Network last year. I HAVE ONLY ONE GEAR, GO.


Hi from CES in Vegas! I’m sitting in the live audience of What’s Trending in the Venetian Ballroom right now. Some of my friends at Microsoft knew I would be here and wanted to share some gadgets with you guys. Before I left home Microsoft gave me a fancy soft touch mouse. I have it to Barbie cause she just got a new computer with Windows 7.

Microsoft wants to let you know about The Art of Touch Contest going on with the chance to win sweet prizepacks every week from Dec 5 – February 26.  You have to create a piece of art on the website  artoftouch.com.

I have two of the Microsoft Touch Mouse valued at $79.95 for YOU! Leave a comment before tomorrow when I leave CES and I will random pick two winners.


On my recent trip I didn’t stay at a resort or all inclusive, I really took time to seek out adventure and make my own path. It was awesome and exciting! Please vote for me (and my cute little cheezy video) in the G Adventures contest. If I’m chosen, I’ll be one of three winners to embark on an unforgettable trip which will be featured in print and online as part of the next G Adventures campaign. You can vote once daily . Ultimately, the finalists & winners are chosen by the GAdventures team but all your help is GREATLY APPRECIATED!  Plus, I made it ALL ON MY iPHONE. First iMovie ever FTW! 🙂


20111213-145347.jpgI recently had to replace my iPhone and when I found out it wasn’t $600+ and was $200, I splurged on nice new bras & panties. It’s something I rarely do but is oh so nice to treat yourself. Especially this time of year when you’re budget often goes to treating others.

I have some friends at Buytopia.com who graciously gave me some gift certificates and asked me to share this fab dealio with you. $25 for $50 at any La Vie en Rose in Canada.

If you purchase the deal, leave a comment! I’m going to give away a $50 voucher to you.

Ways to To Enter for the $50 Gift Certificate:

1) Like on Facebook by recommending above & sharing with family/friends.

2) Buy the deal here & comment below.

I will randomly pick someone from the likes and comments. Prize will be PDF sent via email.

Tell your Mom/sister/boyfriend to buy it for you!! I will pick someone tomorrow as THERE ARE ONLY 12 HOURS to get the deal. Join the 2,600+ other people to got it and treat yourself or someone you love.

I’m off to the Eaton Centre to get some holiday spirit 😉



I’ve attended both The Art of Leadership and The Art of Marketing and left each event inspired with new thoughts in my pocket. My friends at The Art of… have got it going on. There’s a bunch of great people who make these massive events happen.

Tuesday at MTCC is The Art of Sales, a unique one-day conference featuring five amazing international speakers. One of them is NYT best selling author Seth Goodin (125k+ on @Twitter). I’ve never met Seth but I know his blog and he also works with SAY Media.

I have 2 tickets for you to attend.

If you would like to go then watch this and tell me your favourite part in the comments. I will take both winners out for lunch on conference day. Approximate value of each prize = $450/ticket + lunch experience/pricele$$. BONUS!

Conference is at Metro Toronto Convention Centre and goes from 8:30am-4:30pm, Tuesday November 22. [How is it almost DECEMBER? ahh.]

If you are in sales you probably have a fav line and will like that I posted this. If you are in sales and you have NOT seem this then…

PUT THAT COFFEE DOWN. Coffee’s for closers only.

If you have never commented, it’s easy, don’t like, be shy. I’m not shy. Winning is fun. Watch the video leave’ a commento and win. Voila!