Ticket Giveaway to @BrrrrrTO w @BacardiCanada!

This weekend is¬†Brrrrr! Toronto, a two day out door electronic music festival at Echo Beach.¬†My friends at Bacardi Canada have given me some extra tickets to share with YOU! I’ll be there on Friday night to see MOBY. See below on how to enter with one click!¬†

I’ve seen The Sheepdogs and Robyn at Echo Beach. This is the first time I’ll be venturing there in [gasp] the WINTER! All I can think is BRRRRRRR!

Brrrrr! Details :

How to Win:

Tweet “I wanna go to @brrrrrTO! w/ @casiestewart & @bacardicanada! #Brrrrrcardi
OR Click this button to Tweet it. Easy peazy!


In other Bacardi news, this is me last week at The Brunny for Bacardi Social House.
bacardi socialhouse_casie2
Then I got PHOTO BOMBED by this guy.
BACARDI socialhouse_casie

Hope to see you there! BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!




Screen Shot 2013-01-05 at 12.41.42 PM




My sister and I used to play The Quiet Game. Be quiet for as long as you can and first person to talk loses. I lost all the time. DOH! That’s not what this post is ab out THOUGH…

One of the things I have ALWAYS loved about my blog is when you leave comments. Starting now, like right NOW, I’m going to reward one commenter each week with a prize. It’s going to be a cool prize and I am going to send it to you, in the mail, with my own money. ¬†All you have to do is leave a comment on ANY post from Sunday – Friday. Winner will be picked on Saturday and mail sent out Monday. Comments will be shown in the sidebar so you can see who else is hanging around, who you are up against, or make friends. After all, you already have a common one here. (I mean ME!)

You have been getting to know me for god knows how long and when you comment, I get to know you. It makes me feel more human, this is not just a dot com or a magical blog-thing that updates itself, there is a real live person here typing on keys and smiling at the camera. Also, you commenting makes me feel like I am talking to myself less. Not that i mind talking to myself or that there is anything wrong with that.

So there, The Comment Game starts NOW and everyone who comments today on any post is entered to win a prize. This contest has no end date. It will hopefully go on forever (just like my blog).

Don’t be shy. Have fun! It’s just you and me here on the internet.

BTW this is my fav song right now. Her name is Lorde and she is from NEW ZEALAND too! ūüôā

Have an awesome day. It’s the WEEKEND (almost)!



Earlier this month I went on a luxury trip to London, England with Thomas Sabo. It was my very first time in the UK and I had such an adventure. I wrote about it in four posts here.

Do you wanna to go to London too?
How about the Brit Awards?
How about a shopping spree at Thomas Sabo?

As an ambassador for Thomas Sabo, I am inviting YOU to enter to win an awesome and¬†luxurious¬†trip to London, attend the Brit Awards, and go shopping. This will be a trip of a lifetime!¬†It brings together my fav things, fashion, travel, and entertainment. It’s pretty easy to enter, see below for details.

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 10.43.10 AM

  • Win a luxury trip to London, including tickets for the BRIT AWARDS, VIP tickets for one of the coolest clubs in the city and a valuable jewellery voucher from THOMAS SABO.
  • The trip starts on Wednesday, 20.02.2013. You and your companion will fly to London for three exciting days.
  • In 2012 it was bustling with stars such as Adele, Coldplay, Noel Gallagher and Bruno Mars and the who‚Äôs who of the music industry will again be represented in 2013.¬†
  • Shopping at the THOMAS SABO Shop in the King¬īs Road: there you can use your voucher worth 400 pounds (about 500 EUR)

Second Prize

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 10.10.16 AM

Vote & Win!

Click your way through the globe, vote for Toronto or create your own city hotspot you think is the perfect location for Glam Ladies and a charismatic rebel. Then, put in ¬†your contact details and you’re entered to win.

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 10.11.09 AM


By scrolling the globe to Toronto you’ll find my feature about why Toronto is an amazing hot spot.

Screen Shot 2012-12-26 at 10.16.43 AM

THOMAS SABO fans have the chance to vote for the perfect REBEL AT HEART / GLAM ‘N SOUL hotspot until January 31, 2013.¬†You can watch the tally of leading locations of all participating Ladies & Rebels here.

I’m happy to share this awesome opportunity with you. Make sure you cast a vote.
We all deserve a luxury vacation in style!

Happy holidays,

love CASIE


I’ve posted about Clearly Contacts a few times over the last two years and built a pretty good relationship with them. Remember summer Sixties Summer Love, Ray Bans, and once I¬†interviewed Canadian eyewear designer Derek Cardigan. Today, I got am email from PR that Alicia Keys is wearing Derek’s glasses in her new video! In support of Canadian talent I give props to Derek Cardigan AND Clearly Contacts is giving you a pair of these exact glasses. Deets on how to enter below!

See Alicia Keys looking like a babe in these glasses….


Now see¬†yourself¬†in these glasses looking fabulous…


How do I win?

You know the drillio, tweet me and Clearly Contacts by clicking below. If you do it right away you have a better chance of winning. I would like to get your order in before Friday so you get them next week!¬†The glasses retail for $89 and can are style ‘Derek Cardigan 7017 Shadow‘. ¬†See his entire collection here and upload a photo to try them on without leaving your house couch. ¬†I have a couple pairs and got Mum a sweet pair with polarized lenses last summer. You will be happy, trust me.

Tweet to Win here

Clearly Contacts has awesome prices and is constantly offering great deals. They published a winter style guide if you want one more item to add to your wish list. Looking forward to picking a WINNER! I love the holidays and giving things away. Yippeee!

Much love, CASIE <3

And the @clearlycontacts winner is…

Storified by CASIE STEWART · Thu, Dec 20 2012 05:43:26

@casiestewart @clearlycontacts I would love to win the new Alicia Keys glasses by Derek Cardigan! Pick me! #happyholidaysCarly-Anne Fairlie
@casiestewart @clearlycontacts I would love to win the new Alicia Keys glasses by Derek Cardigan! Pick me! #happyholidays pretty please!Vanessa Grillone
@casiestewart @clearlycontacts I would love to win the new Alicia Keys glasses by Derek Cardigan! Pick me! #happyholidaysParv ūüôā
@carlyannedotcom @VanessaGrillone @parvdos Ladies, first one to Tweet me pic of a Christmas tree WINS new glasses from @ClearlyContacts. GO!CASIE STEWART
@casiestewart @carlyannedotcom @parvdos @clearlycontacts http://pic.twitter.com/083VNPSKVanessa Grillone
@VanessaGrillone @carlyannedotcom @parvdos @ClearlyContacts well then, you WIN! That was so fast sheesh! Barely had time to refresh!CASIE STEWART


Heya! Who wants to go to see Alexisonfire on Dec. 29th with me? I have THREE PAIRS of tickets from Bacardi Canada. This tour is their LAST tour ever and it’s 100% sold out.

Location: Sound Academy, 11 Polson St., Toronto, ON M5A 1A4
Date: December 29th, 2012
Tickets will be delivered.

Wanna go? Here’s how to Enter

1) Follow me on Twittter  (you should be already duh)

2) Follow BacardiCanada on Twitter 

3) Tweet us some holiday cheer!

Or click below to tweet a special message to me. You must include #bacardiAOF. Props if you send photos of your fav Bacardi cocktail and tag us on Instagram! If you don’t have Twitter, leave an awesome comment. OK GO!


happy holidays from casiestewart & bacardicanada


We are all guilty of it, taking things for granted because of the amazing lives we have and forgetting that millions of people in the world have much less than we do. About a year ago, my Mum returned from a one year sailing expedition to the Bahamas. They spent and entire year living on the boat sailing to the Bahamas from Ontario and back. One of the things I remember Mum saying once she returned to work, despite missing her sailing life, was “But CASIE, we have FRESH RUNNING WATER!“.

I¬†always¬†remind myself of that¬†moment¬†when I’m about to complain that my XBOX isn’t connecting to the TV, or my wifi going down, or a chipped nail, or my iPhone app crashing, or when they don’t have my fav soup at the coffee shop that day. These aren’t REAL problems!


My friends at Me to We are all about living the change and making the world a better place. Craig Kielburger and his brother Marc has written a book called¬†My Grandma Follows Me on Twitter: And Other First World Problems We’re Lucky to Have. Below are some of excerpts from the book:




Me to We have an awesome collection of gifts for the holidays. Check out the Artisans collection for jewellery made by women in Africa. There’s a TON of stocking stuffers with IMPACT. Don’t just give meaningless gifts this season, give gifts that help spread positive messages.

For You from Me to We

I have a few books that I would love to put a note in and send to you for the holidays. Leave a comment with your worst FirstWorldProblems or Tweet me. I’ll pick winners by the end of the week so I can send them off to you in the mail.

Happy Holidays from me and Me to We.



I alsolutely love the holidays, lights glitter, action, love in the air, family, and fun. Today I went to Dufferin Mall and whoa what a CRAZY place. It was full of families shopping, Christmas music, and deals! I took advantage of the massive sale happening at La Senza and got a few goodies for people on my list, and of course myself!


My friends at La Senza have graciously given a $75 gift card for YOU, my loyal and loving blog readers this holiday season. I will send it to you in the mail with a holiday card to you can treat yourself or stack up on stocking stuffers for your loved ones.

I got a THIS gorgeous red set from the Red Hot Collection during TIFF (see here). Not too long ago I got a set from the SHOW OFF Collection which is still available in store.¬†There’s a bunch of Christmas themed treats for you bad Santas out there too.

 Wanna win?

Tweet me AND La Senza with that’s on YOUR wish list for the holidays. Clicking this lil’ button will open a window for you to Tweet us. If¬†you don’t have Twitter, leave a comment on this post below and I’ll count you in.

All Tweets will be published in and a winner chosen at random. Love you heaps and looking forward to your tweets. THIS GIFT CARD HAS YOUR NAME ON IT BABY!

 Love, CASIE <3




Thank you everyone who entered the LAZY PANTS contest. After putting all the names in random.org, the WINNER IS SHELDON. Thanks bro! I’m wearing mine right now after spending most the day horizontal on the couch being lazzzzzzzy. Take a look at the entries and please enter next contest. I’ll try and arrange another giveaway soon! Follow @ThatsLazy on Twitter/Instagram!


Storified by CASIE STEWART · Sun, Nov 18 2012 19:10:02

Feeling so lazy after 9 hours of serving pizza – wonder who won them #itsLazy pants from @casiestewartVanessa Grillone
@CasieStewart I need LAZYSUPPORT. Pup needs something cozy to lay on during the long winter days #thatslazy #pupcuddles http://pic.twitter.com/jE7rMEJPVanessa Grillone
Hey @casiestewart & @thatslazy, I want a pair of those pants, but I’m too lazy to think of a good reason why #thatslazySheldon Levine
It’s tiring being King which is why I need @thatslazy pants to unwind. cc: @casiestewart #thatslazy http://pic.twitter.com/UBkc0GtTKarl Zenith Nieva
Hi @casiestewart /’m so \azy I need help to prevent the /etters ._n my tweet from /aying down after a wh_./e #thatslazy http://goo.gl/KqXIKWilliam Jones
@casiestewart & @thatslazy – my office attire needs a 3rd musketeer. seriously. ALL FOR ONE and something.. #thatslazy http://pic.twitter.com/F2ZX2V6HLaura Patania
I’ve watched 3 seasons of Sons of Anarchy.. this week #thatslazy @casiestewart @thatslazySteffi Mindorff


It’s Thursday. It’s almost the weekend. I’m not really a lazy person but I love to laze I really do.. When I get home from work, especially in winter, I change out of my day clothes once I walk in the door, and slip into something, a little more confortable…

And when I say confortable, I mean something ACTUALLY CONFORTABLE. I have two pairs of LAZYPANTS and they are so cozy, the ‘ultimate in sweatpants technology’ for confort and style.¬†In Toronto, you can them at Holt Renfrew, Leigh and Harlow, TNT, DEW, and they retail for $80.

I have a pair for you, one lucky man or woman.

Pick your own size and colour too, just for you.


Tweet/Link to a photo of WHY YOU NEED LAZY SUPPORT?

  • You must explain in 140 characters or less why you need some assistance with your laziness.
  • Props for creativity and using #thatslazy
  • One winner, picked FRIDAY 5PM. Pants to be sent next week.
  • Examples: Born lazy, broken leg, car in the shop, exhausted from training elephants, climbed a mountain, surfed all day
  • Must follow @thatslazy and @casiestewart on Twitter
  • Might post your image so, remember that.


On Saturday I’m taking mum to see the Sheepdogs for her birthday. I have two extra General Admin tickets from my friends at Canadian Club. I would LOVE you to have them. I’ve seen them a bunch of times and they’re so good.

Wanna see the Sheepdogs? Maybe meet my amazing Mum?

Click this button to tweet me or copy paste this on twitter.

There are two pairs of tickets. Contest winner picked by 4pm TODAY. If you don’t have Twitter leave similar comment and I will include you in the draw.

Good luck!