I’ve posted about Clearly Contacts a few times over the last two years and built a pretty good relationship with them. Remember summer Sixties Summer Love, Ray Bans, and once I interviewed Canadian eyewear designer Derek Cardigan. Today, I got am email from PR that Alicia Keys is wearing Derek’s glasses in her new video! In support of Canadian talent I give props to Derek Cardigan AND Clearly Contacts is giving you a pair of these exact glasses. Deets on how to enter below!

See Alicia Keys looking like a babe in these glasses….


Now see yourself in these glasses looking fabulous…


How do I win?

You know the drillio, tweet me and Clearly Contacts by clicking below. If you do it right away you have a better chance of winning. I would like to get your order in before Friday so you get them next week! The glasses retail for $89 and can are style ‘Derek Cardigan 7017 Shadow‘.  See his entire collection here and upload a photo to try them on without leaving your house couch.  I have a couple pairs and got Mum a sweet pair with polarized lenses last summer. You will be happy, trust me.

Tweet to Win here

Clearly Contacts has awesome prices and is constantly offering great deals. They published a winter style guide if you want one more item to add to your wish list. Looking forward to picking a WINNER! I love the holidays and giving things away. Yippeee!

Much love, CASIE <3

And the @clearlycontacts winner is…

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@casiestewart @clearlycontacts I would love to win the new Alicia Keys glasses by Derek Cardigan! Pick me! #happyholidaysCarly-Anne Fairlie
@casiestewart @clearlycontacts I would love to win the new Alicia Keys glasses by Derek Cardigan! Pick me! #happyholidays pretty please!Vanessa Grillone
@casiestewart @clearlycontacts I would love to win the new Alicia Keys glasses by Derek Cardigan! Pick me! #happyholidaysParv 🙂
@carlyannedotcom @VanessaGrillone @parvdos Ladies, first one to Tweet me pic of a Christmas tree WINS new glasses from @ClearlyContacts. GO!CASIE STEWART
@casiestewart @carlyannedotcom @parvdos @clearlycontacts http://pic.twitter.com/083VNPSKVanessa Grillone
@VanessaGrillone @carlyannedotcom @parvdos @ClearlyContacts well then, you WIN! That was so fast sheesh! Barely had time to refresh!CASIE STEWART


Heya! Who wants to go to see Alexisonfire on Dec. 29th with me? I have THREE PAIRS of tickets from Bacardi Canada. This tour is their LAST tour ever and it’s 100% sold out.

Location: Sound Academy, 11 Polson St., Toronto, ON M5A 1A4
Date: December 29th, 2012
Tickets will be delivered.

Wanna go? Here’s how to Enter

1) Follow me on Twittter  (you should be already duh)

2) Follow BacardiCanada on Twitter 

3) Tweet us some holiday cheer!

Or click below to tweet a special message to me. You must include #bacardiAOF. Props if you send photos of your fav Bacardi cocktail and tag us on Instagram! If you don’t have Twitter, leave an awesome comment. OK GO!


happy holidays from casiestewart & bacardicanada


We are all guilty of it, taking things for granted because of the amazing lives we have and forgetting that millions of people in the world have much less than we do. About a year ago, my Mum returned from a one year sailing expedition to the Bahamas. They spent and entire year living on the boat sailing to the Bahamas from Ontario and back. One of the things I remember Mum saying once she returned to work, despite missing her sailing life, was “But CASIE, we have FRESH RUNNING WATER!“.

I always remind myself of that moment when I’m about to complain that my XBOX isn’t connecting to the TV, or my wifi going down, or a chipped nail, or my iPhone app crashing, or when they don’t have my fav soup at the coffee shop that day. These aren’t REAL problems!


My friends at Me to We are all about living the change and making the world a better place. Craig Kielburger and his brother Marc has written a book called My Grandma Follows Me on Twitter: And Other First World Problems We’re Lucky to Have. Below are some of excerpts from the book:




Me to We have an awesome collection of gifts for the holidays. Check out the Artisans collection for jewellery made by women in Africa. There’s a TON of stocking stuffers with IMPACT. Don’t just give meaningless gifts this season, give gifts that help spread positive messages.

For You from Me to We

I have a few books that I would love to put a note in and send to you for the holidays. Leave a comment with your worst FirstWorldProblems or Tweet me. I’ll pick winners by the end of the week so I can send them off to you in the mail.

Happy Holidays from me and Me to We.



I alsolutely love the holidays, lights glitter, action, love in the air, family, and fun. Today I went to Dufferin Mall and whoa what a CRAZY place. It was full of families shopping, Christmas music, and deals! I took advantage of the massive sale happening at La Senza and got a few goodies for people on my list, and of course myself!


My friends at La Senza have graciously given a $75 gift card for YOU, my loyal and loving blog readers this holiday season. I will send it to you in the mail with a holiday card to you can treat yourself or stack up on stocking stuffers for your loved ones.

I got a THIS gorgeous red set from the Red Hot Collection during TIFF (see here). Not too long ago I got a set from the SHOW OFF Collection which is still available in store. There’s a bunch of Christmas themed treats for you bad Santas out there too.

 Wanna win?

Tweet me AND La Senza with that’s on YOUR wish list for the holidays. Clicking this lil’ button will open a window for you to Tweet us. If you don’t have Twitter, leave a comment on this post below and I’ll count you in.

All Tweets will be published in and a winner chosen at random. Love you heaps and looking forward to your tweets. THIS GIFT CARD HAS YOUR NAME ON IT BABY!

 Love, CASIE <3




Thank you everyone who entered the LAZY PANTS contest. After putting all the names in random.org, the WINNER IS SHELDON. Thanks bro! I’m wearing mine right now after spending most the day horizontal on the couch being lazzzzzzzy. Take a look at the entries and please enter next contest. I’ll try and arrange another giveaway soon! Follow @ThatsLazy on Twitter/Instagram!


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Feeling so lazy after 9 hours of serving pizza – wonder who won them #itsLazy pants from @casiestewartVanessa Grillone
@CasieStewart I need LAZYSUPPORT. Pup needs something cozy to lay on during the long winter days #thatslazy #pupcuddles http://pic.twitter.com/jE7rMEJPVanessa Grillone
Hey @casiestewart & @thatslazy, I want a pair of those pants, but I’m too lazy to think of a good reason why #thatslazySheldon Levine
It’s tiring being King which is why I need @thatslazy pants to unwind. cc: @casiestewart #thatslazy http://pic.twitter.com/UBkc0GtTKarl Zenith Nieva
Hi @casiestewart /’m so \azy I need help to prevent the /etters ._n my tweet from /aying down after a wh_./e #thatslazy http://goo.gl/KqXIKWilliam Jones
@casiestewart & @thatslazy – my office attire needs a 3rd musketeer. seriously. ALL FOR ONE and something.. #thatslazy http://pic.twitter.com/F2ZX2V6HLaura Patania
I’ve watched 3 seasons of Sons of Anarchy.. this week #thatslazy @casiestewart @thatslazySteffi Mindorff


It’s Thursday. It’s almost the weekend. I’m not really a lazy person but I love to laze I really do.. When I get home from work, especially in winter, I change out of my day clothes once I walk in the door, and slip into something, a little more confortable…

And when I say confortable, I mean something ACTUALLY CONFORTABLE. I have two pairs of LAZYPANTS and they are so cozy, the ‘ultimate in sweatpants technology’ for confort and style. In Toronto, you can them at Holt Renfrew, Leigh and Harlow, TNT, DEW, and they retail for $80.

I have a pair for you, one lucky man or woman.

Pick your own size and colour too, just for you.


Tweet/Link to a photo of WHY YOU NEED LAZY SUPPORT?

  • You must explain in 140 characters or less why you need some assistance with your laziness.
  • Props for creativity and using #thatslazy
  • One winner, picked FRIDAY 5PM. Pants to be sent next week.
  • Examples: Born lazy, broken leg, car in the shop, exhausted from training elephants, climbed a mountain, surfed all day
  • Must follow @thatslazy and @casiestewart on Twitter
  • Might post your image so, remember that.


On Saturday I’m taking mum to see the Sheepdogs for her birthday. I have two extra General Admin tickets from my friends at Canadian Club. I would LOVE you to have them. I’ve seen them a bunch of times and they’re so good.

Wanna see the Sheepdogs? Maybe meet my amazing Mum?

Click this button to tweet me or copy paste this on twitter.

There are two pairs of tickets. Contest winner picked by 4pm TODAY. If you don’t have Twitter leave similar comment and I will include you in the draw.

Good luck!


Hey friends! I have two tickets to a TIFF screening next weekend for you compliments of Orville Redenbacher’s, a sponsor of the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival. See below on how to enter. You must enter by tomorrow and contest is only open to GTA residents. 

Film: Writers (Festival – Special Presentation) 

Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins, Kristen Bell and Logan Lerman star in this touching comedy-drama about a successful novelist whose obsession with his ex-wife has sent his perplexed family into a tailspin.

  • Date: Sunday, September 9, 2012
  • Time: 6pm-8:06pm
  • Location: Ryerson Theatre


  • A pair (2) of tickets to a TIFF screening
  • A bunch of Orville Redenbacher’s new ready to eat popcorn in four delicious flavours
  • Some TIFF swag (Hello!)
  • An Orville tote to stash all the goodies


  1. Like Orville Canada on Facebook at Facebook.com/OrvilleCanada. 
  2. Tweet: “I wanna see @WritersMovie, please send me to #TIFF12 @casiestewart! http://bit.ly/TIFFCASIE
  3. Leave your name in comments.

I would love to see ‘Writers’ movie and am going to try and catch it the following day. So many great films, so little time!  Make sure you also enter the Orville popcorn national contest through the newly launched Orville Canada Facebook page  at Facebook.com/OrvilleCanada.

You could win an all-expense paid trip to a start studded TIFF event!


P.S. Also, if you haven’t tried the new ready made Orville popcorn, do it. The sweet & salty is my fav!

UPDATE: Winner is Courtney – @DrunkGirlTO


You know I love my Instagram. Well, yesterday I spent a few hours playing around with my latest iPhone app Flipagram. It turns your Instragram photos into video. Made these of the boys & girls I’ve shot since getting iPhone.

Recognize anyone?

Then I came across this Instagram RAP. Yes, RAP. It’s by 21 year old cutie Allday (Tom Gaynor) in Australia. There’s another Instagram rap by MikeyBolts (YouTuber) but he’s not as cute or hipster or Australian.

I downloaded his album. Producer C1 reminds me of this Maori mega babe I met in NZ.

Thanks to the WONDERS of the Internet, Flipagram saw my Tweet, posted my vid on their Instagram & Facebook, connected with me via DM and now we’re friends. So, naturally I asked for a couple codes so I can get you the APP FO FREE. I paid for mine you devils!

If you are Instagram obsessed too and wanna try it, click this button and TWEET ME.

Make sure you’re following both @casiestewart & @flipagram. I have three promo codes for three people anywhere in the world. I will pick this afternoon cause I know you is ANXIOUS.




Been loving a couple online shops lately. I don’t buy as much in real life as I do in my dreams but I like the ideas they give  me to spice up my existing wardrobe.  This image is from the Wanelo email. Wanelo is “a way to find unique products and stores you have never heard of.” I’ve been drooling a bit, figured I should share!


I hate the emails from Nasty Gal, they read my mind and know exactly what I want/am wearing. The ads follow me around online, taunting me with things they know I want. JERKS! These emails are what made me cave and buy a few pairs of Jeffrey Campbell shoes. Everything they send out is so nice and they have a monthly lookbook.

I think I have all these outfits on some vintage variation.


I love Jane Fonda in this Pucci Pre-Fall outfit. My fav collections are Cruise & Pre-Fall almost every year. One day I’ll have a boat and get to wear the cruise collections. Until then, I’ll settle for Mum’s boat and her vintages. 😉



Some wisdom shared by two of my fav fashion blogging ladies, Gala Darling, a Kiwi blogger living in NY and Gala Gonzales, an It Girl from Spain, living in London who travels the world for fashion. I partied with Gonzales in NZ at Fashion Week once. They’re both awesome girls you should know. Follow G.Darling and G.Gonzales.

On this day last year I arrived in Pensicola, Florida for work. We stayed in Margaritaville. It was beauuuuuutiful! Planking was a thing at the time and I tried to create a new trend ‘mermaiding’, it never picked up. See some pix here.

There were over twenty entries for the Sherway Gardens Spring Style contest and the winner is… VANESSA GRILLONE. Thank you everyone who entered. I’ll have more giveaways this summer. Some of the entry tweets below.



There were a heap of entries! Thank you. I have a special code for two people to get 50% off a NXNEi pass. If you are interested, please let me know. First come, first serve!

My panels are BOTH on Thursday, June 14th at 9:30am and 10:45am.  I hope you can make it! See the full schedule for details.

NXNEi 2012 Contest Entries

Giving away two passes for NXNE Interactive 2012. Enter here: http://casiestewart.com/nxnei-2012-ticket-giveaway

Storified by CASIE STEWART · Wed, Jun 06 2012 17:52:30

Genuinely curious to check out @casiestewart’s Psychology of Narcissism panel @NXNEi http://nxne.com/interactive/presentations/#5289 #pickmecasieAshley Gibson
I’d (also) love to see @newmindspace’s panel "never ask permission" @NXNEi because they do awesome things! #pickmecasie http://ow.ly/1N2z6JLauren Souch
Oh yeah I wanna see @casiestewart’s panel @NXNEi because she is #AWESOME. http://nxne.com/interactive/presentations/#5323 http://casiestewart.com/nxne-2012-ticket-giveaway #pickmecasieMatt Vernhout
Hoping to see @casiestewart talk about ‘making social giveaways win win’ http://links.visibli.com/5f50483ab7c08799/?web=b17013&dst=http%3A//nxne.com/interactive/presentations/ at @NXNEi #pickmecasieMichele Gare
Hey @casiestewart! I definitely enjoy the psychology of how people think. Your @NXNE panel http://bit.ly/Kg2Lq6 looks awesome! #pickmecasieMatthew Michell
Oh yeah I wanna see @casiestewart’s panel @NXNEi because she is #AWESOME. http://nxne.com/interactive/presentations/#5323 http://casiestewart.com/nxne-2012-ticket-giveaway #pickmecasieJavier Espinoza
@casiestewart I really want to see you speak on Narcissism and Brands http://nxne.com/schedule/#event=49457 @NXNEi #pickmecasieErica Cresswell
Oh yeah I wanna see @casiestewart’s panel @NXNEi because she is #AWESOME. http://nxne.com/interactive/presentations/#5323 http://casiestewart.com/nxne-2012-ticket-giveaway #pickmecasieJulian Shenoy
I really want to see @casiestewart’s "Making Social Giveaways Win-Win for Brands & Fans" panel @NXNEi http://links.visibli.com/5f50483ab7c08799/?web=807594&dst=http%3A//nxne.com/interactive/presentations/%235289 #pickmecasieEmma J Logue
#pickmecasie to attend your Making Social Giveaways Win-Win panel at @nxnei @casiestewart http://links.visibli.com/5f50483ab7c08799/?web=dbf6fd&dst=http%3A//nxne.com/interactive/presentations/%235289Maria Lianos-Carbone
#pickmecasie to attend your Making Social Giveaways Win-Win panel at @NXNEi @casiestewart http://links.visibli.com/5f50483ab7c08799/?web=dbf6fd&dst=http%3A//nxne.com/interactive/presentations/%235289Caroline McGregor
Oh yeah I wanna see @casiestewart’s panel @NXNEi because she is #AWESOME. http://nxne.com/interactive/presentations/#5323 http://casiestewart.com/nxne-2012-ticket-giveaway #pickmecasieVanessa Grillone
I really, actually, wanna see @casiestewart’s panel @NXNEi because it’s a cool topic. http://nxne.com/interactive/presentations/#5323 http://casiestewart.com/nxne-2012-ticket-giveaway #pickmecasiePaul Bien
Oh yeah I wanna see @casiestewart’s panel @NXNEi because she is #AWESOME. http://nxne.com/interactive/presentations/#5323 http://casiestewart.com/nxne-2012-ticket-giveaway #pickmecasieClimaClub
#pickmecasie I’m curious about the Psychology of Narcissism panel by @casiestewart @NXNEi http://nxne.com/interactive/presentations/#5323 http://casiestewart.com/nxne-2012-ticket-giveawayJavier Espinoza
If I was at @NXNEi,I’d totally check out "The Art of Mobile Photography" http://bit.ly/LsH0zp – among others! #HardToChooseOne #pickmecasieLauren Souch
RT @misslau: I’d (also) love to see @newmindspace’s panel "never ask permission" @NXNEi because they do awesome things! #pickmecasie http://ow.ly/1N2z6JNewmindspace
I wanna see @casiestewart’s panel @NXNEi because she is #SuperAwesome. http://nxne.com/interactive/presentations/#5323 http://casiestewart.com/nxne-2012-ticket-giveaway #pickmecasieLauren Schell



There is TONS of new coloured denim and stuff in the store. If you pop in this weekend and get something LMK! I wanna see. My favs are the new vest, maxi dress, denim romper, coloured denim, and coral shirts.

Congrats Carynn! Will be in touch about how to redeem prize 🙂




Holla! Are you loving this weather? I am. It makes me so happy.  You know what else I love? Clothes. This weekend at 3F in YD Square Toronto is Friends & Family Day. As my friends & fams you can get 25% off with code 3FFAMILY. Stop by the Toronto flagship location at 10 Dundas Street East (Outside AMC Theatre).

There are heaps of cute items in store right now including these shorts Raymi has on.

The max dress I’ve been living in and that cute whote ruffle top I wore on my birthday.

There’s a few rompers too. Prices are really good so you can get lots of items for $100.

I have a $100 gift card and an exclusive 3F tee for you as an incentive to stop by June 1,2 or 3rd.


Like 3F on Facebook, follow on Twitter then Tweet to me by clicking below and fill in YOUR fav friend or family member.

Contest is open to anyone in Ontario. Can only be redeemed only in store. Does not include travel, cannot be redeemed for cash, and winner to be chosen at random. Go!


In about two weeks Toronto will be filled with all kinds of internationals in music, film and interactive for NXNE June 11-17th.

I’m speaking on two panels this year for NXNE Interactive. If you didn’t get to hear my panel from SXSW on “The Psychology of Narcissism and How it Affects Brands“, now is your chance!

Psychology of Narcissism & How it Affects Brands with Hal Niedzviecki, Jason Howlett and Casie Stewart, Moderated by Lucia Mancuso from The Blog Studio.

Making Social Giveaways Win-Win for Brands and Fans with Casie Stewart, Matt Juniper and Shannon Hunter Moderated by Lindsay Munro from FITC.


NXNE, in partnership with FITC, brings you the freshest in interactive social content, as well as the tools and creators behind it to keep you and your campaigns top notch. With over 80 presentations, NXNEi bridges the gap between creators of all kinds and interactivity.


I’m giving two lucky people the chance to win a pass to see me and 150+ other digital aficionados speak. NXNE Interactive 2012 pass is valued at $349. Contest is open to anyone but does not include travel to Toronto. That one is all you!
Send one tweet with a link to the session you’re most excited for with hashtag #pickmecasie and the twitter handle @NXNEi for your chance to win. I’ll put your entry Tweets into a Storify and post them so you can see what the popular ones are.
If you really, actually, like, seriously would like to hear me speak, or you don’t want to read schedule, click Tweet button for surprise text written by someone who is not typing this right now.


“I can’t wait to see @casiestewart‘s panel @NXNEi *link to panel here* #pickmecasie””
Check out my posts from past NXNE: