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reach out and touch the sky

It is so lovely & sunny in our house right now, doors open, watching traffic and planes feels like anything is possible.

It started out rainy & foggy then got really pretty today.

Can’t decide what to wear to the ballet tonight.

It’s Elton John music & tribute so I feel sequins are to be expected.

Something dazzling.



Massive. I am going to walk right there.

Say hello to my little friend…

andy made a rain machine, i love the rain

I think it’s pretty most the time. Today was ok for walking, not too heavy, not soaking. Leather, headscarf, heels, a little wet but not much.

 “Everything has its beauty but not everyone sees it.”

― Andy Warhol

Photoset: Condo Living – Olympus PEN Ready Project

I’ve submitted a couple of these to the Project. Borderline Artistic. I’m 884/1000. They’re all shot with the new PEN® E-PM1.

How to Be Art

Exercising Creativity


Paint party.


New stickers from StickerYou too.


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Art Battle 17 at The Great Hall: Paint by Numbers

And by numbers… I mean Pemberton & Plashkes, the creators of Art Battle. Their numbered shirts equal seventeen. Eight is my fav number, I have one tattooed on my right arm.

If you have never been to Art Battle, follow them on Twitter here and stay tuned for the next one. It’s one of the most awesome things that happens in this wonderful city. Competitive painting for the WIN.

Paint pr0n.

THIS is how you do event shirts.

These babies were all up for grabs. Painted that night, silent auction.

I really liked this one. Bid was $150, I didn’t go for it.

Jack will always be in our thoughts.

The ones without bids are DESTROYED. See video here.

Hello new friend blog fan, Twitter peep. (Please tell me your Twitter if/when you see this!)

Queen West art hipster types in full force. You can tell there are deep thoughts going on here and I like it.

Smart, arty & handsome. Winning combo ;)

Painting in the final round.

Counting up the votes.

Simon & the winner of the Art Battle 17 David McKenzie.

David & his is final painting.

“Let’s destroy some paintings”

Paint on the clothes is a good style I reckon.


Maybe some for me next time? I like to paint too. Some serious talent at these things. I know for sure you will enjoy yourself. I’ll keep you posted on the next one.


better act now before life passes you by!

Went for a short cruise this morning. Wanted to feel the cool air on my face, in my hair. I’ve got a full day of creative writing ahead of me. New project with client is very fun. You’ll know about it soon when the site launches. ;)

Watch & overalls are my fav things right now. Watch Hamilton (Swatch), overalls H&M.

Cleaned my room and have about $500 in gift cards for Holts, West 49 (Billabong new stuff is rad) and Gaffas (new glasses!). Stoked to take myself out for some BTS shopping.

Been though a bunch of this exact same Converse model the last few years. Comfy & cute. Got these fresh new ones last week. Will not wear them to a concert or festival. We all know what happened last time at Beerfest.

Remember Exhibit Ikea? I told you to go the other day. They are tearing it down right now. Can’t imagine how much dosh they put into renovating that space for a four day gallery showing. It was beautiful though. I’d like to live there for an art experiment exhibit.

My arthritis arm has been killing the last 24 hours so I popped a bunch of these. No, they are not Viagra. Aleve!

Had a great call w/ Stephen about our show launching September 8th. Meeting out designers tonight for logo chat. I’m going long boarding tonight too. Preeeetttty stoked. I’ve always wanted to give’er a go. Don’t worry Mum, I’ll wear a helmet and wrist guards. I need my arms to type!

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