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This Beautiful Life feature by @helloLisaNg

This Beautiful Life: Casie Stewart

My friend and fellow blogger Lisa Ng interviewed me during our recent trip to Disneyland in California (where she now lives!). Lisa is Editor-in-Chief of This Beautiful Day, a lifestyle blog for smart women, contributor @HuffPostCanada, Founder/Editor of @hipurbangirl and an Ambassador for  @AmexCanada. She’s a modern day Wonder Woman! Follow her on Twitter @helloLisaNg.

Check out my feature on This Beautiful Day!

Have an awesome afternoon and enjoy that sunshine! :)


It’s October 3rd.

Over the Rainbow & Over The Moon!


Oh hey, today I am wearing a Canadian tuxedo (summer style)!  Tonight I’m heading to Over the Rainbow in Yorkville for a denim fitting.  I’m also styling two mannequins for their September back to School COOL windows as a ‘Rainbow Insider’ style influencer.  I’ll be posting a contest over the next week for a $100 gift certificate for the store and you can meet me at the Back to School event on Thursday, August 29th to pick it up.

In other news, I’ve been selected by Toronto International Film Festival as 1 of 50 the city to partner with them for the festival in next month in two weeks. I’ll be first with the scoop on all things TIFF. So, in other words, stay tuned right here for constant updates on all things awesome. Invites are starting to roll out for lounges, events, and after parties.  Doing a little  press for the documentary I am in the premieres September 14th too.


My TIFF festival experiences from the last few years here.


Took this panoramic on my way to work and check how long the streetcar is. I call this “Never-ending TTC”.


Little grassy patches have popped up on around the trees on Queen Street. I like this. Adds  character to the little guys.


Tonight after my shoot and styling at Over the Rainbow I’m zipping to the Thompson Roof for a Molson event then home to pack. We are off to LA at 10:30am tomorrow. No work, all fun in the sun with my BF and best friends. I am dyyyyying of excitement. Make sure you are following me on Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Pinterest. I will be updating them ALL with Disney everything for the next six days. Hollah!!!!



Be Someone Who Makes You Happy

Tonight was a good one. Hair did, cooking, cleaning, packing, and a little Netflix. Exciting (secret project) planning after work tomorrow followed by an event on the roof at Thompson  with work + Molson. This is my life, I’m grateful, nervous, and excited.  It’s funny [something] having a public diary, I feel like I’m writing to myself, or often Mum. [Hi Mum, ring you at work today, love you!]
LA, one more day away. :)



And earlier today… Ted Baker + Thomas Sabo.




Be someone who makes you happy. #loveyou #thisismylife

It’s kind of fun to do the impossible. – Walt Disney #disneyvacay


 Last night I had dinner with the Toronto group of media/bloggers going to Disneyland, California next week. We have a full action packed six days of everything a little girl could dream of matched with big girl dreams of parties, shopping, and fine dining.

We get to to visit the original Walt Disney apartment (that was only opened to the public last year), rides, haunted house, sunset cruise and more. It’s going to be so romantic.  I’ll be there with my BF and besties having the most fun at the happiest place on earth. Can’t.  Freaking. Wait. 



Yesterday I got myself a dozen roses from Loblaws ($9.99!) and when I arrived back at the office I had received a flower delivery! These beauties arrived from a friend on Twitter just to brighten my day. How did he know! Thank you :)


Here’s to making today a great day. I’ve got a special lunch at the Trump Hotel followed by a work walkthrough at the Rogers Centre, and a beauty launch at the Thompson Hotel post work.

Put a smile on that pretty face of yours :)


Broke Blog Mountain is Back w/ A Fountain of Fun

No really, I BROKE MY BLOG guys. You may know because you rec’d an Error just like me for the last day. It was horriblog! I’ve refreshed about 200 times in the last 24 hours.

Well, my blog is finally back. I’ve got a HEAP of fun photos from the weekend’s festivities and I’ll be sharing them soon.

Hope you’re having a stellar day. Short week, almost Wednesday already! HUzzah!


You would think…

… it was winter with the weather and how cold I have been for the last 24 hours.


After a very busy two weeks my whole body said ‘NO’ do doing anything and I’m on sick day #2. I hate it.  There are heaps of things happening at work and not being there gives me the FOMO. There’s a bunch of events this week too but I can’t even begin to think about going anywhere. I am wrapped up in scarf, hat, Lazy Pants, warm socks, snuggie, and duvet. There’s a Ravi Soups around the corner, I wonder if they deliver?


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Dailybooth Archive 2009-2012, This Is My Life in Photos.

Ok computer, is anyone out there? #thisismylife

Ok computer, anyone remember Dailybooth?

DailyBooth was the original photoblogging site for people to take a photo each day with a caption. The goal was “your life in photos” in order to document and share. It allowed you to post on Twitter and follow other users within the service for  real-time updates.

Casie Stewart on Dailyboth #thisismylife

I loved it. Wrote about my Dailybooth romance in this post. Last year in Auston for SXSW I met a Dailybooth friend IRL. It was awesome!

In August, 2009, the site had over 3 million unique visitors a month with a growth rate of about 35% a month.[2] On 11 November 2012, it was announced that Dailybooth was closing down, with users able to access and download their content until 31 December. The site was completely deleted after that. 

Demi, Ashton, and iJustine used to use it heaps.

aplusk on dailybooth #thisismylife

I download all my nearly 800 photos from my database and put them in a video as a memory. That’s why I started blogging in the first place, to keep more memories. I learned how beat map photos in iMovie when I made this. I’m no expert video editor but I’d like to get better at it. I’m hoping to get a new camera soon so I can start filming some epic si*t. Huzzah!

I’m the couch at the cottage watching movies and computing all day. It’s great! Happy Sunday :)


Dailybooth #thisismylife RIP!

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